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What needs to be fixed if I have an engine code P0404 for my 2001 saturn sc2?I also have a code P0442.

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What needs to be fixed if I have an engine code P0404 for my 2001 saturn sc2?I also have a code P0442.

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I have a 2005 dodge ram 1500 4x4 4.7 liter with 81,000 miles my check engine light came on and i get codes P0404 and P0405 what component do i need to replace to fix the problem ? also it seems to be a little sluggish on acceleration until fully warmed up( 4 to 5 miles of driving)

Do check to make sure the plenum of egr is not leaking, and do check to see if this is under warrant or recall. If egr valve is good, check the circuit for 25-30 ohms. If ohm is very low or too high, it may be a wiring or ECM Problem. If ohms are goo ... Dodge Ram 1500

I have a 2005 dodge ram 1500 4x4 4.7 liter with 81,000 miles my check engine light came on and i get codes P0404 and P0405 what component do i need to replace to fix the problem ? also it seems to be a little sluggish on acceleration until fully warmed up( 4 to 5 miles of driving)

Both of these codes point toward the EGR Valve being the problem. Purchase a can of carbon cleaner at any auto parts store. Remove the EGR Valve and clean all the carbon off. Look for holes in the valve that should not be there. If you see any ... Dodge Ram 1500

Hello! I have a 2008 Saturn Vue...at the dealership (GMC) for two days. They said the emissions purge valve is broken but the error code and check engine light have gone off. I'm also at 37,000 miles and they said it will not be covered on the warrenty. Is this true? I thought emissions system coponents were covered longer??? Really, if this purge valve does need replacing, can I do it myself? What is a reasonable price to charge to fix something like this? I read online the part can be about $

First dont worry you can buy the part for 31 dollars at the dealer 23 other places part number 214-2230 ac delco and all you have to do is pull it out un plug the wires and push the new one in plug the wires back in figure to have some one do it hou ... 2008 Saturn VUE

I have a nissan xterra 2005. the service engine lite came on 2 days ago.the code came up po340.also at the same time the vdc and slp lite came on.the code p0340 is the camshaft position sensor from what auto zone told me.i dont know where it is located also dont know if i need a straight one or curve one.sometimes going down the road the car cuts off.i just a simple backyard mechanic that needs help on how to fix car.it is also a 4wd if needed to know. thanks.

I bought Nissan when i drive its showing 4WD oilfilter sign and when i spped up 70mph its hickup and slowdown, advise whats wrong with this car, thanks ... Nissan Xterra

2002 Saturn L300, engine starts but only idles. Will not respond to throttle movement. Also get "reduced power" light on intrument panel as well as a P1516 code (Electronic Throttle Module). Do I just need to replace the throttle module at the throttle body? I'm also getting a P2105 but according to Saturn, it doesn't exist. A U2105 (communication error) does however, and I'm wondering if my reader just got the prefix code wrong.

Hi,P1516Tests/Procedures:1. Clear code and start engine, if code does not reset stroke accelerator pedal to rev engine and see if code resets.2. If code sets, lab scope the 2 Throttle Position Se ... 2002 Saturn L-Series

I have a 1997 saturn sl2 and my service engine soon light is on. I got it scanned and the guy said that two codes came up one was a misfire where I need the spark plugs and wiring fixed. the other code was a sensor internally in the transmission. I am getting the spark plugs and wiring fixed now but if it does go on and again and I need that sensor how much would it cost?

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2001 windstar;antitheft want let engine turn over or crank.i have disconnected battery trying to reset with no luck. i have used keyless entry to try and reset it,did not work.i have used my remote start button on solenoid to turn engine over also with key on engine want fire up this way either.when it does turn over with key it still want fire up. it had a M.A.F code when this happened. i need to no how to reset antitheft so i can fix code already in it.nobody seems to no anything about this.i

Dealer only iam afraid ,but if you look under ford escort 1998 you will find an article i wrote on how to bypass the antitheft system by soldering a bridge across one of the transistors .But i dont know if your ford winstar is the same as ford escort ... Ford Windstar

I have a P-0171 erroe code read on my 2001 ford expedtion eddie bauer. It says that it can be in the bank 1 side of the engine of cylinder 1. It says that it can fixed by taking it out and cleaning it. It also says it could also be from not changing oil filter or filter. I haven't done it cuase of my travels in about 8k miles. I need to know if this is a simple problem to fix and how can I fix it.

That is a lean O2 Sensor Code\015\012\015\012Vacuum Leak somewhere or sensors\015\012with over 100,000 miles on them\015\012\015\012Front 2 only\015\012\015\012Nothing to clean\015\012Nothing at all to ... 2001 Ford Expedition

I have the engine code po 108 map/baro circuit high imput on my 1998 volvo s70 with a 2.3 turbo. i need to know what it wiil take to fix it to pass new york stste inspection as i cant afford a mechanic as i am unemployed. Also, if you know what the fix is, could you tell me the proximity of the part on the car and about how much the part willcost. i have already spent more than i can afford but my inspection is expired and i really need to drive the car.

To correct this problem u will most likely need to replace the Atmospheric pressure sensor, this is a fairly common problem. below is a link to the diagnostic testing that should be done before spending the $200 for the part.\015\012 ... 1998 Volvo S70

P0441 1st my check engine light came on so i took my car 2 auto zone and let them put their machine on the car and it read the codes p0441 and p0442!I took it 2 take the emission testand i failed of course,but there print out read my 02sensor and catalyst convertor needed 2 get fixed took it 2 the shop and they fixed it!The light went out 4 about 2 weeks then itpopped on again!I took it back 2 the emission testn place and of course the car failed again!Now the code is reading out 2 b p0441! I we

I would have the front vacuume switching vavle checked ... 2001 Toyota Corolla

Have a 1994 jeep wrangler, check engine light flashes code 22 engine coolant temperature sensor input above or below right voltage. know what i need to do? also get a code of 33 an open or shorted condition detected in the a/c clutch relay circuit, if a/c means air conditioner i dont have one its been taken off,how do i fix these

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How to figure out how to fix a p0442 code and p0171 code the engine also has ruff idel and codes popped up at that time

Here are some links to information about your vehicle problems as well as possible solutions\015\012p0442 \015\012 ... Kia Sportage

I have a 2002 Ford Taurus, and an engine sign showed up. However, I pulled out the code which is P0442. what is the problem, how much would that cost me and when do I need to fix it, can I wait for the next week, or its something that needs to take care of ASAP. thanks,

P0442 code relating to the EVAP (Evaporative Emission System).a small emissions leak. also check the gas cap .Try cleaning the seals first and then try putting a little vaseline on the seals before getting a new gas cap. ... 2002 Ford Taurus

Check, service engine codes P0401 P0442 P0445 what needs to be fixed with these codes 99 dodge caravan

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1999 Ford Taurus SE 3.0 with overhead cam. check engine light is on and code says P0443 purge valve system. says purge valve wants to operate but wont hold vacuum. Also most likely has pcm failure but unable to further trace it. What need to be done to fix it and how expesive. Will it pass inspection with this code.

... 1998 Ford Taurus

Had the engine light on for a while, and went to auto zone to pull the code. It came up for the egr... the guy told me that a dealer may have to fix the problem, but I could look for a repair shop that will do it. It will probably be cheaper. The dealer told me they charge $103. 00 just to pull the code, but will put that toward any repair. They also said it may just be a sensor that needs to be reset. What are the chances it is the valve, and what should I expect to pay for this repair?

Check the original window sticker for the ACTUAL Federal emission coverage period,You may able to get it fit for free.EGR valve can be clean if you are will to get dirty.Carbon build up inside the valve and the pas ... 2004 Chrysler Pacifica

Abs light stays on and i need to know how to do the clutch on a 2oo1 passat a good friend needs vw help we are a front end shop and there are no good shops to fix these things . also has check engine light with codes p0431 and 172000 miles.is it new car time

ABS sensor or sensors have failed , cost about $40 each and need to have a reset done on a VW coded laptop.\015\012\015\012Quite a big undertaking putting a clutch in a Passat not to be tackled lightly and without workshop facilities ... 2001 Volkswagen Passat

P0410 code I also have my check engine light on and is giving out this code. I know I need to get something replaced. But with any issue I have with my car, which there is a lot. I want to know if it is safe for me to drive until I can get it fixed. Is it going to stall on me?

You can read this and decide http://www.obd-codes.com/p0410 ... 1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass

It appears that I may have a bad catalytic convertor in my 2005 Dodge Neon according to a repair shop I took it too. They also suggested replacing the 02 sensor as well. It gave the P0420 engine code which means Catalytic convertor efficiency. I'm not sure if I need to not only replace the catalytic convertor but the O2 sensor as well. I did not notice any exhaust leaks as of yet. How soon will I need to get this fixed? Or how long can I go without replacing it before it gets worse. It looks li

You will likely not notice any drivability problems, although there may be symptoms.\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012A code P0420 may mean that one or more of the following has happened:\015\012\015\012\015\012 ... 2005 Dodge Neon

P2105 I have a 2001 Saturn that I just got has 138K miles. Recently my check engine light came on and it says the code P2105 when I went to Auto Zone. they could not explain to me what this meant so I have no idea where to start for fixing. He was telling me something about air not getting to engine. I am having trouble getting car to start. It doesnt seem like it wants to turn over and can take 6 to 7 attempts to start. It also started jerking when i accelerate to next gear.

... 2002 Saturn L-Series

I took the car for a knock sensor code and oil pan gasket and valve cover gasket fix. i picked up the car and drove, suddenly when accelarating i hear noise in the engine, its like every time i accelarate the noise gets louder, like a its using too much power and wont accelarate the way it needs to. and it will slow me down, i have to press more harder and it will move and the sound would go and come back .. there is also like ticking sounds and stuff while idle. they put the wire straight

Strongly suspect that someone forgot to put oil in your car when they were finished.\015\012\015\012This car may be done for. ... 1996 Toyota Tercel

I just purchased a 2000 lincoln continental for my daughter. She said that the service engine light came on and after that the transmission light came on and went off and came on again. I had the mechanic check it and he said I had a code P1744 and that he would need to check for corrosion and that I need a transmission gasket due to leaking. Could the code P1744 also mean the transmission is going? Also I was told that the top side engine mount is cracked (Dog bone). Is that neccessary to repla

Top mount when go's bad eventualy can mess up other thing's, As for the tran's i would change the fluid and the gasket and filter. They are all right there togather, should cost around $75 ... 2000 Lincoln Continental

I have a 2006 Chrysler Pacifica and the check engine light comes on. It also says gas cap. I have replaced gas cap and it has not went off. Get codes 455,456,and 457, Does anyone know what this means or what needs to be fixed?

These codes are evap codes you have a breather line problem in your fuel system ... 2006 Chrysler Pacifica

Blower malfunctioning I have a 2001 BMW 325 CI. Whenever I have the blower on for the heat, vent, or A/C, the blower goes from low to high and back seemingly at will. More often than not, it sticks on high. Also, whenever I turn the blower completely off before I turn the car off, the blower is always back on and stuck on high when I start the engine again. Is that normal? I would like to fix it, what part might I need? I ran codes on it, but it couldn't read whatever was going on. Blower motor?

Blower speeds in most cars (well, maybe not BMW) is set using a primitive resistive device with two (sometimes only one) end connections and 2 or 3 'taps' between them.\015\012The selector switch chooses either the input tap (high speed) or one of th ... 2001 BMW 325
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