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3cte overheating overheating when i drive

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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3cte overheating overheating when i drive

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Overheating car began overheating today on the drive home. pulled over to give it time to cool down. resumed drive home, waited til engine was cool and added coolant. just ran car steadily for 30 minutes and still overheating. at a loss...


We understand that your problem is: I have a 1990 g20 Chevy van it has been overheating, I replaced the thermostat and the heater control valve. When it is overheating the heat inside wont work but sometimes the heat will work and the van wont overheat until I stop and restart. Somehow I am loosing water when I drive even though I only drive less than a mile at a time because of not wanting to cause more damage. I put water and antifreeze in it before I drive. I noticed that there is water run

Get a mat and good light see where it runs from and get back to me maybe a hose maybe a freeze plug ... Chevrolet G20

Overheating Yesterday, coolant begin to leak. It emptied the reservoir. Car overheated within a mile of driving. No problems prior this. Filled coolant tank with 50/50 antifreeze. Tried to drive but its overheating within a mile and this time it only lost a little coolant. Temperature dropped on dashboard to the lowest the check engine light came on. Our odometer reads done when checking codes. We just replaced the coolant tank a year ago. Would it need replaced again? What else could it be? I&#

The small things can a big issues. you are like you do not blow the head gasket or engine from over heating ... 2009 Dodge Journey

My 2991 Daewoo Nubira is overheating. I drive about 10 miles to work. Sometimes I can go days without it overheating. I put water in it before I leave for work and again before comibg home. When the guage indicates it is overheating, usually while I am driving 60 mph, I can pull off the road, or stop at a red light and once I start up again, the guage goes back down. Sometimes I have to do this numerous times and other times it doesn't happen again.

Check for the cooling fans working or not,also the thermostat,it can be stuck,and the coolant level maybe dropping and getting air in the system. ... 2001 Daewoo Nubira

Overheating The car just started overheating recently, it is not the waterpump,thermostat,heater core,low coolant,clogged radiator,temperature sensor,dragging brakes,a/c compressor,cooling fan,fuses or relays. the car gets hot when going up hill or accelerating (50mph or higher) and cools back down when going down hill or driving slow (under 50mph) I squeezed the top hose and I have circulation, the fan comes on automatically, I can hear it running but cant check it while driving so I thought it

I have had a similar problem with my 99 Escort – 2.0 auto. I too tried changing thermostats, checking cooling fan operation, checking compressor, cleaning radiator etc. The overheating only occurred in the summer months and not in winter where ... 1995 Ford Escort

A couple months ago, my car overheated on the way back from NYC. I was able to refill the radiator and get it home. A few days later, driving to the shop, it overheated again. At that point, I stopped driving the vehicle to find the issue. An improperly installed "backflush" kit had given way, spraying coolant under the hood. I repaired the backflush connections, flushed the radiator, added new oil, and filled the radiator. I also checked the spark plug chambers to find that they were fille

... 1999 Chrysler Cirrus

I have a 2007 Ford Escape Hybrid. The car shut down and said "stop safely now". I was able to restart it and drive home. Then it happened again, noticed this would happen after driving 45min or so. The 2nd time it happened it also said "engine temp overheating". We could not smell, see or hear anything one usually would with overheating. Took it to Ford service. $703 for Auxiliary Motor to help keep the HV battery cool, $30 for a new HV Filter, they recommended a new engine battery to at the co

... 2007 Ford Escape Hybrid FWD

How to bleed the coolant system on a nissan 2003 sentra. Overheating and heater will blow cold air after a km of driving and when making a right turn the guege will indicate overheating and goes back to normal driving temperature as soo as the vehicle is out of the right turn on the straight. I have changed the thermostat, radiator and waterpump.

... 1994 Nissan Sentra 4-Door

Overheating Engine I kind of have the same problem with the overheating but its a little different. My cavalier will warm up and be just fine while sitting. When I begin to drive it will go hot within 10 minutes of the drive, and once that happends even if I stop it will continue to go hot. If Im not at my destination or not at a place to turn it off, it overheats. Please tell me, how can I solve this problem?

Your low on coolant. if you just worked on cooling system i.e. replaced hoses or water pump there is a air bubble trapped in it. You need to burp the air out at cap or stat or both. water pump, can't pump air so when you drive the coolant moves away ... 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 1990 acura i integra and when i go thru a drive thru my car says its overheating but as soon as i drive away the temp gauge shoots roght back dow to normal what could be causing this. noww the car isnt really just overheating and with it getting comder i have noticed the heat doeant get as warm

Sounds like you have a bad thermostat that needs replacing or an air pocket in the cooling system. Does you cooling fan also come on when it's hot? If it does then it is for sure one of the two above and if the fan doesn't come on then you may need t ... Cars & Trucks

My 98 CRV has a overheating problem reaching the High levels when driving, esp. climbing hills. I repaired the engine fan and its now working, but still overheating at same level, but water is not boiling in reserve tank like last time, though water is still hot when changed after driving for 30mins...after cooling vehicle down.the garage i took it to, said they need to check the engine to see if its buckled, than i will have to change the head... Also I need to change my radiator cap, but the o

If this vehicle has been run with no antifreeze ?? and its a 98?? then i have no doubt its cooked and the water ports in the head had corroded larger ,expensive job or an exchange engine ,look on uk web sites because these vehicles rot away before th ... 1998 Honda CR-V

Car drove great one day but the next day it started overheating after driving about 5-7 minutes. Had the thermostat changed, the coolant reservoir and cap changed, coolant changed twice, hoses checked. Still overheated after driving 5-7 minutes. Different mechanic added a sealant to the coolant reservoir but still overheats. Heater does not blow hot air. Have put a lot of money into this car in the last six months so I need an answer that works. Please help!

Ok, is it losing fluid? check the floor board by the passenger seat, up under the dash, is it wet? Your heater-core may be shot. The core is tucked up behind your glove compartment. If it's plugged, water won't circulate and won't be able to be c ... 1986 Ford Taurus


White smoke is burnt coolant. Take the car in and have a pressure test done on the rad. It's probably going to lose pressure slowly so get a compression test done on the engine. This will most likely show a leaky head gasket. That is the most common ... 1990 Honda Civic

Thermostat Car overheated making the temp gauge max out to the top and the hot light came on. Checked the coolant level when it cooled down and it was a little low, but not much. Topped it off. Car had cooled down for about 4 hours. When I got in and started it, the gauge needle was still past the red and the hot light came on instantly. It wasn't hot. This was about a week ago. I've been driving it since with these problem, but the car doesn't seem to be overheating. I did drive it today

I would say its the temperature sensor that is your issue, replace it and see what happens but make sure its the right one. Theres one for the gauge and light and one for the computer, the one you need to change will be the one that when you unplug i ... 1995 Chevrolet Lumina

Car overheating ok so a couple weeks ago i was driving home when my car began to overheat. I looked around and got some answers and thought I had replaced the thoublesome part which turned out to be an apparently fried cooling relay. The car has worked fine for the past two weeks...no overheating at all. Then today when I was driving home it did it again. I did not put two and two together until today that the last time it had this problem it was pouring rain outside as it was today. I believe i

Good chance. The temp sensor in the radiator could not be reading correctly. Or the fan control module is on its way out. ... 1995 Volkswagen Golf

2003 Protege 5 overheating on long runs (> 20 min). Overheated today while driving at interstate speeds for > 15 min. Lost the coolant. Refilled with coolant. Return drive maintained normal engine temp if heater set to full heat. When set to cool interior air, engine temps slowly increase. Recovers when interior temp set to hot. Right fan (from front bumper looking into the engine) functions. Left fan does not operate. Bob

I just replaced the radiator and thermostat on my 03. The radiator was defective (corroded) on the lip where the cap seals. This allowed coolant to be spat out. The thermostat was also sticking closed after new radiator and this caused overheating ... 2003 Mazda Protege

2002 dodge durango overheating while driving, not while idle. not losing fluid, thermostat, radiator, radiator cap, temp sensor, head gasket all ok. why is it only overheating when driving??

You could have a bad hose, check the upper and lower hoses and hake sure they are not caving in on themselves. sounds like it could either be that or you might have something cloging the hoses. run the engine with the hood open so you have the pressu ... 1997 Dodge Intrepid

2004 kia optima overheating when in town driving. have to run heater for temperature to go back down. Shop told me the only thing wron is the drive belt and they couldn's get it to overheat. Eversince ive had it bback it has overheated. Car seems to be okay on freeway, then with stop and go it overheats.

I had this same problem with the same car. I changed the thermostat, temp sensor, water pump and timing belt and it still overheats with the AC on primarily. ... 2004 Kia Optima

Engine overheating I have problem with mazda 323F, engine is overheating, I changed head gasket, but it is stil overheating, water pump is OK, and everything in cooling system except radiator that is not complete, but I dont think that is proble because before it was the same. everything started whem the engine pullled up some dirty from fuel tank. And I repaired that problem and I was driving my mazda for 500 km and it was started overheating, I changed geat gasket twice but..still overheating.

All i can think of is the thermostat is not opening. or you may have a clog somewhere preventing the flow. Check the T-stat and hoses and radiator ( for clogs) Good luck ... 1990 Mazda 323

Buick rendezvous overheating I have a 2002 Rendezvous. I was having problems with the car overheating, so I had the thermostat changed. Now, the car still is giving me trouble overheating but not all the time. It may be a short distance or quickly after I start driving even if it has sat overnight. I seem to be getting air out of the bleeder valves still. If I run my heater and get heat from the vents it doesn't seem to overheat, but if I don't get any heat from the vents it seems like it overhe

Can u please send us pics...thank u. [email protected] ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1992 Ford E150 conversion van that will sputter and choke while driving. Especially happens when hard city driving or going up a hill or even against the wind. I pull over. Let it cool for 5-10 mins the. Start again and drive never over second gear or with overdrive off and drive more gingerly and seem to make it. Oil and fluids are fine and no overheating. Would vac leak cause this? fuel filter? Air filter? Engine acts like it coughs or backfires/farts in the engine compartme

... Cars & Trucks

Constantly overheating... since we got it, its major problem is overheating. it hardly goes for 2miles without overheating, recently the technician handling it changed the thermostat because the one we found there had been tampered with but it still does overheat, we even added an extra fan to the engine but its like we havent gotten to the root of the issue. i love bmw and i really want to drive my car without worring about the overheating for once...

When the car is completely cool,check the electric fan(s) for smooth rotation.\015\012\015\012Clean/check/change the thermo sensor,contact and wire.\015\012\015\012===\015\012\015\012Excavate air pocket in coolant ... 2000 BMW 5 Series

I have a BMW 2004 745i with 118k miles. Since it's been cold in the morning the car has been rough idling when I start the car(@1000 rpm's). If I start driving it before it goes to 500 rpm's the dash will blackout and then goes into Transmission failsafe, dynamic drive inactive and sometimes engine overheating. I turn off the car and turn it back on then everything is fine. So now I wait until the rpm's go to 500 rpm before I start driving the car. So far no problems except the dynamic drive ina

I'am not sure but sounds like an automatic choke problem ... 2004 BMW 7 Series

Car is overheating from a cold start to red line within a mile no mater what speed you drive, stop and start driving, or continous driving. Thermostats test ok.

Then you have an airlock in the system...... ... 2008 Dodge Avenger
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