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Hi, I'm having a problem locating the "petcock" to drain the engine coolant for a 1997 Toyota Tercel. please help.

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Answers :

Lower part of radiator
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Hi, I'm having a problem locating the "petcock" to drain the engine coolant for a 1997 Toyota Tercel. please help.

Lower part of radiator ... Toyota Tercel

Location of coolant reservoir? It concerns a Toyota 3L diesel engine, replacing coolant. It seems like there is a reservoir or a drain plug to flush out a remaining 3 liters of coolant in engine block. Help appreciated.

... 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser

My 1994 toyota 4x4 pickup coolant is draining rapidly into the oilpan. It is a four cylinder 22R-E engine. I drained the engine of its oil and coolant. Then I poured coolant into the radiator. The coolant immediately drained into the engine's oil pan. I did a compression test on the cylinders and they all averaged around 160 psi. I do not believe that the head or block is cracked. Is there another problem?

Your timing cover is worn through. Your timing chain has worn down the guides and is now eating a hole in the timing cover. You will need to replace the timing set. If you are doing your own work, you will NOT have to remove or loosen the head. You w ... Toyota Pickup

I have Toyota Carina 1994 SX and experiencing similar problem. The engine feel hot when immediately turned off but when you try to restart the engine it does not respond until after the engine cools down then it will start. People adviced me I need to change the heat sensors, but where are the heat sensors to the engine for 1994 Toyota Carina SX auto, 1998CC located? Please help!

... 1994 Toyota Corolla

I have a 2002 Toyota Camry and i still cannot find my coolant temp sensor (also known as the ECT or "Engine Coolant Temprature" sensor. I was given a picture on the engine but i still cannot fine it there. Would it be on my engine block or on my radiator?' Can anyone help me more specifically locate it. Thanks

Inlet air temp should be between the throtle and air filter box on the \015\012air intake hose \015\012 coolant temp should be close to were the upper radiator hose connects \015\012to engine there maybe 2 coolant sensors one for computer one for \0 ... Toyota Camry

Where is Engine Coolant Temperature sensor located on toyota camry 1993. It has 3VZ-FE V6 engine. PLEASE HELP. Thank you

... Toyota Camry

I am trying to flush my 94 Honda Accord of all the anti-freeze in the system so I can add a coolant sealant. I am having problems locating the drain on the engine block. I removed a bolt that was located to the left of the oil filter (like the book decribed) but this does not seem to be the right one. Nothing came out even when water was added to the system. Also the bolt that I removed had alot of oil on the inside. Please can someone provide a better decription of where to find this bolt?

This "bolt" is called a petcock, and it's made of plastic and it is located on the bottom of the radiator itself.If it's not on the bottom of the radiator then it's closer to the bottom of the radiator, within an inch or two from the bottom.I hope I ... Honda Accord

Hi, I would like to know the location of engine drain plug for 1999 toyota Tacoma (4 cylinder engine). I need to replace coolant. Thanks

On the bottom left of the radiator is the drain plug. It is on the side facing the motor. If you do not see the other way to drain the radiator of the coolant is to remove the bottom radiator hose.\015\012\015\012Here is a picture of the ... Toyota Tacoma

My 1985 toyota corolla gts with the 4age engine after 20 minutes of car running just park it stalls slowly and shutts off i have repair lots of parts like thermostat,water pump,fuel pump,fuel filter,spark plugs,wires,cap,rotor,ignition coil,temp sensor for dash gauge,temp coolant sensor,fuel presure regulator just now and still the same problem when it cools down it starts then goes back to falling on its face.Please, please help me'''''

It sounds like the ignition module is heating up,and failing,it is in the distributor,and might be cheaper to replace the distributor,used maybe,If the temp of the engine is getting a bit warmer than normal,then the exhaust is restricted. ... Toyota Corolla

1985 toyota r22 pickup(manual trans.) when i get on freeway and get up to about 45mph, in 3rd gear, the engine starts to bog down and i can not go any faster. it sat for 4 years with gas in tank. I have put sea foam in gas tank and filled it up with new gas, but the old gas was never drained. been driving it for a few weeks and problem does not get any better. replaced plugs, distributor, air filter, and oil change. please help.

The problem may be the gas that sat in the carburator. Gas goes bad faster in smaller quantities. Have a look inside to see if you have "gummed" up passages, or jets. Don't forget to change the fuel filter.\015\012Good luck. (I have an 89, and ... 1985 Toyota Pickup

No power Hi, I recently went to vacation and parked my 2009 Toyota Camry in my garage. after I returned 2 months later my battery was drained, which could be considered normal over a prolonged period of time. after recharging the battery, i tried to drive the car there is no power. The rpm wont even go above 1.5 in drive or neutral. I've already searched all over the internet, but haven't come across the same problem let alone a solution. Also the engine light is on. I would appreciate any help,

With the Engine light on -- it is telling you to scan it for codes. That is just a start. The vehicle may have to be driven to relearn fuel strategy,shift points etc. ... 2008 Toyota Camry

Need to find the location of the ect ( engine coolant temperature ) sensor on a 1999 toyota camry V6

See here p68, p222, p282, p329http://www.turboninjas.com/camry/eg2.pdf ... 1999 Toyota Camry

Engine coolant drain plug on a 2.4 cylinder toyota camry

... Cars & Trucks

Oil gets into coolant in my suzuki F10D engine but engine runs very well I have to change contents of coolant bottle every morning as there is oil and coolant mix floating in it compression in engine is perfect and runs like new and when checked there is no coolant in the oil. please help. Michael. Ps the model is Suziki Wagon R. It is not on your list so I just clicked Aerio So I could post my problem.

U have a blown head gasket or cracked cylinder head. ... Suzuki Aerio

How are you guy! TOYOTA NADIA -Engine 3S-D4 PROBLEM -The Engine get Start as normal,But once it initiates to move rpm are increasead immediately steadly without a permation from excelleter pad that is out of control, Then suddenly the engine decelletes and Stop. -Then to restart the Engine does not respond,untill approxmately 3-4 minutes passes then it start again. And the same problem occur as i explain in the firsty paragraph. Please help me that problem,because it cause headache

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1998 GMC Yukon - I've got coolant mxing with oil and believe the intake gasket may be leaking. Had this same problem 5-6 years ago, had it fixed, and it ran great and cool until just last week. However, when talking with a repair shop about doing the same repair again, the guy said he wouldn't bother (just get rid of the Yukon) because the coolant that's been in the engine is going to create problems (even after it's drained out and the gasket replaced) and cause the engine to eventually lock up

Honestly, I've never heard of such a thing. If the gaskets are replaced and the engine is cleaned out and the fluids are changed, there shouldnt be any long term problems. If theres no damage now, there wont be any after its fixed. I would highly rec ... 1998 GMC Yukon

No voltage at the engine coolant temperature sensor. On a 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier. Had it check and got an error code P0118. Put a new engine coolant temperature sensor and put new dex-cool coolant. I don't have a scanner to reset the check engine. So i unplugged the battery and waited 15 minutes. Then repluged it in and i am still haveing the Error P0118 problem? HELP!!!

Ever since 1995 you have to turn off useing a obd2 scanner, if you do not have one, you can go to any auto parts store and they will erase the code for free. by having the light still on the computer thinks it still has an error. good luck Toolman, ... 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

Location of engine coolant drain plug on a 2.4 cylinder

... Cars & Trucks

2007 Toyota Corolla, check engine light came on a few days ago. The engine sometimes revs when idling, accelerating from being stopped can be really jerky, and the temperature gauge has quickly gone up and down (up to about halfway). It's an intermittent problem - sometimes everything is just fine (but the check engine light is always on). I got a diagnostic done today, and the DTC reported were P0118 (Engine coolant temperature circuit high input) and P0125 (Insufficient coolant temperat

Try check the ground wire from body to engine.. n there r some earth/ground wire attached to engine somewhere along the engine head or block, wire hardness possible causing this kinna problem too.. try pull/ push the wire hardness that goes around th ... Toyota Camry

2003 Saturn Vue 3.0 V6. I have a coolant leak on the front passenger side of the engine compartment. This leak is located on the engine rear (opposite end from waterpump) and is on the engine side closest to the radiator. The engine has a block heater installed. Are there any drain plugs/freeze plugs/coolant connections near this location to be suspicious of? Or must I consider a head gasket or cracked block. Do you have other suggestions?

Its hard to say but I just looked at a diagram of the engine compartment of your vue, and i would have the head gasket checked. It may not be blown, but those engines have a problem with leaking head gaskets. Our shop has done 4 or 5 this year alon ... 2003 Saturn VUE

HI every body i Have probleme with my Car it's Dodge Grand Caravan ES .engine size is 3.3L1994 . i have check engine Light when the light show up my engine start shacking some friends told me it's sensors problem but i don't know wich of them them or the location . i am asking you guys to help me to fix it thanks .

When the check engine light comes on it sets and stores a code there are over 300 codes of possible codeswhat you need to do is take your van somewhere and have the codes read (most major parts stores will do this free of charge )gi ... 1994 Dodge Caravan

I have a 1986 Toyota Celica GT. I have two problems. The first problem is I don't have any heat. I have plenty of coolant, my thermostat is good and my engine is running halfway between cold and hot so it is getting warm enough. What it will do is it will blow cold air no matter how hot the engine is but if I shut it off and then back on sometimes it will blow hot air for about 10 seconds then it will go cold again. Second problem is I have no backup lights. The bulbs are good and I look f

The heat problem is more than likely the HEATER CONTROL VALVE, it is located in the small hose (1/2" to 3/4") that leads from the engine to the firewall & on into the heater core. You're getting heat because when you turn it off, the heat is tr ... 2006 Toyota Celica

Cooling problem my bmw 07 335i coupe was consuming alot of coolant water like 1 litter per day i checked the issue, it was a radiator problem... helpfully, i changed it and i left it for sometimes. AFTER 2 weeks i re-checked the coolant, it needed like 0.4 litters and i checked the engine oil if its '' milky '' to check if its from the gasket, the oil looks perfect, and there's no white smoke, is there any clue why my car is consuming alot of water in the coolant? maybe because im driving it too

Level of engine output is not related to water consumption at all, you are not doing anything wrong. It's too soon after the leaking radiator to assume that the engine is consuming water. .4 liter is not much to add at all. Some engines hide air p ... 2007 BMW 335i Coupe

1994 toyota truck v6 3.0 liter, automatic trans. 147k miles now. Head gasket recall at 136k, toyota dealership replaced short block about 1 year ago. Truck sat for about a year after being fixed by toyota. green coolant was mixed with red coolant just before sitting for a year. This engine runs great and shows no cooling problems while driving even with the ac on and 90F days. This is the issue: after driving the truck and turning the key off and waiting 5 minutes or so, Then tu

This issue was addressed many years ago and is a common occurrence with not just your truck but many other vehicles as well. The way the auto manufacturers attempted to solve this was to allow the electric fan to continue to run after the vehicle wa ... Toyota Pickup

Coolant disappears gradually.No leakage visible.Dealer tells me coolant is in my oil.Believes it seeped in from bad manifold gasket.Engine will not start after stalling out.He tells me it is "hydrolocked".Says I have two options-first is for them to pull plugs and try to drain oil/coolant from engine;change oil;then see if engine will start.If it starts-then he must replace both manifold gaskets-but he said the engine may knock-and he cannot guarantee I will not run into further problems a few m

You are being hoodwinked here a bit ,by the blind leading the blind ,take the plugs out the turn engine over to clear the pistons ,then it will start but as for the manifold gaskets he could be correct or the head gasket?? i would need to see what pl ... 2002 Chevrolet Blazer
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