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Why is VW bora AC very problematic? the gas keep leaking and how can it be fixed?

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Why is VW bora AC very problematic? the gas keep leaking and how can it be fixed?

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I have a 98 mazda protege and i have a leak comming from the radiator...it wont keep water. Every time i get in i have to put water in or else it will overheat. Bare with me...Im a female who knows how to drive and put gas in...thats about it...LOL. I have been told that its my water pump going out. So i am planning on replacing it. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for me for replacing it. I wont be the one doing it. My childs father will...But he has never fix one before. Its a new ca

If the water is leaking from the rad ' it has nothing to do with the pump.........Be sure not to overlook something that will cost you more money than you have to spend.......As far as price, well i guess it depends on where you live......The oil lea ... Mazda Protege

My check engine light came on i brought a new battery it went off i had mycar checked the mechanic said ineed a 02 sensor to keep from burning a lot of gas i also have a antifreeze leak but my car does not run hot to fix all of this how much would it cost on a 02 ford taurus

When you removed the old battery and installed the new one, you effectively reset your Check Engine Light-until the fault (I assume it was a fault for the O2 sensor) reset. A new O2 sensor, installed should run you somewhere in the neighborhood of $ ... 2002 Ford Taurus

So my cadillac cts 2003 keeps saying check gas cap, and now the check engine light is on. I make sure my gas cap is secured(5-8 clicks). And still i keep geting check gas cap and service engine light is still on, i even bought a new gas cap but still nothing... What can it be and whats an estimate price on fixing this problem? If you know whats wrong or had an issue like mines and fixed it, please help me out. Ty

... 2003 Cadillac CTS

Gasleak1994corolla I have a very slow gas leak near the gas tank but cant tell if its the gas line or the neck of the gas tank. Is there a product that i can put in my gas tank to slow the leak or stop the leak until i can get it fixed? thanks

No. I would recommend getting it fixed right away. My husband is a licensed mechanic and service manager and I am a ford parts manager. ... 1994 Toyota Corolla

A year ago I had the valve cover gasket fixed on my 2002 focus wagon as it was leaking-months later I took my car in for knocking in the right front and at that time the dealer said the valve cover was leaking again. They said they tightened it and it was okay, but the oil pan gasket was leaking. I fixed the oil pan gasket and now the valve cover needs to be done again. It seems that there must be something causing the leaks if they keep happening. I would like to fix the valve cover gasket, but

I would just try puting new gaskets in where it is leaking ... 1984 Ford F 150

Rattly noise I recently started having problems with my 1996 ford taurus. Sometimes when I step on the gas it will make a rattly noise and it has less power. When I take my foot off the gas, it stops. Sometimes when I start my car there will be some blue smoke out the tail pipe. sometimes it does this when I'm driving and I get the rattly sound but not always. I did have an oil leak by the oil pan fixed a few weeks ago. This started just before the oil leak was fixed, but hasnt gone away. I've t

The blue smoke is an idicator of burning oil. this could be either bad valve seals or bad oil rings on the piston. with the loss of power and the ratteling noise nit would seem that you have a valve issue in the heads. now either the valves are not s ... 1996 Ford Taurus

Gas leak i have a gas leak how to fix it help me please dont have money to fix it at all

... 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix

Gas leak when I filled the gas tank there was a puddle of gas coming from the back of jeep but the gas gauge is still on over full and when I drive it drips a little and when I stop it leaks a little more. what could it be and how can I fix it?

Make sure your gas cap lets pressure build up out. Get a new cap. ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Gas leak i got a 1984 nissan sentra and the gas leaks a ton but only when you start it. the moment i shut it off it stops leaking. any ideas on how to fix that?

Oh yah, there will be connections up there regardless of electric or mechanical pump. ... 1985 Nissan Sentra 2 Door

Gas leak I have a gas leak from the under middle right side what could I do to possibly fix if or where could it be leaking from

Most likely it could be your fuel pump ... Cars & Trucks

Gas leaks out of the bottom, but only when I gas up. It doesn't leak at any other time, but it is preventing me from putting gas in the car. I took it to a named brand mechanic shop close to my home today, and they diagnosed a $1,000.00 repair; replace the tank, fuel pump, etc. Is all that necessary, or could there be a much simple, less expensive fix?

Get a helper to pour gas from a can while you observe from below. It could be the vent or a crack in the fill hose. Get a second opinion from another mechanic, definitely. ... 1996 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Trying to fix the leak from my gas tank on my 1990 ford f150 a nd there is a leak comeing from the hose that comes from were you put the gas in at to the gas tank it self. and i am trying to find out what that part is called can you help me out.

... 1990 Ford F150

Gas is leaking. It looks like a metal tube that is connected under the gas tank is leaking. It looks like gas is dripping down from it. How can I fix it. Is there a place on the internet that I can go to look up the parts and repair.

More likely, it is a rusted brake tubing.\015\012You will need to get the tubing,fuel or brake line, at the auto parts store, and hone up on your fabricating skills,to make the repair necessary.\015\012There is no parts to look up. You ha ... 1990 Ford Bronco II

All gas leaked out fixed the line and put gas in but still wont start

The most likely suspect is your FUEL PUMP! If it ran completely out of fuel, your fuel pump is TOAST! The gas is the lubricant for the pump. If you run it completely out of gas, I can tell you from experience (several times) that the pump is damaged ... 1988 Ford Taurus

Gas leak we have a 1995 gmc jimmy, we put a new gas tank and new sending unit on it...but still have a leak. someone said it might be the neck...it there a place on the internet i can go to look at how to fix this?

These 95s are really common for fuel leaks at the flexible rubber lines coming out of the tank. ... 1995 GMC Jimmy

When trying to pickup speed or inter on to the freeway my car is not picking up any speed to keep up with traffic when Im mashing on the gas to keep up with the flow. It just picks speed real slow like its not getting any power to go as i mash on the gas. what is this problem and does it cost alot to get fixed ?

No it might not be a big problem .. it may be just clogging of your fuel lines...Just get your fuel lines checked first...If the problem is with fuel lines then the problem will be very simple..\015\012\015\012If the fuel line is good the ... 2003 Chevrolet Impala

My 2001 Hundai Sonata (4 cyl) either idles very roughly or dies when idling or when I am stopped at a stoplight or stop sign or in traffic. The only way to keep the car from dying seems for me to keep one foot on the brake and the other on the gas pedal giving the car gas. My car has 185. xxx miles on it. Any suggestions? fixes? Thanks

OK!.... it's got more than 185.xxx miles.. right? (out of warranty). FIRST place to check:\0121. TPS - Throttle Position Sensor - it's a potentiometer (variable resistor) which sends voltage signals to the ECU (Engine Control Unit). If it is ... 2001 Hyundai Sonata

I have a 1997 Ford Aerostar, and there is a leak where the transmission is and leaks badly, a mechanic said your headgasket has blown and i just want to revise this over with you if that is true, cause i look under the van its more near where the shifter is between the passenger and driver seat, how much would you think it would cost to fix and part all together for this or what kinda damage can happen if i keep using this van like it is.. i keep pouring water in and they say i might have to cha

Blown head gasket ... you keep pouring water in ... it is going into the engine contaminating the oil ... Get rid of the car. Dont consider repairing this 14 year old car. It will cost you more than $2000.00 if you can get it that cheap. Get rid o ... 1997 Ford Aerostar Extended

For a while my gas cap monitor keeps coming on saying the gas cap is off I have change it several times I also bought one of those small diagnostic machines to reset the code so I would not keep having to take my 2001 Buick Lesabre to the dealer how do I fix this

Get the correct gm delco cap. ... Buick LeSabre

Oil Leaks I have a really bad oil leak I changed the Valve cover gaskets and still no good I had it looked at and they said that the drain plug and the oil filter is fine he checked the oil and was fine and it is weriod cause the oil gauge on my car says its low and the oil light keeps coming on but when he said oil pressure sending unit ive never heard of it if that is the case i need to know where its at and how to fix it and if not what are some other places that i should look at to fix this

The v6 oil sending unit is down by your oil filter if your brake pedal shakes. it could be a tire out of round or a wheel out of balance this is the most common problem.alignment wont make the wheel shake hope this helps you. Phil ... 1992 Pontiac Grand Am

No leaks but the radiator keeps going dry all the water keeps going to my overflow resevoir and leaking out that way just fixed my heater and since then it has started doing this. why is the water not going where it is suppossed to did i hook the hoses up wrong? whats going on here?

Check that the thermostat is opening properly if its not opening it will force water back into collection chamber ... 1991 Honda Civic

I bought a new gas cap i had anti freeze put into radiator and coolant system. my car still failed the emission test. now my code is P0455. i keep checking gas cap twisting to hear a click sometimes i don't hear but its on tight. i don't see a service engine light pop up when i turn the car i just notice that. now i waiting to see if the car has a leak. my car has been setting for aleast 5 hours already by the time i go down to move around 3:00 it show me wheter or not their is a leak. Ms Jinks.

This is prob not a gas cap. Its prob a vent control valve\\ purge solenoid that has failed. This part is located under the car in rear by gas tank, further diagnosis to be sure though ... 2005 Buick LaCrosse

I am getting a P0442 trouble code on my 2002 Jeep Wrangler. I have replaced the gas cap and one kinked line. But i still ge the light about once a month. What can i do to fix it? i have had the jeep at a mechanics shop 3 times. It has been smoke tested with no leaks found. The gas cap and the filler neck have been replaced. What can i do to fix this problem?

Same problem on my 2001 TJ. Replaced cap, passed smoke test, supposed pinched hose fixed etc; light kept coming back on usually right after a cold start every other week or so. Three months later after trip to dealer and $367, it was due to an interm ... 2002 Jeep Wrangler

My car recently got checked and apparently my transmission fluid has a leak. I don't have money to fix it right now. My question is is it too dangerous to keep driving until I can fix it and would a strong burnt smell that comes out from the car after driving be caused by these leaks or do I have more issues?

I would say that it is ok to drive, but keep tranny fluid up where it belongs. if low on fluid the tranny may start slipping in gear. the smell may be tranny fluid on hot engine. if it leaks a lot do not drive it. if it leaks a little just keep f ... Mercedes-Benz 300-Class
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