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Glow plug licht on engine chuggs loss of power

\015 V w golf glow plug warning light is on and engine power loss 2oo9 stdi 1600\015
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Glow plug licht on engine chuggs loss of power

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Toyota hilux 3ltr diesel,i put new glow plugs in about 3 weeks ago & it fixed the starting problem going fine.now it just started not starting when it is cold checked wiring has power to glow plugs fine,engine is spinning fast, if i give it a small amount of ether down the aircleaner it starts and runs fine,no loss of power,and starts when hot ,it's got me?

The glow plug relay maybe bad ... 1999 Toyota 4Runner

Glow plugs come on only after the engine starts. on power when light in dash is on.WTF? what could cause this? the plugs stay powered as long as the engine is running???? they should only be on for a short time before to make cold starts easier! What should I check and replace? The glow plugs are new and the relay clics so I think it's working. Could the relay be in wrong? I think it only goes in one way? Please help!

Had this before and i have always ended up rewiring the control unit feed ,i tried every which way to find the fault and then i gave up blaming the fancy computer controlled software .I just ran a feed to the unit from the ignition switch to turn it ... 2002 Volkswagen Golf

2004 model. loss of power when accellerating, glow plug light flashes on and off . turning engine off and restarting seems to fix for a while.

... Jaguar X-Type

I have a 97 f350 with 7.3l diesel. im driving down the road and check engine light comes on and has a loss of power. i shut truck off and then restart and light is out and runs fine for a little while then light comes back on. recently replaced glow plugs, injector harnesses, valve cover gaskets and solenoid. what is the problem

It sounds like a loss of fuel pressure caused by a clogged fuel filter. Replacing the filter in the engine compartment should solve your problem. but if continues or comes back within a week or two it could mwan that the mesh filter on the pick-up pi ... 1990 Ford F350

Seat ibiza glow plug light flashing, loss of power

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Loss of power, glow plug light flashes, cruise control intermittent.

... 2000 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

My glow plug controller (diesel 6.9 liter)stayed on and burned up while traveling. It shut down the fuel solenoid. I want to bybass the glow plug system entirely and get power back to the injector pump solenoid so I can start the engine.That engine always burns up glow plugs so long ago I just decided to quit replacing them and just use starting fluid so I dont need the plugs..is there a wiring schematic on this site where I can analyze the circuits so I can accomplish this??..

Welcome to fixya\012\012Hello\012\012 \012\012I have a solution for\012this ... 1985 Ford F 250

Car engine vibrating and has loss of power I recently ran out of gas and it started sputtering and now it will barely gowe tried fuel injector cleaner and cleaning spark plugs, the spark plugs gave it more power but it still has the hesitation and won't go when you pull out when it is idling the engine is shaking and the idle is very slow so slow it almost wants to quit

Try replacing the fuel filter ... 2001 Nissan Sentra

2002 2.4l santa fe accelerating uphill and check engine light came on. Instant loss of power with loud knocking sound. Engine idles smooth with no knocking but when increasing rpm's the knocking also increases with a decrease in power. Check engine code was PO300 multi-cyclinder mis-fire. Have replaced both coils, wires and plugs. Still knocks very hard and still no power. Checked timing marks, two top marks lined up. Performed leak down test, seemed fine. Timing Belt and tensioner installed D

You should do a compression check to make sure the cylinder walls are good then check the crank position sensor. If the Timing is good and the timing belt is good but your getting misfires on coil packs it's time the check the crank position sensor. ... Hyundai Santa Fe

Power loss Folks: I have an 03 tdi that has a loss of power and this is the story. Initial loss a couple of months ago. Check engine codes showed coolant temp sensor fault. Replaced this as well as Mass air flow sensor. Little better with coolant temp sensor but still loss especially when accelerating up hill. Replaced fuel filter, no change. Finally broke down and took it to dealer last week and was told manifold plugged with carbon. They cleaned manifold, replaced EGR cooler and EGR valve. Als

Go to this link for helpful tdi members to assist you\015\012\015\012http://tdiclub.com/chat/ ... 2003 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

1 - service engine light flashing. 2 - loss of power. 3 - catalystic converter got red hot and plugged. 4 - had plugs , wires and tune-up done. the mechanic told me that the engine is still missfiring and that he could not figure out what was wrong with it.He also told me that I should not replace the catalystic converter until the problem gets corrected or it will get plugged again. any ideas as to what it may be will be apreciated very much. thank you

Check timing' read the codes. get rid of the catalytic and run it and see what happns it could just be that i would also check the timing, and also you valves on the exit side if you havent found any other problems hope it helped ... 1999 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

Loss of power, glow plug light on when no power black smoke

If the head has been replaced have the pump timing checked.It sounds like they have not set the fuel pump timing right for you.Yes its a possibility its the EGR valve but all you have to do with tha ... 2000 Suzuki Grand Vitara

Glow plug light flashing and loss of power

... 2003 Ford Mondeo

The power to the glow plugs on vauxhall astra diesel dti 2000 reg is constantly fashing when the engine is running, but goes off when the engi ne is stopped, and only the ignition is on.

Yes common fault ,ignore it as its a problem with a earth point on the back of the speedo in some cases in others its the computer but the heaters are not coming on ,same as the opels i work on here except you have a grithin or however you spell it o ... Vauxhall Cars & Trucks

Loss of power sometimes I have 1991 Honda civic DX, from day one. 451000km on it. Very well looked after. runs fine, but some time loss of power and do not want to go over 50-60km, until unless the engine light comes on and then it runs normal again. Never quits or stops. I replaced spark plugs and main relay. Problem still exist. If I shift in neutral at this time, I find the idling normal. Car is four speed auto. auto

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1992 F250 7.3 idi diesel glow plug relay has power to two large posts and one small post and the second small post pulses when activated. I checked ground to engine and seems to be gounded fine. Any ideas why my fourth post is pulsing and not allowing the glow plugs to cycle?

Have you checked the glow-plugs? On that system if one glow-plug is burnt up than it will not let the main relay in the controller to kick in.\015\012Check all the glow-plugs make sure they are working.\015\012The easiest way to check the ... 1992 Ford F250

I have a 1990 Buick Skylark standard 4 cylinder engine. Recently it stopped running on me on the highway. I noticed loss of power at the throttle slowly decreasing in power, followed by vibrations slowly growing stronger until it was quite noticeable by all passengers. I let off the gas pulled over and the engine died. Wouldn't run after that. It would run if I held down the throttle but ran really rough and died the instant you let off the pedal. Replaced spark plugs didn't fix the problem. to

Check timing belt make hasn't skipped. ... 1990 Buick Skylark

My vehicle lost power at highway speed and cut out. The engine still turns over freely and all electrical mechanisms appear to be working properly. I have surmised the engine is not getting fuel. The fuel filter was replaced in january and i have NOT noticed other issues associated with filter plugging such intermittant loss of power or poor starting or any other chronic issues. this is a one time incident so far what could some of the possible problems?

Hello Mg.Basic diagnostics first. Check for spark and fuel pressure.Then compression test.I am suspect the timing belt may have broken or skipped some teeth from your description of failure.If the belt has broken you wil ... 2000 Honda CR-V

I have a renault trafic when im driving the glow plug light comes on and i lose power but the engine stays running it happens at around 3800rpm iv changed the egr valve, the map sensor, and the glow plug relay. its a 1.9dci

HI, whats the year model of this vehicle? ... Renault Sport

No power, 99 Tacoma Truck, 4X4, TRD, Extened cab, V6, automatic tran. No more get-up and go - Loss power: gutless truck. approximately 86,000 miles. It has been acting this way for quite some time now. I changed spark plugs several times, sprak plug wires, cleaned mass air flow sensor, new air filter several times. There is no check engine light on. Also, transmission takes long time before shifting into 3rd/drive when cold. Thank you,

My truck did the same thing. I changed the plugs with the ones the parts store recommended and it still acted gutless. Then I took it to the toyota dealership and they told me the plugs were not the right ones. So make sure you have the right plugs w ... 1999 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner

I have a 99 Ford F550 7.3 Powerstroke RollBack which is experiencing turbo problems. It has loss of power and black smoke after 20 minutes of run time. Engine up to full operating temperature. It had code PO471, P1212. Cleared codes, cleaned exhaust back pressure sensor out - was plugged off with carbon deposits. Test drove truck - has more loss of power now - also has new code of PO1238 - other codes stayed cleared out. Thanks for any input you can give me. WillyP

P1212 -ICP voltage not at expected level\015\012\015\012P01238 is not a code, too many numbers, if it is p1283 then it is an IPR circuit failure.\015\012\015\012The IPR is probably your problem, even with a non working backpre ... 1999 Ford F350 Regular Cab

After replacing the head gasket in a 1978 2 1/4 litre 4 cylinder landrover the engine wont start the battery has plenty of power to crank the motor I even blew hot air into the air intake to try to assist ignition but this still did not work when I removed the glow plugs they were wet with fuel but due the ignition swith being worn out I cant seem to get the glow plugs to heat up, I also had to remove the injectors to remove the head can you give me any tips on what I can do to start the motor

... 1993 Land Rover Defender

Vw beetle 72. i have a loss of power when i accelerate. i have change the condenser new point and leads,as well as plugs. engine turns over first time and will rev beautifully using the accelerator cable from the back. however the min i put in to first or reverse no power at all. do i need to change the carb? will it be less hassle or is it the exhaust valves worn. i did put the ht leads on in the wrong sequence and the engine coughed and went bang. changed the leads around and its back to being

... 1998 Volkswagen Beetle

2003 Nissan Maxima. Problem just started on freeway this morning. Engine hesitates with loss of power four or five times. "Check Engine Soon" light blinks on dash. Codes P0306P/D(cylinder 6) and P0456 P/D show on analyzer. Car has 187,000 miles on it. Plugs have about 50,000 miles on them. Never had plug wires replaced. From front, which is cylinder 6?

Number 6 is in the front on the driver's side. I would swap the coil and wire with another to see if the problem moves with the coil. If yes, replace coil. If no, check plug and run a compression test (to check for burned valve or head gasket leak ... Nissan Maxima
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