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Tools needed to replace brake pads on 2009 suzuki sx4

\015 What tools do I need to replace brake pads and rotors?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Tools needed to replace brake pads on 2009 suzuki sx4

... Suzuki SX4

Vehicle: 2002 Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.5L V6 4WD Subject: Front brake pad replacement. Question: Are there any "special" tools required to swap out brake pads on this particular vehicle? This is our only form of transportation and I don't need any surprises while in the middle of the job. Thank you in advance, Brian Davis

The caliper piston may need to be turned as it is pressed in is the only surprise yuo will have. Good Luck, JROD ... 2002 Suzuki Grand Vitara

Brake how can i replace my front brakes? what the tool do i need and is there any special tools do i need to replace my brake pads on my 98 grand am 3100

Gm uses one of 3 tools to remove calipers 1- T-50 tork bit 2 3/8 hex scoket 3 13mm socket ... 1998 Pontiac Grand Am

I have just purchased a replacement hub for my 2003 Ram 1500. There are no instructions on how to remove & replace the hub. The Ram has ABS. I"m also going to replace the front brake pads on both front wheels. I know how to replace the pads but I'm wondering if I need special tools for removal of the Hub.

The best way for me to walk you through this is to have you watch a video because it's a lot of typing and might not make much sense if you were reading it. Check it out here: ... Dodge Ram 1500

I want to change all the brake pads on my 2003 Mazda Proege 5 Hatchback. 51000 miles on the car, only 23000 miles on pads that were replaced professionally in 2007. I am used to working with cars but I have never changed pads on a Mazda. Do I needs any special tools and is it a difficult job. I have sockets and a well stocked tool box etcetera.

Hello sdawson.These vehicles brake pads are relatively easy to replace. A little experience is always beneficial but paying careful attention to details goes a long way.There is a tool for the rear that really helps, read about it f ... Mazda Protege

Brake Change I have a 2002 2.0 Volkswagen Golf that i am going to replace the brake pads and rotors front and rear.  I am curious if there are any special tools i will need, and also, is there any special processes i will need to make sure i complete. (outside the ordinary) The rear calipers might be ceased up because i noticed the rotors are very rusty and it appears they might not be working correctly. Any suggestions aside from having to buy new calipers possibly?

Make provisions for transportation to the autoparts store for parts that may have failed or break during this project ... 2002 Volkswagen Golf

I have a 2006 Suzuki Forenza. I am replacing brake rotors and pads, front and rear. Are any special tools or procedures required to retract the brake caliper to install the new pads?

To change the brake pads, you will need two cans of brake cleaner and the tools required are a: 3/8" drive ratchet, 3/4" socket, 9/16" socket , 3" 3/8" drive extension, and a medium size clamp. The rotors will pull straight off once you get to them. ... 2006 Suzuki Forenza

I need to change the brake pads on my 2004 suzuki verona are there any special tools that i need and will changing my brakes make my abs light go off since it is already on. also how can i get the check engine light to go off

... 2004 Suzuki Verona

I understand that I will need a special tool to screw in the piston when I change the rear brake pads on my 2003 tiburon GTS. Where can I get this tool and where can I find the instructions for replacing the real pads?

It's fairly easy and the tool cost less than $10 at most auto parts stores, so why rent it? As for instructions...here you go:- "Loosen" lug nuts. - Jack the car up. Support with jack stand(s).- Remove previously loosened lugs ... 2003 Hyundai Tiburon

What tool do i need to replace front brake pads on 2008 mariner?

You Will Need A 13-14 mm Wrench for Caliper Bolts .A Large Flathead Screwdriver to Spred open Caliper/Shoes to Remove Caliper from Rotor,\015\012After rhis you Can use a LARGE "C" Clamp to CLOSE Caliper Piston. ... 2005 Mercury Mariner

Brakes I turned in my car to change my brake pads but, after 2 months it needed to be changed again. This time they said I also need a new brake disc. How is it within 2 months I needed to replace the pads and disc when it took me three years to wear down the original brakes? Now again I need to replace both pads and disc. It also makes a knocking sound when the brakes is not engaged. What causes this? Is it something the mechanic did that's not right.

It sounds like the rotor (brake disk) is warped. That would cause the pads to wear much more quickly because the disk "wobbles".\015\012The warped disk can also cause the noise, depending on how bad the warp is.\015\012When most shops ch ... 2004 Mazda 3

Tools I need to replace front brake pads on 2009 Tucson

... 2005 Hyundai Tucson

What tools will i need to replace my brake pads on a 2000 silverado 1500 ? I was told i will need a torx bit for the front. What size and what do i need for the rear ?

Should be like a 3/8 allen wrench but if it is a torx should be a t45-t50 ... 2000 Chevrolet Silverado

I am trying to replace the disk brakes on a 2002 grand Cherokee need to replace pads and rotors, but can't get the calipers off. Is their a special tool to get the pins out?

You don't really have to remove the caliper pins to replace the pads or rotors. If you look on the inside of the caliper,you will see two large bolts, I think they take an 18mm socket or wrench. Remove them,then using a large screwdriver, pry the pa ... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Need to know what tools needed for replaceing brake pads on a 2000 kia sophia

Go to any autozone store and they will sell u exactly what is needed for that brake job. ... 2000 Kia Sephia

How do you replace the rear brake pads on a 1994 corvette? is there a special tool you need to remove the e-brake cable?

On my 90 it was this easy. \015\012Raise car\015\012Remove wheels\015\012Open bleeder and spread pads\015\012Close bleeder\015\012Remove the two bolts holding the calipers on \015\012Replace pads \015\ ... 1994 Chevrolet Corvette

Wat tool do i need to remove front and back brake calipers so i can replace brake pads on a audi a4 2002 2.0 se

For front brake pads replacement you need only usually wrench set, inclusive 7 mm allen key also. But for rear brake pads replacement you need obligatory a special caliper piston pressing tool, in order to press back rear caliper piston with parking ... 2002 Audi A4

Need to replace rotors and brake pads for a 1999 VW Bettle tdi. I have the parts and tools needed. Could you please give me a refresher on how to go about this.

I am not sure about your rotors, but they usually come right off, maybe bolted, maybe just a clip. But the calipers, you have 4 bolts in the back, the two on the outside are the slide bolts for the pads to slide on, and the ... 2003 Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible

Brakes i have a 01 Dakota SLT, it needs brake work. Jerks etc when stopping. Is this something a person can do is there something requiring above average skill and tools (ABS system). Is it straight forward take of the tire, replace the rotor amd pads? Thanks Paul Lewis

I own the sam,e model and had the same problem.The pads come off very easily you need an allen wrench socket to take off the calipers and can get a set of them for under $15.Also the rotors just slip off if you need to change them or at least have th ... 2001 Dodge Dakota

How to replace front brake pads for 1991 Ford Taurus? Rotors probably need replacing as well. If I have no tools, is it cheaper to just have it done by a mechanic?

I guarantee you it would be cheaper to by tools and do it yourself. You don't need anything considered a "special" tool.\015\012\015\012I posted the steps to replace both the pads and rotors for you as well as the cost for your parts: ... 1991 Ford Taurus

Hi there! I would like to replace the front brake pads on my 2002 VW Passat and would like to know if I will need the special caliper tool as I did with the rear brakes. Could you help?

Not needed on this ive just done my wifes! ... 2003 Volkswagen Passat

I have a 2008 acura tl-s with 7600 miles on it. I just brought my car in this past Saturday for it's B1 service. I was told that the brakes are very low and need to be replaced. The service request writer showed me the car, with the wheel on and pointed t o a metal tab near the brake caliper and brake pads stating that tab shows the brake pads are low and need to be replaced. I just checked my car now and I still see the same tab. I want to know if that sounds right, what that tab is for, s

The tab is to let you know when you need brake's, it will make an ugly squeeky sound when it rubs on the brake rotor, that you will want to have it check out, I think there trying to get over you, but that's only my guess, with out me looking at it. ... 2008 Acura Tl

I have a brake issue. I have had the pads and rotors turned twice now. Then I was told the master cylinder was bad. Then, the brakes locked up while driving, burned up the pads and scorched the rotors, and I was told the entire abs went bad and needs to be replaced. I asked how all this could happen and was told someone might have put in bad brake fluid. Considering they were the ones that replaced the master cylinder, I think I am getting screwed... I need some advice after explaining the whol

Not only a bad brake fluid but the system may have not been bled until the piston and cylinder snaps. what you are experiencing is the result. since they are the only ones servicing the part, they should be taking full responsibility of the p ... Pontiac G6

When I brake there is a grinding, groaning sound which sounds like brakes (front), however I had new pads put on and rotars resurfaced. One place told me that subarus need to have organic pads, mine are ceramic, another told me that shims are loose and nothng I can do but wait untill I need the brakes replaced again. Third guy said that front axal is causing braking noise. Do I need new axal to fix noise? At this point I do not know who to trust. I just want to ready the car to sell it. It i

Hi,HI there! I would have the brakes looked at. It sounds like you may be hearing the warning tab from the brake pads touching the rotor, or possibly a backing plate. It could possible be the shield on the front drive axle rubbing on some ... Subaru Forester

How to retract/compress rear disc brake caliper piston on 2006 ford 500? Do you apply slight pressure in and rotate clockwise or what? I am replacing the pads and of course the new ones are too thick, I am not against buying a tool to accomplish this, however I'm not sure of how to do this, or the basic operation of this design. I would appreciate your advice, as the wife needs car monday, 4-20-09. Thank you, Doug

Thers a special tool called an ice cube , place it on the piston push and roate at the same time,there is a arrow on the calliper for direction to turn,you may have to crack open bleeder to release pressure. ... 2006 Ford Five Hundred
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