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Abs light on 1999 sienna, no code comes up - Sienna Toyota Cars & Trucks

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Abs light on 1999 sienna, no code comes up - Sienna Toyota Cars & Trucks

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I have a 2009 Pontiac Vibe with 54000 miles on it. I took the car in to the dealer because the ABS lights, traction list were coming on and then would go off. The dealer replaced a bad wheel bearing and an ABS snesor for a total cost of $880. Two days after the repair the lights came back on. We took the car to the dealer and there were no codes in the system. They informed us to being the car in when the lights remained on long enough to check the codes. We took the car in with the lights

It is might be a defective part. But with out a code being stored it hard to tell . Are they looking at the EBTCM (electronic brake traction control module ) There was some info on a new style abs sensor connector .but that applied to the toyota matr ... 2009 Pontiac Vibe

Abs light well i have a 98 honda accord v6. the abs light started to come on and when it did my cars idle would go down below 1,000 rpms and then it would die i would start it up again and it would run fine. a coule of weeks later when i was going down the road the abs light would come on and my rpm would go down and my speed amotor would go down to 0 speed and when it would do this my radio would make this noise light stadic going through it. so id pull off the road and my car would die.

1. Your fuel pump is going bad.2. Your brake pads has gone flat too.3. Have a look at your plugs and fuses.See an expert if you are confused.Please rate afterall has been looked at. ... 1998 Honda Accord

Just got a 2001 Lincon Towncar /Exec-L series from a friend. The ABS, Check engine & Brake lights kept coming on & off. Ran codes and got U1039 & P0306. Replaced the #6 Coil and all plugs(P0306 ) - RUNS LIKE A CHAMP - smooth, powerful and quite again! But the U1039 code won't resolve & the ABS, Brake & Check engine lights still comes and goes. Also, the speedometer comes and goes with it. I am a bit of a car buff, you just point me in the right direction and I'll fix it! Thanks guys!

Congratulations on getting it to run like a champ.\015\012\015\012The ABS light is likely due to a bad wheel speed sensor, which would be consistent with the speedometer coming and going.\015\012\015\012Try to get an Actron Br ... 1990 Lincoln Mark VII

ABS light just came on, is it an easy fix. My abs warning light comes on often. It usually stays on until I restart the car, then it might stay off for days but will always relight. Often, I turn the ignition to "start" while driving and it goes out most of the time. Is a "code scanner" different than the computer you hook to your car for the check engine light? Do they have these scanners at Auto Zone, etc. or, only at repair shops where they charge $60 to read you codes?

The code scanner that you need is called ODBII code reader with ABS, and it works in the same way as the one that you connect to the car computer module (ECU) to read codes when the check engine light comes on, but the cheap ones that you can buy fro ... 2001 Chevrolet Blazer

I have a 2002 Cadillac an i was sitting in my car playing music and then turned my car then out of no were my abs,traction control, brake light came on I ran it through a scanner an read codes c1214,c1248 today I turned my car on in the morning an the lights were off I started to listen to music with my car off an then turned my car on an the warning lights were on again need to know what could cause codes c1214,c1248 to come on

Low battery! ... 2002 Cadillac Sts

I own a 2003 tiburon, I have just recently been having problems with it. Where to start, my air bag light will not shut off and i have taken it in and the repair shop said no codes were coming up as to why it would not shut off. my E break light and ABS light have started coming on after the car is warmed up and only shut off if i turn heat on high or come to a stop. Today i was driving down the road and my car started grinding gears and all the gauges shut off and come back on. after i shut

Your car has smoke when oil is full could be valve seals,,,or head gasket, is there milky stuff on dip stick along with oil? if so its a head gasket.,,,,,,,,,,,,Also I know your check engine lite has to be on,Right?\012Go to auto zone and get y ... Hyundai Tiburon

Abs light on on dashboard toyota sienna 2000 - Cars & Trucks

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Sensor code 1153 light is on - Sienna Toyota Cars & Trucks

... Toyota Sienna

My wife's 2002 Toyota Solara 4 cyl has the abs, cruise, and airbag lights flashing constantly. No computer codes were thrown according to a local mechanic. The car was and is operating normally. 2 weeks later the check engine light came on and the ac stopped working. "Freon" was ok, but the compressor wouldn't kick in. The mechanic found a "false code" which he reset and the ac worked again. The 2 problems may be or not be related. The lights are still flashing.This car has only 38000 original m

If the ac light is flashing replace the magnetic clutch relay this a common problem with these toyotas. leave feedback and rate this post ... 2002 Toyota Camry Solara

Toyota Rav D4D 2.0 code P1229. When I first start car and if left to idle the engine management light comes on and engine goes into limp mode. If I turn engine off and on again light stays on but engine runs ok. If I start the car first thing and just drive and not let it idle the engine light does not come on. I've got new fuel filter in and had new svc valves put in 2 months ago. Any body got any idea

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2002 toyota celica gts, and just recently the check engine light came on. I had my friend read the code, and it came up as 301, misfire in cylinder 1. To try and diagnose the problem, I switched coil #1, with coil #4 to see if the problem follows. About a week later, the light comes on again, the same error code 301. The next step I took was to replace the spark plugs, my car has 81k miles on it at this time. And yet again, a few days later the check engine light comes on again. N

Rotate the wires swap #1 with the "bad" one if you can, before you spend money on a new set of wires. This problem usually is caused by: either a broken sparkplug carbon wire coreor, a mis-alined reluctor. ... 2002 Toyota Celica

04 clk320 Abs -bas- esp-brake light on, pad indicator on ck engine light on throws dtc codes P0600, serial link malfuction dtc code P0720, output speed sensor malfunction. Car goes into limp mode whenever lites come on -could take as much as 5 miles or less to happen- sticks in whatever gear it is in at the time and remains there until you shut off car. I replaced the brake lite switch - no go car has only 50,000 on it has anyone seen this problem and how to correct it Glen

Well.. the output speed sensor is the output side of your transmission speed sensor... these are horrible on merc's... easily replaced... but a pain to get the correct one.. and this sensor could cause almost all the problems you list alone... but wi ... 2004 Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class

I have a 1994 Toyota Corolla that im having idling issues with. When Im driving if I come to a complete stop at a stop sign or red light the car would idle down to shutting off. I ran the engine codes and it said air/fuel ratio lean and air/fuel ratio rich. I changed the oxygen sensor and it cleared the codes. Now the car shuts off when the a/c is on and I come to a stop at a redlight or a stop sign. if a/c is off then the car doesnt shut off at a stop. What is my problem.

... 1994 Toyota Corolla

My 2002 Toyota Sienna Symphony - When the van is first started the red brake light and the abs lights do not extinguish until I start driving. Then when I come to a stop the abs light flashes at 500mS on and 500mS off and then stops flashing when I start driving again. Additionally the Tire pressure light remains on (i assume that is also due to the abs system). Does this sound like the abs system or something more sinister?

... 2002 Toyota Sienna

I have 2001 Toyota Highlander w/v6 4.0 litre engine Start the car and no trouble lights come on.Put it in gear and drive approximately 15 seconds the VSC light on dash come on.No check engine light or ABS light comes on.I bought an Actron Diagnostic computer that does OBD 2&3.I have also replaced both O2 sensors on the engine but not the catalytic converter.Actron said it was in normal range through veried rpm ranges.Please help with any suggestion

... 2001 Toyota Highlander

The dash warning lights on my 2007 ford five hundred will come one after I reach sustainde speeds of over about 45 MPH. When this happens the tach. still works, cruise still works, and the car runs fine. However, I have no speedomoter, the ABS light comes on, the Check Engine light, and many of the other warning lights come on. When plugged in to a scanner we got the code signaling an external noid. Do you have any suggestions?

Some electrical after market comonent has been attached to vehicle and causing the problem ... 2007 Ford Five Hundred Limited Sedan

Had OBD2 codes P0441 & P0446 on my 1999 Toyota Corolla. Replaced the VSV CHARCOAL EVAPORATORE, disconnected the battery, check engine light went out. came back on this am, took the car to advanced auto & rechecked. The P0441 & P0446 codes were gone, but had a P0125 code showing. Reset & the lights out now. The guy at advanced says that lots of times other sensors will get tripped and it should stay out now that we reset, but not real sure what a P0125 code means or how to fix if light comes back

According to my 2002 Toyota Tundra manual (and it may be different for your car) P0125 is as follows:Insufficient Coolant Temperaturefor Closed Loop Fuel ControlThis would seem unrelated to your original problem. ... 1999 Toyota Corolla

You responded to my 2000 (actually its a 2001) olds Intrigue problem of all dash board lights coming on after the car is warm/hot.(about 30 minutes of driving before they come on) Codes were checked at GM dealer and it came back to the ABS breaks. Tech said he did a pin test and that I have a bad ABS module (EBCM)($1,100) and if that doesn't fix it I may also need a $1,300 hydralics valve assembly. and that should get the dash lights off. Breaks work fine otherwise. Also the steering gets "heav

Seems like you already know what's wrong, what you need is to fix it for less money. First, find out if your car came without abs. If so, you could then remove the system and install non abs system very cheaply. If it only came with abs then your oth ... Oldsmobile Intrigue

The Abs lightin my 2005 Pacifica fwd comes on intermittenly The brakes work fine including during a recent snow storm we just had. I took it to my local mechanic who plugged in his diagnostic scanner while the abs light was on but no trouble codes came up. Is there a real problem here? Car stops fine, light will come on and off a few times during the day. Van has 107,000 miles on it and hasnt given me too much trouble. At this point it more of a nuisance or is there actually a problem, Numerus

... 2006 Chrysler Pacifica

I have had my vehicle to 3 different dealers to diagnose the problem for a fix. No error codes are being stored is one issue and the service engine light is not on. here is what happens, while drving at any speed, the truck seems to feel like it stalls. All indicator dash lights come on, (service engine, ABS, etc as well as park assist). After a brief second or so, all clears and truck resumes. I was told it is going into limp mode briefly but they cannot diagnose since there are no codes and th

... 2008 GMC Sierra 1500

1996 toyota Camry Le...I have replace engine and transmission.The car runs good.The problem I have is when I first get nto car and start the car and go anywere in about 3 to 5 miles check engine light comes on with a P0770 code.I know it overdrive malfunction E solenoid.The car seems to shift find and when I take overdrive off int he car it drops bakt to standard gear.I also tried to take overdrive off when I first get into car and the check engine code does not come back until I actativate the

Take the oil pan off of the trany,look the oil condition,the filter if is not to dirty,and the electrical connectors and wires,start whit that. ... 1996 Toyota Camry

Check light comes on code reads P1346. Light comes on a few minutes after driving, when stop and turn off the engine and restart the light goes out but comes back after a few minutes of driving. the mechanic insist that it is the timing, the car drives excellent, It is a toyota ipsum 2002.

The ECU may be bad. Apparently, some defective ones ended up in the 1998-2003 series Siennas causing "false alarm" code reading to be stored triggering the Check Engine Light (CEL) light to come on even though there is no real problem.\015\012\015\01 ... 2001 Toyota Sienna

My 2002 Toyota 4Runner has been in the shop numerous times because the ABS, TRC and check engine light were all on. The mechanic gets the lights to go off, but then they come back on again shortly after I leave the shop. Recently, not only did the usual lights come one, but the brake light came on accompanied by a high pitch squealing noise. The brakes and rotors have been replaced, car tuned up and tires rotated, but the lights and squeal are back! The mechanic says there is probably somethi

If your mechanic says probably you need to move on. I'm sure he is a great mechanic but he is not a technician and you need a technician to look at this in order to solve it. There will be trouble codes stored in the PCM, ABS module or bo ... Toyota 4Runner

My brakes start grabbing like the anti-lock brakes are trying to take over, the low trac light comes on, abs light comes on, and the check engine light all come on, after the lights come on the brakes work fine, I am being told after the lights come on the abs system is turned off because there is a fault in the abs system, had the codes ran and first code says left front speed sensor error, second code says RF wheel sensor frequency error, any ideas?

... 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue
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