Having problems with your Saab 9 5 ?

I have a 2002 Saab 9-5 it has been idling strangely then stalling out when at a stop. It also has a lot of hestaition when driving

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Check you vacuum lines for breaks or disconnections. Coulds also be a clogged fuel filter.
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I have a 2002 Saab 9-5 it has been idling strangely then stalling out when at a stop. It also has a lot of hestaition when driving

Check you vacuum lines for breaks or disconnections. Coulds also be a clogged fuel filter. ... Saab 9 5

2001 Saab 9-3 was driving and while driving the speedometer went down to zero, my check engine light, TCS light, ABS light, hazard light all came on. Also at the same time when I stopped at a red light the car idles a lot harder than normal, then when i accelerate it runs fine. When I shift the car from drive to park, the hard idling stops.

Take the vehicle to your nearest saab dealer and ask for a diagnostic scan, yuo have a sensor failure, if left it could be expensive. ... 2001 Saab 9-3

1997 oldsmobile LSS with 3800. Starts and runs great in the morning, drive 20 miles to work. Trouble starting after work, but will start. Leave work, run errands, stopping here and there after the 20 mile drive. Won't start. Tracked it down to air in the fuel line, by using the bleeder valve before the injectors. Lots of air, some fuel. hit it a few times, then the key a few to get the fuel pump going, and repeat until good gas flow. Starts right up then. Also will start and then stall if sprayi

... 1997 Oldsmobile LSS

Where is the iac valve on a 2003 f150 5.4l triton v8? my truck will idle steady but when shifted into drive or 1 the rpm drops and stalls engine, also when coming to a stop it will act like its stalling just before coming to a stop then the rpm will jump back up to normal, this will happen around 80% of the time i drive. Also when I get to 45mph the truck will shake fairly hard until i get to about 65mph and then its fine. Had some mechanic say it was my transmission going out from the torque co

The iac is located on the throttle body. It should be on top to the rear area center. Go to kragen.com. Put in your info and a picture should show you what it looks like. ... 2004 Ford F150

Where is the iac valve on a 2003 f150 5.4l triton v8? my truck will idle steady but when shifted into drive or 1 the rpm drops and stalls engine also when coming to a stop it will act like its stalling just before coming to a stop then the rpm will jump back up to normal this will happen around 80% of the time i drive. Also when I get to 45mph the truck will shake fairly hard until i get to about 65mph and then its fine. Had some mechanic say it was my transmission going out from the torque conv

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Replaced fuel filter and relay(pump works) while driving it spits and sputters like its not getting enough fuel pressure then stalls when it stops. also been loosing a lot of water and have rust around top hose and vaccum can

Go to a workshop ... GMC Yukon XL

2001 ford explorer, dies after stopping, rpm's drop & stalls also often happens after turning, this car now dies at every stop light. As long as i am driving it drives but if i stop or have t

... 2001 Ford Explorer Sport

Sunfire Stalling I was driving my sunfire home the other day and stopped off at the store. When I was done and pulled out of my parking space --it stalled. It started right back up but as soon as I took my foot off the brake--it would stall again. It took me 30 minutes to get out of the lot. And continued stalling all the way home. Evrytime I came to a light /stop sign I threw it in nutral so I wouldn't come to a complete stop. Any ideas what could be wrong?

Sounds like a mass air flow problem. It's located somewhere between the air filter and intake, but usually right after the air filter box.Check to see that the big rubber hose there isn't cracked or ripped, check to see if the mass air flow wir ... 2003 Pontiac Sunfire

Car will stall whenver i drive a lot of stop and go stalls at lig

TCC Solenoid. Its locking up. Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid. Its a minor transmission issue. Have the same problem with my car. ... 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier

No check engine light on until it stalls out. While driving around town and approaching stop sign/light, sometimes car will stall out. I also notice that my fuel gauge dips down about 1/4 tank and then comes back up slowly within 5-10 seconds. Sometimes when it does this as approaching full stop the fuel gauge will dip and car stalls. I had the o2 sensor, spark plugs and wires and fuel filter replaced. Still does it but not as bad. I have put fuel cleaner in when near empty and put 1/2 tank g

You didn't say how much fuel is in the tank when this happens. Some of these old GM cars will starve for fuel if the tank is near empty and you are braking or stopping with the car facing downhill. It could be rust or scale in the fuel tank clogging ... 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

I have a 1990 K-2500 5.7L Chevy, I am experiencing a rough and low idle after the engine has been warmed to normal operating temperature and it feels like the engine is going to stall when stopped and in drive, also idle speed is not changing when at a stop if it is moved to neutral or park, it remains the same as when in drive, very low and rough. There are no problems when 1st staring the engine and it runs fine after strting and will not have this problem when coming to a stop, only after it

Have you cleaned your throttle body? You can use a carb cleaner but tb cleaner is best. It doesn't take long and will improve the performance if it hasn't been cleaned. Should be cleaned about once a year depending on how many miles you drive. ... 1990 Chevrolet K2500

Car turns on and seems to drive good then starts to miss and stalls,,used to have problem stalling on street lights or stops,,now it is stalling while i am driving..and also is stuttering while in park

What year is your Oldsmobile 88? In the interim replace the fuel filter. ... Oldsmobile 88

1996 Buick Century- When accelerating from stop, engine revs but car won't move in Drive. Once up to 30mph in another gear (2nd, etc) will move in Drive. Problem started with stall-like shaking during accelerating from stop. Also, loud revving noise from 45mph to levelling off at 60mph. Seems like car wants to continue running even when I stop accelerating. I am able to coast at full speed for approx. 1/10 mi. Breaks checked-fine. Is it transmission or fuel line issue?

Low on fluid!\015\012transmission pump failing or converter loose or cracked drive plate where converter bolts up to\015\012could be slipping clutches or bands\015\012or even the control module\015\012get it to a workshop asap ... 1999 Buick Century

Stalling Sometimes when I'm driving about 35 mph or at a stop light my car stalls and it will start right up like nothing happened. Also sometimes when I'm driving about 50 or 70 mph I will get hesitation. I have had the fuel filter replaced but still stalling. Any suggetions? Thanks

We had exactly the same problem and after replacing the fuel filter, replacing the mass airflow sensor did the trick. ... 1998 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight

My 2004 impala ss keeps stalling out. Not all the time. Usualy after I run the car for a while, turn it off and start driving it will happen. Also mostly when I am driving and have to stop at a light is when it will want to stall. One more thing, sometimes the rpms are jumping all over the place when I am idling, before stalling. I changed the fuel filter, and ran a few rounds of injector cleaner through it. Anybody know what's up?

... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

I have a 2003 Trailblazer EXT. when I crank the car it starts then stalls immediately...why is this? The only way to get it started is to crank it and immediately push the gas pedal down. When I drive and I come to a complete stop it stalls or if going around a curve at a slow speed and low rpms it stalls the car. Also when the car was running right at idle when I turned to the a/c or the defrost sitting still it kills the car but works fine while driving. PLEASE HELP!

I agree and want to add that there is free testing at Autozone, Advance, and Oreilys autoparts.But for the initial start, it sounds like the "cold start routine" may also be inoperative. This senses engine temperature and makes the engine ru ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 99 automatic V.W. Jetty, it vibrates a lot when is park, drive, or reverse, and also wile accelerating. I have a loss of HP, and sometimes my engine smokes from burning oil leaking on my engine. also when is drive or reverse something rattles underneath my car. could be a bunch of different problems, but my major concern is getting my car to stop vibrating and to regain my HP, and milage. any help??

Sounds like you have a lost, or weak cylinder in the engine. A compression test and, or a leak down test with confirm the condition of the engine. ... 1997 Acura TL Series

I have a 1994 nissan Altima GXE 5spd. Car is idling rough when I come to a stop light or stop sign sometimes it stalls. also while driveing threw 1st, 2nd, and 3rd car has a ticking noise coming from engine. The 150HP twincam engine is alot of fun to drive body is is good shape I'd like to find out how to fix these problems without going to Nissan.

Given the ticking sound, you probably need to replace the timing chain assembly. ... 1998 Nissan Altima

The van stalls while I'm driving. Not stopped, actually driving on the road. Then it won't start agian for a few hours. Also, the gas gauge doesn't work properly. It shows an 1/8 of a tank left but the van is actually empty. Are these two problems related to the yan stalling.

... 2005 Pontiac Montana

1992 Buick lesabre will not stay cranked, dies in both idle and while driving. Also, the defrost and the map lights will cut on by themselves and will not allow me to turn them off manually. When the car will run, it still drives great. Also, last night clock display went crazy. The previous day, the speedometer stopped reading properly just before it died. None of these problems are consistent so I am at a loss on where to start looking. I just spent $700 getting a lot of electrical fixed, s

... 1992 Buick LeSabre

Engin stall I have a 2007dodge caliber Automatic and I have problem. I'll be at a red light and it will turn green and I'll hit the gas and nothing it will feel like it's going to die but then a second or two later it will go. It also tends to sputter at stops. This doesnt just happen when I'm stopped, at times while driving I'll gas it but the engine just sputters and nothing happens. My car's never actually stalled out and died but if this problem happens at the wrong place and time, like when

You should have the 3year 36,000 warrenty and if your the original owner then you have the powertrain warrenty too. Not sure what the problem is without looking at the vehicle myself with the computer hooked up. Take it to the dealer. Sounds almost l ... 2007 Dodge Caliber SRT4 Hatchback

Its an R plate S40 TD with 156000 on the clock. When the engine is idleing their is blue smoke comeing from the exhaust and also if the revs drop below 2000rpm when driving their is a lack of power and blue smoke. The only way to stop the blue smoke is to get the turbo to kick in! Friends have told me that it is a fueling issue and i have already changed the fuel filter but with no joy. It also struggles to start up when cold and is prone to stalling when stopping until the engine has warmed up.

It is possible that your fuel regulator is leaking.\015\012\015\012On the throttle assembly, there should be a few vacuum hoses attached. Pull those off and shake it a bit to see if there is any fuel coming out of it.\015\012\ ... 2006 Volvo S40

I have a 2002 Kia Spectra and it seems to have a lot of vibration when it is in drive and waiting at a stop light. I have been putting in neutral at lights to cut down on this vibration. I recently had it in the shop and did have one broken motor mount that was replaced and the other 2 were okay. I also had a new water pump, drive belt and timing belt/chain (also replaced the tension adjuster for this to as the mechanic thought it is good to replace while he is in) put in. After the work the

Ask the mechanic if the motor mounts where hydraulic filled,if not see if they are available,and have them installed,also look for exhaust maybe up against the body,this should not vibrate. ... 2002 Kia Spectra

I have a 2008 grand prix with 3.8 in it, it wont stall if i keep my foot on the gas or driving down the road. but stopping at a stop sign or sitting there idleing my car will stall. also it chuggs randomly and makes my RPM gauge jump... I Changed the MAP sensor, and put a can of seafoam cleaner in it and its still running rough. any ideas?

Unfortunately, you might have to replace every sensor until the problem goes away. It is a matter of process by elimination. I am in the same position. Good luck ... 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 2007 ford fusion 4 cylinder. Hen I start it it idles low and when at a stop also it started stalling when at stop car runs perfect when driving. I'm stumped I have changed that spark plugs and when changing the 2 and 3 plugs saw oil so I changed the valve cover gaskets. Still didn't fix problem got code or 1 coil pack changed that still having problem now what and how do I proceed I'm totally stumpted please help also I don't have much knowledge in cars as I'm a nurse and a single mom b

... 2007 Ford Fusion I4 SEL Sedan
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