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I have Toyota Tazz 2004,the problem is my mobileser whenever I start it won't and but when I kick start it does start. I went to check if the starter & alternator are working, find out that they are working. I was told it's a mobiliser is not functioning well that's why my car won't start, So I need to uninstall or deactivate it.

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Answers :

If you have other key try it. If it still doesn't work the immobilizer has a problem. If you deactivate it anyone with a copy of your key can put it to work. Be sure of what you do.
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I have Toyota Tazz 2004,the problem is my mobileser whenever I start it won't and but when I kick start it does start. I went to check if the starter & alternator are working, find out that they are working. I was told it's a mobiliser is not functioning well that's why my car won't start, So I need to uninstall or deactivate it.

If you have other key try it. If it still doesn't work the immobilizer has a problem. If you deactivate it anyone with a copy of your key can put it to work. Be sure of what you do. ... Toyota Passenger

Starting problems....lights work instrument panel works radio etc. If I run it 3 or 4 miles and turn it off wont start. Let it sit for awhile it starts. I have disconnected battery as I was told it worked from a friend...didnt correct problem. Battery seems strong. Could it be my key less remote? Any help would be great. Makes NO NOISE WHEN IT WONT START

I don't know how old your car is but have you checked your starter and solenoid. Another thing to check is make sure that you have good connectivity by having a good ground for your engine. Good Luck ... Saturn SC2

My 1996 dodge neon wont start. I was told it was the starter because it would start after we banged on it with a hammer. When I parked the car it wouldn't start unless i push start it or banged on the starter. I replaced the starter and it started up just fine, then when I tried to start it again it wont start anymore, I hear a click and humm but nothing else. Tried boosting it but wont work

The starter relay or starter solenoid would be my guess, but I am wondering what the gears on the old starter looked like. If they were in really bad shape (deformation or chunks missing) you may need to replace the flywheel. ... 2005 Dodge Neon

My 2001 navigator trans silinoid went out a year back i had it replaced and it worked fine it started to take off rought it hesitated on start and overdrive wont work and it flashed off.I took it to a trans specialist they told me it was a missfire problem, when u slam the gas it wont take off you have to ease it on and it slacks in take off. Is it sliping or my fuel filter are dirty,I also tought it was the cat converter so i had them replace, what could it be

Here are some test you can do. if your driving down the road and ou stomp the gas and the rpms go sky high and the truck doesnt resond then its a tranny problem. the next test is get in the truck start it up let it warm up then with your foot firmly ... 1999 Lincoln Navigator

Brake lights??? I have a 94 ford explorer and my right brake light wont work. Well, it works, but only most of the time. Everytime I go take a driving test, it won't work so I end up going to an auto shop and it will work perfectly when they look at it. The diagnostic told me that I needed a new multi function switch, whisch cost 600 dollars( I paid 800 for the SUV) and I cannot believe it. I went to buy a brake light switch and the guy told me that the wire on the light plug was cut and needed

Cut the wires use the wire connector and reconnect to each other its a simple walmart has a set for 10 bucks to do this and put electrical tape around the wiring 2 seperate wire 2 seperate connectors/ Please rate my response thank you very much ... 2000 Chevrolet Tahoe

E320 starts but will eventually stall and wont turn on until 30 minutes to 1hour. put a fuel pressure gauge and when vehicle works goes up to 50 but when it doesnt turn on it wont show anything. told to get a new fuel pump relay switch and if not working a new fuel pump. a paserby said it was the crankshaft position sensor. also turning signals turn on but afetr the first time used they dont work afterwards.

Hello\012The\012Engine and Automatic Transmission (not applicable to manual\012transmissions) in this vehicles drive train are fully electronically\012controlled by a computer called the PCM and TCM (Power Train Control\012Mod ... 1995 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

I have a 2003 Dodge grand caravan that wont start, no clicking, no noise nothing. Everything works find. It just wont start. I was told its the passlock or ignition switch.I checked everything I can think of. The security light on the dash flashes once when you turn the key to the on position,but it stays on. Should it do that?

You need all the keys and remotes for it the van has too read an orignal key for that not a cut key or it wont start ... 2003 Dodge Caravan

I have a 2002 dodge durango and for some reasen its starts in 2 gear. It wont let any other gear work. But sometimes it works fine they told me that it was the solenoid pack that had a short, and i dont know were to start to fix it.

... 2002 Dodge Durango

My friend was putting a stereo in my 99 cougar and the stereo and everything worked but when he unplugged the stereo the car just shut down and would start or anything. He said that the car things its getting stolen so he told me to unplug a plug underneath the steering wheel by the fuses for 2 hours then plug it back up and it would work. I did that and it still wont start. What do i do?

Take it to the dealer for proper testing. ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 09 mitsubishi lancer with the F.A.S.T key system and bought the viper smart start system.... got it from best but and they told me that I had to buy not one but two extra parts, one that they couldnt/wouldnt order... had to get it myself and told me i needed an extra key... after all that they tell me it wont work.... are they just dumb or does the viper system just not work with my vehicale? pleeeaaaase help I would really love to have this on my vehicale..

... 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS CVT Sedan

Main headlights wont work but bright headlights do I have a 2006 Gand Prix and at times my day time running lights and my dim headlights go out or will not come on. I have replaced the Multi-Function Switch but it did not solve the problem. I have asked several Machanics and they all point to the Ignition Switch. There is not pattern as to when the headlights wont work other than it is after I have made several stops or just went a short distance (short time between whe I start my car). Any sug

These switches operate on copper slide and most times these slides get corroded with a green substance that a simple sand paper job will take care of however there are a lot of part so have a mechanic do it ... 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix

Peugeot 406 hdi turns over but wont start, no lights or gauges work on dash except oil light, climate, multi function screen, stereo, heated seats wont work, everthing else does, lights, windows, electric seats etc

Chec the fuse box for bad then do an inspection of the wires for any corrosion/cuts--may hav a module thats bad or computer problem-get a tech that can do a mobile scan ... 2006 Peugeot 405

I have a 88 suburban 350 it runs great i shut it off after work tryed to start it the next morning it would not start just turned over with plenty of power but would not start i found out that it was a ignition module it ran fo a day then broke down again i put a brand new ignition module still wont start so i changed all the plugs and wires cap and rotor and also a coil and nothing some people told me that it could be a pick up coil or the distributer.....any advice would help

Did you change the plug ins in the the rotor and yes try replacing the pick up coil ... 1988 Chevrolet Suburban

93 subaru legacy wont start in cold weather have ck batt changed plugs and gas filter was told it could be coolent temp switch that runs starter fuel pump and tell moter how much gas to give when it does start it kind of starts off real slow than picks up but with the key just on i can hear fuel pump working fine after it starts it will not do it again all day

... Cars & Trucks

My car wont start. It started out that I had to push the clutch further and further in to get the car started. Now it jsut doesn't start at all. Replaced the clutch peddle switch but that only worked for a few days. I am told it may be the starter but I want to be sure its not just some wire I need.

Switch is pretty much just a push button. You can easily check it by looking at it and making sure it's fully out with the clutch depressed (may be out of adjustment) Or, you can jump across the switch terminals and in neutral, with brake engaged and ... 1998 Pontiac Sunfire

Hello, day before yesterday my car wont start i turn the key it made one click noise nothing else i tried again same thing..got a boost and car started worked fine all day ,, took car to autozone auto supply let them ck it out with there machine they have to tell u whats wrong with the car. however i was told battery 100% starter fine and altonater fine. but the next day same problem and car took boost and started again. here's my question last nite i notice when the car didnt start that if i ha

You were told the battery and alternator was good? how did they check your alternator? did they perform a load check on the battery? you should check the battery out yourself with a cheap digital meter...it should read at least 12.5v..if not the alte ... 2006 Chevrolet Impala

Starting issues i've had my bmw 330xi for 6months and it's now it's having troubles starting first i was told it was an alternator which drained my battery i then replaced my alternator and bought a new battery and the car worked for about 2 weeks and now it wont start the only way to start it is to jump it. i don't want to drain another battery so i don't move it. the lights in the dash come on and stay lit longer than usual. i don't know what the problem could be any help is well apreciated.

A common fault for flat batteries reguardless of car band is the boot light.check that the boot light is turning off when the boot lid is closed. ... 2001 BMW 330

When i go to my 89 eldorado caddilac it wont start and tells me starting disabled due to theft system remove ignition keiy then it tells me to wait 3 mins then tells me to start car but then when i start it does it all over i have tried locking and unlocking my door and unhooking the battery but nothing seems to be working but when i locked my door it was very hard to unlock it because when i bought the car off my uncle he told me if my alarm goes off to get it to shut off you have to take the k

Security sending modual needs replacing..it should be in the door panel.. ... 1989 Cadillac Eldorado

Suzuki JLX 97. 4dr. before, i had a problem, when engine gets hot like the middle in temp ( normal operating temp ) the problem starts to occur. I cant shift in to any gear. what i do is I turn off my engine and let it cool for 15-30 mins. and it will work and shift in like no problem, as it starts to heat up, it also starts getting in gears difficult until it wont shift in any gear at all. - a mechanic told me to replace the pressure plate. '' so i did'' and i did not fix the problem. then I no

Yes.. have you ever changed the fluid in the slade tank? ... 1994 Suzuki Sidekick

1999 ford ranger wont start. no attempt to start no clicking etc. Replaced battery and still no attempt to start. Lights work etc. Battery was charged and tested at parts store and I was told the original battery was bad. The new battery is installed correctly but still no luck. The connections to the battery do not have a lot of buildup on them either.

Starter may be bad, or connection to the starter could be corroded or broken. There also may be a fuse, I'm not sure. Locate the starter and try running a jumper wire to it. Mini jumper cables will work. Hook those up to the battery and then run it ... 1999 Ford Ranger SuperCab

Everything works will turn over fuel pump works and has spark but will not fire tested fuel pump pressure with air to the fuel rail with canister and fuel pump worked good also tested all plugs and wires and their good as well but it still wont start ive been told to check the neutral safty switch

Also try the fuel relay. its in the fuse box under the hood. and try replacing the battery, i had a problem very similar to this and it turned out the battery was the culprit. the air ride beats those batteries up especially if the compressor is ... 1995 Lincoln Continental

I have 2004 e350 ford van with 6.0l diesel was working great and shut it off wont go again the guy i bought it from said it did it to him they drove onto ferry shut it off and wouldnt start again got it towed and tried it and it went was told the valve might be stuck on oil pump so its not getting any oil to ignight injecters keeping it from starting dont know anything about diesels any suggestions when it did start sounded like there was no oil in it for few seconds was kinda of knocking noise

... Ford E-350 Super Duty

Our dodge 2000 intrepid 3.2l just stop working...oil pressure light on...car not starting...ac still running,radio,doors and windows are functioning...it has 77,800+mileages on it....we tried to start the car a lot of time but it wont start...pls. help us understand what is going on?

Hi there. Make sure that the oil level is sufficient in the engine. A lot of newer vehicles now a days have sensors that monitor various fluid levels and if the fluids get too low the engine will not start.\012\012Good luck and let me kno ... 2000 Dodge Intrepid

Jaguar x-type key locks & unlocks doors, remote functions work, turns ignition on but wont start the car

Might be some obstruction in the lock cylinder itself. ... 2002 Jaguar X-Type

Car cut off while driving and now wont start. Did it a couple of times in the past 6 weeks but started right back up. just had my engine fixed; car ran hot found out head gaskets cracked so I replaced them in the motor. The mechanic put the same tune up materials back on when he did the engine, he told me he was going to replace initially but I had the same wires and caps.when the car cut off my battery light came on but radio and everything still worked. Is it the alternator or starter?

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