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Temp gauge is not working and fans come on right away and stay on

\015 Temp gauge stays on zero and the fans just stay on right when the vehicle is started\015
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Temp gauge is not working and fans come on right away and stay on

Solved by owner ... Volvo XC70

I got a 99 lumina 3.1 the fans dont come on till the gauge is right in the middle then when the fans come on the turn VERY slow. if i turn on the heat or A/C the fans come on full blast. the car sat 2 days and befor i started it i unpluged the temp sending unit when i started it the fans came on full blast and staiec on till i pluged the temp sending uint back in then they shut off till the guge went right to the middle then they came back on VERY slow. can anyone help me out?

Replace the fan relays ... 2001 Chevrolet Lumina

Temp gauge stays at 100 and fans come on rite away and stay on as long as the key is on

... 2009 Pontiac G6

I have a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix and the temperature gauge just stopped working. The car seems to run fine and the gauge moves at start-up like the others but the needle is always pegged to the low end. Also the electric fan comes on right at startup and stays on the entire time the car is running.

You may have a relay, and thermostat and or computer issue. You need to get it diagnosed properly. Also make sure the wire did not fall of the Temp sensor. ... Pontiac Grand Prix

Hi. In a chrysler voyager 2.4 l from 2002 the temp gauge only reads the right temp, if the ignition key is on and the engine is not working,if i start the engine the water temp gauge starts to go down, even when the car is overheating because the radiator fan only work if turn the ac on,the water temp sensor near the t-stat the fan relay as well as the pcm are new,any idea of what can be the problem?

Hi! May I asked when did you purchase the PCM? Eventhough the PCM is new it is not free from failures. That's the downside on buying new PCM, sometimes it doesn't work right. I suggest that you have it replaced or resetted. ... 2002 Chrysler Voyager

1999 freightliner water temp gauge not working and buzzer stays on and fan want come on

... Cars & Trucks

Radiator Fan for 94 centry does not come on. Engine overheats. I assume temp sensor is faulty. I have hot wired the fan to ensure the fan does work, but without those wires... no luck. I hate to just replace things without some amount of confirmation that that is the problem, but I also needed to know for sure where it is located. I asume there are 2 sensors because the one sending the temp to the dash gauge seems to work ok, just nothing telling the computer to turn on the fan...

The ECM turns on the fan when the coolant sensor reaches a set temp. the fan is also turned on when the AC is on. there is also a fan relay in the circuit. none of these are very expensive. if the fan works when you apply direct voltage, the fan is g ... 1994 Buick Century

1998 Ford Windstar 3.8...a few problems... 1) drive belt keeps slipping off 2) smoking coming from under hood on side of engine where belt is, temp gauge not showing hot and smelling a bit like coolant 3) speedometer/odometer stopped working but all other gauges including RPM works 4)van wants to die when coming to a stop or slowing to turn...not every time but a lot 5) right turn signal don't work and makes a funny noise if flipped up all the way but works and no noise if hold it just belo

Hi, 1 & 2 sounds like you need a water pump.\015\0123: probably the vehicle speed sensor has packed up.\015\0124: could be a number of things, vacuum leak or maybe idle air control valve\015\0125: replace switch.\015\012 ... Ford Windstar

Temp gauge not working and the rad. fan stay on when car is off

The same problem happend to a customer of mine. I replaced all fan relays to fix the problem. (there are three) also as for the gauge it was the instument cluster itself that was faulty. My answer to you is make sure they replaced all the relays. ... 2001 Chevrolet Impala

Dago101p thanks for the prompt response. not the temperature gauge but the temperature slider. the gauge is working fine, infact it stays right in the middle suggesting that the engine is not overheating. if the engine is not overheating why is the radiator fan staying on after the engine is shut off? the fan stays on only for about a minute or so.

This is typical of imports to cool the motor down when the car is not moving,as no cool air is entering the engine bay ... 1998 Nissan Altima

I have a 2000 jeep cherokee sport. It overheats while sitting in one place too long. I have replaced thermostat and cooling fan comes on when it reaches 220. The fan stays running but the check gauge light comes on and the gauge jumps to 260. The water pump is working I think because of the pressure in hose. I did notice the shroud around the main fan is broken would that cause it to overheat?

Well, yes and no.The shroud helps the fan pull more air thru the radiator.So yes the broken shroud could be a factor, but you could also have problems with air flow thru the radiator. Or restrictions inside the radiator for coolant flow. ... 2000 Jeep Cherokee

Car runs well but after driving it awhile the fan does not come on. the temp gauge in the dash does not go up past halfway but steam comes from under the hood.the fan works and i replaced the temp sencer in the radiator.what else could it be?

Maybe the water pump is not pumping, allowing the coolant to get hot because its not circulating to cool itself down, via the radiator. The steam could be coming from the overflow on the drivers side by the headlight. When everything else works, the ... 1991 Toyota Celica

I have a 1992 honda prelude that is running but the fuel and temp. guages are not working but all other ones are. My gas gauge and temp gauge will come on as soon as the car is started but will immediately go very dim, but only sometimes.. IK have noticed that it stays on once the car warms up real well unless it is really cold out it stays off... Don't know what to do...

Try taking all fuses out (engine bay box and larger fusebox to right of drivers right foot), checking for poor/dirty fuse contacts. Check all visible wiring plugs/sockets for looseness & wire damage (could be rubbing of something). Could be so ... 1994 Honda Prelude

1998 cadillac deville coolant fan does not come on at 224 f, a/c fixed and fan will come on, the one on the left as you are looking at the car. but not the smaller fan now i had the smaller fan on the right as you are looking at the car hot wired in but it blew the fuse every time the a/c was turned on changed all three relays, temostat checked temp sensor. is it a way to isolate that fan on a switch or something that would allow it to work in conjuction with the a/c.

HI. I have a very thorough, step by step procedure that will help troubleshoot this issue. follow carefully to isolate the problem, Use extreme caution when preforming this inspection procedure.1Check for broken wires or loose ... 1998 Cadillac DeVille


SOUNDS LIKE A RELAY.CHECK UNER DASH AND OUTSIDE UNDERHOOD.\012\012\012\012\012\012\012\012\012\012\012\012TIM ... 1991 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

2008 grand prix gxp. there are two cooling fans. there are three fan speeds. when i first purchased car in 08 high speed fan came on with a/c or if engine was hot. Now 2yrs later, only low speed fan comes on. temp gauge shows little higher temp at idle or in traffic. On highway stays cool. I relaced all 3 relays, fuse ok. anybody have this problem?

The fan are controlled by the engine computer based on input from the coolant temperature sensor.\015\012unplug the Coolant temperature sensor and see,if the other fan comes on.There are three wires ... 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP Sedan

I have a 99 mitsubishi galant es, that the temp. gauge doesn't work. I changed the thermostat and I changed the temp. sensor but the sensor I got was used from a junkyard. When the fan comes on it won't cut off. Do you think it's still the temp. sensor or a relay? Or is it the relay on the fan?

... 1999 Mitsubishi Galant

The big cooling fan on the left doesnt start when the temp gauge gets high, the ac fan on the right works no problem, is it the sender unit for the fan and where to locate it, as i said the gauge is w

... 2004 Kia Optima

Heater blows HOT regardles of temp setting fan works and can be adjusted, air flow can be directed by selecting a button, fuse have been checked and are ok. Water temp stays between low and mid point. Used to have to adjust temp several times to get the heater or ac to come on now hot only for the heater the a/c does not come on.

Sounds like the door actuator is bad, or the door is stuck... most actuator are ran off of vaccum.. its under your dash.. i cant tell you exactly where its at but i hope this give you an idea of what to look for.. its most likely a round piece about ... 1994 Chrysler New Yorker

I have a 2003 Jeep Liberty. The radiator cooling fan stopped working and the car almost overheated. I replaced the relay with the new style with the cooling pins and the fan now comes on, though intermittently. When I drive it with the A/C on, it works initially. If I stop somewhere and get back in the car, the A/C will only blow hot, and the temp gauge will go up if I stop in traffic. I can hear the A/C clutch kicking on and off continuously at this point. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn

No but there are a couple of cooling fan switches that could be causing your problem both are mounted on the motor one near the thermostat housing the other will be in the block one near the thermostat usually controls the fans. ... 2003 Jeep Liberty

My cooling fans are coming on when the engine starts up. When I turn the car off the fans stay running after only a short journey. The temp gauge is going but doesn't move because the fans are alway going. I have checked fuses and replaced burnt out 15amp and replaced the temp sender unit but still no joy. What next?

The running fan is perfectly mormal. Most cars have an electric fan that will run for up to several minutes after the vehicle is shut off. It's nothing to worry about. ... 2007 Volkswagen Jetta 2.5 Sedan

My 93 jeep wrangler 4 cylinder temp gauge doesnt work right. when driving the gauge reads 0 when i step on the gas the gauge moves to the right temp. i have installed a new therm. new water pump new rad.new temp sen.and the gauge still works the same. I have been told the guage is working right. need help????

Depending on how fast, this happens, could be an air lock in cooling syste, or a bad head gasket, or head. does the gauge ever go too high? can you hear gurgling in the rad, and does it ever push out coolant? ... 1993 Jeep Wrangler

1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager-sometimes the speedometer, gas gauge, etc stops working. sometimes hitting the top dash a couple times it may come back on, if the abs light stays lit i know to look at the gauges because they wont be working. Its intermittent. I also have the flashing ac, fan & wiper buttons after changing battery.

It can be several things. Te simple one is that the connector behind the cluster is loose. The other is the circut board that makes up the cluster is going bad. Try disconnecting the cluster and re connecting. If this does not work, try replacing it ... 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager

Does anybody have a wiring diagram for 1994 Buick Regal? i need it for the cooling fans. My pass side cooling fan isn't coming on when the A/C is on and the temp starts to get hot. I changed the relay. that didn't work. I also check the connection with a test light that didn't work. I assumed the relay was bad since the test light didn't light up. At this point I need the diagram so I can see if I tested the right connection

... 1994 Buick Regal Gran Sport

My cooling fan will not come on at all. I've changed the temp sensor and if I wire the fan direct, it works. Otherwise, if I'm in traffic on a hot day, it will peg the temp gauge. Could it just be the relay?

Try changing the coolant temp senor...Its usually by the thermostat by the housing....Start up your car and let it run for a bit.....then unplug the electric plug from the sensor....If you unplug it and the fan comes on....that sensor is your problem ... 1995 Chevrolet Cavalier
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