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... Rolls Royce Park Ward

I just replaced both window switches in my 2002 silverado and the drivers side works but the passenger side only makes a clicking sound when I try to roll it down with the drivers side switch and it does not make any sound at all when I try to roll it down with the passenger side switch. the power locks work on both sides of the truck and the switch is built into the window switch. What is wrong with the switch?

It is possible that the window switch is defective. This is not very common but it is possible and has happened to me before. Did you try the passenger side switch on the drivers side window? Please rate me on this answer. ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

The rear passenger side window recently stopped working. i used the key to roll down all windows and all worked properly. i then rolled them all back up using the key and they all went up smoothly and at the same speed. the next morning i went to roll all the windows down and the rear passenger window would not move. it does not work with the key or the switch inside the car. the window motor makes no noise at all when i press the switch. no humming. no buzzing. nothing. when i try pressing the


2001 Toyota Tacoma 4 door. Drivers side window rolls down fine. When rooling up it will stop at various points and i need to wait a few minutes to get it to roll all the way up. The drivers side rear window will not go down using either the master switch or the door switch. I have switched out the rear door switches and verified that they both work. Were should I be looking?

... 2001 Toyota Tacoma

97 lincoln cont drive dr windo stuck down all other windows dont work pass seat works drive seat doesnt when window last worked tried to move the drive seat and the lights on the drive dr window switch flashed and then window wouldnt roll up. also the trunk button in the driver door doesnt work i checked fuse 39 and it is good also replaced the driver door module and this did not fix or make any difference at all.

Check for a power supply to the fuse ,because the main current is drawn from another supply under the bonnet which most cars have now remember that we dont have this model here spain but we do have a mondeo which is similar and shares common things a ... 1997 Lincoln Continental

2002 dodge caravan the driverside window does not go up or down. When you mess with the window motor then it will work a few times and then stop working. Could it be the switch or the motor that need replaced? how do I indentify the problem? It does not make any noise when I push on the switch. Also where would there be a good place to buy a cheap part for the car. I am in Iowa close to Ames.

Its dafently its the motor u can check this by the test lamp this easy way when it stop check for power and gruond on the conecter which go to the motor if its ok thats mean ur switch is good and all what u need is motore.\015\012u can find thi ... 2002 Dodge Caravan

The light switch in my 1993 Carolla DX went out. I had to rig my own switch to make headlights work. Dash light does not work now, but that is the least of my concerns. I need to know how to pull the steering wheel (with airbag) off to replace this switch. Its a mult-unit switch that contains the light switch, cruise, and wiper switch. I didn't want to just start taking apart as the airbag things sorta freaks me out. I'd hate to pull it off and have an airbag blow in my face. Please let me know

There is a plug under the dashboard to unplug the airbag. It is a yellow wire and has airbag wrote on it. You have to get a steering wheel puller to pull the steering wheel off. There is a cpl screws on back side of steeringwheel that is holding t ... 1993 Toyota Corolla

My wife was rolling up the power driver side window on a 2001 dodge grand caravan. The window went up half way then started to slow down and struggle to make it all the way up. She had to help pull the window up in order to get it closed. Now the window doesn't work. The switch still makes an ''electrical clicking'' sound when depressed.

Replace the regulator/motor combo in your door. Not a fun project but do-able for the able do-it-yourself'er. You can buy a Dorman branded aftermarket unit from Carquest or Napa. Stay away from the CSK/O'reilly's and Autozone stuff - they are **** ... 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan

I have an 04 hyundai tiburon and the driver side window will roll up sometimes, and other times it will stop halfway. It has been this way for a while, and I can push down or pull up on the window and then push the power window switch and it will roll up/down, but then stop working. Do I need a new power window requlator or motor?

Hello There,\015\012\015\012When you bought the car and the dealer sent it for rust proofing etc, they would have put the cables which connect the power windows to the fuse box back together loosely, this is a usual occurrence and a trick ... 2004 Hyundai Tiburon

The power window on my truck will come down, but won't go back up. The motor seems to be working fine. I need a diagram of all the parts so I can determine which parts need to be repaired or replaced. thanks My front passenger window won't roll down, only from the drivers side window control switch

The power window regulator and motor come as am assembly. Usually the cable snaps and the window drops down and won't come back up. About a $400 repair.\015\012------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ... 2004 Ford Expedition

1998 VW Jetta GLS Manual Trans. The driver side power window won't roll down. From the same switch the front passenger window won't up but will roll down. The passenger side switch works fine; passanger window goes up and down... for now. The drivers side rear window won't roll up or down from dash switch or door switch. The passenger side rear window switch works from dash and from rear switch. Any ideas how I might be able to fix this?

... 1998 Volkswagen Jetta

I have a 1984 Chevy Silverado 2wd it keeps blowing fuses that make my parking lights and interior lights work my head lights still work every time I put a new fuse in and as soon as I pull the light knob to turn them on in,less than 5 seconds it blows it could it be the light knob aka the switch that needs to be replaced? Or what could it be?

... Cars & Trucks

Power window i think passanger window motor went it makes a slight noise went switch hit but dont roll up. its cold, i need at least to roll it up.

Faulty window regulator. ... Oldsmobile Cars & Trucks

I have a ford f150 and window went down 2 inches with the switch and no i cant get it to roll up or down, looked at switch its all together. wigled wires around that didnt work. wondering if anyone knows how to hot wire motor to get the window up, and what color wires to cross to make this happen. thank you, chad

You need to replace the motor, you might try to just disconnect the connector, though i had to replace both driver and passenger side motors, this seems to be a common problem with the F150 ... 1992 Ford F150 SuperCab

I have a 1999 Saturn SL2 the passenger window won't roll all the way up it will move down. I used to be able to fiddle with the center console switch and it would eventually go up. Not any more. Which makes me think it could be the switch itself since the motor still powers the window down. I've been out of work and a quick inexpensive fix would be appreciated. It is cold out here. Thanks Todd

Scrub out the window channel with plenty of washing up liquid. Some mechanisms will not lift a window against concerted resistance as a safety measure to fingers etc. being removed (ouch!) If the window still refuses to rise and you can hear the mo ... 1999 Saturn SL

Driver window wont roll up - switch makes a click but window doesnt go up or down. passenger works fine. switch has 12 volts bad motor or bad control module?

Take it back to the dialer it is under warrenty ... 2009 Nissan 350Z

I have a 2004 Dodge Stratus 2.4L 148CI L4 FI VIN: DOHC - X..... The power window switch on the drivers side does not work correctly. I can use it to roll down all the windows but the drivers side. Do I need to replace the switch or???? Not sure?!

The\015\012SWICHT is one but you must be sure that is the bad SWICHT that could be\015\012the motor of the window you have to check this by measuring the voltage\015\012at the terminal entering the engine ... 2004 Dodge Stratus

I have a 96ford 150 we are trying to change my window to power we have both working but need a diagram of the driver side switch that will work both windowwe are having trouble get the wire working so i can work both window i need a diagram showing how the wire goes from the main switch to the passage window switch and back

Hey, Here is a step by step we prepared just for this kind of need. Please know - I am aware of course the first few pages will be for review but it will lead you to exactly what you want. When you read the first page PAGE TWO link ... Ford F-150

I got a 2000 Pontiac trans am and every time I turn the car on the driver side window will roll down and it won't roll back up. But the passenger side window works fine. And when the stereo works the window works but when the stereo quit the windows quit. I have switched the window motor and the switch and it still won't work. Any suggestions?

How about when the radio is on & the key is off orin your hand,if you open either front door does the radio go off& do you lose the delayed window feature assuming you have thatIf so you problem is a delayed accy relayNext wou ... Cars & Trucks

All of the lights in my center console and in both the driver and passenger door are not working (power windows and lock switches). Do you have any idea why this is happeneing and what I need to do to make them all work again? I have checked the fuses and all of them are good (providing I didn't skip one) and also the cigarette lighter is working so is the control for the power mirrors (which is also located in the center console) so some kind of power is running into the console so I'm at a tot

Sometimes there are fuses in more than one spot. There are usually some under the hood and some under the dash on the drivers side. Specifically look for power windows. ... 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse

I need to know what a window regulator/motor look like on a 2005 dakota. Mine stopped running and I currently have a stuck window...Rear driver side. The dealer can fix it next week, they sid th regulator is bad, but I want to see if cables are jus binding, I know the switch works, but the motor makes no attempt"sound" to raise the window. Any ideas, images?

Look the part up on napa on line,it will show a picture of it.Most of the time the cables break,and can not be repaired,so you have to replace the whole window regulator.Look at the dome light,and activate the window switch,if the dome light dims,jus ... 2005 Dodge Dakota

Power windows hi i live in bermuda and have a 2002-03 HYUNDAI ATOS PRIME (rh drive). rh power window not working: when operate w switch no response but motor makes noise. i opened panel found wire cable hanging down loose. i can manually move window up dwn so nothing jamming track. -how would i know if it is motor needing replacement? -do i have to "reload/rewrap" wire cable if not motor?

Remove the front door trim panel.\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\0122.\015\012\015\012Disconnect the 2P connector from the motor.\015\012Connect the motor terminals directly to battery voltage \01 ... Hyundai Accent

Rear Window Malfunction on my 1993 Eddie Bauer Bronco I have a rear window problem on my 1993 Eddie Bauer Bronco. I rolled my rear window up last night with the rear key switch. Today it will not roll down. The dash switch works for rolling the window up, but will not function to roll it down. A few weeks back when the dow the dash switch malfuctioned in the down mode only, I just operated the window with the key switch foor up and down operation. I had planned to replace the dash switch to rest

The dash switch can affect the operation of the rear key switch. 1st thing to do is replace the dash switch and that will prob fix it all. ... 1992 Ford Bronco

My front and rear power windows in my 1997 Grand Prix GT do not work. The windows will not stay up either. I do not know if it is a broken cable inside the door witch is part of the motor needs to be replace or not. When I hit the switch I do hear the motor make noice as if it is trying to function. I would like a diagram and a diagnosis on how to fix this problem.

It sounds to me that the cables have broken. it requires installing new regulators. pretty easy once you get the door panels off. follow the bolts. the window is bolted through sashes to the regulator ... Pontiac Grand Prix

Fan switch dial control dosent work 99 grand prix gt.if any one can tell me how to fix it.thank you.also ac unit is making a weird grinding sound.might be low on freeon.switch dosent work so i dont no if it blows cold air or not.if it needs recharged can a person still do that.or do you have to change it over to the new freeon.thanks...

I had a 97 and the knobs broke from time to time. Dealer part.The compressor could be low on freon and/or oil but only if there is a leak in the system which would need to be repaired at some point.A DIY can add oil or freon with a gauge kit ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix
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