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Turn to start and there is a loud rapid clicking sound. it sounds like it is coming from under the RHS of the car. The battery needed jump starting the other day after being sat for only 4 days.

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Answers :

\015\012It sounds like when the battery doesn't have enough power to turn over the engine. Some of the probable reasons for your problems…. If it's low battery voltage the battery is unable to maintain enough current to engage and operate the starter. If it's a loose or poor battery terminal connection the connection may be weak and not capable of carrying the current load of the starter motor. If it's a faulty starter it could be engaging but the electric motor part is not functioning.
\015\012However if the lights go completely off when you try to crank the engine, it's probably a bad connection. If the lights severely dim when you try to crank the engine it's probably a bad battery or alternator that is unable to keep the battery charged. A battery is only a storage device. It stores electrical energy that is created by the alternator. If the alternator has failed, the battery does not get charged and won't be able to start an engine. The battery can also just be old and unable to hold a charge. If the lights don't dim much when you try to start the engine it might be that the starter just isn't engaging.
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Drained battery If car sat for longer than 2 days, would need to be jumped off.Changed the battery. For awhile as long as I drove it everyday had no problems. Eventually, the jumps became more frequent and the battery would not hold a charge. Replaced altenator and drive belt and charged battery. Battery would last for about 3 starts and die. Just put another battery in to see how long it will last. Out of curiosity I took the old altenator and had it checked out and it was fine. What else would

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Turn to start and there is a loud rapid clicking sound. it sounds like it is coming from under the RHS of the car. The battery needed jump starting the other day after being sat for only 4 days.

Hi\015\012It sounds like when the battery doesn't have enough power to turn over the engine. Some of the probable reasons for your problems…. If it's low battery voltage the battery is unable to maintain enough current to engage and oper ... Toyota Previa

Car does not start, Lights work, makes no effort to turn over will not Jump start. 98 subaru legacy outback. Sometimes it starts and sometimes it doesnt. I have had a new battery, starter and alternater installed. when the car doesnt start it usually needs to sit for an hour and it starts right up. It happens more often during the day when the car has been used. however; it often want start early morn or late evening when it has sat for a while and it's not hot outside. when it is not feeling l

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2003 Saturn Vue with a identity anti theft system. Replaced my battery a few months ago. Couple weeks ago noticed a little difficulty starting up. Last week wouldn't start just clicking noise. Jumped it and it started right up. Started okay for a few days then sat for one day and wouldn't start again. More clicking. Started right up with a jump. Had battery tested it is fine, connections are good! Could this be a anti theft issue or something else. This is what made me change my battery few mont

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Sounds more like the Alternator or Voltage regulator is not charging the battery correctly. Have the Alternator checked. If you remove it and take it to Auto Zone or Advance Auto they should be able to test it for you. ... 2004 Lexus RX 330


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My 03 Kia rio wouldn't start. I gave it a jump and that got it going. I replaced the battery. The display, dome and sterio all stopped working. The car died 3 days later. Jumped it to get it to the shop and replaced my alternator. The next morning it woudn't start. I jumped it and have been disconecting the battery when I park since. Could there be a fuse killing my batteries? Just a dead fuse and need another battery? I can't afford more work done or even a shops opinion at this point.

It can be faulty ignition switch or short in ignition cylinder lock.When you turn the car off.It must be showing that car key is turned to off but actually the car not turning off.Get the ignition switch checked with meter and also check the ignition ... 2003 Kia Rio

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Sounds like you have a couple problems here.,. without enough detail to pigtail either one fully, I'm going to give it my best shot at a guess or two...How much cranking is required to start the vehicle? if it is a lot - you may want to l ... 1990 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight

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First off make sure your oil level is good. I dont trust my oil changes to anyone. at 72k miles im sure your automobile is due for a tranny and brake fluid flush. These are pretty simple maintenance things. As far as the codes. Take the truck to any ... Chevrolet Suburban 1500

Our 1998 Volvo V70 doesn't start in the morning when it's cold (usually below 40 degrees). Once it's jumped it starts right away and will start again that day (unless it sits for 10-12 hours on a really cold day. I've been looking online and asking around and had my mechanic check it out. Possible answers I've heard - replace fuel pump relay, may need a bigger battery (we replaced the battery a year and a half ago). Any suggestions?


Have a 2004 corvette coupe that didn't start the other day. Had AAA come out and jump start me and was able to keep vette running the rest of the day. AAA told me my battery was dead and that I needed to get another one. I bought a sears Die Hard Gold. After it was installed my vette started right up. Now, this morning the same thing happened. I put the key in and no response. No lights, no codes, no sounds. What could be causing this. My vette has been running perfect with no problems. I need

Something is draining the battery you need to take it to a dealer or a electrical shop ... 2004 Chevrolet Corvette

Hi, my 2002 Dodge Dakota has been going dead lately and needs to be jump started. I have already replaced the battery to no avail. It usually goes dead after sitting for a few days. But the max battery draw is .3 amps, which is acceptable. When the condition happens, after jump starting, i have to keep the accelerator open to keep it running. I have figured out that the IAC valve not opening during a cold start was the cause of that. I cleaned the IAC and re-installed it. It still would not

It could very well be a defective battery, you could have 1 or more bad cells in the battery. A voltage regulator or an alternator. If it isn't one of those then there is something drawing power from somewhere that is causing it to go dead. ... 2002 Dodge Dakota Club Cab

For weeks the car had to be jumped to start, I thought the battery was a problem until one day it stalls in the middle of the road while I was waiting to turn (so I was idling) and wouldn't start up until jumped. Took the alternator out and tested it, it works. Hooked it up, battery works too. No idea what's wrong. It sat for a week during this time. Drove it home tonight (40mins) and as I was about to pull into the parking space at my apartment, it stalled and won't start up again. I don'

You may check for corrosion on your battery terminals, if corrosion is present then disconnect the cables and clean the corrosion. If thats not the case then just check to make sure that your terminal is connected tightly to the battery post. I rec ... 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse Coupe

1997 nissan maxima problem alternator was bad I replaced alternator two weeks later battery died I figure it was old and needed to be replaced replaced battery,worked for a few days then battery was drained. Nothing seemed to be left on, like lights or anything.when I jump start the car it started fine but using a meter i can see if I took off jumper cables the voltage would start at 13.4 then slowly just start dropping until the car would just died. Any suggestions. the alternater was a refurb

... 1997 Nissan Maxima

I have a 2005 escalade and it sat in my garage for about 5 days. i tried to start it and it wouldnt turn over. i jumped it, it work for a few days and it wouldnt start the next morning. Checked battery at shop and they say the battery is good. any ideals why this keep happening??

Then you have a drain in your car, check for lights left one aftermarket cd players, amps, etc ... 2005 Cadillac Escalade

Needs jump battery and alternator test good but when sits overnight and needs jump will work fine all day start fine tests good then wont start after sits overnight

Install amp meter on 10 amp scale between battery neg cable,turn on a lamp like hood lamp to make sure it is reading correctly and fuses in meter are not blown.Wait at least 35 minutes to give modules a chance to go into sleep mode and record reading ... 1999 Ford Explorer

I recently purchased a 1998 Camry. It was fine for a few days. I let it sit without driving it for 2 days and it needed a jump start. Today, I jumped it again and 2 hours later it won't start. I checked all the headlights, dome lights, etc. and everything was off. There seems to be a drain on the battery. Any ideas?

There very will could be a battery drain, but what I would do first, is go to any auto parts, where they will do a battery test for free, could have a bad cell in the battery and not holding a charge. ... 1998 Toyota Camry

Battery needs jump start if car is not driven for 3 days.

U either have a shorted cell in the battery or the system has a current draw like a glove box light being left on, try disconnecting the battery the next time you leave it, if it starts ok then u have a current draw and need to find the source of tha ... 1994 Jaguar XJ6

Won't Start I have a '97 achieva that won't start. Here is the break down of the problem that got it there. When we bought it the man told us it my need a radiator. So after driving for some time it started to overheat. Then the battery stop charging so some times when we were out the car wouldn?t start without a jump or we would have to wait or play with the cable to the battery. So one day it was hard to start when it did get started it stopped because it ran out of gas. We pushed it back in t

Bad ground wire on battery. ... 1997 Oldsmobile Achieva

I have a 1999 Mercury Sable and accidentally installed the battery backwards. Replaced blow fuses and the car ran fine. After sitting idle for 3 days, returned to find the new battery dead. A jump start got the car going, but after driving 40 miles, then turning the car off and then immediatly trying to start it, the car would not start and the battery was very dead. I think the alternator/ generator must be working because during the 40 mile drive, the lights worked fine. Other than need

Check and make sure your termimals to the battery are clean and tight. You can find out if the alternator is charging by simply starting the car and while it is running take the negitive cable off the battery. If the car quits its not charging (have ... 2009 Ford Taurus

How do you get to the battery clamp on an A4 to remove the battery? I have charged the battery for two days on the trot and it does not hold the charge, when its jumped it starts fine. I believe this needs a new battery but i can't get to the clamp when the battery has been slid over to the left, do I need to remove any thing else??

On some cars you need to remove a black piece of plastic forward of the windshield to get to the battery terminals.  You truly need anew battery. ... 1997 Audi A4
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