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2001 Saturn SL2 No Reverse worked fine until I changed the tcc sylinoid what can the problem be?

\015 I checked codes on my saturn about a week ago it showed my tcc sylinoid was throwing a code so I bought a new tcc sylinoid and replaced it. This fixed the problem car shifting but right after this change of the tcc sylinoid now reverse is not working what could the problem be?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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If the trans is original, then I think it has already
gone past it's life expectancy & is due for a rebuilt
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2001 Saturn SL2 No Reverse worked fine until I changed the tcc sylinoid what can the problem be?

If the trans is original, then I think it has alreadygone past it's life expectancy & is due for a rebuilt ... Renault Cars & Trucks

2001 saturn sl2 model Replaced a bad tcc sylinoid now reverse not working

... 1999 Saturn SL

Hi, I have the reverse slam problem in my 1996 Saturn SL1, automatic. I have one additional complication in the reverse slam problem...when I stop, I get a clunk right before the car comes to a complete stop. It is almost like someone is trying to slam the car into a different gear or something. Had the brakes and suspension and steering checked out, and all are perfectly fine. I get a code of p0708, which is trans range sensor circuit high input. I have changed the vehicle speed sensor,

... Saturn SL1

My 02 Saturn Sl2 doesn't like to start sometimes if I let the gas get below a quarter tank and then fill it up. I know it's a fuel problem, I changed the filter and pump and cleaned the injectors. The only thing I can think of is that there is rust or dirt or something in the gas tank and when the gas gets low it is sucked up and stops the car from getting fuel. Usually after a few minutes and a few times starting the car and revving it works fine. My question is how much would it cost to pull t

... 2002 Saturn Sl

My 1993 sl2 saturn its over heating i already change termostat and replace anti freese they gave me the green one so i mix it with water bt it still over heating the fan works only when i put on the a/c and idk wath the problem i check the oil and its fine so can you please help me

It could be the water pump. To check this:\015\012\015\012Make sure the engine is not hot and open up the radiator cap.\015\012Turn on the car and let it idle with the cap off. \015 ... 1993 Saturn SL2

Saturn sl2 rough idle wont accelerate. We replaced the timing chain, spark plugs, air filter, TPS sensor, and changed oil. We check the coils, plug wires, fuse block, and negative ground. Problems started leaving work. started fine, went to accelerate from the parking spot and it killed. Wouldn't idle or start. We made the above repairs and now it will idle but wont accelerate.

... 1999 Saturn SL

I have a 2002 saturn sl2 that the backup lights dont work when i put it into reverse. now i have checked all the fuses under the hood and under the dash , is there any possibility that there are other fuses, or could it be a different problem , i have changed the bulbs and that is not it , any help would be appreciated , ty

If its 5 speed trans,try replacing the reverse light switch on the trans,it is located on top of the trans under the battery,,like $16 part,they go bad alot ... 2002 Saturn L-Series

1997 Saturn sedan won't shift into reverse. Have changed valve body, problem better for a few minutes, then came right back. Inside of trans looks good, no clutch smell and when it does get into reverse it is late with hard shift, but it's solidly in reverse, so there's no problem with reverse clutches. Also sometimes late going into second, but sometimes no problem. Dealer tested pressure and said it was inconsistent but passed high pres test- so probably not the pump. It's getting error codes

There are a few things that it sounds like it could be to me:\015\012\015\012\015\012Misaligned lockout ring- this is what is supposed to keep you from accidentally going into reverse\015\012Shifter cable is ... Saturn SL2

When cold to warm, everything is fine, but when hot, after a long drive, all forward gears are fine, but when you try to go into reverse, the trans acts like it is in park, except that the engine. is ''loaded''. If you shift in and out of reverse, eventuality it may go into reverse and backs up just fine. the problem started ''out of the blue'' with no warning. The trans is in a '97 motorhome with 31k mi. oil was changed (not flushed) about 3k mi ago. Any ides? Andy


Few days back my car gear got stuck in drive, I can change the gears from P to R to D and to N. However car only moved forward regardless of the gear I put. Meaning to say car moved forward in R and N. Today when I checked after changing to R, car drives in reverse direction, Neutral also works fine. The problem is when I change the gears, car does not move and when I press the gas pedal rpm goes to 3 to 4 thousand and car starts moving with a huge ****. This happens both reverse and drive gears

Hello, my name is Ben. This sounds to me like you have a problem with the linkage going from the shifter to the transmission. Most likely where the shift cable connects to the transmission shift lever at the transmission end. There is a plastic gromm ... Mazda 626

I have a Saturn SL2 (197) that won't start. It just clicks when I turn the key. Also about 6 weeks ago I had a similar problem. The starter tested fine but the battery needed to be replaced. Additionally my remote works less and less even with a new battery in it. The remote worked fine once the battery was replaced but then has slowly started having problems again. Is this more likely a starter problem a short somewhere in the electrical system or something else?

I would purchase a inexpensive voltage meter and check to see if im losing amps/alternator maynot be charging ... 1997 Saturn SL

Transmission problem my 2000 saturn s series won't go into reverse,drive works fine but slips a little. in the morning reverse works just once , once the car warms up and i have it in drive for a while reverse no longer works. what could be the problem?

Two possibilities, one the valve body needs to be replaced. This is very common, and the usual symptoms are delay into reverse, and sometimes second also. The other is a loose input shaft nut. This has become more common on the 2000 to 2002 models, ... 2000 Saturn L-Series

Few days back my car gear got stuck in drive I can change the gears from P to R to D and to N. However car only moved forward regardless of the gear I put. Meaning to say car moved forward in R and N. Today when I checked after changing to R car drives in reverse direction Neutral also works fine. The problem is when I change the gears car does not move and when I press the gas pedal rpm goes to 3 to 4 thousand and car starts moving with a huge jerk. This happens both reverse and drive gears. An

First check the gear box oil level if its low top it up,,,,if this dont fix it you have a gear box problem ... Cars & Trucks

Code: P0778 Changed the solinoid vave SL2, Changed the computer, changed the horness, jumped/bi-pass the horness and it still give check engine light sign. Some time there is slight problem in shift and some times runs fine while light is check engine light is on. The problem is intermittent that comes and goes. Could you please help me!!

Have you checked the O2 or MAP sensors? I would check these. ... 2004 Toyota Camry

Transmission problem I have a 1994 Cadillac Eldorado. It is stuck in 3 gear. It goes into drive and reverse fine, but will not change gears. It will not shift from 1, 2 , 3 , 4 like it is suppose to. I think it is something wrong with the bands. I have replaced the shift silenoid, PCM and it is still not shifting.The car drives fine, but with this problem.Please help me with this transmission problem.

If AAMCO charged you for this faulty diagnosis (sounds like they guessed), because the PCM rarely is the problem on any GM product, less than 3% is the factory stat, and yes they track these things, anyway if th ... 1994 Cadillac Eldorado

1996 saturn sl2 1.9 transmission slow going into reverse only problem

... 1996 Saturn SC

I have Toyota fielder X 4x4 transmission I am facing problem as the transmission is not working fine.i have change oil even then I have problem th car does not pick itself and auto gear does not changes. It is fine in reverse gear. Can any body help

... Cars & Trucks

1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera, auto trans, will only engage in park, reverse and neutral. The engine sounds fine but it will not move forward (engage the other gears). A friend checked the linkages and said they looked fine. Transmission fluid was a little low and had air bubbles on the stick when checking. We added fluid but no change in problem. Did have a problem with ants getting in the engine area - found dead ones in washer fluid reservoir.

You have serious trans problems, it will need to serviced by a transmission shop ... 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

Saturn SL2 My 2002 Saturn SL2 recently had the coolant light on. I got an oil change and they said the coolant levels were fine. It came back on and then the temperature light just came on as well. After I turn my car off the engine loudly takes its time to cool down, taking anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes. It made a screeching noise once today when I put my foot on the gas. What's wrong and how much is it going to cost to fix it?

It sounds like the car is over heating. Have the thermostat changed and go from there. If this doesn't help have your technician look at the radiator and coolant system. Hope this helps. Good luck. ... 2002 Saturn Sl


Sounds like a bad PCV valve or bad EGR valve. replace the PCV valve ( about $10) locate and watch the EGR valve .. it should move up and down when you rev the engine.. spray the shaft with WD40 if its sluggish or stuck.. it may help. ... 2004 Acura MDX

I have a 2000 Saturn L series 4 cylinder. The car starts up fine but sputters and runs really ruff when idle. When you start to go everything is fine, no problems.One mechanic told me it was a dead cylinder and the engine needs to be changed. Can anyone help? Do this sound like a problem anyone else has had?

Scan check egr valve make sure its working. check plug wires and vacuum hoses +pvc valve make sure its not stuck open.bad or dirty fuel injections.causes rough idling.if all is good do a compression test to check for weak cylinders or low compression ... 2001 Saturn S-Series

Changed the reverse drum on a bmw zf-19 transmition and now the car is having a problem going foward the scaner is saying that selenoid num 2 is not working i took it out and tested it and its fine i also checked the lines going from the computer to the selenoid and thats fine too

Hi.As you said, If solenoid is opening when energized, and it does read continuity with no power, then the switch is good, there is no more to test in there. Ensure and double check that wiring to TCM has continuity, Even if it does not r ... BMW 323

My 95 Saturn SL2 1.9 will idle very lough when in drive or reverse. Runs fine at about 65mph but still has a little skip here and there. When the Air Conditioning is turned on the car will stall. Basically when I put a load on the engine. I have replaced the Idle Air Control Valve and the Coolant Temp Sensor. Have checked all of the cylinders to make sure they are firing, everything is fine. Spark plugs don't seem too bad. Any ideas?

TYry doing a static power brake test on the vehicle, with the car in gear, wheels are chocked up so not to allow vehicle to move forward, stand firm on the brake pedal and slowly add gas to the engine, does it dance around and miss fire?\012If ... Saturn SL2

Im not sure this is the problem with my car but i have a 97 saturn sl2.. i just replaced the clutchtransmission and a few other things.. The car ran fine after i found out how to gravity bleed the clutch.. Well now it doesnt want to stay running.. If u can get it started then u have to keep it reved up to 3000 for it to stay running if not the car dies out.. Is this enough information for someone to help me and let me know if this idol air control vavle is my problem???? someone help..

Sounds like it could be the master and slave hydraulic cylinders that control the clutch. If thats not it, it could be the cluch saftey switch is defective, it's located behind the cluch pedal in the interior. you can unplug it and bypass it and if ... 1997 Saturn SL

Erratically will not start or even turn over. Sometimes will start but a few seconds later dies. Next day will start and run fine. 3 Saturn dealers and an independant mechanic unable to find a problem with the battery or starter or anything else It is a 2001 Saturn SL2

Guessing there may be two issues. One might be "burning and arching" of the fuse box. My 1999 SL2 would periodically not even make a noise to turn over and that fixed that. It also had issues that some electrical components wouldn't work at the sa ... 2001 Saturn S-Series
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