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I want to know if a 1996 and a 1998 saturn is interchangable body and motor wise

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Answers :

Most all body and interior parts will interchange 96-99. engine however is different, you can put a SOHC engine into another car made for SOHC. you cannot put a DOHC engine into a saturn made for the SOHC engine or vice versa. the transmissions have different gear ratios. and the engines changed between 98 and 99 so you may have some problems swapping between those years.
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I want to know if a 1996 and a 1998 saturn is interchangable body and motor wise

Most all body and interior parts will interchange 96-99. engine however is different, you can put a SOHC engine into another car made for SOHC. you cannot put a DOHC engine into a saturn made for the SOHC engine or vice versa. the transmissions have ... Saturn L-Series

I would like to know what years interchange with my truck? I have a 1995 Chevy Silverado 4x4. I am mainly concerned with the body parts. I would also like to know what motors will interchange with my truck. It has the 5.7 with throttle body injection.

Any body parts from 1988-1998 will interchange.(except box parts stepside vs fleetside Grilles and head light/front signal lights differ from year to year but an newer grille can be put on an older truck as long as both trucks have the same headlight ... 1994 Chevrolet C1500

I have a 1996 Saturn SL 1 1.9 SOHC.The OBD2 Port doesn't work,Automatic Trunk Release don't work and the Interior Lights don't work inside the car nor does the chime,All fuses are ok technician from Saturn Said he didn't know what the problem was so i would like to know can someone tell me what is going on.I have a service engine light that stays on but the Scan Tool want pick up anything

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On my mr2 51plate , i have tiptronic gears, quite a lot of times it dont want to move when its in first or reverse gear ? but when ur in 2nd 3rd 4th or 5th gear no broblem, ive just had a new cluch put in , was ok for the first 30 miles or so but started to happen again ,i want to sell motor but dont want to give someone probless any body know wats up thanks ****

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I found a 1987 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme it has over 248000 miles on the car and i think has the original 307 motor in it. the motor sounds like it is knocking after you let the car warm up for a wile. but when it car first starts it runs smooth.. the car need a paint job but the body doesn't look to bad. i asked the seller if the motor knocks he told me he thinks it is the alternator bearing rattling. guy wants 1,500$ for this car any advice?

Sounds like a value or it might me something under there like the muffler pipes could me hitting up against something. It could be a motor mount . Don't know for sure. I,d have to really see it to hear it. And hope this help, ... 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

I have a 23 hp Kawasaki motor liquid cool engine in my zero turn ex-mark tractor. It has 750 hours on the motor. I bought it in 5/19/2001. I would like to know what the resistance in ohms is on each of the coils. Upon a load it has been near dying and once after cutting 2 1 acre lots and shutting the motor off it does not want to start.The local dealer did not check this nor the strength of the spark. My owners manual to the tractor does not show the part or the number. Other than that I am a

Wrong web site\015\012\015\012I would suggest buying a manual thru the \015\012equip dealer or a web site\015\012\015\012This is a social web site, not business\015\012Hard to find free anything\015\012What y ... Honda Accord Crosstour


There isn't much difference between them. The SL series didn't change between 95 and 96 except for the ecm is OBD2 on the 96. Are both cars stick shift? The difference in the SL1 and the SL2 are the cams. 1 for sohc and 2 for dohc. So what you a ... Saturn SL1

I have a 2001 Saturn SC2 that I need to swap out a motor in and want to know if there are any other motor or motor/tranny combinations that will work in it. Example would be the ion redline?

If you do not use the same stock engine you will have smog issues. If a smog tech notices they will automatically fail your vehicle. Also the emission standards set for your vehicle may be different than a Ion redline for example. Different states ha ... 2001 Saturn SC

Hi, I have a 2006 Passat and the blower motor is not working on any position. If I turn the knob to 1 - 4 and switch the AC button on it lights up and as soon as i turn the know to position 0, the AC light goes off, meaning that the knob is somewhat working. Any idea what I can check and where the blower motor is please? Thanks Dan

... 2006 Volkswagen Passat

On 2002 RX 300, there is about a 10 sec sound like a motor running at high speed when I first turn on the car that appears to be coming from the CD player in the glove box. What I want to do is pull the fuze for the CD player and see if the noise goes away. What fuze do I pull? RAD 1 fuze? If you know what may be causing the short motor whining sound that is really what I'm after. Could it be a pump that clears water from the a/c? Regards Ray

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Saturn ion 2007 code P2127 throttle / pedal position he told me to change throttle body and i want to know if i can drive for a while before change it tahank you

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Saturn ion 2007 code P2127 throttle / pedal position he told me to change throttle body and i want to know if i can drive for a while before change it tahank you

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I recently changed out the plugs, plug wires, rotor, rotor cap, and alternator. Drove it for a few minutes and then the Antilock light came on. The AC blower stopped, the power windows stopped, the speedo stopped, and the battery ran down before I got home again. The ABS and brakes still work fine, and the motor runs normally. Somebody said its the "body" computer. Hell, I don't know, and the tech wants $185.oo bucks for just "checking it out." I say, "no fix, no pay." What do you say..? Thanks,

Hello\015\012The systems that have stopped working correctly in this car or truck are controlled by a computer module, it is called the BCM short for "Body Control Module". When this BCM module fails you have to run a functional test on it to s ... Chevrolet Lumina APV

2006 saturn vue v6 got it new has 94 thousand no trouble be for i was driving a long and it started losing power more and more until it stoped motor was a little hot but not over heated i am a woman so dont know much had it towed to shop they say trany but it never slipped i just lost power can any body help?

Its possible something happened to the trans. Can you drive it now ? If you don't trust the shop you may want to get a second opinion. ... Saturn Vue

My 00 2.0 vw jetta has 0 compression in cylinder#1 the other three have #60 psi. Would a head gasket,cracked head or jumped timing be the problem? I want ideas before I open the motor.

The vw 2.0 are good for having bent valves. just pull the head off . if the head gasket is not bad then it is the head ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2000 Saturn SL2. When i put my car in park the motor runs really high, and i have a light that comes on in my dash board of an upside down arrow with a wave line at the bottom. i want to know what it means and is there a connection between the two?


1995 heater blower motor: someone has replaced it before my sister bought it. The problem is it is wired incorrectly, the blower runs only on high continuously no mater where the fan speed switch is located. Upon inspection it aperes that someone wired it straight to hot. (always on) I'm not sure how to wire it, and I think the resistor is not working. I want to know where the hot wire goes and where the two wires from the blower go. The black is obviously ground. It has a 1 wire plug go

Since its presently working, don't mess with it yet. You can put a toggle switch in between so you can turn it on and off (you can even mount it under the dash). Get a good wiring diagram and use it to make sense of what you have.(Chilton makes a goo ... Ford Escort

My Saturn ion 2005 fan/ac/heater only work on high setting 4.nothing on 1-3. i changed blower motor resister still something. i noticed a rattle sound when i press the snowflake ac button and sound goes off when I turn off snowflake ac button. when i press the snowflake a little light under the button turns on to tell me a/c is on, that light only comes on on setting 3 and 4 but i only barely feel anything blowing. i checked all fuse but I don't know how to tell if the relay is bad. anyone have

... 2005 Saturn ION

Hi i drive a 2003 Chevy Cavalier LS Coupe. It has a sunroof and what happened is it is stuck slightly open. The first thing is i want to know how i can close it because its winter.. Its outside and i dont want the elements getting in. Second, i want to know how to get to the cables that operate the sunroof and fix them. i know for a fact that their broke and repair shops charge too much... i know i can do it myself because i already did the side window motor. I just need some guideance and help

... Chevrolet Cavalier

I brought a rover mgzr and want to put radio in it but the wires in the loom have had the connectors cut off so i just got the speaker wires and the four wires to power the radio, I know which speaker wires go to which speaker. The problem i have is, i dont know what the other wires are, ie, which is constant live. The wires are 1 purple, 1 black, 1 green/white and the other 1 is red/black. any info would be welcome. thanks

My assumption would be black = earth, red/black = power, purple power antena? green white? start by getting a test lamp put the earth ********, turn ignition on & check all wires for power also test in acc position & off position in case 1 is ... Cars & Trucks

I am having a problem with the radiator cooliing motors. They don't seem to be working I need to know what fuse number controls that circuit. I know it could be the motors (there are two motors two fans, but wanted to check out the fuses first. Ther is a fuswe box under the hood at the front of the engine conmpartment mounted near the raidator and one inside the car on the driver's side. The underhood box has numbers but no info about what each fuse controls

The radiator fans are controled by relay unit and the fuse is in the engine room inthe hood.\015\012A close check will show the control unit of the fan which acts on the thermistor sensing the heat from the engine.\015\012It is possible t ... 2001 Ford Taurus

Have a 2005 ford explorer showing a code p2111 accidently washed motor using a degreaser turns on with problems. changed the throttle position sensor, throttle body motor, and the ignition coil. when the throttle body motor was changed there's no electricity running through. Does anyone know the answer to this problem?

This Code means there is a difference between the throttle body flap angle and the settings for it. Try disconnecting the battery for 10 minutes and see if it will refresh for the new parts.There is a small adjustment for the TPS in the slot ... 2005 Ford Explorer

If got a mk1 golf 2 door with a velocity motor.. I want to connect my rev counter... But there's. No wire from the motor to the clocks for the rev counter so I want to know where do I connect the wire from the motor to the clocks...

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How do I check to see if I have power to my rear wiper motor on my 2005 Chevy Uplander. I just want to know which wire or wires are caring the power, and which wire is the ground, so I can know whether it is the motor or an electrical problem. Thanks Chad

Ck fuze for the wipes ... Chevrolet Uplander LS

Hello, Hello Problem Solvers! I have a noise problem with my A4! I have an issue with my 02' audi A4 3L quattro. When turning the steering wheel left or right at lower speed 2 - 10Kph and tighter corners / parking etc I hear a terrible creaking noise. Would you happen to know what this is? or how I could fix this problem? No body seems to know. I have already replaced the 'bushes' and the CV boots are fine. The noise is always there if hot or cold or the car has been running for 1 minute or 1 h

Check the belt tension..it might be weak and it making noise when start ... 2004 Audi A4
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