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's your problem?I want to replace the front swivel caster part # XD2057A001. How can I purchase one? the rubber cam off the metal wheel. Chris lund. e-mail [email protected]

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's your problem?I want to replace the front swivel caster part # XD2057A001. How can I purchase one? the rubber cam off the metal wheel. Chris lund. e-mail [email protected]

... Shop Fox Cars & Trucks

Hi, I own a 2003 GU Nissan Patrol 4.2tdi and have just recieved A new set of big bore 53mm Tough Dog Shockies in the mail. They are quite differant to the Old Man Emu's that are on ther now. There is no fitting instructions with them and I can't find any on the Net. There are 2 big yellow rubber boots that were in with the rear shockies but I think they might go on the front ones but I not sure where or how . There are also 2 rubber bushes, for each rear shockie, one has a metal sleeve in it

Yes a problem with american web sites they still think that the earth is flat and if you loose sight of the coast you will fall off the edge ,what i would do is different to you because doing it all my life it just sort of comes ,anyway then rem ... Nissan Pathfinder

Is cam belt, metal or rubber. - 2005 Kia Sedona

... 2005 Kia Sedona

95 Camaro Z28 appears to be leaking antifreeze from the hose or hoses that run to the heater core. The hoses are rubber but appear to connect to metal lines then back to rubber before they go into the heater core. Can the rubber sections from the engine or raditor to the metal be changed without replacing the metal section? OR are only the rubber hoses from the heater core to the metal replacable?

If your rubber hoses are cracked and leaking then replace the hoses with proper size and length.\015\012if the hoses are leaking where they connect to the metal fittings from the heater core then try and tighten up the hose clamps -- they could ... 1995 Chevrolet Camaro

Large power steering leak in the line on drivers side The hose has metal on both ends and rubber in the middle i do not know what this hose is call. Leaking from the bottom part where it attaches to the metal part oh yea it has a rubber sleeve that moves over the harder rubber hose. Can anyone help with the name of this hose?

You go to a dealers parts dept & point to the hoseyou need on the computer screen ... Cars & Trucks

1995 Dodge Caravan - I'm leaking gas from the tank. There are two metal braces that hold the tank up, with a rubber strip between the brace and the tank. It's leaking along one of those braces and the rubber in that location is all ruffled out and brittle. I can't tell exactly where the leak is, can't see a crack or anything. Is there any way to seal that kind of leak? Can I take the rubber piece out? It slides back and forth freely. Is there a sealant I can spray on it or something?

First you should remove the tank and locate where the leak is actually coming from. There could be a problem with one of the hoses in the top of the tank and the fuel is flowing to the lowest point before dropping to the ground. If the leak is in the ... 1995 Dodge Caravan

1995 Dodge Caravan - I'm leaking gas from the tank. There are two metal braces that hold the tank up, with a rubber strip between the brace and the tank. It's leaking along one of those braces and the rubber in that location is all ruffled out and brittle. I can't tell exactly where the leak is, can't see a crack or anything. Is there any way to seal that kind of leak? Can I take the rubber piece out? It slides back and forth freely. Is there a sealant I can spray on it or something?

I had this problem also. Although I took mine off and used a sealent on the inside and used Seal All on the outside. First off I cleaned mine and primed and repainted it. You may be able to get away with loosing the bracket, find where the gas is ... 1993 Dodge Caravan

Leaking fuel line at junction of metal and rubber hose

... 1997 GMC Sonoma

I am replacing a 1/4 in fuel injection rubber hose to a metal fuel line and am having a heck of a time getting the hose all the way down the metal line. I have used light auto grease and it helped a little.

You should be using 5/16" line, for fuel injection (high pressure) ... 1994 Nissan Maxima

I have an antifreeze leak causing my engine to overheat pretty rapidly after I drive for a few minutes. I can see a leak coming from a metal pipe/hose coming from near the steering wheel that connects to the engine and turns into a rubber hose eventually heading to the radiator. The metal pipe has a hole rusted through it causing it to leak down onto the engine which evaporates it and causes smoke. What's this piece called that it's leaking from?

... Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

On a 96 Corsica V6 3.2 Liter. Trouble with a gasoline leak. The metal gas line where it meets with a rubber line is leaking. How is this repaired. The metal line seems to have a flare on it. Is there a special connector for this? What is a way to repair this? Could you please also tell me where I can get a pictorial of the fuel system. Thank you

This is crimped fitting. You have two options. Replace the whole line or cut the fitting off the steel line. You can remove the crimped fitting by cutting it down both sides. Then pull the hose from the line and remove the rest of the fitting. You c ... Chevrolet Corsica

The rubber hose section of the heater hose, going into the bypass valve has worn out. It is a preformed section of hose, that is crimped onto the metal heater hose. Is there a way to replace this rubber hose section without having to replace the whole line?

I've done it using the appropriate size piece of copper pipe stuck in the hose and use clamps on either side. ... 1991 Chevrolet Corsica

Had shocks replaced on my 06 Toyota Sienna at a shop. When I looked at the new shocks on the top (inside the car) the the left side is tightened down on a rubber bushing with a fender washer on top of the bushing. The left side is different with a rubber bushing with metal underneath and different concave washer on the top. I'm guessing one side is right and one is wrong. Which is which?

Shocks come with curved washers that are pretty thick. It sure sounds like the right side is just that: right. ... 2006 Toyota Sienna

99 FORD TAURUS antifreeze is leaking from hose that goes from the overflow tank to top of engine. hose starts as rubber then metal over engine then back to rubber. part that leaks is connection to top of engine and has ford part #5042 stamped on it but is not exist on ford/ motorcraft site. not sure what to call it to get new section

How about just get a piece of auto hose at the parts tore and clamp it on there. A lot of rubber parts are not dealer items, just shelf items. There are a bunch of different hoses, some reinforced, oil and gas proof, high temp, rubber, nylon, etc, et ... 1999 Ford Taurus

This problem occurs when the engine is a operating temp (warmed up). It sounds like the timing chain from the pull area or cam gear as it heats up does the belt or chain which ever it has stretch to cause it to make a slight winding/slight rusty on fresh metal noise or could the cam sprocket be worn and need replaced, or can some other componet cause noise as it warms up?

Could be a bearing in one of the belt pulleys.. spray wd40 on the center of each pulley to see if the noise goes away ... 1997 Toyota Avalon

I put on new fuel filter and the line coming from the tank it rottin it just crumbles. I noticed I only have about 2 inches to work in. Due to it being up against the rail the line is on top ( this is where it turns from thin plasticto metal) of 4lines total How do I get to it or should I go back and cut the metal line and run a rubber fuel line to the filter? PLease help I am disabled and its hard to lay on my back a long time thanks, Steve

Your best bet may be to cut the metal line and replace with rubber hose and use a connector to connect with another hose. This would make it easyer in case you have to replace filter again, Good luck to you. ... Ford Expedition

Mirror on my 2005 pontiac grand prix part of the metal from my mirror is sticking out through the rubber weather sealing!? it looks maybe someone has leaned on my mirror really hard? how do i take apart the door to get the metal back in place!? Thnaks! Annye

There should be a plastic interior piece inline with the mirroe remove that n ull see whats wrong ... 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix

Fuel line The fuel line on my 92' dodge dynasty, comming from the gas tank has a large aluminum clamp and there is a small round metal sphere with plastic sticking out the back. this is where the rubber hose meats the metal hose and there is gas spraying in a stream how do i go about replacing this??

... 1992 Dodge Dynasty

1998 chevy venture E 3.4 SFI lady was driving van it started making a noise she claimed sounded like a flat tire her mechanic stated that there was metal on dipstick and she had broken a cam to my knowledge it was not dismantled i had her turn it over and it backfired from intake and through exhaust i was thinking this could be a crank position sensor or cam mag interupter or engine computer control problem any thoughts ron

Well you can remove the front valve cover and check to make sure all the rocker arms are moving if they all move then the cam is not broken if they are not all moving then the cam is broken ... 1998 Chevrolet Venture Cargo

What is the part called that is attached to the side of the trans and faces toward the radiator? It has a metal vacuum line feeding it and a rubber hose connecting them both. It looks alot like an EGR valve and it is located a little lower and to the side of the exhaust near the EGR, it has one nut holding it and goes to the tranny. The rubber hose connecting it to the vac line is cracked and dry rotted and this part looks original. It is moving around while I am trying to find a vac leak. I kn


My 1990 VW Golf has developed a very loud metallic rattle, seems to be coming from the trunk area where a large rubber cap has come off and won't go back on- vertical metal piece sticking out. What is this and how important is it?

Most likely your spare wheel is loose. ... 1990 Volkswagen Golf

I took off the old brake line except there is a bolt that connects it in the very rear of the truck above the axel and that bolt is rounded off with about an eigth of an inch old brake line in it, and that nut is totally rounded off thanks to the previous owner, if you follow the rest of the piece it goes to a thick black house but there is some sort of metal piece that is squezed tightly than that goes to the axle, all I want to know is does that metal piece on top of the rubber house come off

Try grindin off the head of the bolt remove the flexline then remove the bolt with vice grips ... 1992 Ford F150 SuperCab

302 missing I have a slightly modified?? 302, meaning without tearing it down I don't know what heads are on it or what kind of cam it has, although it did have crane cam stickers on the valve covers.... anyway back to the problem, it is missing on number 4 and 7 cylinders. pull the plugs and even swap them and nothing happens, no change in idle. Funny thing though, it still hauls **** and leaves great streaks of rubber behind it at take off. What possibly can cause this mystery? We have checked

Try a full tune-up... wires plugs cap & rotor be sure to get good set of insulated wire, they could be shorting out ... i recommend ford racing, best product you can buy for ford... if problem still persists do a throttle body clean & injecto ... 1981 Ford F 150

Trying to replace thermostat on 2004 dodge stratus. the upper rad hose comes up from the rad to the engine, the rubber rad hose meets up with a metal hose. behind the metal hose looks like the thermostat housing. am i in the ballpark?

I wanted to change my thermostat too because I thought it was faulty. Come to find out my system was just vapor locked. TO fix it I just poured antifreeze directly into the radiator (not the overflow) and ran it with the cap off for a minute. ... 1997 Dodge Stratus

How do I remove a wiper blade from my 1983 Chevrolet half ton pickup. The original metal part is to be removed to be replaced with anew metal part that comes compete with the rubber part attached.

Flip the arm up off the windshield first. Then use a screwdriver or small pry bar and pry up on the edge of the wiper arm. Alternate between sides and make sure you only have the edge of the wiper arm itself. You should be able to feel when you are o ... 1983 Chevrolet Chevy
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