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How to remove /replace fuel injectors on 1994 toyota pickup

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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1993 Toyota Camry. The vehicle quit while driving. It won't start. I replaced the Ignition coil because the resistance measurements were lower than spec. Now it has spark in all cylinders, all injectors are being pulsed and fuel pressure and volume is to spec. The spark plug are covered in fuel when I remove them after cranking the engine. I removed all plugs and installed them into each wire and observed the spark in each plug as I cranked it. I removed the valve cover to make sure the timing b

... 1993 Toyota Camry V6

Im working on a 1986 toyota pickup 2.4l efi non turbo 4x4 i replaced the head gasket and i have a black wire coming from the intake wiring harness that has no plug on it .if i touch this wire to a hot wire the fuel pump relay will click and the injectors will make a sound if i put a jumper wire on the fuel pump test plug and then touch this wire to a hot only the injectors will make a noise i understand why this happens but i need to know where this wire goes the truck wont start and run it turn

Sounds like this wire should operate the electric fuel pump through the fuel pump relay.The fuel pump relay should start the fuel pump to maintain fuel supply to the common fuel rail and any surplus fuel will be bleed back to tank by pressure contro ... 1986 Toyota Pickup 4WD

1HZ VE fuel pump. Had diesel leak from the Distributive Head. Pulled pump out and replaced O ring on the Distributive Head and fitted back together, reistalled pump, new timing belt and pulley. Callibrated fuel pump timing. acheived 1.05, toyota workshop manual say's between 1.03 and 1.09. Problem now is we can not get fuel from pump through fuel lines to injectors. If we remove or crack the Delivery Valve Holders we get fuel when engine is cranked or use manual fuel pump, when we tighten De

... Toyota Land Cruiser

Last night, I attempted to remove the fuel injectors from manifold. I stopped after applying a lot of pressure pulling and wristing. Then I tried to remove the fuel rail from the ends of the injectors. I'm in the process in replace the exhaust manifold. Please provide the best disassemble method on how to remove the injectors. I would like to remove each injector from the rail and perform a resistance testing. What does the replacement O-Ring Kit cause or best way to re-install. Thanks, Terry La

It took me 45 minutes to remove 1 injector from aengine one time. as far as i know, there is no easy way. just keep pulling. make sure you relieve fuel system pressure. o-rings ensure a tight seal apon replacement. ... 1997 Jeep Cherokee Country

I have a 1992 Nissan pickup with a 2.4 engine. When it starts, it usually idles very high and then sometimes it idles extremely rough. The latter sometimes happens when I hit a bump or start down my steep and rough driveway. Occasionally it runs like a new truck. It always runs good on the road but when I let off the throttle as if to turn or stop, it usually bucks and jerks until I take it out of gear. I've tried 93 octane, fuel injector cleaner, water remover, replaced the fuel filter and re-a

New carbie??? ... 1992 Nissan Pickup

Isuzu trooper citation wont start .no fuel to injectors over filled engine oil car started took sump of to look at pickup pipes both looked in tack so removed securing bolts short pipe much easyer to pull out cleaned pipes blocked ends with hand and sucked like a straw creating a seal on both pipes asume this means pipes are fine.because short pipe so easy to remove could it be rubber seal at top of pipe.if so can you buy them or do you replace hole unit.any other way of sealing

... Isuzu Trooper

2001 ford e250 5.4 v8...vehicle has not been running for 2+ yrs...I replaced plugs, coils, fogged cylinders, dropped fuel tank and cleaned perfectly, replaced fuel pump and sending unit, replaced fuel filter, removed and cleaned injectors and fuel rail, cleaned all fuel lines...basically cleaned and replaced everything from fuel tank forward to injectors....I went start vehicle and fuel pump only turns on for a couple seconds and then shuts off...i have no fuel pressure...could this be the fuel

It can easily be a relay. There is also a PCM relay which is suppose to trigger the fuelpump relay.\015\012Check the pressure before the Regulator and vent air out of the line at the Injector pressure spout.\015\012I have included an art ... 2001 Ford Econoline

2000 chevy 3500 7.4L cranks and hits every once in awhile, but wont stay running. checked fuel pressure had 60psi, checked fuel flow appears to be good . checked for spark it has good spark, removed plenium and ohmed injectors all turned 12.4 . checked all injector plugs with a noid light and i have pulse. no codes in computer , replaced crank sensor , replaced fuel filter, replaced fuel pump,

The\012following are the general instructions on the start of diagnosing any\012electronically controlled engine or transmission problem.\012The\012engine and the automatic transmission (transmission control is\012only for ... 1998 Chevrolet C3500

Hello, I have a 1993 Astro van. The problem began with 5 stalls within a half mile trip home from the train station. Next morning would not start at all. Proceeded to replace the pickup in the distributor...new alternator...fuel pump...thought it was the fuel regulator, so replaced with rebuilt fuel injector spider. Checked for spark on all plugs...have spark...set timing...confirmed fuel was entering injectors, but no ignition. Established there wasn't a pulse to the injectors, although there i

If changing the map sensor doesn't work, check the vacum sensor. I experienced the same symptoms when my car's vacum sensor got busted.. ... Chevrolet Astro

How to remove /replace fuel injectors on 1994 toyota pickup

... Toyota Cars & Trucks

How to replace fuel injectors in 1991 toyota 4 x4 pickup

... 1991 Toyota Pickup

My 94 toyota pickup wont start. weve replaced the fuel pump, filter, mass air. Would the cold start injector have anything to do with this. all the fuses are fine also?

... 1994 Toyota Pickup

Engine stalls #6 cylinder not fueling. Replaced fuel injector, plugs and wires. Checked compression. All good. Removed injector rail and placed #4 injector plug on #6 and injector started fueling. Placed #6 wire back on #6 injector and it stopped working. #6 on #4 injector causes #4 to fail. What makes #6 injector be the only injector that won't work?

Sounds to me that you need a computer since the injector gets its signal from the computer. You can get a noid light from auto parts store to test the wire attached to the injector. The light should flicker when cranking the car. No flicker chances a ... 1995 Buick LeSabre

Had no spark. Replaced ignition mod, 2 coil packs, and computer. I now have fire; problem is engine will not run, the fuel injector sprays fuel (too much i think). When i unplug the injector the engine will start and burn off the fuel but will not run with the injector plugged up. After removing and inspecting the injector now the 10 amp computer fuse will blow if the injector is plugged up. 1990 Chevy Cavalier 4cyl 2.2 ltr

I need a diagram for a 1990 chevy cavilier distributer ... 1990 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 1992 toyota pickup ext cab, 4x4 V6 420 000 km. I have swapped the engine out for a 1994 toyota 4runner V6 220 000km, same identical engine. i replaced the timing, intake seals, oil pan seal, rebuilt the starter, and replaced the fuel pump and alternator. the plugs, wires, and distributor coil are all good. the truck has good spark, rolls over fine, and theres fuel coming out of the return line at the motor, but it won't run. it fires then dies imediately. any ideas? ( oh and the new mot

Try a hot wire to the distributor. If the engine keeps running then the problem may lie with the ignition circuit wiring. It also might be the ceramic resistor. ... Toyota Pickup

I have a 1987 Ford F150 pickup with a v-8 engine. It runs fine cold, but starts missing and dies when warmed up. It starts again after cooling off. Fuel injector module has been replaced. Replacing the fuel injector module made no difference.

Replace the coil and the condensor. ... 1987 Ford F 150

1994 toyota 22re 4x4 pickup fuel injector wiring diagram

The color of the plastic plug does not matter... You will have two injector plugs with white/red and yellow wires - those two go to cyl#'s 1 and 3.\015\012\015\012the other two plugs will have white and blur wires.. those two plugs go to inject ... 1994 Toyota Pickup

I have purchased a 1989 E350 and it has been sitting for about ten years. it was running when it was parked. It has the EFI 460 engine.I have a new fuel pump pulling and returning fuel to a five gallon jug because the other two tanks will have to be removed and cleaned.I have replaced the spark plugs and installed rebuilt fuel injectors. I checked some of the plugs and wires and the spark jumps 1/4 inch across the testers gap. I pluged a test light in one of the fuel injector connectors and it f

Pull your valve covers I had one set that long and the valves was gumed up an stuck and bent the push rods I removed rockers and spray with penitrating oil and tap them with a small hammer and got them loose bought new push rods and all was good, I h ... 2002 Ford E-Series

I have a 1993 suzuki vitara 16v,injectors were blocked replace them with toyota corolla injectors, they worked for 5 months, now i cant get my car to start i change plugs ,fuel pump ,fuel filter, injectors(corolla) and it wont start.current is going to injectors also pulse spark reaching plugsit wont start ,after cranking i check spark plugs they are wet with petrol, what can be wrong?

... Suzuki Vitara

My 1986 F250, 6.9L diesel is very very hard to start since purchase a month ago. I have gotten on a ford forum sight and this is what I have done. Replace the glow plug sensor and relay. Removed an aftermarket electric fuel pump that was installed prior to the mechanical. Installed a new mechanical fp. Replace all supply and return rubber fuel lines. The glow plugs were replace recently with ac/delco. The rubber return lines between the injectors were also replace, and I am not sure about

The manual fuel pump is bad and the innert tank filter is plugged up. causes the main pump to starve for fuel so replace the mechanical pump on the side of the motor remove electric pump and hope and pray you did not kill the main pump from fuel star ... 1986 Ford F 250

How does a 2002 mazda tribute 3.0 fuel rail come off? I need to replace my #5 injector & all that remains is to remove the rail & replace the injector. Everything is disconnected & the rail is loose. I don't see how it comes off when the two injector banks are at different angles. I don't want to force it & possibly harm the injectors. Do you rotate it axially or does it take a special tool at this point? What's the trick?

... 2002 Mazda Tribute

I have FORD F-250 96 Model Truck Engine is 5.8 When I started my car early morning, Engine is running Ok but after while when the engine become warm , the power of the engine become low and when I remove my leg from accelerator engine get vibration and black smoke come out form Exhaust. Some mechanic inform me that it is Fuel Pump problem , I replaced both of them but the problem still the same, now he is asking me to replace the fuel injection lines & fuel Injectors . Please feed me back I

No, no changing fuel lines. You have a fouling injector. \015\012Too much unburned fuel smoke is white\015\012Too much brned fuel is black smoke Take it to a diesel mechanic that knows the 5,6's goodLuck Ned ... 1996 Ford F250 Crew Cab

1989 Blazer 350 TBI Cranks but won't start. Spray carb cleaner in the throat and it runs for a few seconds. Replaced ECM twice and ICM. If you ground either injector with the fuel pumped bypassed fuel sprays out. If you remove the computer and ground one of the injectors the truck runs without the stupid computer. Scan tools shows no errors. If I hooked a test light up to the ICM 4 connector terminal which goes to the reference connector on the computer I can here the fuel pump relay click but t

But ill bet you may have the wires backwards at the moduale on the pick up side. since sometimes it will run but not real good then quit.and it will not let the computer know its turning over. and this will not set a code on this truck. ... 1989 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

Fuel injector fuse keeps blowing and car wont start. Think I need to replace injector(s). Put in a bigger fuse and it gets hot. Still wont start. Can't hear fuel pump humming either.Suppose I need to remove injectors and check resistance with ohmeter.

... 1999 Pontiac Sunfire

2001 sonata, rats got in engine and chewed up wires on back row of fuel injectors and the engine knocker sensors. car still started after this. How ever car sat for about a year before I could get to replacing chewed wires, also replaced plugs and plug wires since intake was removed. removed old gas and replaced. Since all this has been done I can't get engine to fire. Is there something I missed or needs to be reset ? thanks Don

... 2000 Hyundai Sonata
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