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The odo on my 1991 toyota levin has stopped working how do i go about fixing it the speedo still works fine.

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

You will have to have the instrument cluster removed and sent out to a specialty shop,because no one is allowed to turn or touch odometers any more!
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The odo on my 1991 toyota levin has stopped working how do i go about fixing it the speedo still works fine.

You will have to have the instrument cluster removed and sent out to a specialty shop,because no one is allowed to turn or touch odometers any more! ... Toyota Corolla

Toyota aurion 2006 sportivo Blinkers and reverse sensor stopped working but the hazards work, all fuses checked and fine. I got a new battery as it wasnt charging turns our the alternator was gone got it fixed but the battery still won't charge and the blinkers still don't work. Does anyone know what it could be or has had similar problems?

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I recently changed out the plugs, plug wires, rotor, rotor cap, and alternator. Drove it for a few minutes and then the Antilock light came on. The AC blower stopped, the power windows stopped, the speedo stopped, and the battery ran down before I got home again. The ABS and brakes still work fine, and the motor runs normally. Somebody said its the "body" computer. Hell, I don't know, and the tech wants $185.oo bucks for just "checking it out." I say, "no fix, no pay." What do you say..? Thanks,

Hello\015\012The systems that have stopped working correctly in this car or truck are controlled by a computer module, it is called the BCM short for "Body Control Module". When this BCM module fails you have to run a functional test on it to s ... Chevrolet Lumina APV

To whom it may Concern: My 2002 Toyota Corolla real brake lights and front high beam head lights have stopped working while all the light bulbs are still good. In fact they have not power going to these spots when the high beams are turned on and the breaks are pressed. The low beam lights still work fine and the break lights stopped working a good while after the high beam lights stopped working. I have checked every single fuse and they are all good, both inside the car and under the h

I don't believe the defroster issue is related. As far as relays are concerned, yes, you have a blinker relay under the dash normally in the fuse panel. Turn the emergency flashers on and listen for the clicking sound, that is the relay. Now, the ... 2002 Toyota Corolla

1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS 5 speed manual, non-turbo. Speedo and odometer stopped working. Replaced the sensor and it did not fix problem. Replaced the gauge and it did not fix the problem. Was told that whatever drives the sensor in the trans must not be working. Car needed a new transmission, anyway, so we replaced the transmission. Speedo still is not working. Mechanic is very good with Mitsubishi but says he is stumped. Odd thing is that there is actually some movement in the Odometer

Hello,Thanks for using FixYa.The problems is definitely a wiring issue. The most simple thing that you can do is to check the harness socket that goes to the gauge cluster. The speedometer signal wire might have gotten loose f ... 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse

1991 Caprice speedo works sometimes when cold...had it checked twice even replaced little gear near transmission...still only works intermittently when cold then just stops. Speedo when working does not fluctuate or bounce and is steady like any working speedo. I think this year Chevy used some kind of "hybrid" electro-mechanical system. Very frustrating since nobody seems to have the "fix".... Anybody wanna give it a shot?

Then its possible they also have a speed sensor ... 1991 Chevrolet Caprice

My 1985 Mercedes Benz 190.D was running fine except it was in need of an oil change. When I was driving it the gears stopped working completly! It stopped working In Drive and Reverse Also I noticed my windshield wipers stopped working. Do you have any Idea of what it happend? It still runs & starts up. What should I look for to fix it?

Check the transmission fluid level if possible. did you have any other service done. ? ... 1985 Mercedes-Benz 190

My 2003 chevy trailblazer ls rpm gage has completly stopped working. when it first started going bad it would work on occasion and now the needle doesnt even move from 0. my car feels and sounds like it is shifting when it should its just the gage that doesnt work. what could cause this? is it a bad sensor, wires or something all my other gages work fine its just the rpm gage. if anyone knows how i can fix this problem please let me know what i need to check i want to be able to fix it myself if

... 1996 Audi A4

Speedo not working in landcruiser. took out put in other toyota and it works fine. replaced speedo sensor in tranfercase thought that might be it still does not work. sensor has power to it. also i can turn spline inside box that sensor goes in with my fingers is that right? thanks i wait

No,the tone ring for your speedo sensor should be fixed and not move with your fingers.That is your problem.The tail houseing on your t-case will have to be removed and then you can find what broke. ... 2003 Toyota Land Cruiser

The odometer stopped working this spring and i just replaced the gears on the motor. Still do not record new mileage, but also now speed part does not work. Reads 0 mph when off but as soon as power is turned on needle pops up to 40 mph. I have power to the speedo head. Wondering if speedo bad or sender on transmission bad.

More then likley its the speed sensor that is located on the transmission. i just had mine replaced in my pick up. ... 1987 Volvo 240

The two power outlets (cigarette lighters) in my 2006 Toyota Camry do not work. I have replaced the 15A fuse under the dash, but they still don't work. The clock, radio, mirrors,are all working fine. Are there additional fuses that should be checked and replaced? If its. Of the fuse then what else can I do to fix them. Unable to charge my phones without them!!! I'm handy but I'm not car savy so keep the instructions simple please. Thanks

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Please excuse me if i sound like i dont know much about cars, cause i dont. So i have a 1997, Jetta GLS 4 speed automatic 2.0 engine with 125,000 miles on it. While driving it the other day the Speedometer, Temp, gas, and Tach gauges stopped working, all pegging at 0 and staying. Since we have bought this Jetta the cruise control has never worked, as well as the red airbag light has flickered off and on and random times. Now we have to fix this problem with the meters. The lights still work, and

I would get a cluster from the junkyard and replace yourself. the back window motors are dead and need to be replaced. I hope this help you. ... 1996 Volkswagen Jetta

Transmission? once in a while when I come to a stop at a light or a sign when I try to take off again its as if the car is in neutral. It just revs really high. After a minute or two it will make a loud popping noise and the whole car will **** and then take off like nothing happened. Instead of reving it till it does work again though I've found that if I put the car in park turn it off then start it again it will work fine but it is still a problem that needs to be fixed. Other than that the c

Have you checked the oil level, as a low oil level may cause this problem. Also check the oil level while the motor is running. cause when the motor is not running the oil from the torque converter run back into the sump and can give you a ... 1997 Ford Taurus

My 1995 Toyota Corrolla spedomter only works at highway speeds (50 MPH). The needle stays at 0 MPH below 45 MPH. I had my mechanic check the speed sensor and that is fine. Any idea what is causing it to stop working at low speeds?

The speedo is of course electronic, it either has a defective circuit board or the tiny motor that moves the needle is defective. You will need to remove the cluster from the car and send it out to a factory repair center. ... 1995 Toyota Corolla

1993 Toyota Camry V6 starts fine, I let it warm up, I think it's ideling high but I drive off. At the second stop light the car dies. You see the RPM which when ideling is a one notch below the 1, is quivers and then drops to and the car dies. I put the car in neutral and it starts ups and then it makes it thru the next two stop lights before I get on thre freeway. The RPM's still seem to run high on the way to work. I'm driving 65-70 mph and the RPM's are at the 3 versus at about 2.5. Ju

What is required to compliment entire compbustion are new spark plus to create efficient rides eleminating the idleness at stops. ... 1993 Toyota Camry V6

I have a 1998 toyota rav4. The power mirrors, clock and radio suddenly stopped working. It does not appear to be a fuse problem - they all looked fine but I replaced the "15" fuses anyway. Still not working

... Toyota RAV4

The headlights on my toyota yaris will not stay on. I have my car for about 4 yrs and. My fog light broke about a year ago. I bought a replacementt fog light a month ago and had it fitted on. Yesterday all the lights on my car stopped working. The headlights turn on for a second and then switch off. It can't be a fuse cause they still turning on. It can't be wiring cause it worked fine all this time.

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In my 95 Toyota Tacoma the low beams stopped working but the high beams still work. I checked the fuses and they are fine. Any suggestions?

On toyota the switch they go bad are just the low beam bulbs blew out ... 1995 Toyota Tacoma

I have a 1987 Toyota AE82 4AGE Twincam 16. The cooling fan on the radiator keeps running. I changed the temp sensor on the thermostat housing but it still runs continuously. When I pull out the plug from that temp senor, the fan stops. Seems to be working the wrong way. There are no other problems with the cooling system as it works fine, but the fan is killing my battery.

Did you try replacing the sensor again? you could have got a bad one? ... 1988 Toyota Corolla 4 Door

My 1989 Volvo 740 was running fine, but the gas gauge stopped working. After having the gas gauge fixed, the car will run rough and stall after I go about 40 miles (about 3 gallons). If I top off the tank, it runs fine again until I use up another 3 gallons and then the problem recurs. The gas gauge also drops quickly to below half full even though there is still over 3/4 of a tank left.

U have a gas guage sending unit problem and a possiable problem with the fuel pump due to the repair, most likely the tank was removed and the gas guage sender replaced, they did somnething wrong, bent the float arm or got the pump in wrong, but some ... 1989 Volvo 740

1986 Toyota Corolla speedo stopped working w how can I fix this?

Please check the cable for malfunction and replace it with new one in needed.\015\012Regards ... Toyota Corolla

I have a ford 150 crew cab 5.4 litre. started having problems with surging like it was cutting out of gas or like it had water drops in the gas. found one broken vacome and fixed that then went from auto parts store back to work. the truck drove fine. started it this afternoon and drove about 2 miles and here we go again. stopped on the way home and had the fuel filter replaced still fell it a little. I have put new gas in there with lucas treetment. should i wait through tomorrow and see if it

Its recommended that the Ignition coils(all 8 coils) and coil boots be replaced at the same time a tune-up is done or by 75,000 miles. Many symtoms to these failing are: slight jerks/sputter under loads(typically at 45-65MPH or accellerating) or foot ... 2001 Ford F150 Styleside SuperCrew

Peugeot 306 speedo and temp gauge stopped working car still runs fine any idea

Dashbord fault, Quite a common fault, try resetting it by diconnecting and reconnecting the battery, this usualy works. \015\012Good luck Davelee ... 2006 Peugeot 604

Toyota Celica ST185 GT4 1990...Hi, was driving fine today, first symptom was abs light came on and off a couple of times . Then noticed dash lights and indicators had stopped (car was still running ) Got home turned car off , now it wont start . Only things working are hazards pop up lights, full beam and dip ok. interior light, horn and radio. Did have a flickery front left side light the other day , i gave it a tap and it was ok ... But now this

... 1990 Toyota Celica

2003 rav 4 2 ltr petrol changed front discs and pads now have lots of high pitch noise have taken apart and used lots of copper slip and its still happening talked to local toyota garage who said i mave have put pads in wrong pads have letter c or d on they cant tell me whats inner or outer hase anyone got a diagram so i can tell that ive got it right ps brakes work fine its just that noise at low speed to total stop help please stuart

Someones trying to pull your chain.....the pads fit both sides of the disc(rotor)BUT if the discs were scored then the noise is the pads trying to bed into the scores/ridges....if you can feel a ridge of more than 1mm on the outer edge then you shoul ... 2003 Toyota RAV4
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