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I have a 90 toyota pickup what is the back pressure created by the catalitic converter and muffler

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Answers :

BARO: Barometric--MAP--Manifold\015\012 Absolute--and EBP--Exhaust Back Pressures: All three should indicate \015\012atmospheric pressure (14.7psi at sea level) and read within 0.5 psi of \015\012each other, Key On Engine Off.

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The exhast should always flow freely
\015\012If a back pressure is your trucks symptom it is more than likely caused by a bad MAP sensor, o2 sensor or a plugged catalytic converter
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I have a 90 toyota pickup what is the back pressure created by the catalitic converter and muffler

BARO: Barometric--MAP--Manifold\015\012 Absolute--and EBP--Exhaust Back Pressures: All three should indicate \015\012atmospheric pressure (14.7psi at sea level) and read within 0.5 psi of \015\012each other, Key On Engine Off. ... Toyota Pickup

I need to find the wiring that goes to the oil pressure sensor on a 1993 Chevrolet Silverado diesel pickup that has been converted to gas. Where do I find a schematic of this? When the pickup was converted to gas someone clipped a lot of wires in the engine compartment. Now we are attempting to put it back together as a gas. We have traced all the wires except the oil sensor. Thanks.

Take all remaining wires and "flash" them to a good ground with the ignition on. when you find the one that makes the oil pressure gauge move, that's your wire. Do not make a solid connection when doing this or you can damage systems served by the "w ... 1991 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

Cuts out when you stomp gas pedal 85 toyota pickup 22re engine at changed fuel filter and gutted catalitic converter acts like the way a stopped up catalitic converter does. but gutted and it still does it

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2000 toyota sr5 v6, 3400 four cam 24 engine. I was comming back from a short trip, when my truck bucked, then the trucks power would come and go, and it lost alot of power. I was able to drive it back ( about 60 mi ) but it had limited power. Also I have had a check engine light on ( I had replaced my catalitic converter after it had been stolen 6 mo ago ) but the truck was running fine. After I got back I checked to see if something had blocked the air intake or the exhaust, both ok. I disconne

Best guess is its a fuel delivery issue. I would check the fuel pressure to make sure it is within the range it is suppose to be. It could also be on the return side. A bad fuel pressure regulator could cause the system to have low fuel pressure. Bef ... 2000 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner

When a catalytic converter fails, it creates back pressure in the exhaust system, reducing the car's fuel efficiency. You can gut the catalytic converter as a temporary solution to restore proper

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Hot to push back the pressure back,before putting the new breaks on,on a 83 toyota pickup?

I use a c-clamp with the inside pad still over the piston. If you don't have a c-clamp, you can put the caliper back on with just the old inside pad and then use a screwdriver between the pad and rotor to gently pry the piston back in. OK? ... 1983 Toyota Pickup

My 2000 exterra started running like there was watter in the fuel iput isoprople alcahal in ranit five miles it cleared up ran fine for a day the runabilty problem came back and it died on the way home about 5 miles now it wont even start it attempts to first thing in morning after that it rolls over and spit and sputters the left side of the y pipe got cherry red like the converter was pluged so i loosened the converter to create flow now it acts like there isnt enough pressure for it to run

If the pipe got cherry red while trying to start, it was because of unburnt fuel entering the catalytic converter, most likely. Check for signs of plug fouling and injectors hanging open. You're likely flooding your engine due to dirt accumulation in ... 2000 Nissan Xterra


Hi\015\012\015\012You can verify with a tape measure by measuring the outside circumference of the pipe and dividing by 3.14159 (PI) to get the diameter.\015\012\015\012Good Luck!! ... Chevrolet C1500

2002 F150 Temp reads hot and loss of power. The truck is not running hot when temp gauge reads hot and when I shut off truck and restart the gauge goes to normal for about a mile then back to hot. It losses alot of power when this happens and the oil pressure light also comes on. I have checked the coil, catalitic converter, fuel filter, fuel pump, spark plugs and spark plug wires. Please help

You could try another oil pressure sensor or test the oil pressure with a gauge at the sensor port. If you think about it, the truck goes into a failsafe mode when there is a problem. You could go into failsafe with high temperatures too. The water ... 2002 Ford F150 Regular Cab

My 1999 GMC Jimmy is encountering problems... It will drive out just fine for 5 minutes or so, but then it starts losing power, almost like something is creating way too much back pressure, but I'm not convinced that it's the Catalytic Converter. Any thoughts as to what else it could be?

Do you have a check engine light on? if so my next question is after losing power does it ever seem to pick up again while running? if the answer to these questions is yes then you may just have an o2 sensor goin bad or something of the sort. if that ... 1999 GMC Jimmy

Starts then dies, changed fuel filter,ran beter but had to warm up to drive, still missing. put it on computer said throtle positioner n tune up,changed t.p. drove 20 mls.still bad cleaned air filter,reved afew times, drove slow 1/4 ml. blew catalitic converter off muffler. cat. conv. red hot at back end, cut cat. conv. off ,still misses, runs ruff. please help

Buick? BMW? port injection? TBI? ... Cars & Trucks

86 nissan hardbody extracab z24i tbi 2wd pickup engine accelerates normally up to approx. 2800 rpm then acts as if hitting a rev limiter, problem just started with no previous symptoms upon starting out. Power is normal in each gear up to this rpm then engine 'bucks' back a few hundred rpms and thresholds out repeatedly. Any ideas? Fuel pressure is normal, no misfiring, no glowing converter etc. Please anyone seen this b4? I also cleaned the maf sensor and checked for intake air restrictions.

... 1986 Nissan Pickup 4WD 1986

By marli. I have a 2000 silveraldo has lost lots of power fuel pressure stays between 40 and 55lb can a stopped up catalitic converter or muffler be stopped up

Could be a plug cat but you fuel pressure is low for this vehicle, it should be 55-62 psi, I would check the fuel filter on the frame and see if it is pluged, this can also take out the fuel pump, make sure the pump is not growling it should sound sm ... 2000 Chevrolet Silverado

Hi, I have a Eagle Talon TSI AWD 1990 175000km bought new. the motor runs flooded & the turbo is always on but sometimes it falls back to running normal, like new, the gas pump pressure was checked, the exaust was disconnected to check if the catalitic converter was plugged, the gas filter, most of the sensors, the coil & wires were replaced, air filter too & the filter unit was checked and is ok. Thank you in advance for the advise, it is a Canadian one, Andre

They fail sometimes you need to make sure the snail has good bearings ..plus after its been boosting if its been turned off right away thats not good..with higher milage i would do drivability checks before i tear up a wastegate or charger ..your tim ... 1990 Eagle Talon

Converters can i test my catalytic converters for back pressure by removing rear o2 sensors and connecting pressure sensor

This started out as being a one code issue. I have no idea as to what you have done so far beyond what I have recommended. If you didn't take the intake off then there is no reason to believe the gasket is bad. ... 2000 Dodge Intrepid

The check tire pressure light has been coming on erroneously Almost since day one on our 2001 Toyota Sienna CE .Now the check engine light has come on and we were told by a local Toyota dealership that all three cat-converters must be replaced and there is a chance the computer would have to be replaced. They said if the veheicle had 80,000mi.or less the computer would have been replaced at no charge.Naturally,ours has 126,000mi. Replacing cat-converters seems unlikely to me.We always use unlead

Did the Technician connect a diagnostic code reader to the vehicles computer and check for fault codes stored in the computer memory? If so, what were they? The check engine light is on because the vehicle has sensed an error with one or more of the ... Toyota Sienna

Timing for 94 Isuzu; 3.2 litre? Trouble shooting on 94 Isuzu; 3.2 litre; 174,000 km.; no power; catalitic converter turned red; removed catalitic converter; it was o.k. and muffler o.k. - no blockage; running rich; removed spark plugs - left bank running rich and also misfired?

You could be looking at a leaking injector, sprrk plug missfire, or exhaust valve not sealing ... 1994 Isuzu Rodeo

After installing sensors on two different toyota products and entering the id # with a genisis scan tool, the lite reset. but after driving a few miles, the lite came back on. all tire pressures were correct including the spare. I noticed when looking at the datastream with the scanner that these 2 vehicles showed a negative tire pressure in the sparetire. is this whats causing the lite to come back on? what am I missing?

I think that no missing, pls follow the diretion carefully from registering the 7 digit number of all tire including spare tyre, does the dtc C2171/71 return, repeat the programming step by step, in time ... 2006 Toyota RAV4

I have a 1987 toyota pickup (it's actually a motorhome-87 toyota pickup truck with the motorhome built on). It's an automatic transmission (4 gears) and there is an overdrive button on the end of the gear shifter. I've had the vehicle for several years and the way it's always worked is that in order to shift to fourth gear you have to press on the overdrive button and then immediately release the button back to off, then the vehicle would shift into fourth. Now about a year ago I had to have the

The tranny is NOT supposed to do this and it will most likely need to be rebuilt. New servos and the works. ... 1987 Toyota Pickup

1987 toyota pickup fuel pressure regulator - 1987 Toyota Pickup

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2003 jeep grand cherokee 6cyl. Oil pressure drops as engine warms up.replaced sending unit, same. Checked with mechanic's pressure gauge and found out gauge on cluster is correct. Pressure drops below 5 when the engine is warm.Removed oil pan and found pickup screen was clogged by sludge.Replaced oil pump and screen, cleaned oil pan. Now pressure stays at 10 psi at idle when warm. However, it can not create pressure after start up, light stays on until you rev engine up and bring pressure close

The reason it differs from cold to hot is because your oil is thicker when cold, as the engine heats the oil thins a bit causing the drop. Good news is, you do not need but about 7psi at idle to keep the engine properly oiled. (to bring oil to the t ... 2002 Jeep Liberty

1991 nissan pickup tryig to connect torque converter to flywheel, torque converter slides back inside bell housing then bolts are too short to attach flywheel to torque converter

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Hello i have a 1992 toyota pickup 4 cylinder with 202000 miles i just rebuilt the head gasket and got it running i drove it for about 200 miles and it just died on the freeway i hooked up a fuel pressure gauge and it is not getting any pressure when i turn the key so i installed a jumper in the fb and b terminals and turned the key on and i have 43 psi fuel pressure when i bypass the circuit opening relay but for some reason the truck will still not start i have spark fuel pressure and compressi

Fuel pump problems? To see if you have a pump or crank position sensor bad do this, turn the key on and see if you hear the pump prime, if not use a can of starting fluid and have someone spray the fluid in the air cleaner while you start it, If it s ... 1992 Toyota Pickup

Code: Insufficient Catalytic Converter 1? I replaced the catalytic converters on my car at a local muffler shop and afterwards the SES light came back on. The code says insufficient catalytic converter 1. I then replace the O2 sensors after the converters because this is what the shop recommended but again the SES light is on reading the same code. Do you have an idea of what I need to do?

You should have changed the front o/2 sensors if any. The rears just read what the cats are doing and the fronts control the fuel feeds to the engine. Using Aftermarket cats is usually a hit or miss prop on the p0420. U need to find a shop that can r ... 1996 BMW 7 Series

Having trouble with finding the right tire pressure for my 2001 Toyota MR2 Spyder; I just cant seem to get the right pressure . Its too stiff if too full and anything other thsn too full it just grabs every bump,groove,skid-mark on the road and its a constant battle.ive got brand ne Yokohamas on it. this vehicle has two differant sized rims as follows front: Back: ive read so many conflicting reporrts as too a good pressure to start at that i just want some expert advice that i can trust and LOO

If you are running on newer low profile rims and tires,,then the only option is to change to a softer shock absorber.Since the newer low profile tires need to be at full pressure or your handling is going to be dangerous ... Toyota MR2
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