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2003 toyota camry se transmission shifts hard in 1st gear of automatic

\015 Automatic transmission issue in first gear\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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2003 toyota camry se transmission shifts hard in 1st gear of automatic

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2003 toyota camry se transmission shifts hard in 1st gear of automatic

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I have a 2003 Jeep Liberty Sport with automatic transmission and about 90,000 miles on it. A good while back, the transmission started down-shifting hard between 2nd and 1st gear. Turning the overdrive off "cured" the problem. Then a few days ago, even with overdrive disengaged, it started shifting hard (between 2nd & 3rd gears in particular, but also slightly harder than normal between 1st and 2nd gears). What is the likely cause, and should I have the transmission fluid flushed and replaced? (

Hi, Check the trans fluid level first, with the engine running at normal operating temperature and be sure it is full. The fluid level could be low.\015\012Next, servicing the transmission is a great idea. You could have a defective solenoid ca ... 2003 Jeep Liberty

Automatic transmission on 2000 Savana 1/2 ton is hanging up when stopping and not going into 1st gear. I can easily get it into 1st by shifting into neutral and putting it back in drive. This gets me back to 1st. If I don't manually take it out of gear it bangs hard when taking off from a stop, as if it is downshifting into 1st at that time. Other than that, the transmission shifts well through all other gears.

Have the trans filter& gasket changed. Valve body maby sticking fresh fluid and filter might help. ... 2000 GMC Savana

My 2000 Toyota 4runner V6 125k miles automatic transmission started slipping on cold starts especially in the morning. After starting up, putting in drive and pressing the gas pedal first gear doesn't immediately engage but slips with no real power reaching the wheels. Then after about 5-10 seconds of slippage in jumps into 1st gear and then seems to shift normally. On the latest cold started slipping, I then manually shifted to 1st, 2nd and then drive after which further automatic shifting was

Well I have the same problem as you... so did you solve the problem?? or did you change your transmission? Im plannig to flush and filter tomorrow with a injector claning too,, so please let me know ... 1990 Toyota 4Runner

Hello I rebuilt my automatic transmission gear one month ago. I changed all clutches, band, regulator pressure valve, 1st accumulator with the spring which was broken before, torque has been repaired. The gear behaved like new and very smooth the first days. Then It started shifting rough from 1st to 2nd. Now, when stopping the car, I feel the gear like shifting inside, as if it disengages and ingages again. Adding to this, it strted to shift hard from 2nd to 3rd, but not like from 1st to

Hello;\015\012Two questions first. please.\015\012Did you chk the converter sprag?\015\012Is the converter and front pump properly engaged? Thanks, Ned ... GMC Sonoma

1997 Toyota Tacoma Automatic Transmission Shifting is messed up, sometimes it stays in 1st gear too long ( shifts due to pressure, rather than electronically.....4500-5000rpms) other times it will shift from 1st to 3rd too soon causing too slow acceleration when pulling out into traffic. once truck is warm (either by ambient temp or by eng./trans up to "normal" operating temp the shifting problem pretty much goes away.The "check engine" light stays on,when diagnosed with handheld unit, it says "

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My 1999 Solara automatic transmission will not shift into 1st gear and shifts hard into the other gears. Somethimes it will slip out of gear. What is wrong with it?

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I have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I just replaced the transmission fluid in it and the filter as well, using the recommended fluid because the transmission was having a hard time going from 1st to 2nd gear. Know that i replace the fluid it is having trouble shifting into drive, reverse, and when driving sometimes it slips out of gear. This is an automatic transmission as well. Any recommendations?

They way you replaced fluid is bad, you should of done a bg service, by dropping the pan theres still oldoil ,the converter is full and the lines and the cooler and inside trany, then when new fluid is added the cleaners in it loosen all the dirt and ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2003 toyota camry 4cyl, auto. The transmission will shift from 1st to 2nd and then neutral. no 3rd. no reverse. Unplug the ecm and the transmission shifts into all. Replaced ECM same problem. Checked all grounds, all wires. Checked trans with snap on computer and all solinoids work and engage. I can shift into all gears with computer in hand.

I had two of these birds in my bay about a year ago. Same exact problem as yours.Did exactly what you did.... Pissed me off I started pressure tesing circuits. Pressure was low on 3rd and reverse. Checked out the Transmission range sensor (TR) ak ... 2003 Toyota Camry

I have a toyota Mr-s car 2000 (japan made) with code PO781 problem. It shifts good from 1st to 5th but when I'm in the middle of traffic and applied brake it will automatically shift to 1st gear, but the car couldn't run or move. What seems to be the problem? by the way it has sequential manual transmission. thanks.

... 2000 Toyota MR2 Spyder

95 Saturn SL2 automatic, when transmission gets warm it sticks in 1st gear, or shifts very hard and reverse does not work. Shifts great when transmission is cold.

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I have a 2008 Mitsubishi Raider that periodically shifts hard from 1st to 2nd and 3rd to 4th gear. The tach will go to between 5k and 6k before shifting in an automatic transmission. The dealer states there is no code in the transmission and they could not replicate the problem. They only have one tech who can work on raiders and I think he is missing something. Please advise if you have heard of this problem before and any possible solutions. The truck only has 7k miles on it and it has be

The main issue seems to be a manufacturing defect in the wave/cushion spring located in the transmission. Mitsubishi has designed the wave spring as a fragile two coil piece which has been known to repeatedly break causing catastrophic failure in the ... Mitsubishi Raider

My daughter's 96 Automatic Ford Taurus GL would not shift out of 1st gear, so we did a Transmission Filter change thinking it may be the cause. It did help, but it is shifting really hard into 2nd gear and we are receiving a P0430 code. Does anyone have any idea what the next thing to check would be? Thanks!

... 1996 Ford Taurus

Ford f250 power stroke 4x4 2004. On starting out in the morning it is hard to get the automatic transmission to shift out of 1st gear. Once you done it once it shifts fine from then on. I have had the transmission flushed and serviced but no change. Any suggestons?

Check and see if there is a check engine light code on dealing with the transmission. If not you can have the tranny checked with a computer to make sure everything is working right, but it sounds like the shift solenoid for it is going out. ... Ford F-250

2002 Toyota Camry 4cyl 4spd auto slow/uncrisp shifting when cold2002 Toyota Camry 4cyl with Aisin U241E 4 spd automatic 150k miles. When the tranny is cold it shifts slowly (i.e. the shifts are not crisp). As the tranny warms up the shifting improves until it starts to shift normally. I was told that the seals are going out and the transmission needs to be More2002 Toyota Camry 4cyl with Aisin U241E 4 spd automatic 150k miles. When the tranny is cold it shifts slowly (i.e. the shifts are not cri

... 2002 Toyota Camry

I have a 1997 saturn sl1 with an automatic transmission and i am experiancing issues with it when i drive it the rpm tach will go between 3000 n 4000 and the car will struggle to shift 1st to 2nd shifts fine ussually but car has a hard time thru the other gears but when i shift down to nuetral it shifts then i shift back to drive plus when the trans gets hot it hesitates into reverse

... 1993 Saturn SL1

The automatic tranny on my 91 toyota supra shifts a little hard. Goes through all of the gears just seems a little hard. I checked the oil looks and smells dirty. Do you think a simple oil and filter change of the transmission will help. I just bought the car and it has 150,000.00 miles on it. thanks Brad

Get a flush, and change the filter. Also check your belts the tranny will react in weird ways if you have a loose belt sometimes. ... 1989 Toyota Supra

My toyota camry 2002 jerks when accelarating or changing gear from 1 to 2 and sometime it jerks like twice before shifting to gear two.And also when put in reverse R it jerks hard twice before moving and there is no check engine lights on d dash board to run scan on it.the transmission fluid has been change and is still jerking.please I need a solution?

... Cars & Trucks

My car is Toyota Corolla Altis automatic transmission 2001, my problem is, during the Go signal of the traffic light, i will then shift to drive mode but its like no power, it runs very slow at first..... i still need to push hard the acceleration pedal before it runs but still it runs slow, i still have to wait the automatic change of gear... and also, it consumes too much gasoline... i would like to know what is the problem with my car? i dont have enough knowledge about car problems.

Hi,It could be a multitude of things.Find a good mechanic - use family and friends as a reference.GL,Td ... Toyota Cars & Trucks

I have a 2000 Dodge Ram 3500 Automatic transmission. It won't shift out of 1st gear. Then sometimes it just shifts perfectly. I changed the transmission fluid and filter and drove it around the block. it shifted fine. then later drove it again and it wouldn't shift out of 1st gear. Could it be the governor?

I have the same problem right now..Ive done some recearch and came up with the input and output censors on the transmission.Still waiting for the parts..I would diffently check into it before replacing the transmission...keep me posted ... 2000 Dodge Ram 3500

2000 Saturn SL-1 The automatic transmission shifts hard, up shift and down shift. When I say hard, I mean slams into gear. The car was in an accident. (REAR) The collision was hard enought to break the motor and transmission mounts. Those were replaced, but the hard shift problem persists. Also, the car could have been sitting in its wrecked state for around a year before I got it.

I am worried about the mechanical components of the transmission particularly the torque converter found inside it. The solenoid found in the transmission could also be at fault.\015\012\015\012\015\012It would be best to check first the ... Saturn SL1

On a 2001 Chrysler town and country the transmission will go in park, neutral, reverse and will drive in either drive, 3d or 1st gear. The problem is that it won't shift from 1st gear to second or third when we are driving. It just stays in 1st gear. It is an automatic transmission, the engine is a 3.3L 6 cylinder. My wife heard a noise and this was the result. Any help on what the problem might be? I do not know anything about transmissions and have never removed a front wheel dirve one before,

Sounds like you are looking at a rebuild. chrysler transmissions need to be adjusted periodically by a qualified tech. if they aren't adjusted properly the results can be catastrophic. ... 2008 Chrysler Town & Country

Toyota Camry Automatic Transmission Jerking Shift

Not likely to be the clutch pack as you dont mention slipping wich is the normal sign of overheated or worn clutch bands.Not sure with your vehicle but 2 methods that control the shift severity are engine vacuum or pump pressure inside the auto. so c ... 1999 Toyota Camry

Manual transmission will not shift into any gear, even when the clutch is completely depressed. It's a hard shift to begin with and now when i have to come to a stop and say move it out of 4th gear and try to get it in to 2nd, it will not move into gear or any gear for that matter. i've turned the car off, started it, managed to shift into reverse and then get it into 1st then 2nd. happened suddenly hope it has something to do w/ the clutch and not the transmission.

The problem sounds like the clutch. If you put it in 1st., then start it up, does it try to move with you foot on the clutch? Does the clutch pedal feel different than normal. ... 1998 Ford Escort
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