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No front parking ligts (back is ok) where is the problem?

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Thank you for interesting in my problem, but i solve it my self.
\015\012Best wishes
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No front parking ligts (back is ok) where is the problem?

Thank you for interesting in my problem, but i solve it my self.\015\012Best wishes\015\012Dragan ... Toyota Previa

My taillights do not work on my geo metro 91. they have not worked for a few months but i bypassed the problem by wedging a quarter between the front light and parking light buttons because i could not find any blown fuses. now the quarter does not work anymore and i hessitate to go buy new switches because i dont think the ACTUAL problem is in the switches as you do not have to access your parking lights normally simultanously with your front lights to also get you back lights.I took the switch

The switch is your problem,Yes I know that you took it apart and cleaned it and checked it out.But they are parts that you cannot see and the switch will fix it.Where you put that quarter in there it made contact until it burnt away.Try a switch. ... Geo Metro

LIGHTS PROBLEMS Hi. I have a jaguar xj6 1994. Problem: Light Problem. The front and back parking lights are on even if the car is off. The head switch is not the problem. The car have body control in the parking lights? My email is [email protected] Can you help please. Thanks.

Problem must be in the main switch ,remove wires from the switch ,if lights still on then its possible its a relay for the lights ,now their are boxes front and rear for the remote relays for the lights if one of these relays are stuck then its possi ... 1994 Jaguar XJ6

I am driving a C220 CDI AVANTEGARDE. It has park distance sensors both the front and back. But the front sensors do not function, even when I park very close to an object. What is the problem?

... 2008 Mercedes-Benz Mercedes Benz C Class

No Problem yet, Im looking at a 1991 Lincoln town car with 150,000 miles. The owner says the parking brake won't set and the power windows motors work but won't go up or down, front and back on the drivers side. I'm going to take a test drive tomorrow and hoped to find out any issues I should keep an eye out for? AND Does the window problem sound like an electrical problem? I can't afford that can of worms and parking brake should be too bad... I'd love inside info what to look for? It passed sm

The power window motors have three rubber stoppers that wear out in the motors. You can buy kits to fix them. The parking brake problem is likely stuck cables. Not many other problems. Check to see if it has air ride in the rear. These are common on ... 1991 Lincoln Town Car

06 Equinox brake problems. My wifes front rotor beat really hard whenever she brakes. I know i need to get them turned but i have to do this every three months. I think this is b/c the back drums need adjusting. My question is, is there a way to adjust them without taking the wheels off. Example my truck is a 97 1500 and all you do is pull up on the parking brake release and pump the parking brake a few times. Example #2 on 95 1500's whenever you back up the drum brakes automatically adjust.

You can turn a rotor once or twice but each time you do, you are removing metal...The rotors today are really not thick enough to put up with too much of that before they are too thin to be useful. In removing metal they will not dissipate heat well ... 2006 Chevrolet Equinox

2006 Toyota Sienna Taillight will not work I had remote start installed and when you remote start the tail light and parking light will flash indicating car is remote started. Problem: When I put the key in ignition and turn on the head lamp they turn on but no tail light. Switch to parking lights and front yellow lights and taillight will not work. Took it back to Sixth ave thinking something wrong with remote start setup, because the tail light and parking light will flash when car is remote s

Bypass the fuse? Bypassing a fuse is a fire hazard in the first place. When they worked on that everything should work normally plus the added feature. Not compromising anything. Take it back there and have it done properly or put it back the way it ... 2008 Toyota Sienna

I am having issues with the camber on my driver side front wheel. the first problem i noticed was that when i was parking my truck(sharply turning as well as pushing on the break) the brake would fail and give a griding sound, i was lucky not to crash, i have since learned that if i straighten the wheel the brake will kick back in. this failure of braking only happens when i am trying to park. since then i have bled the brakes, in doing so i realized i might have an alignment issue. as well as t

If it's that bad clearly the wheel hub bearing is gone - it must be immediately replaced, if it fails completely while you're driving it will surely kill you. ... 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500


Sounds like your wendow regulator is going out ... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

I replaced the brake light switch in a 1987 s10 pick up. Now I notice that the park lights in front don't work. All other light systems work. flashers,signal, park light in back and brake lights. Not sure if the problem is connected to the brake light switch.

... 1987 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

My front parking lights do not work - back lights work, all turns signals, and hazard lights work/ there seems to be a clicking in the fuse box when i try to turn on my parking lights. Is this a wiring problem or fuse ? Please help, i cant pass inspection!

Sounds like a rely fuse thats under the hood ... 1999 Isuzu Amigo

2005 pontiac montana SV6, last 6 months blowing the same rear drivers signal light( fishy ) so i cleaned the connection and put dielectric grease, problem solved( i thought ). recently the "service park lamps) " warning turns on with no other issues. then one day weeks later both signals (rear is also brake light) front and back stop working, however 3rd brake light still works, light in the van flashes real fast both sides. What i've tried... changing fuse #20 10a fuse(park lamps), blown- repla

Never replace a circuit with a fuse that is stronger than what is asked for as you will then burn the wiring.i would get my hands on a wiring schematic and trace the problem with a tester.once found replace the bad wiring or relay with the right part ... 2005 Pontiac Montana SV6

When the brake is applied or the car is in park the front left wheel moves front to back is this a bushing problem

Take it to an alignment shop and get it checked for free. tell them you want to know what parts to buy before you get it aligned. when it is up on a lift a long pry bar can show you where the slop is coming from, could be the lower A frame bushings, ... 2003 Saturn ION

I have a 1995 Buick LeSabre Custom. Recently, I have had a terrible squeaking sound coming from the passenger side front at very low speeds (taking off) or slowing to a stop. If I park I can hear it a little if I turn the steering wheel back and forth. The garage lubed the lower joints and sprayed all front end bushings with WD 40, and said give it a few days. Does this sound reasonable or do I have a bigger problem? Thanks for any advice

Have your front brakes checked and make sure it is not the warning tabs on the brake pads.They are there to warn you that the pads are getting down close to the metal and need to be replaced before more damage is done.Hope this helps.Good luck. ... 1995 Buick LeSabre

The rear park assist does not work on my 2004 Lincoln Towncar and also the front speakers of the radio will quit .If i fool around with the balance control they some time come back on.What could the problem be ?

You need to get your fuse curcuits looked at.\015\012sounds like they can only be related if your fuse board has taken on either excessive dust or water... take a look maybe give a clean see what happens might save you a fortune ... 2003 Lincoln Town Car

Toyota trueno 1996, high beam indicator bulb lights up when lights are dipped, but not when on high beam. doesn't light up with park lights either, so is fine there. just high and lows back to front. any ideas. person who had car before us had removed high beam indicator bulb in dash, but we got failed on warrant check.....put bulb in dash and the problem showed up. now still can't get warrant. any ideas of how this could be remedied would be great. have tried two different auto electric

... Cars & Trucks

Oil leaking I found somewhat a large oil stain on the snow after backing up the Monte Carlo 1996 car from my overnight parking spot. The position of the oil stain was right beneath the middle of the front of the car (I don't know what jargon I have to use to describe it as knowing nothing about a car. Therefore, please bear with me). I am not sure if this is a big problem and if it needs immediate attention. Thank you so much for helping me out here. I truly appreciate it.

Well an oil leak can be a lot of things. Simple fix would be if you just had an oil change and the plug wasnt screwed in right. If not there may be broken seals, (hard to do but you may have even cracked teh oil pan). Maybe the oil filter needs to be ... 1996 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Passenger side lights both front and back turn signals and parking lights do not work. truck has been sitting for a while and i had got it out to drive and found this problem. any suggetions of what to do?

Change the bulbs, light bulbs will often go out at the same time because of hours of use ... 1985 Jeep Cherokee

Transmission car just quit driving on uphill stop ,went to accellerate and begant to roll back. the engine appears to be running fine and does change speed when pulling from park into gear , transmision fluid clean hear a rattly clunky noise that appears to be from rear of motor or front of transmision where it mounts to motor. The car only has 66000 miles on it .Is there any common problems with this model? Thanks Larry

Your torque convertor went out that is the clunking noise you hear . have this replace and this will solve the problem.. please rate this ... 2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue

Left tail light does not work; When brakes applied, right front parking light comes on. Third brake also does not work. Had hitch installed back in Jul, but problems just appeared a few days ago. Any advice as to what is going on with my lights?

It sounds like a bad ground,make sure the white wir on your trailor plug is grounded ... 2005 Jeep Liberty

I have a 1994 oldsmobile 88. I park my car front side up on driveway. I dont know why this would make a differance but this is when car really acts up. I try to start and it starts but immedietly losses power as if there is no gas and there is also a strong gasoline smell. I finally keep it runnning and once i take off when i accelerate if dies. But turns right back on. I have changed the fuel pump relay, the fuel pump and filter. Could the fuel pressure regulator be the problem? Also the engine

Check you exhaust. you may have a damaged cat or a broken baffle in the exhaust eather of these will stall the engine and you will have a strong smell of fuel. ... 1994 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight

My 2006 lincoln zephyr's front blinkers quit working and the drivers side front parking light stays on after you shut the engine off.I tried all the fuses I was told to check. I am afraid the battery is going to run down front the front light staying on. I tried removing the parking lights fuse until I can figure out the problem and that light still stays on. I don't think a problem like this is covered under my warranty.

... 2006 Lincoln Zephyr

Front Bumper About six months ago, I had to have my front bumper replaced, thanks to a teenage driver who didn't "know I was backing up" and hit my car. Since then, whenever I park in a spot that may have a raised sidewalk or concrete barrier, my front end will scrape and pull on my bumper. Today, I didn't even realize I had parked over a concrete barrier and upon backing up, my front bumper came apart on both sides. I couldn't get on the interstate because of the flapping of the cheap bumper, s

Chances are the shop that initially replaced your bumper didn't do it right and the shoddy install left it sitting lower than it should have. Because of this, you were able to snag the bumper on the parking block. The reason you have to replace it ... 2007 Audi A4 Convertible

1999 Silverado 5.3 I changed all my light bulbs they are all new front and back. But im having a big problem all lights in front work perfect including signal lights, the problem its in tha back that the driver rear "left" brake like light wont turn on or sinal light wont blink when I put the left directional, but when I put the directional to go right both signal lights in the back blink at the same time.. Does any body knows whats wrong with it?

The lamps got mixed up. For a Chevy 1500, the left tail/stop lamp has dual filaments with LT BLU and BRN wires connected to the socket. The left rear turn lamp has a single filament with a LT BLU wire connected to the socket. One other possibility is ... Cars & Trucks

147000K on my 2002 jetta TDI. I put it in reverse after a few tries. Car wouldn't move in reverse. Gave it a shot of gas and it lurched back. Had to put the brakes on so I wouldn't hit another car. No problem driving in "drive" Put it in reverse (from drive) to back it in the driveway. No problems. Put it back into park and it wouldn't go into reverse. Gear was stuck at park. Now they are saying I need a new (rebuilt) tranny and a new (or used) torque converter. This car has not been abused. All

Take it to any other transmission shop, preferably one that can rebuild transmission. Most transmission shop would rather do a transmission swap since it's easier and they can make more money. A good transmissio ... Volkswagen Jetta
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