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Every time i push the brake it leaks out of the little thing that is connected behind the tire(where the nuts connect the tire). the car sat over night and it continued to leak.

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Answers :

This is either the bleeder valve or the brake line. In either case, you can try tightening. If it is the bleeder, you can also try replacing the bleeder. If it will not stop the leak, you may need a new cylinder in the drum. Please let me know if you have more questions.
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Every time i push the brake it leaks out of the little thing that is connected behind the tire(where the nuts connect the tire). the car sat over night and it continued to leak.

This is either the bleeder valve or the brake line. In either case, you can try tightening. If it is the bleeder, you can also try replacing the bleeder. If it will not stop the leak, you may need a new cylinder in the drum. Please let me know if ... Toyota Camry

Engine oil leaks into the air cleaner and continue leaking under the car next to the right front tire.

This sounds like you have an upper intake manifold gasket leak. ... Mitsubishi Lancer

Antifreeze leak occurs after driving and sits over night, no leaking while driving could this be the freeze plug. tried tightening all connections running from radiator to the engine. the car is a 1997 sadandeville

You might be losing coolant from the expansion tank, which could be cracked, damaged, or could have a bad cap/hose. hope this helps. ... 1997 Cadillac DeVille

Rattle additional info on the clunking rattle in underside of my 1999 nissan maxima. struts were replaced and rattle continued. i've tightened nuts on spare tire in trunk and made sure there's nothing else in trunk causing rattle. i've crawled underneath car and yanked on muffler which is secure. dealer rode w/me in car and heard rattle before inspecting, but still didn't find problem. i think, but can't prove that something is hitting the gas tank causing noise when i go over bumps in road.

I would check stabilizer bushings and/or links ... 1999 Nissan Maxima

Leaking coolant I've been having to add coolant every other day. I see a dripping leak underneath the car. It's appears to be near the passenger side tire (but closer to the front rather than exactly by the tire). The car hasn't been running hot. I initially thought I had a leak in the overflow reseoir, but now Im thinking it's a hose? I hope it's not the head gasket or thermostat?? Any ideas? I hope it's a hose because I live on a farm and have a terrible gravel driveway

Sounds like its coming from your overflow tank there is no hoses by the passanger tire.. dont sound like its anything to serious ... 1997 Chevrolet Malibu

Fluid leak This happens in Helsinki, Finland. Yesterday started car normally and drove downtown. Coming back home and while parking the car, noticed light green (neon yellow?) fluid on the snow, situated approx. mid car, rear of engine. Outside temp. +2 C (35 F). This morning started car again and noticed nothing had leaked during the night or after letting the car idle for 10 min. and moving it to and fro for a while. Outside temp. same. Mileage 170 000 km(105000 mls). Serviced every 12k, last

Hi Petteri, I don't know if you ever found a solution to your answer, but the same thing happened to me this year with my Toyota Camry. I ruled out trans ... Cars & Trucks

I have a vauxhall corsa b gsi and noticed last night that quite alot of water is leaking from under the car. I had a look under bonnet & noticed my water in coolant bottle was low. I topped the coolant bottle back up & when i started the car & water was leaking from under my car, & the water in coolant bottle had gone. I turned car off & left it for a while then topped it up again started the car and drove it a short distance down the road, i park up and checked the water level in coolant bottle

The water pump is leaking it will need replaced its possible the thermostat is now damaged and cylinder head ... Volkswagen GTI

93 Bonneeville - when I accelerated I heard a loud noise on the left front wheel side of the car, followed by car shaking slightly and moving very slowly, drove it around the block back to the house and the front left wheel felt as if I was continuously driving over a speedbump at a certain point in the tire's rotation, took off the tire, nothing is visibly broken or cracked and wheel is fine. When trying to move the car after that the car just simply sounds like it is accelerating but doesn

Check ur axle or half shaft it goes from the transmission to the wheel if they break it wont go anywhere it has rubber boots on each end of yhe shaft with universals in them ... 1993 Pontiac Bonneville

Car is leaking antifreeze and over heating even though there is antifreeze in the reservoir and is smoking after I turn car off. I bought a bottle of stop leak for radiator's and even added that and it still continues to leak. A friend of mine says it could be a water pump. I dont understand how that could be if it is leaking antifreeze. Pleae advice

The water pump is what pumps the anti-freeze half of anti-freeze is water so its called a water pump. but to me it sounds like theres something slugging up your radiator theres a small drain on the side if nothing comes out then its clogged, if it do ... 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix

My 2000 Lincoln Town Car wont start. A few days ago my dash went black when I attempted to start. Looked under the hood and there was heavy corrosion on the pos bat terminal. Changed both terminals and the car started fine. However light on dash would continually blink, and hazard lights would continually flash while driving the car. Ive been searching for answers online. I tried holding terminals together for 5 minutes. I tried securing the terminal connection to the wires. Tried letting car id

... 2000 Lincoln Town Car

1988 pontiac fiero 4 cyl. The car sat for about a year and a half before we were able to work on an overheating problem. Now that that is fixed, the car has a hard start and will stall out on deceleration and when stopping. Changed the fuel filter. The old fuel filter does release some sediment when you knock it out. Checked the IAC sensor and it is still good. Cleaned out this connection with carbon cleaner. Car idles better since changing the fuel filter and cleaning the IAC connection spot, b

I would simply put some Seafoam in there and keep on trucking. You can run the fuel pump via the ALDI port under the middle armrest, but fresh gas is probably enough to solve the problem at this point. Sure it will be hard to drive for a while, but ... 1988 Pontiac Fiero

I have a 2005 Hyundai Tuscani with manual transmission. For the past 3 days my car has continually been jumping into neutral from the 3rd gear up to the 5th (It may also happen some in the 1st & 2nd gears but it is harder to tell). After a few seconds the car will jump back into gear and this continues to happen every 10 seconds or so for the entire time I'm driving. Today the car has actually stalled on me twice as I tried to move forward into 1st gear when having sat at a red light that had

The problem with the transmission is not related to the gas you used. It is mere coincidence that the transmission went out after filling up, if indeed it is the transmission. What exactly is happening? Do the revs suddenly just start picking up as w ... 2005 Hyundai Tiburon

My name is Amir Rahim. I live in San Diego CA. North Park. Not too bad of a neighborhood. I loved my 2005 Chevy Equinox. Up until two nights ago I felt secure every time I locked the doors and heard the alarm sound. I went into my house feel like I would at least know if some thief disturbs my car. Sadly I was misled into a false sense of security. Last night someone broke out the back window and stole my lap top computer. The car sat there in front of my house all night in the rain. NO c

You should never leave $$$$ things like that inside a locked up car. Factory alarm systems only go off if the doors are opened. All the crooks know this. You need to have a glass breakage sensor added to your system. ... 2005 Chevrolet Equinox

My 1995 saab 900s hatchback is leaking rain water, it leaks in the back floor of the car the spare tire has mold on it and under the drivers side back seat is wet, on the head liner on the drivers side back seat theres sign of water travel. the car does have roof racks and the bottom of the back door is starting to rust so that may be why its leaking in the back???

... Saab 900

I had a flat tire and someone put the wrong size tire on my car which caused the srews for the lug nuts to break off now i cant put my tire on is the car a total now

No...absolutely not. However....it is more likely that the lugs were not tightened in the first place that caused the lugs to break. Wrong size tire will not do that. Furthermore...its a pretty simple fix. Jack up the wheel....pull off the calipe ... Ford Explorer

Mitsubishi Galant 2000 water blowing out of overflow. Problem started after slow radiator leak caused car to overheat and it was driven about 4 miles on fwy before car was stopped to have radiator refilled. Resealed radiator, but it opened up again. Replaced radiator. Water blowout was noted, so I replaced radiator cap, then Thermostat. Problem continues. Can drive about 25 miles before enough water is blown out (about 3 Qts) that the car starts to over heat. If it is a head leak, is there some

Try "Iron tight" head gasket sealer. ... 2000 Mitsubishi Galant

Running slower my car is running really bad, i don't know any thing about cars that's why i came here but the hose that is connected to my air filter and the engine is cracking and my oil hasn't been changed for over 40,000 miles ago and my alinment is off it always pulls to the right when i hit little cracks in the road my right side both of my tires are bold and i just bought this car, and all the tires on the right side are still in excellent condition, and so i don't have any clue how to fix

I am so sorry to here that you don't have the money to properly maintain your vehicleSounds like your car could use a great deal of work. Just so you know for future reference your vehicles oil should be changed every 4,000 miles at most. It wo ... 2000 Ford Mustang

Oil leak I have a Renault Megane Schenic 1998 RT Auto.I noticed that a rubber pipe on top of the gearbox was not connected (look like a breather pipe) The moment I connected this pipe the car developed a oil leak. The oil is coming from the engin and not the gearbox. Is there a connection between engin and the gearbox with this pipe? How can I fix this? Thanks Pierre

In auto gearbox cars there is connection between gearbox and engine. what you connected is a vacuum pipe to vacuum capsule,it for gear changes, it seems it faulty. ... 2004 Renault 181

Car alarm Hi there bought a car a few months back with a concept 300 car alarm fitted. All was fine until a couple of weeks back when it started going off a few times throught the night. Last night it beeped once and today is going off continually. What could be the problem and how can I fix it. thanks carol

If you have recently tinted the windows in your car, the metal in the tint can adversly effect the microwave sensors that are built into the concept 300. There is no fix for this problem if this is the case, other than turning the microwave sensitivi ... 1988 Mazda 929

There are chrome rims on the car I bought about 4 years ago. I took the car in to discount tire because one of the tires continue to go flat on a weekly basis. I was told that the rims got wet inside which case the peeling and bubbling and that I could have them sanded down but it would cost about the same to just buy new rims. The rims on the car are not stock rims and cost between $300 - $400 each. I live in New Mexico so I can't believe that the inside of the rims if they did get wet were wet

Suggest using nitrogen in your tires instead of compressed air usually available at tire retailers. ... 2007 Chrysler 300c AWD Sedan New Cars

Citroen XM SVX 2.5 diesel. I have a rather huge leak of hydraulic fluid at the left rear of the car that seems to be coming from the back side of the cross beam suspension support. I have been under the car and is impossible to determine where the source of the leak is. There are four visible spheres. One central, two located at the end of the shock absorbers, and one far left hand side. I have found a plastic ''vacuum'' type pipe that exits the left hand side sphere , but it connects to noth

... 1987 Peugeot Liberte

Car overheating I have a 1996 Acura 3.2 TL with a V6 engine and it recently started overheating. I replaced the thermostat a few days ago and it continues to overheat. However, it only starts to overheat when I travel long distance on the highway. The car begins to smoke under the hood and when I check the antifreeze, its always low and none. I think I may have a leak, but I'm not sure as to where its leaking from. Could someone give me some insight as to what may be the problem?

If ur antifreeze keeps showing low or none , there is a leak in the system. check for leaks in the radiator or in the colling systems piping. ... 1996 Acura TL Series

I have 97 ford mustang gt v8 4.6 engine as i was driving home one day my car died check the 20amp fuse that was blown and small 30amp under the hood. replace the fuse blown again crank the car up the theft light continue to blink can u help me solve my problem had a new fuel pump installed a month again. what all is connected to the 20amp fuses to cause it to continue to blown. please help me.

... Ford Mustang

My 2003 toyota corrolla wont start. turn the key, no clicking, just nothing. lights seem strong, heater fan blows, radio works so dont think its battery issue. can tell you after 20 min drive last night car sat for about 45 minutes and wouldnt start. went back up today after sat all night and started right up. drove it home 20 minute drive, turned it off tried to restart, nothing. let it cool an hour with hood open, it started again.but tried to start alittle while ago with engine cool and it wo

May have a bad starter colenoid, easier to replace the whole starter. sometimes the starter colenoid goes 1st when really hot & then it cools & restart no problem. next time it won't start, try boosting it.if you can, tap on starter when turn ... 2003 Toyota Corolla

2001 Jaguar XJ8 Vanden Plas - took it into a tire center to have a slow leak repaired. While waiting in the showroom, I heard my alarm go off several times. The tech said he shut off the alarm using my remote switch. When he was done with the tire, the car turns over, but then dies. We tried disconnecting the battery, and various gyrations with the remote and key...to no avail. Called my mechanic. He thinks it may be the fuel pump. The car has been running great until the alarm issue. Is

\015\012Yes it does have a cut switch, located on the fire wall in the engine compactment. If you push the black button it will reset it.\015\012--------\015\012The emergency fuel shut off is located in the ... 2001 Jaguar XJ8
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