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Is toyota hilux sr ,front or rear wheel drive

\015 Is the diesel 2008 sr hilux front or rear wheel drive\015
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Is toyota hilux sr ,front or rear wheel drive

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I have a 2000 Toyota Tundra V8 4 wheel drive. I just replace new rotor,caliper(old and rusted), and brake pads( front left/right wheel). 1) My friend and I bleed the brake line. I pumped the brake pedal 3 to 4 times till hard. We started from the driver side first, rear passenger side, rear passenger side, and than front passenger side. We did this process twice. The brake is still spongy? 2) When we drive the Tundra and press on the brake we feel a little vibration on the driver side brake?

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Hello, 1986 Toyota 4X4 Truck 22R carb engine manual transmission. My son was driving it and the rear wheels locked up. Driving in 2 High mode. He got the truck pulled over to the side of the road using 4X4 high after locking in the front hubs then called me. I tested clutch, engine etc. Engine runs fine, clutch works. Engage transmission and start to release clutch and tranny binds up, (2 high) rear wheels slightly turn, maybe about 1/8 revolution do not turn fully. the engine bogs down and dies

I've seen a similar issue on other transmissions where the shifter slips out of the slots in the shift forks, either due to shifter bushing wear or just general wear on tte trans. It can usually be remedied at least temporarily by popping the shifte ... 1986 Toyota Pickup 4WD

When in 2 wheel drive ,where's the drive ? ? front or rear,?? when driving the 4 wheel auto trans from what I understand, the 2 wheel drive drives from the rear. Does the 4wheel auto drive from the rear when in 2 wheel, or the front ??

You can tell by looking underneath the vehicle-if it is rear wheel drive (primary) the rear axle will have a 'pumpkin' in the center of the rear. I do not know of any 4wd that is primarily fwd-so I would think yours is rwd. ... 2002 Kia Sportage

I have a 2000 Model 2.0D toyota Corolla which is in excellent condition with no problems except when i press the brake at medium and above speed, the car swings , front portion left and rear portion right. have got all brakes checked. The brake pads and rear brake shoes are new and everything is in order, wheel alignment and balancing of the wheels has also been done which is perfect but the problem remains which is a risk in driving. Pl help !

Hi Hassan,Seems the most likely cause of your problem is the adjustment of the rear brakes. There are automatic adjusters which sometimes become seized with rust or dirt build up. Jack up thr rear of the vehicle, and place the vehicle on chassi ... Toyota Corolla

1999, Toyota, Hilux, 4 wheel drive, LN167R, Front wheel bearing servicing procedure

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My 91 Legacy will not drive the rear wheels. It's an all wheel drive with the option of disabling the rear wheels for diagnostic purposes but the fuse that you need to place in the fuse holder to disable it has no fuse in it. I placed a fuse in it and the light came on on the dash to indicate it was on front wheel drive only. I have it up on jack stands and the rear wheels will turn slightly but no real power to them.

You have it backwards. The fuse is not suppose to be in it unless you don't want the rear to work. Remove the fuse and it should be fine. That is only to have a fuse in it when you don't want the rear to be engaged. Have a great day. ... 1991 Subaru Legacy

I have a 2002 Ford Explorer with a 4.6 engine with the auto 4 wheel drive electric push button system (4x4 auto / 4x4 high / 4x4 low). When running in 4x4 auto (normal running mode), making hard turns the front wheels clunk badly. I lifted vehicle clear of ground. Under low load (800-1000 rpm) just the rear wheels spin when in drive. When rpm is brought up to 1000-1200 transfer case will engage front wheels so I assume the transfer case is transfering power to the front wheels properly. With al

Your issue sounds like normal operation of a light truck 4X4 system. The front differential is geared to pull the truck. The differential will be an open differential on the front. The popping your most likely feeling is a combination of the stearing ... 2002 Ford Explorer

Why has my mitsubishi 2.8 tdi dash board 4 wheel drive light started flashing on the front 2 wheels when only in rear wheel drive ?

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How do i fix the 4x4 on my toyota hilux surf i only have rear wheel drive

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Need to know... is 1990 toyota pickup front or rear wheel drive?

Typically rear wheel drive. Sometimes four wheel drive. I have not seen a front wheel drive truck. ... 1990 Toyota Pickup

How do I replace a ball joint that's going bad on the lower front right control arm. The car is a 2006 Nissan altima 4 cyl. Front wheel drive. Is it possible to replace the ball joint instead of the whole lower control arm itself? If not, how do I replace the lower control arm on a altima. Is it different from front wheel than rear wheel drive? Thanks.

To replace a ball joint with the lower control arm, use bolt breaker spray (PB blast) Remove the cotter pin and loosen hub lock nut and wheel nuts (use long breaker bar) Jack up car and remove wheels. Remove outer tie rod cotter pin and crown bolt, p ... Nissan Altima

1989 jeep wrangler won't go into 4 wheel drive. indicator light on dash"4 wheel drive" is not on. in high range both rear wheel turn but neither front wheel will turn. in low range , can feel the vehicle in a slow gear but still no front wheel action. is there suppose to be a switch ? if so where is it located. can it be checked with a volt meter or is it a vaccum switch? where is the vaccum motor located and is there a simple way to test it? thank you

The most likely cause is listed below. I have included test procedures for the Command trak system.\015\012\015\012\015\012FUNCTIONAL TEST\015\012\015\012\015\012Raise and support the vehicle safely. ... Jeep Wrangler

2005 ford escape awd front wheels turn but rear wheels drive shaft jumping where the drive shaft goes into transfer case causing rear wheels not to turn. i have all four wheels off the ground and i can turn back wheels at the same time in the same dirrection when in park

... Ford Escape

2006 ranger will not stay in 4 wheel high or low, have taken apart entire four wheel drive, front end and all and see nothing wrong. Transfer case has electric shift motor. When in four wheel it pops" rear wheels still have power front does not, when i stop it goes back in until power is applied to drive train.

On the front diff there is a small little senser that goes out ... 2006 Ford Ranger

2005 equinox. rear drive shaft removal. can you remove the rear drive shaft and continue on front wheel drive only? it is all wheel drive. three mechanics are trying to sort this out. please help ann

If done what will keep the trans fluid inside the transmission tail shafts end? ... 2005 Chevrolet Equinox

Suspension Had struts put in [front and rear] few month ago. Shruts were shot. Now when I'm driving over any bumps there is alot of rattling and vibration in the front. Very noisy. On the highway its worse. The sterring wheel vibrates and the car pulls to the right when I drive over any bumps. Scary and dangerous. Have two new front tires and 4 wheel aligment done. The noise in the front has getting worse each day since the struts were put on. I can feel the vibration on the gas pedal when drivi

The struts and shocks where not tightened properly take it back and have then tighten everything down to correct specs. But before you leave your hosue check your tire lug nuts and make sure they are tight so you can drive over there and like i said ... 1999 Chrysler Concorde

Front wheel drive or rear wheel drive?

Look under the truck ...you should see a drive shaft..4''x5' long, if that doesnt help.." what wheels are spinning?" when you give it gas "spin out" that will tell ya ... 1985 Toyota Pickup

I am having problems with my 2000 Mercury Mountaineer front differential. I removed the front drive shaft to see if I could just resort to having rear wheel drive, but that was not the case. My front wheel will not move at all because of the damaged shown which is what I figure out. Need opinion or expertise to enlightened me on my options that I believe I do know already, but seek a second opinion. Thanks to whom ever may respond!!

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I heard a loud bang from the rear off side of my car and 2 days later from the rear near side, now there's no bounce at all when I push down on the boot. There's been a rumbling sound when driving for some time which I can feel through the seat. My car is honda civic saloon 1996, 127k miles had cv joints and track arm done on front, new tyres and wheel aligment on front, steers o.k.now and brakes o.k just feels like driving a tank. Rear tyres seem o.k. no uneven wear

Check your struts if i remember they are air struts and whey can and do blow up and also the air lines come off from time to time ... 1996 Honda Civic

2002 jeep liberty two wheel drive...front or rear wheel drive?

... 2002 Jeep Liberty

2003 Cavalier - are both front wheels drive wheels. I have the car up on jack stands to service the rear brakes and when done had the vehicle put in drive while still up and onyl the right front was turning.

They are both drive wheels, but on these type of vehicles it is like a limited slip differential. When you give it gas and it gets in a bind it will lock in the other. ... 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier

Fluid leakage What will cause oil leakage around the boot on the passenger side front wheel. Its a 4 wheel drive 8 cly Jeep Grand Cheerokee Laredo. Also its starting leaking around the drive shaft in the rear. It appears to be coming from where the universal joint goes into the rear end

Leak at the front is likely from the c/v joint, Either the strap is loose or the boot is split. Replacement is nearly the same exact job as replacing the axle itself and generally the price of a rebuilt or scrapyard axle is worth the $. Leak at ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Rear wheels not spinning. Front wheels spin when in 4 drive.

... 1994 GMC Sierra

Does my 2003 ford explorer sport have front wheel drive, rear wheel drive or all wheel drive. my email is [email protected]

It is most likely an automatic awd, 4 hi is full time 4 wheel drive, 4 lo is full time 4 wheel drive but at a very low gear ratio and should not exceed 25 mph or could cause damage. and DO NOT shift into 4 lo while vehicle is in motion. Auto is a 2 w ... 2003 Ford Explorer Sport
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