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My 98 subaru legacy made a big sucking sound and ever since then the turbo hasnt worked and there is a strange rattle around the intercooler area,

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My 98 subaru legacy made a big sucking sound and ever since then the turbo hasnt worked and there is a strange rattle around the intercooler area,


Just installed a second hand engine in our izuzu trooper big horn 3.1 turbo intercooler.engine we brought was not the intercooler but have changed the inlet manifold and all pumps to suit. now cant remmember where half the pipes go,vacum especially,but also a few around turbo and fuel pump and filter.could do with a diagram for them all really.any chance?thanks.

Best bet is to buy a manual on cd.I Bought one on ebay for a 3.1 trooper it was £5 +p&p think the lot cost £6. They are very good and usefull if you have any problems in the future. ... 1992 Isuzu Trooper

Turbo pressure problem Audi 1,9 TDi -98 I'll try to make a looong story short. The problem came about 3 yaers ago over night. I have now checked the turbo, MAP, Intercooler, tubes, hoses, connections... The MAP is new, so is the intercooler. All tubes and hoses are fine. There is no leak anywhere. The magnetic valve controlling the turbo is fine. I have mesuered everything. No error codes! (Strange...) What happens is that the ECU limits the turbo to 0.3 bar If I try to take a short cu

... Audi A6

Rattling noise My 2004 Sierra has a strange rattling noise (sounds almost like a tin can bouncing around). It occurs when I start the vehicle and when I accelerate. When I start it cold, the rattling lasts for a couple minutes. When I start it warm, it practically only does it when it initially turns over. And the noise seems to stop when I get to higher speeds. The check engine light came on when this occurred as well and stays on. I've heard everything from a cadillac converter, heat shield

... GMC Sierra

I have a 2001 a4 2.5tdi quattro sport. I have got a really loud sucking / blowing noise from somewhere near the turbo when i drive around. I have had the intercoolers and pipes checked and all appear to be ok. When i take the air filter box off the noise is really loud, The noise appears to be related to the turbo spooling up. The car has just had a new turbo fitted and the noise was there before and now after. Any ideas ?

To be honest without hearing it myself its difficult to diagnose ,this could be a one of them catch 22 things where you repair the obvious and it ends up something so obscure ,all i can suggest is the manifold gasket for a sucking noise if the pipes ... 2001 Audi A4

2007 Saturn aura has been making a rattling sound over the last month that has gotten progressively louder. It sounded like it was coming from around the serpentine belt area. On my way to work today, the serpentine belt completely came off. Now is just hanging loosely. I know how to Put it bk on. My question is WHAT CAUSED THE RATTLING AND THE BELT TO JUST COME OFF? I assume a loose pulley was the rattling but would like to hear from sm1 else.

Obviously one of the pulleys is loose or the tensioner is faulty.I would check all of the pulleys before trying to put the belt back on.You should find a bad bearing or broken spring. ... Cars & Trucks

I drive a 2006 hyundai elantra with around 30,000 miles on it and lately there has been a rattling noise coming from the engine bay. It happens around 2000 rpm and only in drive. I narrowed the noise down to the area around the waterpump and alternator. What could it be? the car runs fine otherwise.

This sounds like a bad pulley, maybe bearings in the waterpump or alternator, you will need to remove belt and spin each pulley to locate and also check for a loose pulley. ... 2006 Hyundai Elantra

Hi. We are again having problems. The car engine smokes first thing in the morning. It is White smoke and smells like engine oil. It only lasts maybe 10-15 mins then there is no more smoke. It seems to be coming from around the turbo area. There r no obvious signs of a leak. We r thinking it may be dripping straight onto the exhaust at other times and burning off. Could it b a turbo seal or line? if so is it hard to fix? Turbo seems to run fine.

White smoke is usually coolant, oil is usually a blue color, most turbos r cooled by coolant so U may have a coolant leak in the turbo, may B a seal or crack in the turbo. Check your coolant level occasionally to C if it drops. ... 1997 Subaru Impreza

How to adjust tailgate. loose around bottom bumper area and rattles loudly

... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Rattling sound and rough idle sound in area around flywheel -torque converter on ford focus 2002

... 2007 Ford Focus 2.0

Engine runs quiet for about a minute then rattle starts around injector pump area. if i switch of engine and wait for a minute it will start up quite again and then the same again. when the engine is reved the rattle comes in at certain revs

Hi,good day,could be the bracket of your fuel pump is loose,you can try to check it,raise your left rear wheel,(driving direction) remove plastic cover,then you could check visually ,what part is loose,ty ... 1999 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

7.3 deisel, have an oil somewhere on tpo of motor around under the turbo area. Thought it was leaking around fuel filter and fixed it but, still have a leak? I can see oil on the manifold but, hard to get too! Any sugestions?

It sound like the valve cover gasket. relativly easy to replace. To be sure I would take the rig to a car wash that has a pressure washer with hot water and spray the motor really well. Then after it is clean you should be able to spot the leak and w ... 2002 Ford F250 Super Duty SuperCab

I have a problem with my Golf 4 GTi 2.0v turbo< when i put the key in the ignition everything on a cluster goes on and off it makes a funny noise and it shows a triangle sign with a caution, with a round arrow around around the sign and it also show a big STOP sign on a cluster pls help

... Cars & Trucks

Asked before about a rattling sound i hear coming from the left of the steering wheel at around 1500rpms, had a mechanic check the exaust system and did not find anything, but I just came across this, CAN anyone tell me what the TSB says, thanks Make : DODGE Model : CARAVAN Year : 2006 Manufacturer : CHRYSLER GROUP LLC Service Bulletin Number : 1900705 Date of Bulletin : SEP 30, 2005 NHTSA Item Number : 10016580 Component : STEERING Summary : RATTLE SOUND FROM STEERING WHEEL AREA. *TT *SC

You can find out for yourself what the tsb is. go to http://www.alldatadiy.com/costs less than 20 bucks to buy a 1 year subscription to your vehicle, which includes full listings of tsbs. i use it all the time on vehicles i need info on ... 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan

2 weeks ago my turbo hose blew off the intercooler due to a corroded hose clip, this has since been repaired, now when i am travelling at a constant speed usually on a motorway every now and again when i accelerate, the car starts to judder and blow out excessive smoke. Around town this problem doesn't occur, the turbo is coming in at 2000 rpm. I have tried diesel treatment to clean the injectors, and checked the other pipes for leaks and corroded hose clips, but the problem is still there.

Sounds like a seal leaking in the turbo, does the car sit at more than 2000 RPM on the motorway? ... 2003 Jaguar X-Type

I have a noise coming from around the right rear tire area. At first it sounded like something rattling around in the trunk when I hit a bump but I took everything out of the trunk and it still does it. Could there be something wrong with the tire or something in the shocks that could make that noise? I was told the 2008 has a history of strut problems and an alignment problem also so I am just really concerned as to what is really going on with my car. I just had new tires put on the front

Yes it could be a faulty strut, but it sounds more like a wheel bearing.i would probably get it checked by a professional. ... 2008 Chevrolet Impala

Have a bad rattle in right front around glove box area in my 2008 accord

SImple thing...........try to tighten the door hinge screw or else there might be some loose screw at the air cond blower. ... 2008 Honda Accord

My clutch has gone on my nissan PRIMASTAR 1.9l turbo diesel. A few weeks ago my power steering went as fluid leaked out of a friction tear, then a strange metal grating noise started which sounded like it was my gearbox but it may be something from the same area. Then yesterday the clutch went all of a sudden. I assume its a hydraulic clutch as fluid was dripping after clutch went therefore maybe the master or slave cylinder has packed up - would the power steering and clutch be related somehow

The clutch and the power steering does not share the same master cylinders.Please have the power steering pump replaced so the steering will be soft for easy turning while steering and replace the clutch and check all the hoses. ... Nissan Z

I have a 2004 MDX w/nav. it has 12100. miles on it. For the past month it has been making a strange noise indermently around 35mph to 45mph. The noise sounds like it is either from right in front of vehicle to the drivers & front passenger area. It almost sounds like something grinding or a real hard piece of thick rubber rubbing over a piece of metal. Then I also notice when the vehicle reaches about 65mph to 70mph a humming noise that sounds like it's coming from the back of car. These sounds

... 2004 Acura MDX

How do you change the rear brakes on a 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis? The problem is with the passenger rear, it appears out of round. I replaced the rotor and pads the piston looks like it is seated properly but when you brake and then release the brake you here a rubbing sound. When checked the rotor is shinny except for about an inch around the center hub area. It is like the caliper is cocked slightly. The anti rattle bracket appears it is in the right spot.

Dont play around just replace the caliper assmbley, yours is hanging up up on the pins or pistion seals are damaged. cheaper to replace than to rebuild. ... 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis

Has anyone ever complained about a rattle or buzz coming fron the lower right hand corner area around the windhield? I had the w/s replaced recently and have had a noise ever since. The w/s company looked at it and test drove the car and can't diagnose. Please help!! thanx

If the rattle is repeatable, try pushing down on either side of the Instrument Panel at the A pillars. If the rattle does not go away, it may be the hood flushness adjusting plastic bolt rattling within the hood hinge. Open the hood and in the ... 2007 Chrysler 300 AWD Sedan

The noise is coming from the transmission or lower engine area. its a strange rattling noise that increases as the motors revs up but will then stop after about 4 to 5000 rpm. No occurrence during high speed mainly at take off and lower speeds and gears. Its kind of loud though. Thought maybe a spun bearing or something. no problems shifting, grinding, stiffness, nothing like that? I dont know if its in the motor a clutch or transmission problem any help?

Ok the cain of noise hapen when you turn the car left or right if it does check yuo cv boots this means the front axels ... Honda Civic Coupe

1989 dodge daytona shelby with 2.2L 4CYL engine and intercooled turbo. stalls out at around 3500 rom. engine just shuts off, but will restart again.

If its fuel injected id bet the injector timing sensor on the crank or camshaft is on its last legs, get it checked out ... 1989 Dodge Daytona

Rattling noise in engine around timming chain area

... 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier

At around 1000-1200 rpm strange noise - seems from the passenger side. I was told it's valves. I can make it happen more when the jake brake is on. when shutting the truck off the turbo sometimes makes a long winding grind noise.

... 2007 Dodge Ram 3500 Quad Cab Laramie
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