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When I try and start my car my horn beeps and it won't start

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Honda legend wont start just beeps and lights flash on and off wen keys turned on and keeps beeping wen keys r out started wen girlfreind tried to turn car on wen car was on a jack dont no wat she was

... Honda Legend

Have a Jaguar x type 2003 model when I try and lock the car from the key fob it wont lock and the horn sounds twice I have to lock it via key in drivers door still beeps twice but does lock the car. Interior light stays on. when i return the light has gone off and I can unlock via key fob. during the day and night the alarm keeps sounding every now and again , i have been told there is a problem with the passenger door . when the problem first started i used to be able to slam the passenger door

Its propably the door courtesy switch. Remove it, clean the wire and contacts and try that. Hope that helps ... 2003 Jaguar X-Type

Seat alhambra 2.0 petrol 1998 beeping noise when unlocking car and wont always start had no problems went to go to work wouldnt start jump started fine left idling to charge battery went out in it ok then tried bit later wouldnt start tried again half hour later and started but keep getting beeping noise when unlocking the car and opening the door

Does ur car has a burglar alarm? ... 2000 Ford Focus

The factory car alarm on our 2003 Corolla will not let the car start. Tried changing batteries on controller. Tried different controllers. It flashes lights, beeps the horn, sounds alarm at times, sometimes at a low volume but it will not let the car start. How do I disable it temporarily so that I can drive the car home?

Okay, lets first try something, go to the car and use the key to lock and then unlock the driver door, this should shut down the alarm, if it doesnt work then try pass/side door lock then unlock with the key, this should start the car, this factory a ... 2003 Toyota Corolla

1996 honda accord LX wont start came home fine last night. Just morning wont start. everything comes on lights, horn blows.... only a clicking noise when trying to start. Notice that battery cable was loose. I tighten them tryed a boost still no go. Need help wife gets off and needs her car "Help"

Try smacking the starter with a blunt object ( hammer or something ) Smack it several times while cranking. It may free up. Listen for the click at the starter. Its prabably a bad starter. Common symptom your describing. If it does start replace the ... 1996 Honda Accord

Put a battery in a 99 intrepid. tried two other batteries they werent holding a charge. but they did start the car. so i bought a new battery and when i hooked up the last cable the horn honked one time. now the car wont start. no one seems to now why. i tried starting fluid. check fuses. cant figure it out. cant put in the shop spent all my money fixing the brakes tagging and insureing it.

Yes, security system, try drivers & passengers doors & unlock with key. ... 1999 Dodge Intrepid

My honda 1991 crx model hf will not start. when I turn on switch starter does not engage so engine does not even try to turn over. lights, horns, and fans are strong so I believe it not to be battery problem. dash board lights light up when I turn the ignition....car beeps to let me know that I'm trying to start it. I've just hours ago had the main relay switch replaced(pgm-fi) believing that that was the problem but car is doing the same thing again. Go to start it and it is dead. I

To check if it is the ignition switch remove the small wire from the starter and place a multimeter on the wire to earth you will have 12v dc when you put the switch in the start position IF this is so remove the starter as it will be either the sta ... 1991 Honda Civic

Today when i try to unlock my hundai tiburan 2003 with the radiobutton key, it wouldnt unlock or lock the car. So i had to use the actual car key which caused the car to act funny and they horn turned on and it dont turn off till i get out the car and lock it back from the outside with the actual key!!!! The car starts but the horn is still going off and wont stop at all. The radiobutton key dont work at all also! I unhocked the battery, then the horn and nothing worked! Im a women and i dont go

There are batteries in your radio key, which is often referred to as a key less entry device. Go to your local parts store, or to the dealership who represents your cars manufacturer and have them replace the batteries in the key less entry device. ... Hyundai Tiburon

When i try to start the car, the horn starts beeping and will not let me start the car. I have done what the manual said to do but no results. i can hear the starter relay clicking but thats it. is there a way to overide the security to allow the car to start?

... 2004 Pontiac Vibe

I replaced the battery and the car would not start not even turn over, but everytime you opened the door the horn would beeps, the battery had power and the lights and everything else would work ok. I ended up jumping the car off, and it work fine for a few days, then the same problem did it again. battery problem or what, even with the old battery the car would try to start. this problem it will not turn over. not sure if the battery is not charging, it's some kind of securtiy or what, but the

Review your recent repair records. Note if your mechanic replaced a battery, battery cable, alternator, starter or anything that would require disconnecting the battery. If so, it could be as simple as a loose connection or a defective part. Check th ... Toyota Camry

2003 chrysler sebring my car wont start and the horn goes off when i try to start it

... 2002 Chrysler Sebring

My 2004 Lincoln ls has been acting up. First it was running rough so I changed coil on 4 and then 2 seven monthes later after which car ran great. Now on two occasions when triing to start alarm goes off (horn) and wont stop until I put key in door and lock after which a jump start was needed. Parking break alarm goes off randomly too and stays on for days. Then car overheated breifly and after stopping for five minuets drove it a mile home and was fine for the next few weeks. Now out of blue ca

I don't think going to AutoZone for codes is of much\015\012value to anyone\015\012\015\012Obviously your LS don't miss on 4 cyl or have 4 bad coils\015\012\015\012You didn't need to replace any coils except the one that ... 2004 Lincoln LS

I am trying to install a new battery on my 2000 ford taurus and when connecting the negative the horn starts blowing and wont stop and the car wont start

When the horn starts to honk just put the key in the ignition and turn the car to on, you can also use the key to lock and unlock the drivers door, you are activating the security system by disconnecting the battery doing the above disarms it, if it ... 2000 Ford Taurus

When you try to start car the alarm goes off and car wont start and horn goes on and off the locks click back and forth

I had the same problem last week ---- turn key to "on" position and then press and hold red button on dash for 3-9seconds and the alarm will stop. engine should now start.EVERY Toyota dealer I called did not know what to do nor could they ... 1999 Toyota Camry

My saturn sl2 alarm starts to beep when I try to start the car and won't stop for about a minute. Car won't start. My power locks have been disabled(over a year now). It started acting strangely and beeping twice every time I shut off the car yesterday or when I tried to start (which took several tries for it to finally start).

This sounds somewhat similar to a problem I had with my 1999 Saturn SL2. There was "burning and arching" on the fusebox and it was replaced. The first few times my car would make an extra beep noise when locked or unlocked and I believe the radio/c ... 1998 Saturn SL

I have a 1991 525 i BMW, the battery was drained and went to jump start it. When i tried to start the car the horn started beeping, engine would turn over but wouldnt start. Was told in need to so a special sequence with the code button near the radio panel. Can you help with this?

Do you have a alarm system in your car if so disable ittake out its fuse ... 1991 BMW 5 Series

I have a 1991 525 i BMW, the battery was drained and went to jump start it. When i tried to start the car the horn started beeping, engine would turn over but wouldnt start. Was told in need to so a special sequence with the code button near the radio panel. Can you help with this?

Your car alarm system is holding it off. Disable alarm system. You may even have to pull the fuse. ... 1991 BMW 5 Series

For about 2 weeks my car has been hard to start now it wont start it acts like the starter is not engaging to turn motor over when you try to start it it makes a whinning spinning noise we took starter off and had tested its ok we replaced starter and put on new selinoid car started i turned it off and tried to start it again no luck returned selinoid for another new one car wont start car has new battery any suggestions

Sounds like the battery wire to the starter is possibly the culprit, it may have a bad spot in it not allowing enough voltage to the starter. also depending on the brand solenoid you purchased it is possible to get a bad one. i recommend borg warne ... 1994 Lincoln Continental

My car wont start! When I took my car yesterday, i noticed that the ligtht for the electrical system on the dash board was on.it never hapened before! Once the car was started, the light would turn off. after 45 min. drive, once I got home, I turn the car off, and by curiosity tryed to turn it on. Nothing! the radio, the lights, the wipers would start working, but when I would it the break the lights would go dim. The motor wont even try working, its not catching, not idling. I tryed again seve

Check your battery connections make sure they are tight. If they are tight, then you have a bad battery or alternator. ... Mazda Protege

Starting problems My car wont start when i try to crank it it seems like it is trying to start but it wont you can see the alternator and starter turning but it wont crank i was even told that they heard the fuel pump shutting on and off when trying to start the car what could be the problem?

Can be a lot of reasons 1.battery 2.oil level 3.timing belt 4.starter motor most of cars are having problem of starter motor nd you can check it if fuel pump is working or not take of the outlet fuel pipe and try to start it if fuel is coming means i ... 1999 Ford Contour

I shorted out my CRNK fuse while hooking up a horn to that fuse, it gave a big spark and melt the fuse and power never come back there. after I could not start any more i check and the injector did not spray any more. I poured some gas in the throttle body it tries to start but it wont stay long. I spent $80 on a secnod hand ECM which they say come out of a crash car it should be good but I still did not get started. ad like to know how can I get power back to that CRNK fuse?

... 1988 Chevrolet K1500

My 1996 Saturn would not start tonight when I went to leave work All of the inside & outside lights come on, radio plays, horn honks & we tried charging the battery for several munutes but nothing. When i turn the key to start my car all lights come on but it wont start and its not making any noise like it generally would when starter is going out??

\012\012\012The\012following are the general instructions on the start of diagnosing any\012electronically controlled engine or transmission problem.\012The\012engine and the automatic transmission (transmission cont ... Cars & Trucks

Car wont start. Turn the key and engine tries to turn over but just wont fire. battery is fine. Mustgo: posted:Try 2nd key. If it does not fire up then it's the immobilizer / alarm circuit at work or at fault Me: Have had the car for 3 days. I am a new owner of this car which has had only one previous owner. could this trip a malfunction with the alarm circuit. Me being a different driver that is. tried 2nd key same thing. some time it starts and sometimes it wont at all.

There are many reason why your car wont start.Check Your FusesBattery IssueBad Igntion SwitchBad Starter ConnectionTest your ignition coilJust go through these two link ... 2000 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Sometimes I get in my car and it just wont start. It turns over but just wont start. Then after numerous tries it will just start. Also, I can be driving down the road and the car just quits. So I pull over and try to start it and again I get nothing until all of a sudden it just starts again. This has put me in some dangerous situations in traffic as well as having my 5 yr old in the car. HELP

Replace fuel pump relay under the hood in the fuse block. It may work but the contacts on the relay are bad. ... 2001 Kia Sportage

Wont start I was driving and the car just shut off. I tried tried to restart the car but it wont start but it will turn over and try try to start

For real, just change your ingintion coil. Unless it is your fuel pump. I had the same problem. just cut off. I towed it home, went to Autozone and got the coil, and she started right up. ... 1990 Lincoln Town Car
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