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Hi there just wondering how to go about replacing left hand outer cv boot on 94 escudo.i just would like to give it a go and not sure if it is difficult or will put wheel alignment out. cheers hamish

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Answers :

No, It will not affect the wheel alignment but it takes special tools. That's the rub.
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Hi there just wondering how to go about replacing left hand outer cv boot on 94 escudo.i just would like to give it a go and not sure if it is difficult or will put wheel alignment out. cheers hamish

No, It will not affect the wheel alignment but it takes special tools. That's the rub. ... Suzuki Vitara

97 chevy tahoe 2 wheel 350 engine.I asked for a wheel alignment,The shop had to do the knock outs to allow more adjustment. After, they could not turn the wheels to the left.You can turn the wheels with the engine on or when you lift the weight off the suspension. Now they want to put a gear box on. I am unemployed and can't afford to rebuild the whole steering while they try to find out whats wrong. I know the wheel turned OK at the other alignment shop as they said they could not do the knock

Please explain what you mean by knock outs ??the only adjustment is on the track rod ends ,they screw in or out a bit to adjust .do you mean the stop bolts ?? need more info please in queens english ... 1997 Chevrolet Tahoe

Again i have a problem with my Toyota Condor. I have a problem that when i go above 100kmp the steering wheel vibrates quite badly. i have had this problem for a fair time but it is now more profound as i have had a complete set of new tyres put on. this set of tyres are the second set put on by the tyre provider as the first set had the same problem which to me makes it a mechanical problem. They did check the wheel alignment and also inflated the tyres to 240bar but the problem still persists.

Check the condition of the wheel bearings for failure or adjustment ... Toyota Cars & Trucks

OK i have a 2009 nissan xterra first off I love it, 2nd off i got 2 brand new tires put on the front and the ones from the front put on the rear. Well the tire man told me i needed an alignment bc it was eatin the inside of my front tires well i went and got that done problem is that it drove better before. The steering wheel bobbled back and forth and i veer to the right and to the left when im still going the same direction. I took it back to the guy that done the alignment and he jumped down

I would get a second opinion. Apparently the tire guy may have got the alignment right, but didn't check for loose suspension or steering parts that will cause your problem. Have your inner and outer tie rods checked for wear and looseness. Also th ... 2000 Nissan Xterra

I re-aligned all both my cam sproket and crankshaft sprocket to specs and installed the timing belt. The car will turn on but wont accelerate. Thinking i misaligned the sprokets, i took everything out again and re-aligned the sprockets to specs and put back the timing belt, cover, pulley, and v-belts. I made sure i didnt mess up the timing when i put in the timing belt. The car will not raise rpm past 1500. I did not use a timing light to adjust the distrubitor. Could that be the problem??

Are you sure you have the correct marks?....The crankshaft marks wont be a problem, but the cams may be....There's usually a hole through the cam pulley and that should be lined up with a punch mark behind it....That will be on the camshaft cap....Bu ... 1992 Toyota Paseo

Alignment problem I just had new tires put on my truck (153,000 miles) and had them check the allignment while it was there because my old tires were wearing like it was out of alignment. I wont bore you with the numbers, but the caster (both wheels), camber (both wheels), and left toe were all pretty far out, the right side toe was out a little but still within tolerable limits. I know I need new ball joints and tie rods ends, but I need some assistance on which parts to replace to correct thes

If the tie rod ends and ball joints need replacing do these first before getting the tracking done. After replacing these don't assume it will correct the alignment automatically as you would have disturbed the settings while changing them so getting ... 1997 Dodge Dakota

I have a 1996 GMC 3500, Crew Cab, Long Bed, 454 [7.4], Automatic, 2 Wheel Drive [not dually]. It has a vibration that begins at around 30 mph and seems to fade away at around 45-50. I just put new tires on it, made sure they were well balanced, the vibration didn't go away. The vibration is still there when I put it in nuetral and coast [engine at idle] through that MPH range. If I accelerate hard through that MPH it still shows up. The vibration is not resonating through the steering wheel.

... 1998 GMC Sierra

What could be the problem if rear driver wheel is leaning out like it is bent? I ran up on a curb and now my driver rear wheel is leaning out some and my front wheel feels like I need an alignment or I bent the lower control arm because it almost looks like the driver wheel is pushed back a little than the front passenger wheel. I was told that my lower control arm is bent on driver side wheel but I want to be sure before I buy this part. has anyone ever had this problem?

The best thing to do is to take it to a local Frame and Alignment Shop and have them put the vehicle on a Frame Machine and take measurements to determine what is exactly bent before throwing money on parts you might not need. ... 2001 Dodge Stratus

Wheel help! I have a 2004 5.30i ... Currently it has 225/50R17 tires with 17x7.5 wheels and offset of E13... I'm trying to determine what wheels I can fit on my car...(i'd like to go up in size) i'm not real sure which numbers to look at when determining what i can put on my car... Please help! Most google searches lead to wheel stores trying to sell wheels..

225 = Tyre width\015\01250 = Tyre Height\015\01217 = Size of the wheel without tyres on.\015\012\015\012You can go up a size to 18's and I'd suggest 225/40R18 TO GIVE YA A LITTLE EXTRA GRIP BUT THE COMFORT WILL SUFFER A BIT. ... 2004 BMW 5 Series

The front right wheel is making an "airlpane" noise according to my wife. i thought it was the outer wheel bearing assembly hub. i took off the brake caliper too get at it, and to be sure i turned the wheel: no sound or resistance. i dont think its the wheel bearing, it was replaced about 2 years ago. i put the caliper back on. i turned it again. dragging. how to i fix a dragging caliper?

... GMC Jimmy

Ignition switch? My grand prix will only start if you turn the steering wheel all the way to the far left or right- while holding the wheel turned turn the key and it will start up but the die immediately and the wheel releases- also very difficult to put in and out of gear, possibly more than one problem. my email is [email protected] please help! thanks, gary

Hi take the cowls from around the ignition switch find the connector use a test light find out the live wire and find ignition wire and starter wire then loop the live to the ignition wire then flash the starter wire across the looped ignition wires ... 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix

My 91 Ford Explorer 4WD is exhibiting some steering and suspension problems that I am having problems diagnosing. I am not sure if there is one or multiple problems involved. Where should I start? I do most of my own mechanic work. All of these symptoms come and go. 1. The alignment does not stay aligned and can be changed/affected positively and negatively while driving by turning the wheels full left or right going either forward or backward. For example, today the car was aligned (not pul

I'm assuming you have a 4WD?! Check and repair the CVs as you find worn joints. If these joints are worn and binding, you get exactly what you aredescribing. Let me know if you need instructions or diagrams. ... Ford Explorer

I have a 95 vr holden commodore the front right wheel is shuttering thru the steering wheel im 99% sure its the studs but my mate had a good look at it and it had him stumped we put the original rim back on it and its still doing it but the wheel nuts are still becoming loose.. now in the choose make there is no holden the closest make to my car is the pontiac g8 please help as i need my car for work and god did they get very shitty with me as i have no car at the moment ... kind regards jake go

If the other rim did it as well, it would seem that your wheel nuts are worn on the taper, although that does not account for them coming loose. Try new wheel nuts, but if you need an emergency fix, try putting thick washers (about 2mm thick) on the ... Pontiac G3

I have a 1997 Ford Escort that I recently put (2) new tires on the front. After the tires the vehicle started pulling to the left very badly. I had the tires switched in the front left to right, right to left and it helped the problem. I also had it hooked up to the alignment machine at the repair shop and it said the left tire was out of alignment but they need to loosen the strut in order to realign. I was wondering does this make sense to you. Also can the rear wheels be aligned or only

Yes loosening the top strut/bracket is needed to adjust the alignment, the rear should be fine unless there is damage to rear suspension compontents that need replaced, however for that vehicle just the front. ... 1997 Ford Escort

4-wheel drive isnt working , i put the tranny in nautral and pull the lever back in to 4 wheel high and nothing , its the same with 4 wheel low , but i can drive the truck around , sure hope u can help

Sounds to me like the 4 wheel drive actuator on the front diff isn't working. Its a relatively inexpensive part, and easy to change. It is located on top of the front diff, a few inches to the right of the pumpkin. Will be really easy to find once yo ... 1995 Chevrolet K1500

I have a 2003 Cadillac cts with a bad steering wheel shake from 35+ mph. Wheels are balanced, just got new tires alignment is good. Rims are fine as well as rotors. Just started doing this when I put

Just about has to be an axle shaft,either bent or has a bad CVjoint. Might br able to see it but it would have to supported at the lower control arm (so it is at normal ride height,not the weels hanging unsupported) ... 2003 Cadillac CTS

Hi I have a navara d 23 and when I put into 4 wheel drive it feels very unstable on front end like the power distribution is wrong not that it pulls to 1 side but more flicking from 1 side to another . There's no noise from gear box grinding or otherwise and it takes ages to get it to come out Of 4 wheel drive once I pt the lever back into original position ! Thought might be a sensor issue As was fine 1 day not the next any ideas ??? Cheers dan

... Nissan Pickup

93 GMC Sonoma 4.3L, no Vortec, I got a Transmission leak that is dripping down onto my front cross exhaust pipe, not sure where it's leaking, got worse after letting it sit for about a week due to steering wheel repairs, not sure where to go, a friend told me it might be a seal and to put some brake fluid in, and it could possibly swell the seal, NEED HELP. Thanks.

If the transmission is leaking, it generally requires disassembly and replacement of the seal. I have never heard of using brake fluid to swell the seal, and wouldn't know how to get to the seal with that chemical.\015\012\015\012Good lu ... 1993 GMC Sonoma Club

I have a 1993 Olds Cutlass Ciera S. A few weeks ago, the steering wheel became incredibly difficult to turn. I check the power steering fluid level and it was empty so I filled it. Now when I turn to the right it makes a whirring, whistling type noise and is difficult to turn, but only to the right. I recently replaced the front, passenger side tire and was told I need an alignment. Is there some other problem that I'm missing?

If it was empty, you must have a leak in the steering system. ... 1998 Oldsmobile Aurora

I am working on a 2002 volvo s80 2.9. I am replacing the camshaft seals. bought the camshaft tools to align the gears, not sure how the tool goes on the rear of the camshafts. Can you help me? Also do i just put the belt on when i align the camshafts and lock the crankshaft in place?

... 2002 Volvo S80

When i use the brake, especially at high speds it makes a loud vibrating noise, the sterring wheel vibrates and shakes a little. this starting happening after i got al alignment and new tires put on. i thought it was because the alignment wasn't done properly, but the dealership said it is ok

The alignment would not affect your breaking as the alignment only controles the direction that the front wheels face. You may need to check your rotors and make sure they do not need replaced and check the breaks while you are at it. The pads should ... Toyota Matrix

Changed the rear Brakes in my 1992 Ford F-150 2 wheel drive Pickup. On the passenger side rear with the adjuster all the way in, the drum was still difficult to put back on. Put it on anyway and went for a test drive. Brakes don't appear to be sticking or grabbing but felt the drum and the passenger side was much warmer (Hot to the Touch) than the other side. Any Ideas?

Pull both drums and VERY CAREFULLY compare the left and right side, check all the hardware and return springs, position of the shoes, etc. (You know that the left and right are mirror images of each other, as you look at each assembly, think "front v ... 1992 Ford F150 SuperCab

Steering i have 2003 ford focus zetec 1.6 just wondering how to take the steering wheel of as i have sports wheel to put on and is it a six bolt pattern cheers s007ste,

Hi\015\012\015\012This is a bit of a task, so I hope you're feeling brave! And I'm doing this from memory so bear with me!\015\012\015\012First of all, disconnect the battery negative lead and then have a cup of coffee for 20 ... 2003 Ford Focus

Metal to metal sound in right front wheel gets worse making left turns not all ways there just occasionallt but getting worse took wheel apart and find where the brake caliper has been rubbing against something brake assembly is put togethere right but not sure if the cv joint is sitting in the hub right

Remove your tyre take break disc by hand see if you move it if theres any play, I think you have a warn Weal Bearing. ... 2003 Ford Focus

Manual transmission I just changed the clutch in my 2000 ford focus and when i pulled it off there was no fluid in fly wheel housing. Do I need to put fluid in there does it not need any in that part of the transmission? I didnt think it would cause it would make the fly wheel slip but i just wanted to make sure.

The clutch operates dry. Your assumption that it would slip with oil in there is a good one. ... 2000 Ford Focus
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