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1999 toyota camry 4 cyl. check engine code P0773

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P0773 TOYOTA - Shift Solenoid E Electrical Malfunctionxicon.jpghttp://engine-codes.com/p0773_toyota.htmlForum CodePossible causes- Faulty shift solenoid E valve
- Shift solenoid E valve harness or connectors
- Shift solenoid E valve circuit is open or shorted
- Low transmission fluid level
- Dirty transmission fluid
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1999 toyota camry 4 cyl. check engine code P0773

P0773 TOYOTA - Shift Solenoid E Electrical Malfunction ... Toyota Camry

Idiling Issue Hi I have 2002 Toyota Camry 4 cyl. About a few weeks ago it started to have idling problems and the check engine light came on. When I?m driving it just fine, but when I come to a red light or a stop sign it starts to fluctuate and flutter like its struggling to stay on. It hasn?t stalled, but it feels like its about to then it goes back to normal flutters then goes back up flutters then goes back up. I took it to a mechanic and was told it had code 402 and another code but the mec

I had a similar problem with my 1999 camry 4 cyl except the check engine light never came on. When engine warmed up if I would stop at a red light it do almost exactly as you described. I would clean the throttle body and definitely the IAC (Idle air ... 1999 Toyota Camry

1997 Toyota Camry 4 cyl., When driving it stalls after the engine gets warm. Also when driving it feels like it is cutting out. At stoplights it will die unless you put in Neutral and idle it up to about 2000 rpms. We put a used throttle body with IAC valve but made no difference. We had the check engine light read. The codes where: P0446, P0505, P0402, P0401.

Get a timing light and check it.If the mark is jumping all over the place, your belt has jumped a cog and will need to be replaced. ... Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry Knock Sensor Problem The top of the radiator on my 1993 3.0 lt Toyota Camry V6, 3VZ FE engine split some months back and it overheated. I have since sorted out the head gaskets and it seems to be running okay. However the check engine light comes on once the engine warms up. Previously this light was coming on soon after the engine overheated, but I thought that it would go away once the repairs had been done. When checking the fault code it comes up that there is a fault with the ?

Replace knock sensors ... 1993 Toyota Camry V6

Toyota Camry Knock Sensor Problem The top of the radiator on my 1993 3.0 lt Toyota Camry V6, 3VZ FE engine split some months back and it overheated. I have since sorted out the head gaskets and it seems to be running okay. However the check engine light comes on once the engine warms up. Previously this light was coming on soon after the engine overheated, but I thought that it would go away once the repairs had been done. When checking the fault code it comes up that there is a fault with the ?

Hello. You have posted an excellent question.\015\012\015\012The code 55 you are getting, in Toyota terms, as as follows: \015\012\015\012"No number one knock sensor signal to the ECU fo four crank re ... 1993 Toyota Camry V6

Check engine! 2002 Toyota Camry- Auto Zone gave me a code P0420. What does that mean? Do i need to replace the oxygen sensor or the catalytic converter Check engine light came on. Using my scanner it reported code P0420. I reset the Check engine light. Is this okay to do? If something really is wrong and this was just a one time error will the light come back on if it happens again? I checked and the gas cap was loose.

Information about the p0420 codehttp://www.obd-codes.com/p0420 ... 2002 Toyota Camry

T100 1998 check engine light missing. Went to Advanced Autoused their hand held plug in and cyl # 5 missing with code p305 came up.Took it to Toyoya in May landing,N.J. $407 later they show me acracked plug and clean the throttle body. 175 miles later check engine comes on again I go to Advanced auto same code p305 cyl # 5 missing. If I had the fireing diagram order I would buy one new wire to see if it would solve the problem but i can not find the diagram anywhere. Back it goes to Toyota and

Have they replaced the coil on #5?? There are no plug wires on this motor. They have ignition coils mounted atop the sparkplugs called COPs. If a misfire is still detected, possible coil malf or cam or crank sensor malf. Hopefully this helps ... Toyota T100

1999 toyota camry 4 cyl check engine light on code reader said egr valve

A common problem for egr failures are the modulator valves, the valve is attached directly to the egr valve, it's a round plastic housing with three vacuum lines on it, try replacing this valve. ... 2001 Toyota Camry

2002 Toyota Camry 4 cyl has a check engine light with a code of P1135

Anyone knows the solution for Camry Engine code 440. I reset at half tank of gas & then filled upo the tank. Engine Light came back exactly on half tank again. ... Toyota Camry

2003 Toyota Camry Se V6 has a check engine light after failing smog check test by Fault Code P0500. Unsure why it failed just had some transmission & engine work done at the dealership a couple of weeks ago unsure why it wasn't detected at that time when my vehicle was covered by the extended warranty coverage. Confused by the fact that my vehicle had no check engine light as i drove to the check engine. Very shocked by strange coincidence. Sad that the the trouble happened after my warranty exp

I had the same problem, then took my car to an expert repair shop who diagnosed the sensors and\015\012found no problem with the car. They notified the DMV who was unaware of the problem, who then told the repair shop (John's Bascom Automotive ... 2006 Toyota Camry

I have a 2007 toyota camry and was running fine. Intermittenly, the abs light, brake light both go on, the rpm and speedomoter gauge stop working, (sometimes the rpm and heat guage bounce around) the heat gauge stop working and the air conditioner goes off. I could be driving for 20 minutes and it goes on and off. No check engine light. I went to Auto zone for a code, but they say no error codes because the check engine light isn't on.

... Toyota Camry

I have a 1996 Toyota Camry, with 301,200 miles on it. Just recently I noticed that when I am stopped for a light, the tachometer starts at 1 but then drops down a bit and then comes back up to 1. It feels like the car burps a bit. (The check engine light has been on for quite some time because I know there is the catalytic converter issue. But when the OBD was used this time, it not only said the P0420 code but also the P0755 code. Was able to cancel out the check engine light and it hasn't

Remove and clean idle air control valve. do not put whole valve in any liquid. just clean valve on end, do not push on valve end, or it will mess up idle setting. then clean around throttle plate in throttle body. there may be carbon around plate ... 1997 Toyota Camry

1997 toyota camry check engine light on codes are po441,po446

P0446 is an evap code for incorrect purge flow, check the rear vacume switching valve. its above the rear sub frame ... 1997 Toyota Camry

Toyota 4 runner 1998, recurring check engine light blinking at high speeds (60mph or above and going by the tach almost always sets the code at 2200 to 2400 rpm or above) and then sometimes stays on or goes out,- using a scanner, it produced codes: po300( random misfire), 302(misfire #2 cyl), and 305(misfire #5 cyl), but no misfire is felt, we have changed plugs, wires and the coil pack that operates spark for both #2 and #5 cyl--any ideas-

Hello\015\012It is very possible that this is a software problem, this car uses a system that went into use in 1996 and is the 1st electronic engine control system (known as OBD2) that has the ability to monitor all of the systems that control ... Toyota 4Runner

Just got a 1992 Toyota Camry LE 4 cylinder and the check engine light came on. The code displayed 52, knock engine signal. Does this code indicate I need to replace a sensor? Is there a larger issue with the engine? Or could it just be a loose wire? Is this something I could easily replace myself? Thanks for reading and feedback.

... Cars & Trucks

1996 toyota Camry Le...I have replace engine and transmission.The car runs good.The problem I have is when I first get nto car and start the car and go anywere in about 3 to 5 miles check engine light comes on with a P0770 code.I know it overdrive malfunction E solenoid.The car seems to shift find and when I take overdrive off int he car it drops bakt to standard gear.I also tried to take overdrive off when I first get into car and the check engine code does not come back until I actativate the

Take the oil pan off of the trany,look the oil condition,the filter if is not to dirty,and the electrical connectors and wires,start whit that. ... 1996 Toyota Camry

P0306 misfire Toyota Camry 1997. 180k miles. V6 Engine. Engine shaking with check engine light flashing. Switched the Coils to check if coils needs to be replaced for 4th and 6th. Threw the codes. P0306 is still showing up. Is it the plugs? What other problems could the car be having if its not the plugs?

A fuel injector. I would replace the plug first tho. ... 1997 Toyota Camry

2009 siverado check engine light flashes, stabilitrac service warning, misfires. P306 engine code indicates #6 cyl not firing. Plug fires when checked. "0" compression. 40,000. miles on 5.3l engine. injectors?

... 2009 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

2004 toyota camry p0793 check engine code - 2004 Toyota Camry

... 2004 Toyota Camry

2004 toyota camry p0793 check engine code - 2004 Toyota Camry

... 2004 Toyota Camry

My wifes 2004 Toyota Camry has a check engine light on. The codes read p0402. The check engine light came on shortly after she filled her car with gas. The car only has 51,500 original miles on it. what could be the problem?

... 2004 Toyota Camry

1999 Toyota Camry, 4 cylinder. engine check light is on, got P0406 code with Scanner. Do some research, looks like it is EGR valve position sensor circuit issue, but got confused with message here. someone mentioned that there is no EGR valve position sensor with 4 cylinder 1999 Toyota Camry. what can I do to fix this error? Thanks for the advise in advance!


I replaced the spark plugs in my 2000 toyota Camry and the issue with missfiring appears to have been solved and it seems to drives just fine now. However, the check engine light is still on and there is white smoke that smells like gas coming from the tale pipe when I push on the gas. What could be causing the smoke and does the check engine light need to be manualy reset? Before i replaced the spark plugs, I went to autozone and they hooked it up to the computer and got the codes P300, P301,

Yes, I had to Had to reset the code after i got the misfire codes. ... 2000 Toyota Camry

2001 toyota camry check engine code 120 - 1995 Toyota Camry

... 1995 Toyota Camry

2000 Camry 4 cyl 2.2L. CEL on 2 codes P0300 and P0303, random misfire and cyl 3 misfire respectively. It runs rough and misfires at idle and during driving is very sluggish and rough running, during acceleration the check engine light blinks (running lean air/fuel ratio?). I have replaced the fuel filter, checked all the vacuum lines for leaks, removed and inspected the EGR valve: no problems, Cleaned the EGR vacuum modulator filter. My next task is to remove and inspect the plugs and wires. The

I have exactly the same problem and codes you listed on my 2000 Camry 4 cyl. I replaced the plugs which had no effect. My friend mechanic said the problem is deffinitely the wires and I could also need to replace the coil pack. ... 1991 Toyota Camry
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