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Diagnostic testing My 2004 Toyota Hilux D4D has diagnostic socket under the bonnet. I have been told to flash diagnose by linking out TE1 and E1. TE1 has nothing connected to it and neither does TE2. Does anyone know how to flash diagnose on this model?

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Diagnostic testing My 2004 Toyota Hilux D4D has diagnostic socket under the bonnet. I have been told to flash diagnose by linking out TE1 and E1. TE1 has nothing connected to it and neither does TE2. Does anyone know how to flash diagnose on this model?

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The covertable top went down and know I tried to close it and nothing happens . The switch light just flashes and nothing happens. Does anyone knows what to do?

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I own a 2000 hyundai accent a while back the engine light came on at the time it did not affect the car..but as time went on when I would climb a hill or down shift to pass a vehicle the engine light would start flashing..when that happens I can step on the gas but theres nothing there iit will not accelerate until the light stops flashing..Ive parked the car and know when I start it I step on the gas and the car stalls out Ive changed oxgen censor plugs and wires and nothing seem to help any ad

Could be two things (both of them, not just one):\015\012The ECM is responsible for advancing the ignition timing to give your car a boost when passing.\015\012\015\012The EGR is not operating the exhaust valve correctly. It is sup ... 2000 Hyundai Accent

All at once, the turn signals started to flash fast, Now I know that normally means a bulb is out. But when the turn signal, either one is turned on, the driving lights flash oppiste of both signals and I get nothing from the the rear tail lights or signals, noting comes on in the rear. Also it seems to have caused the cruise control to also stop working. 1999 corvette convertible. Please help.

Ouch! I suspect a problem with the turn-signal lever wiring, either in the steering column or the turn-signal lever itself. There may be a broken wire to the back lights shorting to the driving lights. What happens if you have your foot on the brake ... 1999 Chevrolet Corvette

I have a 2005 nissan sentra 1.8 that will not start. I had left the head lights on all day. Tried jumping but it still would not start. Installed new battery. It would crank but not ignite. Door locks would not lock or unlock with my remote but headlights would flash. Inside when push lock button of drivers side door nothing happens. I need to know if my car has a anti theft / imobilizer system so i know where to take it. I have a indicator light by my cup holders near the gear stick but i do kn

The\012following are the general instructions on the start of diagnosing any\012electronically controlled engine or transmission problem.\012The\012engine and the automatic transmission (transmission control is\012only for ... Cars & Trucks

Security lights are flashing and truck will not start. Horn is not honking but lights are flashing. Have tried key in door cylinders and tailgate but nothing is working anyone know any other reason that t his would be happening

Sounds like your security system is malfunctioning, you will need the key fob for the reset procedure which you will find in the owners manual ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2007 chrysler sebring has been acting up since new. Dealer has been trying to diagnose problem for 3 1/2 years. Car functions properly sometimes, but most of the time majority of dash lights flash, and audible ding is heard. Security (round red) light flashes along with all other lights. Car starts, but dies after 1 second. Sometimes turn key and nothing happens. No lights, dings, or starter response. I disconnect the ground under hood and wait 2 minutes and reconnect. This works sometimes but n

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I have a 98 Nissan altima that startes blowing white smoke from the tailpipe, with strong burnt smell, and low rpms like the engine is going to die. The sevice engine soon light flashes on and off. I didn't use the car then the next day it was good like nothing happened. Had my mechanic service it, he said that nothing was showing in the diagnostic tests. Two weeks later it started again. I also noticed cold water leaking into the driver and passenger side I don'tknow if that's any significance.

Its probably a head gasket, get your wallet ready ... 1998 Nissan Altima

The blue sencer on my steering wheel and the lights on the shift lever are flashing and my car wont start the batterie is charged, do you know what could be the problem also the flashers are flashing and dont turn off. Is this some kind of alarm I cant find nothing in my manual?

Hello! Lets eliminate a grounding fault that is a problem on 2004 Kia's...If you do not have a multimeter and a wee bit of knowledge using one, let me know...Disconnect the positive battery cable...Set the ... 2004 Kia Sorento

Airbag Light Flashing in Mazda Astina 323 1994: Had a battery replaced by RAA Auto Service in SA who stuffed up the procedure and now the Airbag light is constantly flashing indicating an airbag system fault. Of course RAA don't know how and are trying to weasel out of fixing it. Mazda has no quick fix and needs to run test at my cost to diagnose the problem. Before I do that, does any one have any clues on what this issue could be? Thanks Lou

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Electrical problems The lights and gauges on my car are always flashing. The clock on the radio will flash off sometimes for a few seconds and other times it is longer and the CD player just spins around. When the clock on the radio goes out soe does the radio and makes a loud popping noise through the speakers. Diagnostic test by local shop indiacted that the power fluctuates from almost nothing to full power. The car has been overheating but I had the radiator pressure tested and the fluids dr

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I got a 2003 S10 I was going up aand hill and it just died. I backed it into a drive and tried to start it and nothing it would turn over but would not start. It wasn't over heated. I checked it with a diagnostic tester and it show I had low threshold bank 1 . I changed the O2 sensor. Before this happen my rpm was jumping 500-1000 rpm at a time. If anyone knows what's going on please let me know.

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My 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee won't start. When you turn the key nothing happens, no clicking, nothing, but all of the lights, radio, power seats, windows etc. work fine. The Transmission over temp message flashes quickly when you turn the key to off, but the temp on the guage never comes close to being high. The battery is fine and I've checked all of the connections. This has happened three times now and I just leave it for a few hours and it starts right up. Anyone know what this could be?

My man I know your pain... I have the exact same problem happening to me now... same make, year and model... I called a mechanic buddy of mine and he said I might have a "flat point" on my starter and if so this might happen intermittently... he sugg ... 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland

I have a 92 accord lx, which had a bad tcm,sometimes i had 1st and 3rd gear or 2nd and 4th. also sometimes my car would not start it would flash a d4, when i would turn the key off and then on again if the d4 light dissappeared it would start. the other night while driving home my car just stopped and would not start again. i removed the tcm, cover and it was fried. i replaced it, but my car will not start, it keeps flashing that d4 light, i dont know how to diagnose the problem???

Was the TCM a new unit or an EBay/used unit? Have you tried to pull a code from it?\015\012\015\012I question the shift solenoid theory in that you state it's shifting \015\012properly.\015\012I've seen the VSS do this, although it ... Honda Accord

Have 2004 isuzu rodeo 3.5 L 2 wd 82,000 miles ,.. firing order 1L 2R 3L 4R 5L 6R check engine light came on,. diagnostic said misfire on cyl 4,.. had mechanic replace all plugs,. they needed it,.. he chose to switch 2 and 4 as a pre diagnostic measure in case check engine light came back on, and if it said cyl 2 ,.. the problem would be easier to diagnose,.. 2 weeks later check engine light comes back on... at first flashing then turning off, now 24 hrs later it stays on,..

No. The ignition coils most of the time when you get a misfire, are not the problem. Most of the time it is the plugs, or wires. Usually when a coil goes out then it is out. Or will quit firing when the engine is warm. Then fire again when the engine ... 2004 Isuzu Rodeo

The check engine light has come on for no apparent reason. Is there a way to check for error codes without a diagnostic machine? I know Dodge you can turn the key on and off 3 times and then the light will flash, If you count the flashes that is the code.

Only way I am aware of is with GM is a scan tool or code reader that plugs into the OBD II connector. Some parts stores will scan these for you and tell you codes that are in there. ... 2004 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Dear Sir; I am in need of help from someone who knows the 1998 Jaguar XJ Vanden Plas. This is my husband's dream car which is becoming a nightmare. This evening just after we picked him at the airport the car had to be towed for the 5th time for not starting. It clicks but nothing else. No security light comes on. The battery was replaced exactly 1 week ago. Bergstrom dealership is the only one in our area and says neither they or anyone else knows what's wrong. We desperately need imput. The ma

Sr. i think the problem is the fuel pump not work, on this car is electric,test ... 1998 Jaguar Xj Series

I have a 1991 honda accord dx that shorted out when radio fell under dash. check engine light was on and would turn over but wouldn't start (no fire to plugs) I tried to run diagnostic on plug from computer with a jumper wire but nothing on the instrument cluster flashed any kind of code? I then took the cover off the computer to look there and could not find any kind of light on it that would flash to give me codes? rnI then tested the main relay with a D-cell flashlight battery for continui

To be honest yes, it will once you cause a flash and most people dont realice it but it causes a lot of problems.but the first line of defance is the fuse board so dont rule it ,you may have blown about five fuses ,but i will ask you to check every f ... 1991 Honda Accord

Starting issues, I have had my 91 LTD Crown Vic for almost 3 years, it was a sheriff's car. the odometer stopped at 186k before I owned it so who knows where its actually at. And the check engine light flashes almost anytime i accellerate.Unfortunatly its too old for the diagnostic machines in most autozones. I have replaced the battery 3 times now, the alternator, starter and shifter hidge arm. but i continue to have starting issues. Granted its winter in Florida so i know im not gonna get the

Have your battery check first.ive never seen a battery that will last for 5 years.shelf life starts as soon as the acid is added to the battery. ... 1991 Ford LTD Crown Victoria

The "Check Engine" light on my 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt stays on after the other diagnostic and warning ligths go out after cranking the engine. It glows steadily rather than flashing. I took it to Pep Boys for diagnosis, and they advised that the fuel/air mixture is running lean, and showed me the codes they pulled so that I could verify that they had in fact run the diagnostics. They also stated that they could find nothing else wrong (e.g. faulty oxygen sensors). They offered to perform their

Hello ellington. Hard to say definitively you have been ripped off but in my opinion they did not get to the actual problem. If they had the light should have not returned.I have been fixing cars for a good many years and specialize in is ... 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt

My interior instrument lights do not work, and neither does the clock. I know these are on the same fuse but the fuse is fine. i just replaced it and still nothing. What else could it be?

... 1989 Honda CRX

MY turning signals nor hazaed lights blink any more...they dont flash, make noise or anything. nothing comes up on the dash board either...i think it might be my flasher unit but i have no idea to access it, neither does my mechanic...i have a 2003.

Located as one whole unit in steering colomn, called a multifunction switch ... 2003 Pontiac Grand Am

My sunfire GT will randomly not start. I never know when it is not going to start. When it randomly doesn't start i get someone to help and give me a boost. As soon as it starts up, the car will run forever. One time I drove it about 3 hrs and then next time i go to turn it on, nothing. It has no consistency either, as to when it will or will not start. Does anyone have any idea??? Ive also bought a new battery. Sometimes the signal lights will flash for a second, but also has no consistency. Ma

You need to get your starter checked or just replace the the starter solenoid or starter brush holder assembly.the signal light thing may be due to a high resistance in the wire ends that bolt to the starter solenoid.either way you need to check out ... 2000 Pontiac Sunfire

How do i adjust the tps on my 1998 pathfinder? A local repair shop replaced a fuel pump to correct a die out / no start condition. Now it has a overdrive light flashing at start up and extremely harsh shift park to 1, 1 to 2 and overall improper shift points on rest. it has a tps code stored. I believed the tech tried to adjust during his several diagnostic attempts before the fuel pump was diagnosed. Please help.

Http://www.lyberty.com/car/Maxima_A32_docs/EC-engine_control/NTB99-053b.pdf\015\012\015\012Try that, its the latest ... 1998 Nissan Pathfinder

Let me start by saying that I have taken my Disco to 2 different repair shops and neither one could diagnose the problem. Whenever (mostly, 98% of the time) I turn the ignition, a split second immediately afterward I hear a quick "buzz" sound coming from under the hood, near the dash on the driver's side. I have stared at the control panel numerous times hoping to catch at least 1 warning light that remained illuminated for just a moment too long - but nothing. The vehicle always starts fine;

Hi, could i just ask that is the noise only very short then stops or does the noise stay their until you start the engine.Let me know how long the noise stays on for ok.Also is your stereo switched on when the noise happens or ... 2001 Land Rover Discovery Series II
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