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High pitched noise brake pedal depressed - Toyota Cars & Trucks

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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High pitched noise brake pedal depressed - Toyota Cars & Trucks

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1994 BMW 325is. Car makes high pitched noise when brakes are engaged. If brakes are pumped, noise follows pumping action. Occassionally, the high pitched noise will continue after foot is removed from brake and stop when clutch is depressed.

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1997 s10 2 wheel drive truck. 4.3L v6 makes a loud noise as the car accelerates fast or under load. When running 55 I can release the gas pedal and the noise is not audible. I can put the truck in neutral at 55 and rev the engine and the noise is not audible. THe noise starts around 20 mph - ? mph The noise is instantly noticeable when depressing the gas pedal, even if the truck hasn't yet accelerated at the same pace as the gas pedal is depressed. When floored, the car seems to bog down slightl

Your noise sounds like it is power train related,If you have eliminated the engine,Since it doesn't make the noise while moving and in neutral.It sounds like a universal joint in the drive shaft.Do you notice a vibrationalong with the no ... 1997 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

High pitched noise brake pedal depressed

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My 2002 Toyota 4Runner has been in the shop numerous times because the ABS, TRC and check engine light were all on. The mechanic gets the lights to go off, but then they come back on again shortly after I leave the shop. Recently, not only did the usual lights come one, but the brake light came on accompanied by a high pitch squealing noise. The brakes and rotors have been replaced, car tuned up and tires rotated, but the lights and squeal are back! The mechanic says there is probably somethi

If your mechanic says probably you need to move on. I'm sure he is a great mechanic but he is not a technician and you need a technician to look at this in order to solve it. There will be trouble codes stored in the PCM, ABS module or bo ... Toyota 4Runner

2008 Honda Accord EXL. 38,000 miles. When I go into reverse when slowly backing out of driveway or a parking space, a distinct medium pitch humming/whine noise comes from right rear wheel area. Seems to happen after car is move from prolonged rest periods, and only in reverse. It seemes to stop when brake pedal is depressed. Does not happen when car is going more than 5mph in reverse and does not happen in Drive. However, there is a sound like a spring is dragging on the pavement intermittenly w

Have your ear brakes checked and or replaced. Possible worn pads. There is a worn indicator on the pad that scrapes the rotor when your brakes are worn. If they arent worn, have them inspected!!hopefully this helps!! ... Honda Accord

When I turn off my 2001 Camry I can hear what sounds like a high-pitched whistling that lasts for about 15 seconds and it appears to be coming from the brake booster.Brake fluid levels were fine and I could not detect any leaks. Brake pressure seems to be OK and so far no noticeable difference in braking pressure when depressing the pedal but I've not yet tried the trick of pumping the brake pedal with the engine off, depressing the pedal and turning engine on to see if it rises or falls.

It probably is from the brake booster. The booster uses engine vacuum to assist in braking. It's either a vacuum hose leaking, or possibly the diaphragm in the booster itself. Apparently, the leak is small right now and is not affecting performance ( ... Toyota Camry

A high pitch noise that happens after I have driven for 10-15 minutes and then stops when I hit the brakes. Appears to be coming from rear drivers side of car. I have replaced brake shoes and it stopped for a while but started again. Replaced shoes again and nothing changed, still high pitch noise. I've seen where other people are having same problem. Is there a solution to this?

Hi, some things that happen to brakes is that the rotors get worn in the middle causing a lip at the top and the bottom so when you put your foot on the brake pedal the brake pad lays flat on the rotor as normal, but when you release the pedal the br ... 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe

1997 mustang V6 / auto will not come out of park until it warms up. I hear a clcking noise under the hood when depressing the brake pedal, sounds like a contact of some sort. I had the car in to Ford, before, it did not make the ''clcking noise'' before nor after they replaced some type of small harness under the dash to the brake pedal. Had to warm the car up before and then it would come out of park, after the replacement it was ''ok'' again, now the same thing again, maybe a bit worse. Any id

This is a common thing for ford and has been recalled or revised i should say. they do what they did and change the harness and brake switch. but you have to ask to make sure they replaced the switch and not just the harness. ... 1997 Ford Mustang Cobra

My brand new 2009 Highlander has this high pitch whining noise right from the start. It happens when decelerating, like if you go on a little hilly road, once you get to the peak and then just let gas pedal go so the car just glides down the hill, you will hear this high pitched noise, very high, like airplane landing, but not very loud. What's going on? Took to a dealer, they said it's "normal" operating noise. ????

Your noise is called over-run and its in the gearbox which is also the diff and thats the noise you are getting .\015\012Its the meshing up of the crown wheel and pinion and the only way out of it is to replace the GEAR BOX ASSY with a S/Hand o ... 2002 Toyota Camry

98 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 5.2 Laramine My brake pedal became very hard to depress, after some investigation and process of elimination I was stumped. I then noticed when I depress the brake pedal from somewhere under the dash I hear a hissing noise. This would lead me to believe the power brake booster went out. My question is, is there any hoses in that area? Or is it definitely the brake booster? Also how would I go about replacing the power brake booster? With all of the cars i've worked on, t

... 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD

Bad Brakes Brake pedal is hard to depress and also pushes back against my foot when I try to stop sometimes. It doesn't do this all the time though oh and it make a hissing noise also. Sometimes it will pushes back hard and then the truck is almost stopped then the brakes come on hard and stalls the motor? I was thinking it might be the booster but all the lines are conected and when I shut the truck off and wait 90 seconds then hit the pedal I have power brakes, so the booster isn't leaking. Ma

I would be looking at the ABS valve. one way to test the booster is to start the vehicle while you ae depressing the brake pedal, you should feel the brake pedal drop a little bit, this is a sign that the boostr is working properely. you may want to ... 1996 Chevrolet K1500

The problem is that every time I start my car and begin to accelerate, reverse, brake or whatever, generally about 3 seconds after I do this the car makes a sound and slightly jolts. When it does this, my headlights dim and my radio will shut off but then restart itself and the two lights, the emergency brake light and anti-lock brake light will turn on. So, if I drive with these lights on, my car makes a high pitched grinding noise when I accelerate. Generally I have to restart my car to make t

Sounds like you are having a short circuit, my guess is something in your ABS unit has failed, if it were me and ANYTHING AT ALL was happening that should not especially with something as important as the brakes on your car, i would get it serviced i ... 1997 Chevrolet Lumina

While driving, my brake lights, including 3rd light, come on without touching the brake pedal on my 2005 Ford 500. When car is ideling in park and you barely tap the gas pedal, the brake lights come on and you hear a clicking noise in the gear shifter. The owner's manual shows all of these are on 1 10 amp fuse (F18). All items still function when brakes are applied so the fuse must be working. Any suggestions?

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Had a defective brake light switch replaced on a 1999 Escort SE. A friend managed to removed the old one ( had to kind of twist it out) but was too fat to fit under the dash to install new one. I had a mechanic install the new part and it worked fine, in that the brake lights went on and off properly. Within 3 miles of driving the brakes started locking up, bringing the car to a complete stop, pedal pressure high and hard...couldn't depress pedal, and trans locked in Park after re-starting ignit

WEll, if the switch were to be too far down, essentially pressing on the brakes, this can happen, release the brake light switch and allow the pedal to come to it's normal stop, then adjust the switch for that position.\012Aside from heat ... 1997 Ford Escort

My car is making high pitched screeching noise like metal scraping metal. I think it could be the E-brake because it only make the noise when the car is moving. I know it's not the engine because it makes the noise when free-rolling, not just when it's in gear.

It does not sound like the ' E-brake ' -- what it sounds like is a bad wheel bearing, or it could be something as simple as the brake pad wearing out. but I am going to put my money on the wheel bearing. take your car down to your local Midas or br ... 1994 Ford Escort

My 2005 Suzuki Forenza is making a high pitched squealing noise and the only time it doesn't is when I have my foot on the gas pedal. What is this? I brought it in to be fixed 5 days ago. Got my car back yesterday and was told it was the vacuum hose and intake gasket. I drove the car home and the same noise was still there. It wasn't making that noise a week ago. What could this be?

... 2005 Suzuki Forenza

When I start my car I hear a constant high pitch whine. the pitch increases a little bit on acelaration and braking. It sounds like a fan,but you hear the noise in the back seat right side. my cruise control is not working. I just purchased the car and im very happy with it. why would theyinstall a speedameter that has a top of 85 mph actualy75.

The noise you're hearing is the electric fuel pump in your fuel tank. ... 1992 Buick Century

Good morning! Just to add to my previous question...1993 GMC Sierra 1500; I am experiencing a high pitch noise once the engine warms up. However, as I accelerate, the noise disappears. It returns when I take my foot off the gas pedal. From what I can determine, the noise is on the left hand side of the engine when standing in front of the truck. Thx to all for your help!

... 1993 GMC Sierra

96 Lexus ES300 When you depress the brake pedal, the car "slides" to a stop. It feels like the ABS is kicking in when there is no need. It happens always when turning right into a parking space, but recently the car almost did not stop at an intersection. We have already replaced both front sensors and one drive axle. The Toyota dealer where we purchased the car used in 2000, suggested we take it to the experts at Lexus.The Lexus service person on the phone said they could "try" to diagnose and

Hi thereFew things: When you say it 'slides' to a stop. Do you mean the pedal sinks to the floor with the same pressure as you first applied? If so, the master cylinder needs an overhaul or a replacement, as the seal around the plunger/pi ... 1996 Lexus ES 300

Brakes on a 2005 rangers pads and rotors changed 10 months ago. brakes stop car but after the stop the brake pedal gets spongy and depresses further and makes a noise

You more than likely have a master cylinder going out. Also check the backs of your wheels (front and back) for fluid indicating a leaky cyclinder. ... 2005 Ford Ranger

Toyota Corolla Brake pedal stuck - Corolla Toyota Cars & Trucks

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High pitch sound on my 1997 toyota camry - Toyota Cars & Trucks

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Brake pedal get hard and brakes drag - RAV4 Toyota Cars & Trucks

Chk brakelines for rubber seizing ... Toyota RAV4

2003 rav 4 2 ltr petrol changed front discs and pads now have lots of high pitch noise have taken apart and used lots of copper slip and its still happening talked to local toyota garage who said i mave have put pads in wrong pads have letter c or d on they cant tell me whats inner or outer hase anyone got a diagram so i can tell that ive got it right ps brakes work fine its just that noise at low speed to total stop help please stuart

Someones trying to pull your chain.....the pads fit both sides of the disc(rotor)BUT if the discs were scored then the noise is the pads trying to bed into the scores/ridges....if you can feel a ridge of more than 1mm on the outer edge then you shoul ... 2003 Toyota RAV4
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