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Saturn 2000 SL1 - 4 cylinder - won't start - we have changed the crank shaft positioner and car still does not start. There is no power to start the fuel pump. Fuel pump checks out good. Fuel pump not getting sygnal to send fuel to injection ports. NEed ideas!

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Try pulling the engine coolant temp sensor, They often crack not sure\015\012why but the ceramic tip cracks makes the car hard to start, or won't start, the car's\015\012idle may race while shifting gears, and often smokes. The sensor is on\015\012the right side of the engine when looking at it on the head. Easy to\015\012change and get too
2000 sl1 saturn will not start but turns over. No inside engine lights are on. It seems like it just will not catch
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Saturn 2000 SL1 - 4 cylinder - won't start - we have changed the crank shaft positioner and car still does not start. There is no power to start the fuel pump. Fuel pump checks out good. Fuel pump not getting sygnal to send fuel to injection ports. NEed ideas!

Try pulling the engine coolant temp sensor, They often crack not sure\015\012why but the ceramic tip cracks makes the car hard to start, or won't start, the car's\015\012idle may race while shifting gears, and often smokes. The sensor is on\015\012th ... Saturn SL1

Electrical problem My truck started right up last week. This week I tried to start it and it did not turn on. I checked the fuses and they were good. I replaced the fuel pump relay and the fuel pump, and still did not start. I checked if there was current going to the fuel pump, there was no current. I put starting fluid and it started right up just for a second. What else can I check for I can get current to the fuel pump?

Two things one there should be a fuel pump fuse under the cover on the right firewall check that,two there is a ground on the frame left rear by the tail light harness it will shut down the fuel pump ... 1991 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

1998 ford explorer sport,V6 SOHC cranks but no start.. Took vehicle to get Emissions Tested (Illinois), turned off vehicle, they hooked up there diagnostics, went to start, no start, pushed me outside to fend for myself. Had vehicle towed to a shop, thought it to be fuel pump, but after several checks they are sure pump is good just not getting power. Suggest taking to DEALER. Issues I know: runs with a sniff of starting fluid,all fuses good,fuel cutoff relay was not tripped,cannot get any diagn

It sounds like your fuel pump or pump relay died. Have a listen below the driver side passenger door in front of the rear wheel while someone turns the key to the "ON" position. You should hear a muffled whirring noise. If not, then the relay or pump ... 1998 Ford Explorer

No start benz 190e 1990. no start. 2 months ago i try to stat it did not start i have good bat and starter and it cranks good. i let it for half a day and try iagain it start in one try. use it for a week had no problem not even a hard start. sop using it for 3 weeks now i can start the car again. try it several time i cant get it to start. drain the bat still no start. i charge the bat and try it again no start. fuel check fuel pump its good i check distributor cap has spark. i dont know whats

Have you tried replacing the fuse on the overload protection relay? This is located behind the battery, behind a thin plastic sub panel which houses the relay and other electronics. The relay is about 1 1/2" square X 2" tall, and has a flip cover to ... 1990 Mercedes-Benz 190

1996 Chevy 1500 4x2 5.7 vortec. Will not start I started having a problem with the truck not wanting to start sometime. it turns over but not start. what i do know is that it is getting gas. i can hear the fuel pump turn on. I checked fuel rail with test gauge has good pressure. I have checked the ignition coil and it was good. I replaced the ignition control module. and the truck started up ran good for about a week. then started cutting off on me while running. It recently started missing. too

I have had this problem on my 89 and my 94 gm trucks what it was is the pick up inside the distributor time to rebuild it (not the cap and rotor) the little thing inside with all the wire wrapped around something- copper wire with a clear coating on ... 1996 Chevrolet K1500

I got a f250 97 powerstroke it died like it just ran out of fuel and would not start. After looking I found that I was not getting fuel to the engine. Now I have two tanks with a pump in both. Dont think both pumps would fail at same time. So I checked the selector switch on dash it seems to be working fine. Checked the transfer box from one tank to another it is working. Also checked all fuses good there. I tried beating on tank to get fuel pump to run did nopt help. Tried changing selonoids ar

Pump is not in the tank. ... 1997 Ford F250 SuperCab

I have a 1988 trooper II my problem starts with me going to start it. Just kept turning over. I replaced the fuel pump,still no firing. I have power to the pump, checked the leads to the pump,the pump works.I am getting fire from the plugs, the wires are good. just had the alternator tested and was good. Battery checked good also.so now i turn the key and no whirling from the pump. oh and the relay was ok too.what else could i be?? please help

You didnt mention if you changed the fuel filter? you should be able to check the presure on the fuel rail. ... 1985 Isuzu Trooper

Ok, im a newly owner of a 1981 Fiat spider 2000. I know nothing about them other than i really like them. I went to pick it up yesterday and it would not start unless i used starter fluid. I went back today to do some testing, i checked fuses and power to fuel pump all good. It started rite up getting ready to take it home finally (ha) it died and would not restart. Do i need to go ahead and replace fuel pump cuz im not getting fuel constantly like i should. The fuel pump works just when it want

There is also the fuel pressure regulator, that regulates the fuel pressure. So it might not be the fuel pump. And there is also the fuel pump relay switch that may be faulty. So if i was u, id check there also. Hope this helps u :) ... 2006 Fiat 124

My 1990 toyota tercel will not start. I took the starter in to get checked and it was good. It has spark, I checked all the fuses and they were good. It is turning over so its not the fly wheel or the timing belt. Now im left with fuel, it is carbureted and it has a mechanical fuel pump. My questions are, could it be the mechanical fuel pump or a relay and if so what are the proper steps on checking a relay? I have an ohm meter but I dont have a repair manual. Please help me.

... 1990 Toyota Tercel

2001 Lincoln LS V6. Had the fuel pumps replaced about 3 months ago. Now the power to fuel pump "comes and goes" (I have the back seat out and pump covers off so I can hear). The fuse in the trunk distribution box (fuel pump 15 amp) has blown twice but hasn't happened since. The vehicle will start fine when cold, when it is warmed up, seems like the pumps don't get power. When it won't start, I checked and there is no power to the fuel pump (all fuses and relays are good). Any suggestions would b

... 2001 Lincoln LS

Was getting onto highway and car just stalled. Got the car towed home checked the t-belt and checked good. I shot some starter fluid into throttle body and car just sputtered a little. I pulled the back seat out to listen for fuel pump to turn on with when key is turned. It hummed for just a fraction of second. Replaced the fuel filter and pump still wont do a full prime. Unhooked harness checked for voltage and there is constant 11 volts when key is on. Replaced fuel pump. Still no start. Conne

It sounds like you may have a bad crank sensor.Before you replace it I would test it first.Any electrical part can be tested for proper operation.I would let a service station test the sensor and replace it if it is bad.Im sorry I don't ... 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Hi guys i have a 1989 ford xf falcon ute and i got a starting problem! I wants to start but everytime i touch the throttle to get it to run it dies straight away, i have checked for spark and it is really good spark, it has 12volts going to the coil when the key is on and stays at 12volts while cranking it over, i have checked the fuel pump and it is pumping fuel to the carby

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1995 volkswagen passat car with a vr6 engine. i installed a used engine into car and now i cannot get car to start. the car will turn over but will not fire up. i have checked the fuses and all are good. i installed a new fuel pump and i checked it before i installed it and it works great when i hooked it up directly to a 12 volt battery. but when i hook the car hook ups to it the pump would not function. i checked the fuel pump relay and it open and closed like it was suppose to. so th

Hi,\015\012\015\012It seems like the wire harness to the engine management system is unplugged check your connections, and just in case, I am sending some diagrams, pick the ones for your vehicle and follow the wriing to find your loose c ... Volkswagen Passat

It has steadily been getting harder to fire over---Today it won't fire --in past year ,I have changed fuel pump,filter,coil,crank & camshaft sensor,plugs,wires-It has fuel in the line (it squirts out when i press buttoon --It has spark(yellowish)- I also tried another coil to no avail-and air filter is good --???-Also cap & rotor have been changed within lastyear---I had been getting it to start by pumping pedal & trying many different combinations of pumping-not pumping -I have also checked ALL

Try setting the distributor even tho they are controlled by a computer and spark is advanced or retared by the computer if they get 10 degrees or more out of time they cant correct it and start hard or a no start issue. Turn the engine to top dead ce ... 1998 Chevrolet G20

Fuel pump inop on 2002 mitsubishi lancer ozzy edition non turbo 5spd. I checked fuse #8 and 10 both are good. No power coming from fuel pump relay2 at bulk head connector . I have disconnected connector at fuse box and applied 12 volts to red wire and pump runs and starts car, so one can assume the problem lies ahead of the connector. When car is in start position I can feel relay 2 click as if it turned on. I cant get to the wiring at the back of the fuse box to verify voltage right behind rela

... 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer

I get no fuel when trying to start. Pumps good check using bypass, new relay and fuse good. Will start if fuel forced fuel through throttle body.

Throttle body sounds bad. Get another one from Used Car Parts/junkyard. ... 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

Not starting! 98 s10 -2.2 4 cylinder. the truck cranks over gets spark checked the fuel pump, pressure is what its supposed to be. no bad codes according to code reader. get good gas pressure through the rail that leads to injectors.everything i've checked says it should start but doesn't. when you first try it after its set for a couple of hours it tries to start for half a second. if u spray starter fluid direct through the throttle body it pops and tries? I'm baffled any advice appreciated

Check and see if the Injectors are firing. Disconnect one of the injectors and use a test light and paperclip. Put the paperclip in one of the disconnected injector connectors terminals, clip the testlight to the paperclip. Now touch the tip of the ... 1998 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

97 nissan altima just started runs fine when cold when it gets warn it starts to spit and sputters giving it gas wont help, i checked plugs and there fine checked cap and rotor and they look good i even pulled the line off the fuel filter and cycled the key and it pumps fuel fine when it starts to spit and sputter it kicks out what seems like water out of the tailpipe?

Distributors are garbage on these cars change it with one at scrap yard grab 2 ... 1997 Nissan.5 Altima

I have a 1998 Safari van that has started to stall out with out any warning. It will start after it has stalled however you don't know where and when it will stall and getting more frequent. Checked the cap, rotor, wire's and replaced the fuel filter. Also checked the vaccum. All look good. The fuel pump was replaced about a year a go. I've checked for engine error codes and no error codes are listed or show up.

... GMC Safari

I have an '84 Ford with a 351 windsor in it. The problem is its not starting. I've check the plugs, coil, distributor, and even the fuel pump. To me it acts like its not getting fuel but it is. Have good fuel flow and good spark. It's turning over just not starting...Any advise?

If you have points? Change the condensor. If no points? Change the ignition mudule . Exilerator pump diaphram on the carb might be bad. Change the Fuel FILTER. Yeah you will see fuel going into the carb at times but it might not be enough. Go fo ... Ford F-150

Engine would not start after shut down check fuse,relay seems to be good change fuel pump and getting power to pump not building up any pressure from fuel bleeder,coil has good spark(blue) when i prim

You either have a clogged filter or a bad fuel pump. ... 2001 Chevrolet Blazer

I have a 1995 ford contour went out this morning and it won't start, checked the battery, its good, checked the fuel pump its getting fuel

You have to check the fuse to the injectoirs as well as fuse to fuel pump start there they are under the hood in road fuse box ... 1995 Ford Contour

Working on a 1991 1500 chevy silverado .I put fuel n the carb n it started right up so I broke the line loose n there is no fuel coming from the pump so we replaced the pump n fuel filter n still not getting any fuel from the pump checked the fuses n they are good ??? Any ideas

You don't have a carb unless you put one on thereGet a wiring diagram & work on the fuel pump issues ... Cars & Trucks

!987 toyota celica , wont start. So I was driving down the road and all of a sudden I stalled and could not get it going again. I thought that it would be the fuel pump, so I looked into it. It was makeing no noise, so I by passed everything and I could hear it running. I've checked all my fuses and they are all good. The car will turn over but just won't start, even with the the fuel pump running. Any ideas?

Generally it makes sense to check fuel and fire first. assuming you did not just dump some water into the gas tank you could pull a spark plug and have a compatriot turn the engine over while you hold the spark plug next to the block and see if there ... 1987 Toyota Celica

Hi Im going crazy. My 1994 Mazda 230,000 miles. has a 556 code. The idle rpm goes down to 400 . Fuel pressure is good , vacuum is good. I ohm ed and jiggled all leads to do with power relay the fuel pump relay took plug off computer and checked to pins.,tested all leads to ground and checked battery leads. Turn on engine starts right up idle is low has a hard time getting going. Their is a whine in the back but stays when coasting with key off. stops before stopping. The heater heat also does no

Have you tried to pinch off all the vacuums,one at a time,to see if idle will return to normal?Coolant sensor can be ling to the computer,and telling it ,that it is hot.Also look at the throttle position switch,and ohm it out.See if it has any dead s ... 2007 Mazda B2300
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