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Possible crank angle sensor

\015 Rac report possible crank angle sensor\015
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Possible crank angle sensor

... Vauxhall Cars & Trucks

My engine light came on my 07 Acadia. I had someone run a diagnostic test and it gave me possible problems. 1.)Timing Misalignment with explanation crank sensor is not aligned with cam sensor. 2.)Crankshaft position(ckp) vs. intake camshaft position(cmp) correlation bank 2 fault. with explanation the ecm has detected the the actual cmp angle of one camshaft is greater or less that the commanded state how do i fix this?

There is a bulletin (or recall depending on your mileage) for this issue. The timing chain stretches due to lack of oil lubrication. The acadia engine is very sensitive to timing chain stretch. There are 2 things they will do. The first is a repr ... 2007 GMC Acadia SLE

I overheated my 93 Loyale and the dealer code pull (check engine light) came back with codes 21 Temp sensor, Code 13 and 11 Crank angle sensor. Where is the crank angle sensor, how do I test it, and could it have been damaged due to an overheat? Same questions for the temp sensor. Thanks

... 1993 Subaru Loyale

I was given a 1990 Legacy sedan. Obviously it needs work. It does start and run but dies when the rpms drop after revving. I analyzed the codes and it is telling me there are 8 errors! Crank angle sensor (no sig) cam angle sensor (no sig) water temp sensor (abnormal signal emitted) air flow sensor (abnormal voltage input entered) O2 sensor (inoperable) speed sensor (abnormal voltage input) canister purge solenoid valve (inoperable) and airflow sensor (use of improper airflow sensor). Is it possi

... 1990 Subaru Legacy

I was given a 1990 Legacy sedan. Obviously it needs work. It does start and run, but dies when the RPMs drop after revving. I analyzed the codes and it is telling me there are 8 errors! Crank angle sensor (no sig), cam angle sensor (no sig), water temp sensor (Abnormal signal emitted), air flow sensor (abnormal voltage input entered), O2 sensor (inoperable), speed sensor (abnormal voltage input), canister purge solenoid valve (inoperable) and airflow sensor (use of improper airflow sensor). Is i

... 1990 Subaru Legacy

I have a 97 ford taurus and I have replaced every possible sensor that you can think of as well as the alternator and the cam position sensor and the snythanizor,crank sensor, fuel pump and filter, catylist convertor and this car for some odd reason is still hard to crank.

'hard to crank', meaning it is hard to start, or it cranks slowly? If it cranks slowly, your starter is probably going south-if you mean it is still hard to get it started, it sounds like you did all the repairs on the ignition side but have not add ... 1997 Ford Taurus

I have a 1996 Ford Contour, 4 Cylinder Engine. I have replaced the O2 Sensor, the Fuel Filter, and The Spark Plugs. The Engine cranks and cranks, taking forever to start. On a few occassions it has drained the battery before it cranked fully. I am told this is possibly do to worn piston Seals, and possibly the PCV Valve.

Check the fuel pressure regulator. My nephew's contour has had these same symptoms and the pressure regulator was the problem both times. Fuel filter was changer the second times and no further problems were had until the car was rear ended and total ... 1996 Ford Contour

I have replaced,plugs,crank sensor, throttle sensor. The car still will stall out when it get warm. I noticed that 2 wires that are not attached to the crank sensor, there are four. Is this possibly the problem. The car runs great otherwise as I always took good care of it. I just today had an oil change and still the problem persists. Any help will be better than what I know now!! Thanks so much

Check the engine breather pipe ,its sucking in air because its perished and split ... Chevrolet Lumina

Does a 2000 land rover freelander 1.8 xei have a camshaft position sensor or a crank angle sensor

Cam senso and crank sensor are at front of engine behind the grillto the right of centre looking at front of vehicle. this model has an inertia switch whichcuts fuel supply if you have had a decent bump recently.It is located on pass side strut tower ... Land Rover Freelander

1995 dodge intrepid 3.3L cranks over and tries to start for a second then shuts down has fuel pressure at the fuel rail and is getting spark thinking possible that injectors arent firing does the crank pos sensor controll injectors or does the it have a cam sensor that control the injectors

The injectors are mainly controlled by the good output of an auto shut-down relay which is directly affected by the fuel pump relay straight from the PCM.The easiest way to check the fuel pump relay is turn on the key,wait a minute,and see if the fue ... 1995 Dodge Intrepid

I have a 1997 mitsubishi eclipse gsx and it turns over but wont start need help! its got a new starter on and dont know where the crank sensor and or crank angle sensor is located..

Did you reset the alarm/ immobiliser after the battery was re connected?? ... 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Crank sensor no signal...changed crank sensor..still intermittent fault. possible causes?

Break, or breaks in the wiring of the wiring harness, from the crank sensor to the coil pack. The cam sensor works in conjunction with the crank sensor also. Thought I should bring that up too.There can be breaks in the wiring of the wiri ... 1999 Volkswagen Golf

I have a 98 model hilux 2wd 2.7 efi and it just stopped now i have no spark nor no injector pulse i am thinking crank angle sensor or cam angle sensor am not knowing where they are positioned nor what they should have going to them in that model

... Toyota Highlander

Hi. I own a suzuki baleno and i w as told by my garage that the cam angle sensor needed replacing. They charge me $90 for an hours labour and $140 for the censor. Then a week later my car broke down again and thry told me it was the crank angle censor.$200 for the sensor and $25 for the labour was i ripped off

... 1997 Suzuki Baleno

No Spark My 1994 EF Ford Fairmont Auto Sedan has no spark. I recently had to replace the belt and tensioner pully as it came off. I drove it around for a week with some squeking in the steering. then went to start it one day and there is no spark..It has a new battery and leads. Do EF's have a coil? or could it be the Cam angle sensor or Crank angle sensor? PLZ help....:(

There can be a couple of causes for no spark.\015\012Common problem - Ignition unit in distributor has failed - Replace distributor.\015\012Common problem - Coil failure - Replace coil.\015\012Common Problem - Stuck ECU relay - indi ... 1983 Ford Fairmont

Won't run Have 1999 Dodge Intrepid. Have a P01391 DTC. What are the possibilities? I'm a Nissan Diesel Tech and have a background in automotive. I have explored so many possibilities it makes me dizzy.Engine will start and run until the key is released.Disconnect the cam sensor, will run between 1500 and 2700 rpm. Have replaced cam & crank sensors. Have access to a $4000.00 diagnostic tool. Desperate TB

Good afternoon trybker,\015\012Can you tell me what your engine displacement is, 3.2 or the 2.7?\015\012How many miles do you have on the vehicle.\015\012Let me know.\015\012Regards, ... 1999 Dodge Intrepid

Wont start fuel/temp gauge won't work crank angle sens disconected still no gauges. check eng light does not com on when key on.cant retreive codes by key on of method. no 5 volt to crank/cam/ tps etc. have been told crank angle sensor big problem with these vehicles.does this close computer down ie no 5 volts . have checked all fuses/relays etc. does not have transponder type key. can you help thank's adrian

Could be the Crankshaft Position (CKP) Sensor in short circuit to minus (chassis ground). Therefore no 5 Volts !\015\012Try to start engine with another CKP sensor in good condition ! ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Position sensors My daughters 2001 Galant quit the other day. I have a diagnostic reader, so I hooked it up and it gave me a P0340 camshaft sensor malfunction. I went to parts store and purchased a new sensor. The car still will not start and it continues to give me P0340 code. Is it possible for crank sensor to be bad and reader not pick it up?

It's possible that the sensor needs to be rotated. The sensor is keyed so it can only be installed in one position. The camshafts spin once for every two revolutions of the crank, so it's possible that the sensor is 360 degrees out of phase (I've h ... 2001 Mitsubishi Galant

1993 subaru legacy (non-turbo). I am not getting a spark. I replaced the plugs, wires, coil, cam sensor, and crank sensor. The car will turn over but not start. I checked the codes via service engine soon light, and it flashes 13, cam angle position sensor. Where do I go from here? THANKS

Check 2 see if you have power going 2 your cam and crank sensors. if you do make shure the wires havnt poped out a bit... if you have no power there you will have 2 trace the wiring too see if there is a lose connection... ... 1993 Subaru Legacy

I own a 1999 GMC Jimmy that i recently had new plugs wires dist cap rotor camshaft sensor and crankshaft sensor.It seems the service engine soon light came on.When put on a diagnostic machine its telling me it has a random misfire and that the cam sensor and crank sensors are not coralating.Need answer to what that is and a possible soulution.

The machine it talking about code P1345 CKP/CMP sensor correlition Do the engines RPMS fluctuate at idle or if you try to hold it at a steady speed if so then check the connection at the CKP make sure it is getting voltage its installed correctly and ... 1998 GMC Jimmy

After replacing the battery on my 1998 Buick Century the car will not crank. I can hear the fuel pump energizing but no attempt to crank. My question is this Is there anyway to eliminate some of the possible problems? It could be the starter,solenoid, Ignition switch, or even a crank shaft sensor. There could be one other thing but I am not sure if it applies to this vehicle and that is key recognition problems, but that would mean that the fuel pump would not energize correct. Any assistance wo

I would double check the battery connections make sure they are tight enough.It takes alot more amperage to turn over a starter then to operate a fuel pump if the connection is poor it can cause this. ... 1998 Buick Century

Francois Silver ? Walvis Bay - Namibia I have a 97 Chevy K2500 Cheyenne V8 fuel injection. I have a starting problem. When turning the ignition key, the fuel pump comes on and stops after 2 to 3 seconds. While cranking the engine, engine starts immediately and stops again. So far I have checked the fuel pressure, fuel pressure ok. I have changed all the relays, oil sender unit, crank angle sensor. Tested another fuel injection system on my plug and fuel pipes. Discovered while cranking the engin

It has nothing to do with ECU and immobiliser even if you turn your ECU OFF your car will start and will your but not properly without CPU your car will work in emergency mode. try finding Idle sensors and check them if they are ok ... 1997 Chevrolet C/K 2500

How do i fix my vn commodore hunting, i have done everything, injectors, map and mat sensors, coolant temp sensor, fuel filter, intake manifold gasket, dfi?, throttle body cleaned out, crank angle sensor. what else could it be? it also has good fuel pressure. please help me.

Check for manifold leaks ... 1991 Ford Aerostar Extended

2005 Dodge 4.7, 1500 Ram, unstable idle, engine dies during idle, one new O2 sensor (has 4 O2 senors), still have unstable idle, noticed a vapor lock when gas cap removed early this morning...never noticed that before. Thinking possible crank sensor or air/fuel sensor. Any thoughts.

... Dodge Ram 1500

Oil light came on and there was a moaning tapping noise....... then the check engine light came on... then there was only a slight tapping sound... i added a qt of oil and tried to drive the car home and the engine stopped. the commputor check on the engine said the crank angle sensor was bad along with the egnition sensor. If it is only sensors where did the noise come from?

Was the oil low before you added any? What computer check? You went to a shop to have it scanned? Have the code issues repaired first then move on to the noise issues. Not a very new car I hope your not the original owner because you should not hav ... 1998 Ford Taurus
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