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Hi,when it rains back and front footwell fill with water please help

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Hi,when it rains back and front footwell fill with water please help


My 1987 mitsubishi starion has a electrical short that is draining battery its a 12 amp draw cant seem to locate problem without paying for countless hours of labor please help also car fills with rain water on passenger side when it rains not while driving again spent hours trying to locate problem area it fills front of floor first then bleeds over to back seat floor will ruin nice interior

... 1987 Mitsubishi Starion

Water buid up in both front seat floor wells No apparent leaks (had a smoke test ot the local garage) but after heavy rain the footwells are soaked - i can hear the rainwater swooshing under the car - help please ALTHOUGH IVE PUT THE MADEL AS 181 - ITS A SCENIC R REG

Get the sunroof drains blown out with a high pressure air hose.chances are there blocked. ... Renault 181

Water(not anti freeze) is entering the front pass floor (filling the foam up under the carpet) of my 96 Riv. It starts in the front and moves back filling the battery compartment under the rear pass seat. Any ideas? Please let me know. [email protected]

Your air conditioner evaporator condensate drain is blocked.\015\012The condensate draintube should carry this water out through the floorpan to the ground.\015\012Look for a kinked or blocked drain tube from under the A/C evap housing. ... 1996 Buick Riviera

My 2001 omega 2.2 seems to have a leak on the nearside,the rfont and back footwells fill up with water when it rains but i cant find out where the water comes in any suggestions

... Omega Cars & Trucks

Was cleaning my car today and wen I went to use the front wiper blades they went half way up my wind screen and stop no water cane out either plus my back window wiper won't turn off now I've a 05 Hyundai accent hatch back. Please help.

Check your fuses ... Cars & Trucks

Okay I changed my fuse on my 05Hyundai accent and my wipers and water is working on the back window but the water won't spray on my front widescreen but the wipers are working fine. Please help.

Hi,on washer bottle wind screen is electric motor check that first, or you have broken or cut pipe bringing water to wind screen. ... Cars & Trucks

Overheating...temporarily...Temp keeps going up high, then comes back down again. Has New thermostat, coolant level is good, new temp sensor. Heat seems to be working and serp. belt is good. Any thoughts...water pump is not leaking at weep hope and no play in the bearing, could it still be weak ? The radiator is only hot on the sides and top, feels cold if I tough the front or back and both upper and lower hoses are hot....... Help please

That would be air in the system bleed the system ... 1991 Ford Explorer

I have a vw polo se 1.2 When i push the windscreen washer botton for the front and back windscreen no water comes out but it still makes a noise as if the pump is still working and the water bottle is full, what is wrong? Please help? Thankyou!

First I would start by looking for a broken line. It will be rather obvious as it will leak out on the ground after being actuated a few times. ... 2001 Volkswagen Golf

When it rain we get a pool of water in the front passenger foot well. I suspect there is a drain pipe blocked but don't know where to begin looking. Can anyone help solve this water leak problem please. Steve

I wonder if thats not similar to the same problem in the VW Passat ... in that one the "polen filter" chamber leaks water .. the outside air is passed thru the filter before getting into the cab ... the filter chamber has a drain but for some reason ... 1998 Audi A4

I have a vw golf mk 4, 1999, 2.0 GTI, 5door. whenever it rains the back footwells get soaked i have got a sunroof but i am sure waters not coming in from there i think it could be the door seals. could anybody help me. any help will be much appriciated. thanks

I understand there are 4 run off points for the water two at the front and 2 at the back.\015\012\015\012on my golf i had a problem that the front one was blocked (off side ) if you open the door and look where the hinges are there is a b ... 1999 Volkswagen Golf

2003 Discovery II 2 problems... I keep getting water on the front driver side floor (soaked) What and where should I check? The other problem is the 3 light on my dash ABS/Brake/? they stay on and have been on for about a year! I't like christmas! New brakes and rotors Front & back. New RR caliper. What next? Please Help! any Ideas? I love my Rotten Rover! LOL Thanks,jessie

There are drain holes in the bottom of the door that may be clogged. Open the door and look up at the bottom for hole, which may be covered with rubber flaps. Also if the door was serviced the mechanic may not have reinstalled the inner rain shield c ... 2003 Land Rover Discovery

When it rains heavily my saab leaks water, the footwell on the passenger side will have a puddle about 2 inches deep!! no visable sign of how the water is getting in? Please help!

... Saab 9 3

Water filling the back passenger side foot well after heavy rain...........the pollen filter was cleaned and does not seem to be the problem..........when shop vacking the well out........I noticed the leak is coming from just behind the passenger seat from the center bar between the passenger side front and rear.........................what can be done?.

The spacer bar holding the passanger seat in place is cracked/rusting? If so you will need to get the section cut out and a new plate fabricated to fit and welded in. Check the door seals are intact as well, the water might be coming in there down t ... 1999 Volkswagen Passat

On 2000 4runner, i changed the water pumr ,thermastat, and timeingbelt the problem i am having is heat . When i pull both heatercore hoses i do not get any flow of coolant untill i rev the motor ,i tried to fill the hoses manually and put them all back on whats weird is i get fluid from both lines . on the radiater the top hose is hot and the bottom hose is cool please help

There is an air pocket trapped in the cooling system. I have found that if I splice a flushing tee, found at the auto parts store, into the upper heater hose, and fill the cooling system, it usually bleeds the air out of the system.Is the t-stat inst ... 1990 Toyota 4Runner

I have 1998 Chevy Tahoe 5.7 that i recently changed the intake manifold on while it was open it rained pretty hard. I had a serious problem and couldnt go back and cover it. I know the truck has water inside cause i start it and the oil got chocolate milkish like. What should i do know i tried flushing it like 3 times and gets slightly clearer and know its starting to overheat and oil pressure guage to high, please help me....

... 1998 Chevrolet Tahoe

Hi, rear footwell is filling up with water behind drivers seat. seems to be happening after heavy rain. Not sure if door seal problem or bung thing being clogged up under battery as some sites seem to suggest? Please advise

Have a look at this \015\012http://www.weirdlittlebiscuit.com/passat/leak/\015\012\015\012I have the same problem at the moment as well ... 2003 Volkswagen Passat

Clicking noise when i turn a/c on for back passengers using the dial above me in front. after awhile will stop, but once i turn off the a/c & turn it on it clicks again. also had trouble w/gas gauge needle going to full after a fill up. slowly reclined as i was driving but didn't get to full for like several hrs after. was curious if this could be a problem w/the speed of my car? I was think'g maybe nt enuff gas being pushed into engine? idk...please help.. Doesn't seem to go as fast as it use t

The clicking sound when you turn on the A/C is typical of a system that is a little low on Freon(R134/R12). The compressor kicks in just for a moment to build up pressure then off quickly if it is low since there is a pressure sensor in the system, ... 2003 Ford Explorer

Please help!!! i got a 2000 jimmy 4x4, just put new brake line from front to back, oil coming out of the 2 front bleeders but the problem is the 2 back bleeders wont bleed much, no pressure!!! Banjo bolts, do they need 2 cooper washers or just one?? oil is getting to the line were it connects to the caliper but when we want to bleed, nothing comes out!! Please help

You should have a crush washer on each side of the banjo bolt. You may be loosing your pressure to everything else by all the brake fluid leaking. You may have to go through the motions a few times before you see the fluid come out of the rear. ... 2000 GMC Jimmy

I have changed radiator on subaru impreza wrx 1996 and filling it back up with antifreeze and water and its pouring out the exhaust why please help

You have a leaking cyinder head gasket. ... Subaru Impreza WRX STi

I dont have heat and engine over heats.While running coolant gets pushed into my resevior tank and almost over fills it. When I turn it off Radiator steams and coolant goes back into radiator still have no heat. Temp above 230 I fell maybe I have a bad water pump or bad head. please help have tried just about everything

It's not the water pump. pumps can leak and shaft bearings go bad, but even then it is pretty much impossible that the pump won't pump. I'd start by changing thermostat. When re-filling, add coolant slowly and just when it reaches operating temp, shu ... 2002 Jeep Wrangler

When it rains my 2005 chevy aveo floor fills up with water. I have cleaned out all vents and checked for leaks - but can find nothing. Please help me.

The waterchannels down from the roof to each side of the vehicle through the inside of the fenders, even though the vents are clear the channels to divert the water may be plugged. Look behind the fender (sounds impossible, but open the doors and l ... 2005 Chevrolet Aveo

2004 toyota corolla, leaks on passenger side, front and back when it rains. I have sat in the car in the middle of pouring rain, but do not see where the water is coming in, but the floor is soaked just in front of the front seat and in front of the back seat, but not under the front seat.

... 2003 Toyota Corolla

Help please is the water pump housing and the water pump crossover the same thing. and if they are how do i change it and how long should it take a rookie to do. please help. I changed the water pump like you all told me but still have a leak in back of water pump.

The water pump housing is the same thing as a water pump crossover, it is the cover that holds the thermostat into place. When you change the pump, always use new gaskets and sand down the old gasket material with some sand paper to get all the old g ... 1998 Cadillac Eldorado

1999 Magna station wagon, after rain water present on floor both sides front, in the spare wheel space and back quarter panels. I pulled the plastic covers of under the windscreen, removed the wiper motor assemble and cleaned a lot of leaves and dirt out thinking that the drain holes might have been blocked causing the water to build up and flow into the fan box and run down the vents. Next morning water both sides front. I removed the plugs in the back to let the water drain from the spare whee

Its very hard to remedy leaks such as yours for they are embedded inside the firewall. \015\012you need to remove all matting on the floor and reseal all welded seams on the firewall and floor seams too. More than likely since you purchased thi ... Mitsubishi Sigma
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