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Engine light during acceleration, juddering on idle

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I have a 2000 Nissan Sentra GXE. The engine has a judder on acceleration. Most noticeable between 2 and 3k rpms. It does it on hard throttle at speed also.I have no check engine light on and have replaced the coil packs. The idle is slightly unsteady and bounces up and down about 200 to 300 rpms. The best way to describe the judder is it reminds me of a bus starting off on a hill and giving that back and forth jerking as it is accelerating. Any answers would be much appreciated.

Try replacing the IAC ( idle air control). They can cause the hesitations and can also cause the vehicles ilde to jump up and down. Also check for any loose vaccuum lines. ... Cars & Trucks

1991 ford f-250 7.5 engine scanner gives code 63 signal voltage too low and code 81. Check engine light comes on while letting off the accelerator and sometimes while idleing. the light will always go off by accelerating. Sometimes while idleing the the the engine will cycle in and out of this condition as if a solinoid were kicking on and off. When the check engine light is on the idle increases to 1200 rpm and there is low bottom end power, sometimes the engine will stall when at low rpm and

... 1991 Ford F250

My Renault megane 2003 began juddering on the motorway doing around 70mph then the engine management light kept flicking on and off. I pulled over stop the engine turned all electrics off and restarted it, the engine management light stayed off but as I accelerated the car started juddering again and the light came back on flickering again! I was still able to get home but the car just keeps juddering and pulling with little loose knocking noises at revs below 3000rpm what could this be?

... 2003 Renault Megane

Check engine light stays on. Car idles and shakes as if the engine is going to stall. When the accelerator is push there is a delay before the engine seems to register and the car accelerates. Periodically the the check engine light blinks when the accelerator is depressed. This is for a 2006 Mercedes c230

Sounds like you have a misfire my friend...take it to autozone to have the codes pulled and post them here ... 2007 Mercedes-Benz C230 Sedan

Engine light during acceleration, juddering on idle

... Toyota Yaris

Just bought a used 2002 jetta tdi. have driven it about 1000 miles. It was driving fine, exited the freeway, went to accelerate and did not have acceleration. I thought the engine stopped, but it was idling high with no response from the accelerator. The glow plug light started flashing. The veh. already had an engine emmisions light on. I drove it home at this engine speed through all gears. I was afraid to turn it off and be stranded. When I got home I turned it off, and restarted it.

Go to any Autozone and ask for a free trouble code test or to scan your car, there are over 100 different faults that cause this light to come on, some are as simple as a loose gas cap. \015\012Have a good evening! ... 2002 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

I have a 2002 Jaguar x-type 3.0 Nav. I have a check engine light on and when i let the car sit at idle too long 3-4 minutes I get a crusie unavailable warning and solid yellow light. If I try to accelerate hard while this message is on the car chugs and acts sluggish. If i drive normally usually after a few minutes the light goes off and then I can accelerate hard. the codes i pulled from the check engine light are P0193 Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Circuit High Input P0182 Fuel Temperatur

Whats happening is when the computer see's that the fuel rail pressure sensor is in high voltage the computer goes into fail safe mode and would disable cruise and that is why you get the message and why the car chugs due to the sensor being faulty. ... Jaguar X-Type

Hi, I have a weird problem that suddenly developed. 1996 e36 318i BMW (manual) 250,000 kms (not sure if the engine has been reconditioned in the past), should be the M43 engine. The exhaust manifold gasket blew and the car stopped idling. The gasket has been replaced but the idle problem remains. The car starts fine but won't idle and it does not work under light acceleration almost like fuel is not getting through. To drive I have to push down on the accelerator pedal and keep the revs

This is a common problem on car with un-meter enter into the intake manifold.Please clean your intake manifold with CRC Mass Air Fold cleaner.Manufacture link ... BMW 318

Hi iv lost power on my a4 1.9 tdi. I start the engine and it idles fine. Then soon as i touch the accelerator pedal a light starts to flash on the dash and also the epc light comes on. At this point the car will not rev anymore something jus overrides everything and does not let me rev the car. Although the revs do go a little higher on ther own to just over 1000rpm rather than just under 1000rpm like at normal idle speed. Then i turn engine off and back on again and the lights disapear but only

I think the computer chip in your key is bad or going bad.\015\012You might have to replace the battery in the key or the chip depending what you have ... 2002 Audi A4

My 2000 v6, 150k, windstar ran great. Took it on a 3500 mile trip and during that trip it started missing on acceleration. It idles fine. I took it out of overdrive and ran it at 80mph, that was the best I could do. When ever we cam off a hill the engine light would blink. The engine seems to stumble on acceleration. I ran some cleaner through it and nine tanks of gas, still does it. The engine light was always on when we got the van (po174 left bank running too lean I think, but never caused a

You will want to look for a vacuum leak that is likely causing the vehicle to run poorly. Feel along the hoses between the PCV valve on the crankcase and the motor. If you feel a squishy soft or oily spot on the hose, especially where there is a 90 d ... 2000 Ford Windstar

I have a 2002 Trailblazer LTZ and the Service Engine Soon light just came on. I have noticed that when the engine is low idling when I'm stopped, it often fluctuates at 600rpms and drops down to much lower and either the engine dies or nearly dies just as I accelerate. I do have 157K miles on it. Any possible solutions to resolve the SES light and the idling problem?

First off if you go to any autozone they will check the diagnostic code for free and that will tell you the culprit. It sounds like a Throttle Position Sensor. Take the car to get the codes checked and then go from there. If you need further assistan ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

I have a 1998 Isuzu Wizard. Occassionaly engine idles rough and sometimes it idles so rough it stalls. This can happen from 3 seconds to 3-4 minutes. It also sometimes revs up in netural when idling. Idling revs are about 900 reves but rev counter will go up to 1300 revs and then return to normal idle speed. Twice now when motor has idled rough I've had no accelerator. Can put auto into drive and depress accelerator and will only take off at idle speed. Warning light has come on twice now it dis

... Isuzu Rodeo

I just bought a 2008 gmc one ton dually With a 6.6 duramax. I was Setn at a red light and accelerated. And the truck went into idle. It wouldn't go for a few seconds. Then the check engine light came on and then said engine power reduced and said to change the fuel filter. So I did that. Reset the indicator back to a 100%. Run great for a couple days. Now it happen again. The truck went to idle mode then took off And the said to Change the fuel filter again. Appreciat

... Cars & Trucks

My 2002 explorer with v8 engine idles really high when i start it and it shifts really hard and my check engine light stays on sometimes it even idles really low when stopped also the lights dim and fan motor lags when i let off accelerator I dont beleive it is a transmission problem but need to figure it out to get it fixed

You may want to check for a broken vacume line it will cause a high acceleration. Also have the code extracted and see what it says let me know or post it it would be helpful in giving you a more precise diagnosis. ... 2002 Ford Explorer

2002 CHEVY IMPALA, 3.4L ENGINE, NO POWER ON ACCELERATION. IDLES FINE. Car idles fine but has no power on acceleration. Especially when going up a hill. Check engine light did come on and code alerted to EGR Valve replacement. I replaced EGR valve and there was no change in performance. I then did a standard tune up (plugs, wires, air filter, pcv, etc) with no change in performance. Last, i changed main inline fuel filter under car by gas tank. No change in performance. As of today, i started h

Scott,\015\012\015\012Here are some additional suggestions:\015\012\015\0121. open hood - locate MAS (mass airflow sensor) - with engine idling, tap on it with a screwdriver handle or a wrench. If the car hesitates, stalls or ... Chevrolet Impala

My 2000 volvo s40 sputters and bogs down as i accelerate. The engine also starts to shake the faster or harder i try to accelerate. The Check engine light flashes. Sometines the light turns off when im at idle. What could this be?

Ok everyone not trying to be unappreciative of your input and ideas however only w couple of you are even looking in the right area. generaly when your check engine light comes on its telling you your car is misfiring (obviously). its basically a cau ... 2000 Volvo S40

1989 GMC K2500(light duty) 350 cu. in. Problem: intermittent high idle, can cruise at 40 km/h with no acceleration. Also check engine light intermittently comes on then goes out, not necessarily when engine is idling high. Other than that, runs fine. Coolant level is good. Thanks, Brian

... GMC Sierra 2500

05 Suzuki XL7 wouldnt sart. Then started and idled up to 3000 rpm and back down. Batt light, air bag light, ck engine light, and 4wd flashing. In reverse it accelerated on its own. Depressed gas pedal in drive and wouldn't accelerate. The truck then engaged 4wd on its own and lurched forward. Wouldn't accelerate again. Put it in reverse and lurched back hard. Now no start, no power.

Id go for chicken feet and blood and voodoo , sessions.....loLfirst off, i see an illegal fast idle ,and all A/T trannys do that, when the engine rpm fraks up.to move car, due to the stall speed rules of the clutch torque convert ... 2002 Suzuki XL-7

I have a 2007 Saturn ION, been wonderful so far, I have a little over 90,000 mi on it, now my "check engine" light appears then disappears, I'm getting the p0300 error, something about it misfiring, It idles poorly and when the "check engine" light is lit up, it tends to "kick" as I accelerate, but seems to run well when the "engine" light is NOT lit up, any "idears"

I've had the same problem before. Autozone had a code reader and said that it was/had misfired on cylinder #3, which will trigger the check engine light. Start with the cheapest and easiest fix first, install new spark plugs. If that works, great! ... 2007 Saturn ION-2 Quad Coupe

2001 Saab 9-3 was driving and while driving the speedometer went down to zero, my check engine light, TCS light, ABS light, hazard light all came on. Also at the same time when I stopped at a red light the car idles a lot harder than normal, then when i accelerate it runs fine. When I shift the car from drive to park, the hard idling stops.

Take the vehicle to your nearest saab dealer and ask for a diagnostic scan, yuo have a sensor failure, if left it could be expensive. ... 2001 Saab 9-3

I have a 92 Chrysler new yorker 3.3 engine 160K mileage. One morning, I stopped at a red light and the "check gauges" light came on during idle. I immediately noticed my oil pressure gauge lower than usual. Upon pulling away from the traffic light and accelerating, the light went out and the oil pressure came up to normal again. The oil pressure drops as the car idles, sometimes to the point of triggering the "check gauges" light then returns to normal during driving. The oil level is full and t

Your vehicle uses OBD 1 technology which is the earlier engine management systems, that is latter controls and monitors the engine while it is running.The best and cheapest way to troubleshoot this problem is to start with a computerised diagnostic t ... 1992 Chrysler New Yorker

I have a 2002 Jaguar x-type 3.0 with 42000 miles that has a check engine light that comes on. Ocassionally when or usually when I sit at a red light too long or just let my car run at idle, a yellow light comes on as well stating cruise unavailable. If I try to accelerate rapdily when this light is on the car chuggs and seems like it won't shift. if I drive modestly for about a mile the light goes off and I can resume driving normally. Right where the exhaust comes off the engine underneath it i

Hi\015\012\015\012In regard to water/condensation this is a good sign genrally if coming from the exhaust it means the engine is good, you get this a lot on new cars but normally by them miles it has stopped, but if you have looked after ... Jaguar X-Type

1999 ford ranger p/u with 4.0 litr engine with engine light on code po171 engine missfire #2 cyl and engine code po174 system too lean code [bank1 and bank 2] ran comp. test on #2 cylinder good comp. replaced plugs and wires [no change]replaced injector [no change] ran cylinder leak down test on cylinder less than 10% leak down. runs good off idle and good acceleration but idles rough. any recommendatoins?

Please re-post if you have further issues.Thank You ... Ford Ranger

2007 Toyota Corolla, check engine light came on a few days ago. The engine sometimes revs when idling, accelerating from being stopped can be really jerky, and the temperature gauge has quickly gone up and down (up to about halfway). It's an intermittent problem - sometimes everything is just fine (but the check engine light is always on). I got a diagnostic done today, and the DTC reported were P0118 (Engine coolant temperature circuit high input) and P0125 (Insufficient coolant temperat

Try check the ground wire from body to engine.. n there r some earth/ground wire attached to engine somewhere along the engine head or block, wire hardness possible causing this kinna problem too.. try pull/ push the wire hardness that goes around th ... Toyota Camry

I have a1999 Subaru outback wagon, it was running fin last night, but this morning when we turned it on it started flashing the check engine light, then the light remained lit. The car sounds fine, but is idling about 1500 rpm with occasional jumps up to 2000 rpm; it normally rests about 700 rpm. When I run it, it feels fine with maybe just the slightest hesitation when accelerating. The engine light also went back to flashing. I tightened the fuel cap and in the process of cleaning the air filt

Best thing to do in your case is take it to a mechanic and put it on a computer scanner to bring up a code # to detect the faulty part. The Check Engine Light usually represents a problem in the emissions system. ... 2000 Subaru Outback
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