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Wrx overheating car overheating. at idle its fine. take it down the road and all seems fine then the temp shoots thru the roof . cant see any fluid leaks, no water in the oil,not blowing smoke just can't keep the temp down. help???

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Wrx overheating car overheating. at idle its fine. take it down the road and all seems fine then the temp shoots thru the roof . cant see any fluid leaks, no water in the oil,not blowing smoke just can't keep the temp down. help???

... Subaru Impreza

91 accord lx overheating, leaking fluid but no smoke or steam? i have a 91 accord 180,000 miles awesome car but just now started over heating. no smoke or steam are coming out i don't know is that means anything. there is a small leak coming from just around the battery. the fluid is light green i cant see EXACTLY where its coming from its just above the battery somewhere. i placed water in the radiator theres not a leak there or from any visible hoses from what i can tell. i towed it home i can

The green colour will be antifreeze additive in the water, you should really trace the leak source as it is bound to continue or worsen without repair. You could try a product called CE-LIT which comes in little packets, looks like chopped up grass o ... Honda Accord

I think the water pump is leaking. the car gage doesnt go over the driving temp but i smell fluid ive checked the hoses it just came up about 2 in low of fluid i added and now there was a puddle under the car. I cant see the leak after taking off the cover or down the sides or front of the engin but it was there and the cross member under the front of the engin is wet

Try to borrow a good size make-up mirror from a female friend. With the mirror in hand and as good small flashlight, look under the area of the waterpump while the engine is cold. You should see a greenish or redish stain on the bottom of the waterpu ... 2005 Cadillac CTS

Fluid is leaking from the front of the engine, but no hoses seem to be leaking. The car does fine, then I notice the temp gauge needle has pegged on hot. I add 3/4 of a gallon of water and things are fine for a day or two. I live in very mountainous El Salvador. What gives with the fluid leak? Water pump? Gasket?

Check for a leak below the thermostat housing (connected usually to one end of the top hose leading away from the radiator cap). The gasket may be bad, or bolts are loose. Be really careful when tightening the thermostat housing bolts. Breaking bo ... 1997 Nissan Pathfinder

I have a 2002 Lincoln LS V8 the temp is reading fine and it is not overheating, but the water begins to bubble in the reservoirs. I let the car sit and run for 5 hours and there was no bubbling, but after 15 min of driving I can hear it bubbling again. I see no visible leaks and have changed the thermostat, and reservoirs cap. Any suggestions?

Better check your oil and make sure yu arent getting water in it first. is it running rough at all? 2 things come to mind-an air lock which should cause it to overheat or a bad head gasket causing the air bubbles ... 2002 Lincoln LS

My 2002 Olds minivan is overheating. I changed thermostat and flushed radiator, bled the air from the air valves and changed the temp sending unit. It does not leak fluid and waterpump and belt are on correctly. Is there any thing else I can do to fix the over heating problem? The fans are also working. Don't see ant water in oil. Help James

My 02 silhouette just started having the same problem and I was told it was the head gasket. I was told mini vans with the 3.4 engine have this problem after a certain amount of miles. My brother has had this happen in 2 different vans with same engi ... 2002 Oldsmobile Silhouette

Water and radiator fluid pouring out under front of vehicle but it doesnt show it is overheating? the radiator is new three months old, the freeze plugs are all new same time as radiator, the theramostat is only a year old and its not leaking from the water pump cuz i can see where the water is coming from and the water pump isnt in that spot also it isnt old either its new does anybody have an suggestions what could be leaking all my fluids out my truck and not causing it to overheat?

What area is it coming from? These are common for leaking intake manifold gaskets ... 1999 Chevrolet Blazer

Vehicle overheating quickly. changed thermostat it ran fine for about 2 weeks, now it is overheating quickly again. no leaks are coming from water pump. Do not see any water leaking anywhere, but when it over heats the radiator will not have much water left in it.

Hi, check you have heat coming out the heater in the car put it on hottest setting and see what happens if it comes out cold then the chances are the head gasket has gone and is pushing gasses into the coolant system causing an air lock and then over ... 2001 Pontiac Montana

I have a 99 ford windstar that has had a power steering fluid leak for a while but i went out to drive this morning and its leaking buckets when i turn i cant find a leak the reservoir was covered in fluid but i checked for cracks or breaks and it seems fine the pump looks dry as does the pressure hose from what i can see of it there is fluid splatter in the wheel well but not on any of the other hardware in the area anyone have suggestions or ideas?

Did you fill it up while it was running if you did you probably overfilled it and when you shut it off it raised up in the reservoir and sprayed out the cap. Fill with vehicle off. ... 1999 Ford Windstar

I have an 1997 isuzu trooper that is overheating, have had water pump, thermostat, radiator cap, allmost everything to do with the water system replaced, except the radiator...there is no water leaks that i can see...sitting and ideling the temp get to normal but pulling a hard hill it overheates... the top of engine, bottom hose cool to the touch, the top hose unable to touch...resevoir boiling over...please help have 14 year old daughter to get to her chemo treatments.

Radiator can't handle the load.. Just make sure the fans are pulling air... One way to see if the radiator is at fault is to try turning the heater on high... If the temps stay cooler the radiator has had it. Turning the heater on in emergency ... 1997 Isuzu Trooper

Overheating My Durango was leaking coolant and overheating. The dealership fixed the leaking problem but cant figure out why its overheating. They said they checked the water pump, the cooling system, the temp gage. Can you help

If it is a 4.7L they are bad about cracking heads when they over heat and casting stoping up the radiator. ... 1999 Dodge Durango

I have a water leak. the hoses all seem good as does the "weep hole" on the water pump. The oil and trans fluid look normal and the car runs fine. The only thing I see is below the alternator and behind the belt tensioner seems coated in coolant, but I see no water passages in the area. any ideas?

Not all water pumps leak from the weep hole, if the water pump casket becomes worn then it will leak from behind the water pump. You can also have a leak coming from the thermastat housing. To find out exactly have a pressure test performed on your c ... 2002 Chevrolet Impala

How do i find a leak in my windshield washer fluid tank. I put water in it an will be empty the next day. i dont see water pouring out when i fill it and i cant see anything wrong.

... 2001 Lincoln Navigator

Overheating ok 2002 pt cruiser replaced radiator cap thermostat temp sensor and the cooling fan and a brand new radiator. will run fine a few days then starts overheating again . no loss of anti freeze none i oil no oil in anti freeze. called 2 dealerships 2 different answers. one says water pump one says might not be water pump they do not know and cant give e a solution any one please help

Water pump ,its a plastic impeller and its loose on the shaft ,,,,,had one a while ago exactly the same but the first time i came across this on a saab i done the same as you ,changed everything ,felt a right you know what ... 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Water leaking from under the manifold (not your normal AC drip), temp gauges now reading to the far right. I dont see smoke yet. When I turn the AC off, temp goes back to normal readings. Am I overheating, or is this an AC issue? And how can I get the leak fixed?

You need to direct your attention to finding the source of the leak. You cannot fix that unless you know what needs fixing. Identify what is actually going on the ground..Catch some in a clear jar....is it antifreeze? Have you needed to add coolant? ... 2000 Dodge Durango

Car overheating i have a 2001 pt cruiser and it has recently started overheating it only gets hot if i run the air or drive for about45 minutes or so its fine on short trips but when i turn the car off the temp still seems to rise for a few minutes before cooling down ive replaced the thermostat its not losing any water i was told when i had it put on diagnostics that i may have a small vacuum leak but they told me that would not cause it to overheat any suggestions

I went round and round with this same problem for almost 2 years. I started dating a guy who is a mechanic and he spent many days looking into this problem. Turns out that he ended up replacing the radiator fan, not the whole radiator. I had chrys ... 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Overheating It's driveable and the gauge stays alright the light stays on though, if you don't run the air conditioning i had to drive home from vacation 200 miles but stopped every 60 to add coolant or water to the overflow it seems to be leaking i can see coolant all over the area where the hose runs but cant find a leak in the hose so not sure.

... 2007 Lincoln MKZ

1999 pontiac grand prix gt overheated. coolant is in the spare container, stem came from topside on the passenger's side. did not see fluid leaking and temp gauge had been up and down for at least three days prior it overheated. what could have caused this? what should i do?

Sounds like you have air in your coolant system. Take it to a mechanic shop to have them bleed the cooling system. That should cure your problem. Hope this helps. :) Please rate this. James Booth ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix

Over heating removed thermostat, flushed engine, added stop leak and is still losing coolant and cant find the leak. Engine is running smooth, but temp rises when stopped after driving and the coolant level light comes on indecating low fluid in radiator, also poor water securlation even with no thermostate

Would have to suggest water pump at this point if all else has failed. ... 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

Leaking fluids today while going to work my car all of a sudden just stops--a kind gentleman helps me and sees that the radiator has no fluid--we fill up and the water just flows right out of car--what is goin on--didn't really notice that the temp gage was up it was in the normal range--can anyone help--i haven't drove it yet nor started it up after that but wanted to be safe

You need to replace both radiator hoses....and put antifreeze in not water.....it sounds like you have a split hose ... 1991 Geo Storm

Overheating 1994 Toyota Le Privia, 4th time to garage keeps overheating, when you idle 15-20 min over heat, turn on heater rev up and the temp drops, we have done all replacements posible (thermosat, flushed rad, presure test) we have now ordered a clutch fan because the tension on the belt was exactly the same hot or cold, so maybe the fan is slipping. There are no leaks, no oil in rad, no water in oil, exhaust fine. Please help if you have any ideas. How do you check the clutch fan?

Rad blocked replace it and new antfree ... 1994 Toyota Previa

Overheating Intrigue on my 1999 Intrigue 3.5 Motor I have replaced recovery tank, antifreeze, water pump, radiator, and thermostat. Car still over heats after running for approx 10 minutes. Fans are working and I have wired them to help them engage early to see if if would keep the temp. down. Over heats still with the heater blowing on high. No smoking from tail pipe. I am suspecting head intake gasket. Car was doing fine. Had a cracked recovery tank. Overheated a few times (perhaps a few times

Check your coolant level and see if it is down. If you have checked heads you will notice your engine oil beginning to turn milky white.\015\012\015\012If you want a more complete check for cracked heads, plug all spark plugs, and if you ... 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue

1999 1.6 dx mazda protege overheating... recently changed thermostat , coolant temp sensor , radiator and did a flush there is no white smoke from the exhaust or any other indications of a blown head... also checked to see if water was leaking from the water pump... none. what is causing the coolant to bubble inside the reservoir and why would my mazda overheat?

... 1999 Mazda MX-5 Miata

Antifreeze won't stay in reservoir. Driving along fine and all of a sudden indicator was where is should have been but only getting cold air. Drove for another 10 minutes and it shot from normal to high-overheated. Then the heater kicked in and the amount of heat it threw out was above the normal amount. Checked the antifreeze reservoir and all fluid had leaked out. Replaced the antifreeze and it leaks out with exception of about an inch in the very bottom of the reservoir. You can see it

Replace the thermostat ... Ford Windstar

1.4 polo overheating with no visible water leak. cant see any water in oil The hose at the top of the rad , gets hot, rad stays cold as does the lower hose. I am thinking thermostat? Waterpump Not sure where either is and how to fix.

Thermostat is probably the problem, the water pump when bad leaks coolant causing an overheating condition. ... Volkswagen Polo
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