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I have a 1997 saab 900s it had been having some trouble idling when the gas was low( i believe this was from trash in the tank/ fuel filter issue.) now, without any warning the engine quit. i still have power, and the starter's good. all the levels appear to be good as well. the engine simply won't catch.

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FIrst thing i would do is check fuel pressure on the rail. IT should be on top of engine near spark plug holes. THere is a valve that looks like a bicycle tube valve, press it and see if you have gas. Be careful its under pressure. You really need to put a measuring device on there and see if you have correct pressure.
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I have a 1997 saab 900s it had been having some trouble idling when the gas was low( i believe this was from trash in the tank/ fuel filter issue.) now, without any warning the engine quit. i still have power, and the starter's good. all the levels appear to be good as well. the engine simply won't catch.

FIrst thing i would do is check fuel pressure on the rail. IT should be on top of engine near spark plug holes. THere is a valve that looks like a bicycle tube valve, press it and see if you have gas. Be careful its under pressure. You really nee ... Saab 900

Put engine,transmission and transfer case from 1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport into a 1989 Jeep Cherokee. Changed all parts and sensors to 97 engine from 89. Have power to headlights,signal lights,interior lights,stereo and starter but no power to injectors and no spark to distributor. The check engine light does not come on and the warning bell doesn't sound when keys are left in ignition. Had a mechanic look at it and he couldn't figure out why there was no power. He did say that the fact that the fl

You are going to need to have a scanner hooked up that is capable of reading live data, you need to look at the crank sensor signal, but before you do that do u have 12 volts to one wire on the fuel injectors? one side of the injector ... 1989 Jeep Cherokee

S10 1999 bearings bad 0 oil pressure,removed and rebuilt engine, replaced most all. back in and...Won't start, not a crank or a ticking from the starter. Starter and starter selanoid, battery all tested OK.conecting to starter and starter getting power. Replaced neutral safety switch twice , check all 3 relays all OK. Still no response. Lights and accessory lights all go on when ignition turned. Have tried all gears but still nothing. Could I have forgotten to replace something. Is there a way t

Yes, you can hotwire the starter, use a button starter to energize the solenoid. there is a chance thet the new or rebuilt starter isn't working. it has happened to me I went an bought a newly rebuilt starter but it was no good, it happens sometimes. ... 1999 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

Engine trouble After engine died and lost power on highway and would not restart, had truck towed home. Fixed power issue with new battery to starter cable. Also found crack in radiator. Fixed crack in radiator and refilled system, found water pouring from catalytic converter. Pulled plug from oil pan and found water in oil pan. Engine still will not start suspect head gasket blown. is engine worth saving?

Sounds pretty serious. If the truck is in decent condition you might want to check into a good used engine. ... 2000 Chevrolet S-10

The check engine light keeps coming on in my 2004 Chevy Tahoe. At first when it came on, it would show a warning message that states Reduced Engine Speed and the Tahoe wouldn't have any power. Now, it's turning on, I still have power, but the check engine light remains on. Could there be a short circuit in the electrical?

Most auto parts stores have Scanners that can read the actual Codes causing the check engine light- usually for FREE. Google the Codes to determine what needs fixed.\015\012\015\012Do not continue to drive it, as it may cause permanent da ... 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe

Engine wont turn over. No power is going to the "command wire" to the starter when we hit the ignition switch. We can "jump" the command wire on the back of the fuse box, and hear the solenoid click. We have replaced the starter relay in the fuse box, but still no power to the command wire. It seems that the probem is somewhere from the fuse box to the ignition switch. How can we tell if the ignition switch is bad, and not routing power to the solenoid?

Sounds like your vehicle security system is at fualt. there is a transponder in the ignition that reads the key while in the ignition and if there is an issue with the resistance it will not let it start. you can check the starter wire at ... 2003 Ford Focus

I have checked the coil and its ok, from the coil to the spark plugs are ok. tryed it all on a diffrent car. i checked to see if the coil is getting power when i turn it over and it does not. the starter is turning ok. no fuse is gone. ok compresion. wired the coil with power and got spark to the plugs, but still wont start. so i think the engine is not getting any power when im turning the starter. why would that be.

Do you have fuel? If so then it's probably a bad airflow meter. ... 1997 Volkswagen Golf


Assuming the engine is not locked up, can you crank it in neutral ?There is a neutral safety switch in the circuit that could have failed.There are also two relays in the circuit that would need to be checked. ... 1994 Nissan Quest

2005 Toyota Avanza 1.3, engine warning lights up, when driving high speed suddenly engine losss power, but the engine still running ,speedometer down

You need the dealer to diagnose this. ... Cars & Trucks

My blazer recently stopped running it would start then die, I d restart it the have to immediate put it into gear or rev the engine to keep it running but once it was running is was just fine. Them now as i was driving it just stopped. It would start then drive a few feet then stop. I still have power and the starter is new. I bought some engine starter and that worked long enough to get me home. Is this signs of my fuel pump going out.

Could be pump or relay try changing fuel filter first ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

Engine shutdown while driving, check engine light on plus check advance trac warning and light on. Will not crank. Power at starter, will crank when jumped to solonoid. Starter relay in fuse block opertaing when key is in start.

Try turning the advance-trac off. If you have a systems menu (Should be right side of Speedo) you have options for Park assist, bells ,chimes and so on. One selection is the Traction. The traction assist works by throttling down the engine when it ... 2005 Lincoln Navigator

I have a 2006 dodge magnum 5.7L HEMI AWD. I was drving and all the sudden the car shut off without warning (the oil light came on as it died) and i had no power or steering etc. The car would not start again and had to get it towed. When at the shop the engine light came on as well as the oil light and still does not start. Plugged into the computer and came up with 17 codes. the mechanic fixed the 17 codes, the engine light went off but still does not start. he thinks that is a crank sensor whi

... Dodge Magnum

A3 2.0 TDI seems to be a problem with my turbo i have no acceleration power...I was driving on motorway 70 miles per hour felt sensation almost like air being sucked into the engine...car still drives has no acceleration power and no engine warning lights? please can you help ...thank you...

MAF sensor?\015\012\015\012www.simplydents.co.uk ... 2005 Audi A3

Was driving santa fe 2003 engine became loud and seems to have lost some power. turned off imediately found oil was low by 3 quarts no engine light or warning. engine still loud any suggestions i dont see oil leak and engine sounds horrible the sound seems to be on left side off motor under plastic cover

... 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe

While driving down the highway, my 2004 Chevy Tahoe displayed a reduce engine power message. The accellerator pedal at that point had no effect on the engine even though it was still running. My manual told me to check the gas cap by lossening it then retightening it. It corrected the problem for about 30 miles, then the solid engine light came back on with the same message. After going through the gas cap procedure again several times, the light and message warning went out. I made it home but

You should take to shop to have any codes pulled from vehicle autozone will do it for free. let me know please and give feed back. ... 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe

Car wont start. Has a brand new starter. When i turn the key all i get is a single click. I have a optima battery, had it recharged fully, still same results. The weird thing is, only certain things work. The power windows dont work, and my power locks dont work. The power seats work, all the lights on my dash board come on. I can play the radio and mess with the heat and air system. All though the lights on my dash come on, its not reading any levels. No gas, no engine oil, no trans. oil, no no

Hello: Make sure your battery cables are clean at the battery (no corrosion) then check the ground wire (the same size as the battery cable under the hood on the passenger side where it attaches to the alternator. This bolt is hard to see and hard t ... 2001 Cadillac DeVille

The engine seems to have shut down. I have power to start the radio, but when I start the car, the starter rapidly clicks, but the engine won't turn over. It all started with the engine shutting down due to low oil I believe. I've added oil, but it still won't start. What can I try?

If the estarer try to tur then is lock ... Dodge Stratus

I have an 89 GMC Suburban 4x4 auto with a 350. It starts intermittently. I have replace or tested the following items and I am still having problems ignition switch replaced neutral safety switch replaced battery replaced alternator tested good starter tested good I am at a loss. I have power to all electrical item in the vehicle and light work but no power to start the engine. It doesn't even make a sound, no clicking, nothing. Also I can't shift the vehicle into anything other tha

Im no expert but may have experienced an almost the same issue that you have.with all the items you have replaced, you may want to check on the starter solenoid and the ignition switch itself.hopefully this will give you a new ... GMC Suburban

Fusable Link Two times in the past 6 months I have had the link blow on me. When the link blows the instrument panel goes blank and the engine shuts off but the headlights, power windows/locks, power seats and horn still work properly. It seems that everything electrical on the car works except anything tied to the ignition. However, if the key is inserted into the ignition, you can operate the windows yet the radio does not along with the starter. Not even a click.

When a fusable link burns, it is an indication of a dead short to ground. With that said you have to find the short to repair the problem. This can be tedious and time consuming. A wiring diagram for that circut will be an asset. Wish you success in ... 1989 Chrysler New Yorker

I have a 2005 Kia Spectra EX. Had mechanic look at it twice. Had battery, alternator and starter tested. All good. Check engine light is not on. Just had tune up, trasmission fluid exchange done. The power steering hose needs to be replaced, so says the mechanic. Now, I am still hearing a weird ringing noise in the engine and an electronic gurgling noise and as of recent, on occassion, a chattering noise. What could it be?

Get to your mechanic. its probably some conponent were not put in place properly ... 2005 Kia Spectra

I have a E350 95' 7.3 turbo diesel powerstroke and the engine slowly just died while run in a hiway. she slowly purr out of power. whats the matter with her? I just replace the fuel pump as it was spewing diesel fuel. The ''check engine'' warning light does not come on...so I guess there is no problem with the IDM box.. I check the oil in the high pressure pump reservoir and there is still oil. please I need help!!!

Engine cam sensor , this was a recall issue ... 1995 Ford Econoline

2001 Yukon turn switch to start car and everything powers up but will not seem to be getting power to starter to turn engine over. The shop said it was just a contact that had corroded but it still is happening from time to time. Which contact would it be under the dash?

It could be a corroded or loose contact at the battery,or even a bad starter relay under the hood. ... 2007 GMC Yukon

I was driving my 2000 dodge caravan 3.0 and the engine stopped working. Now I am trying to start the engine, when I turned on the key to start the car, there is only a click . I bought a new starter, battery and cables, but still only a click. Every electrical instrument in the car works fine ( radio, head lights, inside lights, air conditioner, power windows, etc... ) Also I checked the clear fuses and everyone of them looks fine.

Have you tried turning the engine over with a socket on the crank bolt. ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

I left my car in an airport parking lot for a week and when i came back it was dead. a friend jump started the car but the warning "engine power is low" was still there and the bad traction light came on. we let it sit awhile charging then let it run a little bit. i tried to drive it, got it out of the airport but it wouldn't go over 20mph and the engine seemed to be convulsing. wondering what to do next. it was working fine before i left.

Hello! The culprit is a low battery condition. One of three causes; Battery can no longer hold a charge, alternator is not charging the battery or current was being drawn by a dome light or under the hood light, if the vehicle is equipped with ... 2006 Chevrolet Impala

Sensonic gearbox Sensonic - I have no clutch 5 gears My SAAB Will not turn over - battery fully charged / ignition on with key,all the right lights etc light up - turn key to start nothing - dash still all litup. With ignition on -I can supply external power to starter and the the engine turns over and starts. Now with engine running no gears can be sellected. Please help Regards John

Hi had same problem last Friday you can put a fuse in (30 amp) for gearbox and it will start when you turn key but you will not be able to select a gear I'm 100% sure it's the sensonic activator box you can pick one up for about £150-200 second ... 1996 Saab 900
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