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Need replacement duct.vent hose for Sharp AC model CV10MH

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Need replacement duct.vent hose for Sharp AC model CV10MH

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Air pressure I have chevy camaro z28 97 model. after I have replaced water pump I notice that radiator hose is compressed & hot when the engine hot & I know that this is a landmark for air pressure inside engine I dont remember that it was like this before. so is this normal or it needs air pressure bleeding or changing the thermostate? maybe the technician who changed the pump didnt bleeds the air pressure properly. by the way engine temperature going little above 210 F only in traffic

Try this:  \015\012\015\012First, turn the hearer temp control to full 'Hot' setting.  Then, when the engine is COLD, open the radiator cap.\015\012\015\012If you see the coolant, close the cap and add more coolant to the overfl ... 1993 Chevrolet Camaro

Bad hoses i have a 1998 jeep grand cherokee and its got about 150k on it. i was recently informed by my wife that we need to replace the heater hoses and the bottom radiator hose after breaking down and replacing the top radiator hose. i need to know where the heater hoses are located, how many of them are there, and how do i relplace them and the bottom radiator hose. i'd look for it myslef, but im in iraq currently and want to get a visualization of what i'm in for when i get home cause i do n

The lower radiator hose goes to the water pump, will have to drain radiator to replace it. You should hae 2 heater hoses, if your engine is an inline 6 cylinder one hose will go from the frot of engine by thermostate housing to the firewall and the s ... 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Ac question i was told that i need to replace the accumulator which is easy enough but i was also told i need to replace the ac hose line do i need the assembly or just a hose? and will this come with new high and low and will it be fitted for 134 or r12

The accumulator it's self will have the low side fitting on it, on this year truck the accumulator does not come with the hose assembly, just the accumulator, which hose do you need?The discharge hose will have the high side fitting on it, the liquid ... 1990 Ford Bronco

1997 4.0 jeep cherokee sport, replaced the upper and lower radiator hose to fix a leak, leak still there. What does the lower radiator hose fit on the engine block? that's what i need to fix. I also replaced my front shocks and I'm getting a weird vibration from my drive side wheel. I belive I need to replace all of the rubber bushings to fix the problem?

The lower rad hose goes to the water pump, as for the vibration it could be many things, tires, shockbushings, tie rods, ball joints, control arm bushings, you will have to investigate further ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 1994 Camaro with a coolant leak. I found the leak and need parts. I found one part: DORMAN OEM REPLACEMENT HEATER HOSE CONNECTOR -- 5/8 in. To 1/2 in. Thread Heater Inlet Hose, A High Quality Direct Fit OEM Replacement Heater Hose Connector This product fits the following 1994 Chevrolet Camaro submodels 1993-1995: Base; 6Cyl 3.4L GAS, FI, VIN "S"; Manufacturer number: 800-401 I also need the fitting that feeds into it and I cannot locate that.

Most Autoparts stores, carries fitting of shapes and sizes, if you know the correct size you can find it there, otherwise bring the piece of hose into the store and they can fit one for you. ... Chevrolet Camaro

What-to-do? Had my 2 front brake hoses replaced in 2010 due to failing a wof, passed 3 wof since then and now due agen, VTNZ failed brake hoses saying they to long, and that hoses have to be replaced as they may rub against body of car. I am confused as the car like I explained above passed 3 wof and hasnt needed any recommended work since then, sought 2nd and 3rd opinions from mechanic who replaced hoses as well as another mechanic both agree they are within the legal wof code.VTNZ failed a 2n

Hi this is a common prob with vtnz over here i had a similar prob had been taking my car 4 a wof there for years and then suddenly they pick up on things they had been passing for years, anyhow the only reason for failing brake hoses thay you have re ... Toyota Cars & Trucks

Hello to all yo motorheads out there! I am replaceing the heater hoses on a 1996 Jeep Cherokee (the small one) w/ a 4.0 & a/c. I puchaced the factory molded heater core inlet hose as it has different sizes on each end. I removed and replaced the thermostat & gasket, that was the main problem. When changing the hoses I removed them one at a time and replaced them one at a time so as to not confuse things, but it just doesn't look right. What I really need is an illustation of the hoses as they ar

Don't have a diagram but, the hose from the thermostat housing goes to the top inlet on the heater control valve. Hose from water pump goes to lower port on control valve on same side.port on center of valve goes to firewall lower connection. s ... Jeep Cherokee

I have a 1999 Camry LE/XLE 2.2 L14EF1 that needs a new fuel pump. I am wondering what parts are needed when replacing it. Do I just nned the pump itself? Or do you need to replace the gaskets, hoses etc. when replacing the pump? Should I replace the fuel filter at the same time? the pump itself is inside the fuel tank-I saw some that had a filter but others that didn't seem to. Is one better than the other? Any tips or hints?

Any gaskits will come with the new fuel pump.. Its a great idea to change the filter too..\015\012\015\012Go to autozone.com and restister,, enter your car infor and you will have a worth of info, how to,, part and where they are on the c ... Toyota Camry

Need replacement for fuel filler hose 95 ford escort

The actual hose is fitted--it is 2-inch i.d. on one end and 1-7/8-inch on the other. My Ford dealer said he could order me one but the current cost is about $187 !! I am looking for a replacement, as well... -larry ... 1995 Ford Escort

HI, I have a 1997 Hyundai Sonata 2.0 GLS. I need a diagram to show me how to replace the vacuum hoses from the inlet manifold right through to the thrmo switch on the block. The Mech who was working on the car buggered it all up and I have to replace all the hoses and connectors. I don't want to pay the dealer a small fortune to do something that I can do myself. I just need to know what it should all look like. I've searched the web, but can't find anything that helps. It's the 4 cylinder 2.0 e

That you're going to have to get from the dealers parts dept. They should be able to photo copy the diagram for you. Even service manuals lack a full vac diagram, they usually show only basic emission diagram because that's a fed. mandate. ... Hyundai Sonata

The car is overheating and I have replaced the upper hose to the radiator. I need to know if I can replace the thermostat myself or if it needs to be done in the shop. I also not exactly sure where the thernostat is I thought when I changed the hose it would be right inside but it was not.

Yes, it is something you can change, if you find it, It usually is at a hose connection, and it has a little dome on it. and it is usually up top, I am not positive about your car, I would have to see it. So,, before you spend 3 hours looking, go to ... 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

I have Ford Explorer 2005 model and just 45,000KM done. Now the service centre informed me that I need to replace my brake booster as it is not in proper condition and creating noise. Please let me know if it is normal for brake booster to deteriorate for a vehicle which just did 45,000kms? Although my vehicle is 5 years old model, it travels an average of just 25kms per day so I wonder why brake booster need to be replaced now?

The brake booster is nothing more than a pure rubber membrane in a metal box located near the engine, which gets hot. Rubber, when heated, ages very fast so replacing it after 5 years sound about normal to me.  But before replacing it you should ... Ford Explorer

Pressure line hose on the power steering pump/resorvoir is leaking and needs replacing. I need to know how to take it off the vehicle to replace the hose.

Undo the line nut on the back of the pump and undo the line nut on the steering box.. dont think the pump has to be removed to do this Line nuts are 18 mm or 16mm / 5/8s good luck ... 1993 Chevrolet Suburban

I need to check the fuel hoses for a Subaru 2002 Forester. I need to know how many there are and where they are in and around the engine. I've already had the fuel hoses replaced once about 9 months ago, because they were leaking fuel in very cold weather, and I had the head gaskets replaced at about 67,000 miles (under warranty.). Now the gasoline smell coming from the front engine area and drifting inside the cab has become overwhelming. So far, I've tightened the clamps on about 6 short fuel

Try cleaning the mas sensor on the intake\015\012use electronics cleaning chem. from auto parts store.\015\012be careful with the o-ring ... 2002 Subaru Forester

Hi, I have an Subaru Outback 1999 model, its done just over 200,000kms. It has some issues and I dont know whether to sell or get fixed. I have been told by a mechanic that it needs a replacement engine, compression gone on one cilinder, still runs but a bit lumpy. Is close to needing the clutch replaced and water pump needs replacing as it leaks. Apart from that the car is in good nic and I'd like to keep it. Mec tells me it will cost about $5000 to do the work. I cant run to this, $3000 is top

You could also consider a used engine. Typically it is cost prohibitive to rebuild an engine. The key is how much oil is the unit burning? If 1 quart in 2000 miles, not bad at all and I would normally proceed with surgery. HOWEVER, if you have had a ... 2001 Subaru Outback

Gauges I am in the process of repairing my truck and one of the parts that needed to be replaced was the gauges. I went to the junk yard and bought the gauge from another truck(same model) and came home to replace it, but it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong? or what do I need to look for that might need to be replaced. Please help. Mr. Garza

Was the truck the smae year and model? it may look the same on the outside but the be wiring differently, without holding both and looking at them there is no way to tell, did you think the used guage may be defective? did you test the wiring to the ... 1992 GMC Sonoma

Power Steering needs topping up daily & there's oil dripping to the floor, also the rack boot needs replacing. As we don't have $2'000 for a garage to "fix" the power steering problem, How hard is it to remove the power steering pump, hoses, rack & steering? & replace with a manual steering rack & steering? Do we need any extra special tools, or can a couple of back-yarders do this replacement?

If you are up to it, you can remove the Rack and Pinion and have it rebuilt. Most of the time the rebuild kits can be purchased locally, but I recommend you have it rebuilt by a professional. I usually just buy new Rack and Pinions and get the old on ... 1984 Subaru Brat

Hi i need a vacuum hose diagram for nissan pathfinder 89 model thanks

Http://www.autozone.com/autozone/repairguides/Nissan-Pick-ups-and-Pathfinder-1989-1995/ELECTRONIC-ENGINE-CONTROLS/Engine-Co ... 1989 Nissan Pathfinder

Lower radiator hose has a hole. need to replace how do I replace the hose 1998 lumina ls

... Chevrolet Malibu

2002 Chev Tahoe (4.8 V8eng.) dealership saids my meticulously maintained tahoe may need a radiator hose replacing, based on the current mileage of 73k. On the estimate it's listed as "heater/radiator hose" replacement. apprx $600..?? Tahoe still runds/feels like new. Any ideas, insight? Is this something I can crawl under and sqeeze to check the brittleness of the hoses? Are they accessible? Anyone know of a website that would show a diagram of the 2002 radiator hose connection? Thanks....

Hello. It is possible that your hose may need that but on the other hand many vehicles that are ten years old are still running on the original hoses. Joe\012\012please rate my answer as 4 thumbs up. Thank you. ... 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe

I have a 99 Cadillac Deville and it has a vacuum hose that is leaking. I know this because I can hear it. It sounds like a clicking noise. I know I have to replace the hose, but first I need to find it. There are several of these little black hoses and they are all jammed in the back passenger side under the hood. It is hard to get at them. I would like to know a quick, easy way to locate and replace this faulty hose.

Get a can of carb cleaner with the straw in the nosel, When the engine gets to running temp spray a little carb cleaner on each hose. When you hear the eingine change RPMs, you have found the bad one. ... 1999 Cadillac DeVille

Upper radiator hose keeps leaking coolant, replaced the cuff ring but still seems to leak after a few days from the cuffed end of the hose. Does it need a new hose?

If it is leaking where it connects to the radiator it might be the radiator itself. take it to a shop and they can pressure test. some shops won't even charge for test. ... 1995 Buick Regal

Hi need to replace bearings on my rav4 96 model diff do i need to replace the collapseble spacers as well and what is the clearance settings on crown wheel and pinion

Http://www.oreillyauto.com/site/c/search/Repair+Manual+-+General/03501/C0008.oap?model=R ... 1996 Toyota RAV4

I need help finding out what engine is in my truck. i have an 86 chevy blazer k5 with the 350 5.7 liter so it says . but the guy i bought it from said it was replaced with a crate motor. my vacuum hoses are all screwed up had cat replaced now runs like donkey doo. dies while trying to drive hard to start etc. was running fine till cat was replaced the mechanic said some hoses were not hooked up. the sticker says yma?? but i dont know where to find number on engine.

Was the time changed and is the o2 hooked up ... 1986 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer
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