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When starting to go up hill car looses power and bucks and lurches

\015 When driving along and you start to go up hill car looses power and bucks\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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When starting to go up hill car looses power and bucks and lurches

... Saturn SL

2000 olds intrigue - while driving the car seems to buck and lurch and the service engine soon light comes on then may go off next time i drive the car. I have not had chance to check any engine codes. car seem loose power during accelleration which will cause the service engine light to come on, once up to speed the car seems to "shed pounds" and the engine starts to behave normal. I have been thinking that this might be fuel filter being clogged. I have 136000 miles on car. change oil/airfilt

... 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue

On a few occasions my 03 pathfinder will start bucking, loosing power (hard to climb up hills) and downshift when climbing a mild hill. If I pull over and shut it off a few minutes it seems to straighten itself out. Last time it appeared that the cat seemed like it was smoking. This has happened a handfull of times over the past few years and will fix itself. Car has 126,000 on it.

... 2003 Nissan Pathfinder

Loosing power i have a 2003 chevy impala 3.8 engine. It looses power when im going up hills. prime example i was traveling on i24 headed from clarksville to nashville i was traveling at 80 miles per hour soon as i started up a steep hill the car started to slow down to 50 miles per hour but the rpm raised up almost to the red the check engine light came on so i had it hooked up to get a code the code read that it was misseing fire so i changed the spark plugs n wires and i changed the air filter

Wow, I just went through the same problem and guess what it was a clogged converter and a bad oxyegen sensor. The garaged fixed it up for me by putting an eco converter on it and a new O2 sensor. I have a 2003 Chevy Impala,V6 3.8 engine. Good Luck!! ... 2003 Chevrolet Impala

My car recently lost power. the engine will start and the car will go, but it will not go any faster then 10mph and it can not go up hills without loosing power. also the check engine light came one once all this started happening. it hapened all the sudden there were no sings of anything going wrong up until it lost its power. can you give me an idea of whats going on

How many miles? a high miler will lose compression in cylinder and cause this problem.Anytime the check engine light comes on go to autozone parts store and get it read for free they will thell you what codes mean and let you know whats wrong. ... 2003 Mazda Tribute

When going up a good size hill or under strain (lead foot) on flat ground, my 2000 Jetta TDI seems to instantaneously drop power (feels like going into overdrive on an automatic). It then has no power to increase speed, and looses a lot of speed the rest of the way up. [It did not used to do this.] If after the hill, I turn the car off and on again, the power is restored. If I start the hill in cruise control, it won't lose power in this way, and does not lose much speed. If I've not been on a h

... 2000 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

While driving down the road for no reason at all the car just shuts off. I put it in N and it starts and goes on. Also another thing... When I am going up an hill and get to 40 RPM it starts to buck. Has to reduce power and start over.

Sounds like you have a plugged catalytic converter.Get the codes read and if you have a lot of emmision codes then replace it. ... 1998 Honda Accord

Start up so when we go out to start the car the car clicks and looses power to all the car for awhile then power comes back but we never get to start the car we checked connections at battery and starter seem to be ok. also checked fuses it kinda acts like when you have a loose battery cable but i don't see that anywhere any suggestions?

Check your battery & try to other battery. ... 2000 Ford Crown Victoria

Car loses power when going up a hill once it gets to the top of the hill it speeds up in the moring when you first start it is hard to start but then starts fine the rest of the day until you go up a steep hill then loses power the car is a 1998 dodge neon sohc

The first thing you need to check is fuel pressure. If you don't have a fuel pressure gauge you can buy one from a tool supplier, but the gauge may costs more than the diagnosis from a shop. \015\012 Another thing you may want to check is you ... Dodge Neon

I have a 1965 6 cylinder mustang and it was running well and recently I was driving and the car started to loose power. It seems like it does not have power i would press the gas and there was no response. I took it to the mechanic and they told me it was the carburator and I had the carburator rebuild by a professional and nothing. the car starts and when you press the gas it idles well then all of a sedden it starts to loose power and shakes. Once I take it out for a drive it drives well but

What needs to be checked and verified is the point gap. And if it is adjusted to the correct dwell, the timing will need to be set again also. Oil inside the ditributor and contaminating the points as well as the condensor is not good. You probably h ... 1966 Ford Mustang

Loose power a ticking noise after vehicle is sitting coming from behind right rear tire. sitting at a red light loose all power and loose radio settings in car. driving at 65 on the interstate, loose power and then starts like jump starting.

The ticking I have no idea. Losing power and sputtering could be a number of problems, bad wiring harness, a short, a sensor, bad injectors, clog in a fuel line perhaps. ... 1993 Saturn SW2

Its a 1999 Mitsubshi Eclipse 2.4 w/manual trans. WHen u go to start it the lights and evertthing com on as usual but as soon as you trun the key u loose all power. Not only will the car not start, but you loose all power and if you take out the key and try it again not only will it still not start but nothing lights up anywhere. We found if yu un hook the battery for a bit then reconnect it the power is back and lights come on, but as soon as you try to start it the samething happens again. Now

... 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse

My 1997 Subaru forester has been shuddering when in neutral(manual) for about a wekk now, today while driving up a hill that would usually be good as gold my car struggled and started loosing power then all of a sudden overheated. what is wrong?

I had a bad head gasket when I bought mine..(The notorious EJ25 Engine) I really didn't notice much loss of power if at all, With a little coolant in the oil, oil in the coolant and bubbles in the coolant overflow tank. I had them both replaced befo ... Subaru Cars & Trucks

What make the car loose power going up hill and starts jumping

Check your Transmission fluid levels. might be low and going up the hill will shift the fluid from the pan pick up. ... 2002 Ford Escape

Check engine light come on when started when started car runs rough car loss of power car missing not as bad on level ground when driving up incline car seams to loose more power and begins to miss and back fire car has not been over 40 mph and less then 50 miles driven in this condition

Check spark plugs. and igntion coil. ... 1996 Toyota Avalon

Im having trouble starting my jeep when it starts i have to give a little starter fluid and it will run fine but acts like it starts loosing power truck eventually dies and when i try to start it turns over and kills battery on second or third turnover acts like its not getting any gas .and when i turn ignition on lights in the inside kinda dimmer .if i leave home with it it will drive fine when i take off but within ten minutes the whole car just shuts totally down looses all power and try to t

I'm sending you a wiring diagram so you can get an idea of what your wiring routing is like. What I think you have is a regulator not inside the alternator but inside the computer. Therefore replacing the alternator will not help. Charge the ba ... 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My Nissan 1400 Loose power when I start accelerating and picks up to full speed after a few seconds once I fully accelerate. My petrol filter sometimes fills up and there is a funny sound when it starts loosing power. This power loss occurs even when the car is standing still. I have cleaned my carburetor but the problem still persists. What could be the cause to that?

You maybee need too clean up youyr tank ... Nissan Minivan

I have a 1993 M marquis when i start it up it doesnt want to idle at first and i have to press the exhilarater if i try to start off right away it has now power it will make a popping sound . once i get it driving it will somtimes pop and ill get a serge of power . after the car heats up it drives fine most of the time but still lacks power at times like on hills and such . i was told it could be the egr valve whats your opinion . when the car is running right it runs and idels like brand new ju

Its the groove under the Airhorn gasket. There are 8 bolts and a ten dollar gasket to change. This groove supplies the exhaust to make the EGR and the sensors work correctly. Just take off the Airhorn behind the airfilter ductwork and scrape out t ... 1993 Mercury Grand Marquis

260,000km Car looses power and stalls. will restart then stalls again. Suddenly starts ok and runs ok. Usually when fuel is low but tank is not dry.Gas gauge doesn't work.Fill tank at 500 km on trip odometer. when it stalls the check engine light comes on. Had the code (mass air flow sensor) reset 3 times. Car runs fine for a couple of days then will just loose power and quit.Then will be ok for a week or 2. Only had the car for a couple of months. Passed emmission test June 10th this year.Don'

Did you do anything to repair the mas air flow sensor code or did it go out by itself?If you did not replace it or clean it you should get some mass air flow sensor cleaner and clean it out.You can get this at most part stores.If you are getting this ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix

We have a 2004 Lincoln LS V6 and for the last 3 years have been trying to find out what is wrong with our car. It started 3 years ago on vacation. We were going down an on ramp into traffic and lost power to the car, could not accelerate and had to steer off the road. Fast forward to today the problem has become worse over the years and it happens daily now. We can be at a stoplight and start to accelerate on green and half way through the intersection the car will loose power, you can not give

Hey guys..im having same problem..but it only starts when i stop at the light..if it takes to long to for me to go again it starst shaking some then goes into failsafe mode.i just changed all spark plugs and oil ,filter and air filter and still doin ... Lincoln LS

Power problems noticable loss in power from my car when im driving i have to almost floor it to get a response from my car .Also when im going up hill if i stop an try to go it would bearly move,someone told me check my spark plugs.Also when i start it starts sounds like its struggeling then cuts off this happens at least 3 times before the car starts.Oh its a 2004 mazda 3 sedan

Please this is a fuel system related problem.Check the fuel pump located in the fuel tank beneath the back seat.The fuel pump has dropped in pressure.Good luck dear.Rate this solution. ... 2004 Mazda 3

I have a mondeo 2.0 tdci 02,the glow plug light came on when i was driving and stalled,so i changed the camshaft censor and the car was fine,then a couple of days later,i went to start the car and the battery was flat,bought a new battery and was fine,then on motorway the glow plug light came on again and stalled,re-started the car and drove off,then started to loose power and ignition lights came on and car stalled,now it will not start at all????

... 2002 Ford F350 Super Duty DRW Reg. Cab

Car won't start. Problem started with a light clicking noise and got louder over 3 days. Started loosing power while accelerating and the car didn't want to leave 1st gear. After a few seconds of 1st gear holding high rpms it would shift up into 2nd but still with a light pedal (not very responsive). Car just shut off at 50mph, was able to start it once after this and has not started since. Any ideas?

... 1998 Pontiac Bonneville

Started car this afternoon for short errand. Drove 8 miles to store and when ready to leave store car would not crank, engine would spin but would not start. Waited about 20 minutes checking under hood for any loose wiring and repeatedly tried starting engine. Was about to give up and tried 1 last time and while trying to start engine repeatedly patted foot pedal and then car finally started. My son also said it seemed weaker while driving as far as power did not have the normal feel. 217k miles

Clutch pedal switch would not let the starter to operate. So you can eliminate that. Possibly the fuel pump.or it was momentarily flooded. When you pushed the accelerator pedal whaile cranking you were allowing more air into the engine, thereby blo ... 1988 Toyota Camry

Already changed fuel filter. Symptoms first started with car cutting out when first started and it seemed to quit once it warmed up. Now car will be running fine one minute and crappy the next. Notice more when pulling a hill. When car should shift down to gain more power it just starts losing speed. Sometimes it surges if cruise control is on. methodically. if i take foot completely off gas and let it shift gears and start over sometimes it fixes problem. It feels like all of a sudden someone r

Clogged catalytic converter perhaps? ... 1993 Mercury Grand Marquis
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