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97 t100 ac turns on when windshield defrost gets turned on

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97 t100 ac turns on when windshield defrost gets turned on

... Toyota T100

When turned to defrost, no air comes out of vents to windshield. Air only comes out of vents in dash and floor. I have taken apart compartment behind glovebox and it appears that a glued lever has given way that controls air directions. I have played with it but can not get air to direct out of the top vents onto the windshield. How do I get it reglued and divert the air onto the windshield if that is what is needed. The heater does not work on defrost but works on al other modes.

The vent flap foam lining has come loose and needs to be removed or reglued . A spray on contact adhesive works best , don't glue the flap to the vent casing. ... 2005 Volkswagen Jetta

When turned to defrost, no air comes out of vents to windshield. Air only comes out of vents in dash and floor. I have taken apart compartment behind glovebox and it appears that a glued lever has given way that controls air directions. I have played with it but can not get air to direct out of the top vents onto the windshield. How do I get it reglued and divert the air onto the windshield if that is what is needed.

I had the same thing happen on my 2000 Sonoma, last week. I quickly found it to be a broken vacuum line. Look between the brake master cylinder and the drivers side fender- up top. Easy to find, there are 3 vacuum lines connected to a tee. One goes t ... 1999 GMC Sonoma

I borrowed my grandfather's 2003 Buick LeSabre Custom today. The windshield was a little foggy in the humidity so I turned on the defrost for a little while. Now when I try to turn on any other button, MAX, A/C, vent, floor, bi-level, etc., everything is still blowing out of the defroster. The A/C is getting cold, just coming out of the wrong vent! How do I fix?

The controls are operated by engine vaccuum and whenever this problem happens it can usually be fixed easily by looking around under the hood at all the vaccuum hoses as generally you will find one that is torn, deteriorated or unplugged from its con ... 2003 Buick LeSabre

In the winter when I am using my defroster or other interior heater to heat the interior and/or the glass and windshield, frost and or ice will build up on the edges of the windshield and or both side glass. many times I have to scrape the interior ice off with a scraper. It does not get better as I drive. It is unsafe as I cannot see to the side to drive and make turns. Thanks.

Hello, Thank you for letting me assist you. Let's look at your problem. I don't see a year or model for your vehicle so I will assume it is 1990 or newer. Manufacturers for some reason setup the defroster setting to activate the AC compressor rega ... Cars & Trucks

My 2004 ford expedition 5.4 liter airconditioner compressor makes this loud "grinding" noise when turned on. No noise when it's off .Also the control that moves the air from your face to foot, etc., stop working. only getting air thru the defrost vents at the windshield. roughly 143000 miles on the truck

Sounds like a compressor and/or oiling issue. The diagnosis and repair requries special tools and equipment, take it to a shop... ... 2004 Ford Expedition

When i turn defroster on to clear windshield i get a fog out of vents

... 1988 Ford Crown Victoria

When i turn the switch on the dash to kick on the blower motor it doesnt work. before you could wiggle the switch on and off and it would then kick on, but now it doent matter whether you wiggle it, hit it or whatever. nothing happens and i cant get my windshield defrosted. please help.

You need a new switch, or possibly a wire fell off. When you wiggled it, it was getting a temporary good connection. Either way you have to pull it out. ... 1993 Dodge Spirit

I have a 2004 Trailblazer and the rear windshield wiper isn't working properly. Once you start the Windshield wiper it works fine however when you turn off the car or turn the wiper off it will not work until you get out of the car (generally in the rain) and manually rest the windshield wiper in the start position. It gets stuck above the wiper resting pad. How can it be fixed?

... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

I have a 2010 Hyundai Sonata. The passenger side windshield wiper does not always make contact with the windshield. On the first wipe it appears to make complete contact, but in inclement weather, by the time I get to work, it's not clearing the windshield. I just put new blades on. When the weather gets snowy and cold I can't see out that side of the windshield. Does the arm need to be replaced? No one seems to be able to help because when they first turn it on it seems to hit the windshield ju

Hello Shirli.I understand your concern.Yes, it is possible a new arm may be needed if the spring has become weak.Lift both arms up on each side and feel for the amount of tension they have. If one seems easier to lift that may ... Hyundai Sonata

My 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan appears to overheat. It only happens when it is cold outside and I am running the defroster. The passenger compartment does not get warm but the temperature gauge goes all of the way up and I get the warning light and an audible alarm. When I turn the heater on and the defrost off the temperature gauge drops back to normal and I get a little warmth in the passenger compartment. It never really gets warm, however.

Ghkghk ... 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan

I have a 2001 Honda Accord V6. About a week ago, the climate control panel buttons stopped working porperly. I am still able to turn the A/C on and off, turn the knob to control the air blowing out, but I am not able to work the MODE button to change the dirrection of the air blowing. Also, the rear defroster button does not work and when I push it the front windshield defroster turns on. Also, pushing the button for internal circualtion turns off my A/C I need to know if this is an issue wit

The problem is in the climate control unit.When they fail they do exactly this. I'm sure its not in the wiring. Only hands on testing would confirm anything. ... 2001 Honda Accord

I have a 92 ford probe and the rear defroster switch turns on and I get power to one side in the back but the other is either dead or a ground not sure why but defroster doesn't work it tries to in a few spots but doesn't even really get close to defrosting what wrong so I looked at the connections and theyre in good shape then I looked at the tiny black wires on the window itself non are broken but inside the window builds up condensation how is that is the wires in the middle of two plates of

... 1992 Ford Probe

My windshield wipers are not working on my 2001 Ford F-350. We got a lot of snow and while driving some of it fell off the top of my truck onto my windshield so I used my wipers to get it off since I was still traveling and could not see. Now they don't move (not iced up or anything), but I can hear the motor clicking when I turn them on. How do I fix them again? My windshield wipers are not working on my 1997 Ford Taurus. We get a lot of snow and while driving some of it fell off the top of my

At the base of the wiper arms pop the caps off turn on the wipers see if the safts are moving if they are tighten the nuts a little if that doesn't work you will have to replace the wiper arms i had the same ting happen on all three of my fords truck ... 1997 Ford Taurus

When I turn on the rear defrost the light comes on but the window does not defrost. I had the rear windshield replaced at 26000 miles because when I would turn on the rear defrost my radio stations would be all static. I now have 48000 miles on it, does anyone have any suggestions?

Check the connections going in to the window leads and also with a test light ,check if their is power at the terminals that plug into the window leads. does your car still have factory warranty that the dealer can look into this. ... 2008 Pontiac G6 Sedan

On my 1986 Dodge Diplomat, I had a radiator/cooling system flush done the other day. When I depress the defroster button, I get no heat to the windshield-only heat through the floor vent. I get good heat when I depress the floor vent button. But no defroster heat.when I depress the defroster button. The mechanic I went to isn't sure why this is happening. Please help me. Thank you Roland Goehringer [email protected]

The control door inside the duct work under the dash has an electric motor that moves a little door to make the air blow out of different places. Like the door directs the air to the defroster, vents, and floor. This motor is not operating the door i ... 1986 Dodge Diplomat

I have a 2004 Impala. My heater and defrost blows cold air. It takes forever to start getting warm - I have to drive about 30 minutes before it starts to get warm if it's going to. If I turn the blower control down a lot, sometimes it will get warmer for a while. Or I can switch from dash to floor and it will be warm for a few seconds, then turns cold. Sometimes it fluctuates from cold to warm and cold again, it's very frustrating. I also hear a gurgling sound in the dash sometimes, don't kn

Staqr by making sure the coolant level is full in the radiator. When the engine is cold remove the radiator cap. If you can't see coolant in the radiator you'll need to add some. once it is full replace the cap and start the engine. Do you have heat ... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

I have a 2004 mitsubishi endeavor and my A/C, heater and defrost have stopped blowing. The A/C knob had blinked at one point. I have looked at the schematics in the owners manual and checked all A/C related fuses inside the cabin and under the hood.The A/c lines get cold and the hearter lines get hot when the switch is turned. Also cool air and hot air slowly leaks from the vents when selected. The fan does not kick on. you can hear the compressor kick on when you turn the ac unit on or off. Wha

... 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor

My defrost will not come out up under the windshield. it blows hard out the side window vents and is very warm. when I turn the knob to the defrost setting I hear a loud thump in the dash and no air flow out to the windshield. -

Check for anything that may have fallen into defrost vent poss jammed air blend doors. ... 1999 Jeep Cherokee

The ac/ heater runs constantly on my 04 Pacifica. I can get it to run the ac and the heat and switch it from high to low but if I turn it off it blows on high like I have it on defrost. If I do turn it on defrost it's stuck on high as well.

... 2004 Chrysler Pacifica

Hey my 2006 dodge magunm 3.5l high output all of a sudden the windshield wipers will not turn off by using the signal indicator/wiper control or by shutting the car offf...i had a guy look at it and he took the windshield wiper fuse out and it stopped them....then put the fuse back in and they worked again Noooowww im too cheap to pay 200$ just to get it diagnosed so could it be my turn signal/windshield wiper control lever??? and can i fix it mmyself??

Try replacing the wiper relay first then if problem still exist replace multi-function switch ... Dodge Magnum

99 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd. 4.0 ltr overheats and we changed the thermostat, water pump, temp sensor, air intake sensor, electric cooling fan relay, cooling fan motor, and fuse. Motor turn on by a scanner a buddy had that's better then my obd, So it can turn on but not on its own. I also am having trouble with the heat, It can make heat when it is on inner air circulation but when I take it off the air gets cold. We are winter here and can get to 35 below. So I can only use defrost briefly befo

Hi and welcome to FixYa!Jeep still overheats? If it does then the problem can be on the cylinder head gasket. Worn out gasket can result to overheating. Have it replaced.Hope this helps and thank you for using FixYa! Have a good one ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

FUEL ODOR I have a 2001 Pontiac Aztec and when I turn the defrost on in the defrost and floor mode I get the strong smell of fuel. It goes away when I turn it back to the dash vents. I received a recall from GMC about a year or so ago about the possibility of the gas vent lines cracking. I was way over the mileage allowed, so I didn't take it in. Is it possible this is the problem and how do I repair it?

If you have a recall the dealer has to fix this problem reguardless of the mileage. So call them and mention the recall and have them make an appointment. You should not have to pay for this. I hope this helps. ... 2001 Pontiac Aztek

My windshield wipers only work in wash mode, when I press the lever back to wash the windshield. When I try to turn the switch on to turn on the wipers I get nothing.


Front defogger blows out heater vent when set on DEF. All of the heater, a/c, settings work properly. One day, I turned on the DEF and the warm air blows out of the heater vents, not the defroster area. I cannot get any air to come out of the defroster no matter what setting I try. Please help as it is getting cold here in Syracuse, NY and it is hard to drive with my front window iced over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks

Sounds like the flap valve in your vent system that allows air to go to the defrosters is either jammed or broken. Unfortunately you will have to take the vent system apart to look. ... 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera
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