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Subaru timing issue

\015 Have installed a water pump - now need to reset timing. Now sure of proper procedure.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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I have a 86 Subaru GL wagon. Replaced brake pads and now the brake pedal goes to the floor. Bled all 4 brakes several times and no air came out. Replaced Master Cylinder and still have same issue. What could be causing this issue?

Have you checked the master cylinder on bulk head when you press the break pedal check if there are any air bubles this means that the seals have perished and need replacing ... Cars & Trucks

Recently, my wife's 1998 Subaru Outback has had electrical issues. We went to leave one morning and the battery was dead. I checked all the light switches and they were all in the off positions. I hooked up the battery charger and started the vehicle. Once power was returned and the car was running fine, I could hear a relay clicking under the front driver side dash and all the exterior lights (minus the headlights and back-up lights) were blinking in time to the relay. The other issue is that i

I had the same problem on our 1999 Forester after replacing the battery. Here was the solution I was given by Subaru Santa Cruz.\015\012\015\0121) the key to the ON position where all the dash lights up.\015\0122) disconnect the NEGATIVE batter ... Subaru Outback

Subaru timing issue

... Subaru Legacy

Put 1998 Subaru Legacy up on blocks to work an exhaust issues. When we lowered the car, we must have triggered one of the shock sensors. Now, each time we try to start the car we blow that fuse. How do you reset the rear shock sensors? We bounced the car up and down to what ever extent we could...it did not do the trick.What's your problem?

... 1998 Subaru Legacy

I have an issue with my radio in my 98 subaru forester. every time i shut off my car and start it back up. the radio completely resets. Clock flashing at 12:00 and all of my saved radio stations are gone. Ive looked at the wires and all of them are fine. but the radio still resets.

Could be a problem with the courtesy light circuit. The radio uses two circuits for power, one thru the key switch and one from the battery for memory. You should have two fuses involved. ... Cars & Trucks

When i'm at a light the rpm needle goes up sometimes, and while i'm accelerating or decelerating there seems to be some idling issues. i'm wondering if this is a timing belt situation or maybe the spark plugs. this car is a 1996 subaru legacy and i just replaced the battery

A common subaru fault is the idle speed control valve sticks and needs cleaning. it is definately not timing belt or spark plugs. ... 1996 Subaru Legacy

Gutless Subie So I just picked up a '93 Subaru Legacy a couple days ago for real cheap, and I'm probably beginning to find out why. It only has about 170k miles and just had the alternator, starter and timing belt replaced. For the most part, it runs and drives solid, but I've noticed every now and then within the first 5 minutes of driving it has some serious power issues. I can press the gas, but it barely goes faster than an idle. I almost got smeared off the road this morning on my way to wo

Look for a loose, cracked, or worn distributor cap. Hope this helps. ... 1993 Subaru Legacy

I have a 1995 Subaru legacy. While overtaking another vehicle, there was a loud noise, possibly a backfire and the engine died. I coasted to the side and had the car towed to a garage. I suspected a timing belt issue, so disassemble and realigned the belt and cams (dual over cams), but the engine still won't fire. It cranks, and occasionally backfires, but wont start. Any suggestions would be great.

Was the timing belt broken?Are you sure the cams are aligned correctly?If the belt was broken It may be wise to do a compression test. This should tell you if a valve has bent. ... 1995 Subaru Legacy

So I took my sons 1999 GMC Denali to the shop for the 3rd time because his wipers, radio and windows stop working all at the same time. Each time I have taken it I have gotten a different response. This time they said that they could not duplicate the issue but they could replace the Body Control Module because that was the only thing that has shown up on the Diagnostic codes. I am SICK of throwing money at the issue. If the BCM is the issue I have found replacement parts online for hundreds

It is an easy change for you and yes I also hate people scraping my pockets as well...........Hope this helps. ... 2007 GMC Yukon XL Denali

My daughters 2004 Pontiac Sunbird with the 2.2 ocassionaly wont start. She said when this no start condition happens the car turns over but sounds funny. It idles and runs out great. I have heard it hot and cold start and it started rite up every time. Her friend that heard the car when it wouldnt start said it sounded like a timing belt issue?? Any ideas?? If it were a timing belt issue wouldnt it do it all the time? Is there any way of checking the timing belt?

It would not run good at all if it was the timing belt. In fact it probably wouldn't even start at all. It sounds more like loose bolts on the starter or the tension pully that keeps the serpentine belt tight. That one has to be replaced. ... Pontiac Sunbird

Starter or solenoid issue on '98 Subaru Outback Legacy

The starter is separate from the soleniod; It could be a part called the bendix on the starter itself. If you can remove it, take it to a auto parts store- they will check it for free. ... 1997 Subaru Outback

I have '99 Honda Accord automatic transmission. I've found lots of people complaining/asking about similar issues as mine but not quite. It is having issues shifting. At the time it needs to shift it will have loss of power and then it will jerk into gear. It ONLY happens when it's warmed up. There's no issues driving for the first 5 miles. I have about 205,000 miles. The engine light went on shortly before the first time I experienced this. The transmission fluid and oil were very low and wer

... 1998 Honda Accord

My Buick 2000 is having electrical issues. The heater blower will work sometimes on high and other times when shut off can't get it running again. Now sometimes everything decides to work heater blower low speeds and high, all climate controls, and even the cruise. Then once vehicle is shut off does not want to work again. For some reason the cruise issue is tied into the heater blower issue at the same time. Any ideas?? thanks

... 2000 Buick Century

The grounding of number ten terminal on the test connector when adjusting timing or idle speed has no effect on either one. This was listed on my smog check along with the timing being off by to degrees. What are the issues that might be going on with the test connector? Is there a fuse in the number 10 line and where does the number 10 line connect to in the car?speed has no effect on either one. This was listed on my smog check along with the timing being off by to degrees. What are the issues

... 1997 Mazda Protege

My 1993 chev silverado 1500 4x4 has an issue; 1. it revs up (while driving) to cause transmission to drop a gear 2. the idle will fluctuate (while in gear and stopped) and stall 3. while stopped (in gear) truck will surge forward 4. service engine light will come on most of the time when these issues happen 5. does not to it all the time but getting more frequent 6. when issue occur the odometer stops working 7. new computer was installed it ran smooth and strong for 45 minutes, then back to pro

... Chevrolet Chevy

Heater issues Had an overheating/coolant leak issue and discovered the famous degal bottle issue. Replaced it, and refilled the coolant to spec (using the engine fill and bleeder valve). But my heater only works when at high idle...cold air all other times. I've tried bleeding it a few times...nothing. Note: this thing got real hot when the prior owner drove it 50 miles with virtually no coolant (and the cylinder head temp switch was broken right off, so the fail safe system was not triggered),

Right beside the degas bottle top thare is a black hose sticking out that has a screw in plug in it that can be removed with a straight screw driver. remove this plug and start vehicle and let it run with heat wide open and on high till a STEADY stre ... 2000 Lincoln LS

I just bought this 88 f150 and the headlights, and radio do not work as well the gas Gage kinda sweeps or says full even with its not some times it will show the actual amount of fuel tho and the rear anti lock light is on and the check motor some times comes on the only issue im most concerned about is the headlights but were all these issues are electrical i thought they might all be connected to one issue perhaps

Hi! Its definitely connected to the most important part of the car which is the car's brain. It is called the PCM (powertrain control module). If the PCM is faulty, every electrical accessories in the car won't run right that includes the engine, tra ... 1988 Ford F 150

2005 Subaru Forester, manual trans. On again, off again problem with starting. Turn key, electrical systems & lights come on, but there is no "ignition" usually nothing - though wife reported one time a brief weak turning over sound. The problem can disappear without doing anything but it can persist for a long time even with repeated attampts to start. The last time we had to have car towed to Subaru dealership and then it started. They said it was probably using an old key but it ca occur with

... 2005 Subaru Forester

1998 Chrysler Town & Country electrical issue. Every 3rd time it has issues starting like it has a dead battery, must jump, then it will start, but often the instrument cluster is dead. Next 2 times will start fine and everything works. Been doing for awhile now. New battery (twice), tested charging system fine....strange and getting annoying. Anyone seen this issue. Please don't respond if you have never worked on these. I'm tired of guesses from people. I'm an electronics engineer, I

Hello Avtech.The T&C came with three possible engines in 1998. If you could provide that I will look in service bulletins.No power to ignition or starter sounds more like an open circuit. A short will blow fuses. ... Chrysler Town & Country

When I start my 2004 Honda Accord Coupe from resting overnight or while I'm at work, the radio requires a code each time.(This has been going on for 2 days, now.) I have no issue starting my car, and just recently had the 60,000 mile service conducted; so, I don't believe there is any issue with my battery. But is was my understanding that the only time the radio requested the code is if the connection with the battery has been broken or the battery is dead.

Then it will be a wire harness problem. ... 2004 Honda Accord

Timing issue?? slight shake in motor at idle, was told its timing issue yet the car has not lost power nor has the check engine light come on. has stalled out twice while stopped at light. what can it be? maybe coil pack?

Check vaccum at PCV to ensure there is 18-20 lbs. of vacuum pressure if lower than 18 there is a vacuum leak trace it down. Also check compression in each cylinder to ensure the pressure is equal within 15 psi in all cylinders, if there is a low pre ... 2002 Nissan Maxima

Starting Issues!! 98 Cirrus 6 Cyl. I just replaced that battery, as I was having issues starting the car 1/2 the time, it would start cold fine, however if I stopped the car for a 2 min stop (aka to gas her) she wouldn't always restart immediately, let her sit for a few mins, and she'd lite up, last couple times, it required a boast to start. Seemed the logical solution was to replace the battery. New...the car started just fine after several cold days (-20 C) without starting her and being r

Sounds like the starter. Id replace it and you should be fine. that is usually the frist thing to check when you just get one click noise. ... 1998 Chrysler Cirrus

1998 Chrysler Concorde 3.2L Intermittent starting problem. Can hear the starter solenoid kick but will not turn over. The starter, battery and cables have been replaced. After replacing the battery today it started up perfectly, shut it off and tried to restart and have heard single click from the starter again. Each time an item has been replaced it appeared to fix the issue but within a short amount of time the issue returns.

Thoroughly check the battery to chassis to engine ground system is properly connected and in good order.\015\012Check/replace any solenoid control relay if fitted -(slave relay interfacing between ignition start sw and starter motor engage sole ... 1998 Chrysler Concorde

1994 subaru svx 6 cylinder stopped running no compression in two cylinders does this engine have a timing belt or chain if this did jump time is their enough valve clearance when the piston is at top dead center and the valves are open or is their a chance of the pistons hitting the valves i have extensive mechanical knowwledge and experiance but i have no technical experiance with subaru

Are most gasoline engines none interference?? Mr technical guy?? ... 1994 Subaru SVX

Truck Stalls Last year my truck stared stalling on me randomly, it did this multiple times over a 8 month time frame. I was told this is due to injection pump issues. I have since found that this is a common problem with this engine, and Chevy also has issued a bulletin on the problem. After a lot of research, I had the PMD box on the truck replaced. I was told this is probably the problem, and that since there were never any check engine lights that came on it is probably just this box that nee

Well there is another issue here it is either you got a used bad pmd from that person or sold you used bad pmd or your optical eye is bad in pump and can be replaced without pulling intake manifold. When pmd fails it sometimes does not throw a code ... 1994 Chevrolet K1500
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