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My 98 sienna its seems like running on high rpm but actully is not

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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My 98 sienna its seems like running on high rpm but actully is not

... Toyota Sienna

Runs bad rough running but when i mess with the vacume advance it sounds better low rpm it dies choke not sticking new plugs dist and roter if i take off the air filter it goes to high rpm the chugs a couple of time then dies cant seem to get an idle speed without it dieing sounds like bad plugs

I had to replace ever frigging vacuum hose on mine, and that seemed to help... ... 1985 Nissan King Cab

My buick 3.8 l Quits when the engine needs to slow down fore xample entering stoplights or make a U turn , it seems likes he's getting to much gas , smells like iet any way . It happens in drive and overdrive keeping the engine on a high rpm then it wil stay running , any one ??

Crank up car and tap on air flow meter. If it acts up that is your problem. ... 1987 Buick Century

My regal is overheating. The intake gasket failed and I replaced it and the thermostat at the same time. It seemed to work fine for about a month then it started overheating again. I suspected a faulty thermostat so replaced it again. NO luck. It acts like a bad thermostat. It will work occasionally then get very hot. The water in the radiator is cool, and everything in the block has been pushed out into the overflow container. When its starting to get hot, if I run the RPM's high it will push t

It absolutelely acts like a bad (sticking) theromstat. When you run the RPMS up, you effectively further heat the coolant in the water jacket and force the thermostat to open, when it opens, it very quickly brings the temp back to normal, exchanging ... 1996 Buick Century

Recently replaced the fuel pump and Battery. Seem to run really rough, like it's RPM's are high. I drove it about 10 miles, then turned it off , started it up and drove 10 miles back to my house and it ran alot better. Could it need a tune up?

A very common problem with those is that the intake manifold leaks and causes the car to take in more air than what it should resulting in high revs, take it to a garage and get it checked, it should be an easy fix and shouldn't cost alot either. ... 2000 Ford Focus


... 2005 Suzuki Forenza

My 2004 Sienna toyota sliding doors freeze and will not open. even after running the car for 30 min heat on high the doors still don't open. One door is manual the other is automatic. The dealer does not seem to have any help. This makes the car useless for many of the things i need it for like passengers ect.

When you can open the door(s)wipe dry and then use TALCUM powder on the rubbers,this WILL help stop the rubbers from sticking.(my father told me that years ago and it WORKS). ... Toyota Sienna

My engine runs like the timing is off when I rev it or push down on the gas pedal. 3.5L V6. The engine runs smooth when the rpm's are low, in town driving. When rpm's go high, like climbing a hill, the Pacifica engine starts to run "rough", like the timing is off. I think its the timing system, spark plugs, or bad combustion (poor gas). We have used 89 octane gas every tank since we bought it 2.5 years ago. The engine light comes on and stays on, (it doesn't blink). A tech at the local Aamco sta

This could be a TPC valve or sensor. That is a throtel position control. Your engine will idle or run at low speed fine or in stop and go traffic but highway driving or climbing a hill when the demand changes to heavy or light consumption it will sur ... 2005 Chrysler Pacifica

I have a 85 Ford E350 and it will start and run at high RPM but as soon as you lower the RPM it sounds like it runs out of gas. It will run with the choke held open....

... Cars & Trucks

I cant remember what I had replaced about 5-6 months ago, seems like it was a sensor. My 1993 Ford Explorer is not running or idling at normal speed. When I pull up to stop it is like it stays engaged and wont idle down. Then when I 1st start it it wont stay running at all. If I have to be stopped at traffic lights for any amount of time I have to put it in neutral and keep the engine idled up high. Seems like it was the map sensor but then again its almost like it was oxygen sensor.

Listen for a hissing noise(vacuum leak around the pcv elbows or upper intake gaskets) this will cause a high idle set off lean codes which will say bad o2 sensors alson check idle air control valve which is located by throtlle body this wil ... 1993 Ford Explorer Limited

2000 TOWNCAR -- blower motor has run eratically for awhile now - the car is climate controlled -- it runs high / then low / then high again -- now the motor has stopped working. Is there some kind of control that maybe has quit working. It doesn't seem like the motor itself would run like that but something controlling the speed If there is a control part - how hard is it to replace?

Not to hard but it is the control panel.......hope it helps ... 2000 Lincoln Town Car

High RPMs I have a 2001 Lexus RX300 and recently the car won't shift into overdrive. I am running at over 3500 RPM at 40 MPH. When I turn my car off and restart sometimes this will stop the problem. When the car seems to be running normally I'm at 2750 RPM @ 70 miles an hour. Is this normal or is this still too high to be running the car at. All of this started when I was coming off a long trip and my check engine light came on. I took it to a Lexus dealership and the code read knock sensor but

Yes its related to knock sensor because car is running rich in fuel, and car runs of on safe mode, so overdrive will be off. have you and a friend replace it. remove intake assembly, then intake manifold, but first remove your anifreeze from radiator ... 2001 Lexus RX 300

Have a 94 eagle talon dl 1.8lt 2wd. Surges alittle when pulling from a stop. And at high rpm. Seems to lack fuel when it's being demanded. Ideals fine. Runs fine. Just every now an then in 1st an 2nd gear on pull out it surges or in a 90% hard left turn. Or at high rpm in 1st or 2nd gear. It seems to be the fuel pump to me. Anyone have any suggestion. All is new in the car but fuel pump an has 150,000 plus on if.

... 1994 Eagle Talon

I have a 2000 E46 BMW 318i. The trans light is on showing it is in back up mode. The down changes are extremely harsh even in manual mode. At same time vehilce started to stall at idle and at one stage wouldn't start, would just fire and then stop. Seemed like an air sensor or something, not flooding but had to run it at about 2000 rpm until it settled down. After trying it several times it started and seemed to reset itself and now runs OK but trans problem still there. Is this likely to be con

Steptronic is a option and not all BMW has it. If this manual gate fails,the steptronic shift will not occur.If the switch up switch fails then there will be no up shift response. If the switch down switch fails there will be no down shift response. ... 2000 BMW 3 Series

I have a 2001 sonoma which is running high on temperature. I just changed thermostat and it still running too hot. The heater does not blow heat and when I took out the thermostat it seemes like it needed to be replaced I had noticed that the pressure built up was leaking slowly through one of the mounting bolts. It seems like the coolant is not flowing through the thermostat. Has enough coolant and there is no apparent leaks in hoses, radiator or water pump. Should I eliminate thermostat all to

The radiator might be clogged. Take it and have the system flushed out,and back flushed, that will tell if there is a clog somewhere. If the radiator is too clogged, it will need to be replaced. ... 2001 GMC Sonoma Extended Cab

My 1993 Toyota T100 has a running issue. it happens when its wet out. truck starts and runs well till it gets to temp. while driving it stops revving at 1,800 rpm and does not let the throttle operate again till 1,500 rpm. there's no stuttering or shaking. it just seems like a limiter is on it. I have replaced the plugs, wires, cap and rotor and it cleared up for a few days. the issue only seems to come out when it rains now.

... 1993 Toyota T100

40 hp Mercury Mariner engine was running fine, but lately at high throttle the engine will race/flare and it feels like we're loosing power to he prop. Backing off the throttle lowers the engine speed and restores power to prop. Seems like something is slipping, but what? Also seems like its getting worse.

... 2004 Mercury Mariner

I have a 1985 toyota pickup 22r engine the truck runs fine all the way through first and second no problems then in third is good until it hits about 3500 rpm and almost seems like it looses everything then sputters. if i let it go down to 2000 rpm it runs fine until i get back up to 34 to 3600. it gets worse if you try to floor it when problem occurs, does the same in forth. i have put a new fuel pump,filter, cap and router, plugs, checked the plug wires, replaced carb with a good running carb

Check the catalytic convertor,they will plug up and decrease your power due to the fact that the exhaust can't get out as fast as you are trying to put it in.Let me know how you make out. ... Toyota Pickup

I have a '94 accord LX 5-speed with 111k miles. When I drive above around 70ish mph, the car starts to run a little rough, it begins to shake a little. There is no CEL light on and the oil was just changed. It seems to run fine under 70 mph and at various RPM's. It does seem to idle slightly rough lately, but NOT badly. The temperature gague is not reading hot when this problem occurs. This car seems like it may have sat around for a while before I got it. Thanks to anyone that can help/ reads

Seem like you need to have at-least the two front tires high speed balanced. This shaking at high speed is most likely due to the tire being out of balanced. Good luck and thanks for us ... 1994 Honda Accord

1993 Toyota Camry V6 starts fine, I let it warm up, I think it's ideling high but I drive off. At the second stop light the car dies. You see the RPM which when ideling is a one notch below the 1, is quivers and then drops to and the car dies. I put the car in neutral and it starts ups and then it makes it thru the next two stop lights before I get on thre freeway. The RPM's still seem to run high on the way to work. I'm driving 65-70 mph and the RPM's are at the 3 versus at about 2.5. Ju

What is required to compliment entire compbustion are new spark plus to create efficient rides eleminating the idleness at stops. ... 1993 Toyota Camry V6

I have a 1992 Mitsubishi Mighty Max v6 3.0. It runs rough at high speed (not necessarily rpm) and the check engine light was on earlier this week, but is now off. Does the computer retain check engine codes? If so, how can I retrieve them? Any ideas why the engine would run and accelerate fine through about 45 mph and then start to run rough above that, seemingly regardless of rpm?

Yes, the computer does retain fault codes. They can be retrived either with a scan tool or by using an analog volt meter. (Good luck finding one of those if you don't already own one.)\012Volt meter method:\012Find the diagnostic conne ... 1993 Mitsubishi Mighty Max

I have a 93 Nissan 300zx non turbo. I've just recently bought it and have been having problems with it. It starts up fine but when it idles it's low most of the time and sputters and has trouble accelerating in low RPM but when it gets goin it seems like it's fine but when i let off it will sometimes backfire. When it is cold it seems like it runs better for some reason I do not know. I changed the fuel filter and have been adding fuel injector cleaner for about a month now does not seem to be m

\015\012Check the servo first. Maybe the servo needs to be clean and also make sure that the engine is properly tunedup. Ihave the same problem also but when I replace the servo everything now is working fine.\0 ... 1985 Nissan 300ZX

What should the engine RPM be at 65 mph cruise speed. Mine is running at 2400 RPM's and that sound s high, like it is not shifting all the way into over drive. Any ideas? My 04 Dodge P/U runs at about 1600 / 1700 RPM's.

Yes, that's about the right rpm for that speed on an SE  that uses a 200-hp 2.7-liter V6. and a little high but still normal for the ES which has a 234-hp 3.5 V6. Remember that you pickup has a much larger engine specifically designed to work on ... 2004 Dodge Intrepid

Start car in morning will run at 1500 or so.. 30 secons later it will jump to like 2000.. what with the jump???? like it a sensor or something... when fully warm it will run at like 2500 rpm!! no lines broken or off for vacuum... small vacuum leaks nothing to cause that high of idle tho... throttle body clean... what will cause ??? at wits end looking for the fix... have thid prob for 4 year now.

The throttle valve sensor must be replace for a new one, ... 1995 Mitsubishi Mirage

Focus 2006 1.8 tdci engine sounds like its running rogh particularly when i go avove 1800 rpm there is high pitch whine come form the engine also feels like it misses a beat at about 1800 rpm like a turbo lag,,

... 2006 Ford Focus
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