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Rear wheel tilts in and riding on edge of tire

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Rear wheel tilts in and riding on edge of tire

... Pontiac Grand Prix

2004 uneven rear tire wear,mitsubishi endeavor. The outside edge of like new ( 3-4 months old ) rear tires is almost worn to the wear bar.I only recently noticed the uneven tire wear. I had a 4 wheel alignment 13 days ago, however after the alignment, I was told they had an old machine with no printoutavailable, so I dont have a benchmark to what I started with. They (The tire store who did the work), will send me to one of their other stores tomorrow, to atleast get a current readout od my pres

Definately an alignment issue. May even be something damaged. Need to find out as you may have a pre-existing condition that you can take back to where you purchsed this vehicle. ... 2003 Mitsubishi Outlander

Mechanics say they cannot align the wheels that the adjustments are maxed out. Tires are still riding on inside edge??? Tire wear out in 12,oooomiles, inside edges are worn off

Tire riding on the inside edge means camber issue. Take it to another shop. Camber adjustment kits are available several places. Here is one example: ... 2004 Infiniti G35 Sport Coupe

We have a Ford Ranger F150 Edge Truck. My husband changed the brakes on the back wheels and rotated the tires. After he was finished we took a ride and we notice that we heard a clicking noise and the truck started dragging. We where on the interstate and we were going slower and slower. When we got home the front tires where so hot. We thought it was the back tires but no the brakes on the front tires where so hot. I hope you can help us. thanks

That's strange! try bleeding the brake system. you can find procedures on the web. google ... 2000 Ford F150 Flareside SuperCab

Rear suspension seams to shoot on our 04 outlander,rear wheels are tilted wearing out the inside of the tires what do we need to do to fix this problem

It's probably caused by a ride height problem, most likely related to worn springs. It seems unusual in a six year old car but I've seen it before. Go to a shop that does 4 wheel alignment and make sure to get the print out from the alignment machine ... 2004 Mitsubishi Outlander

I have a 2002 chevy Blazer LS rear wheel drive, I know these trucks ride rough but i am looking for a new set of tires, are there any that anybodys has found that will greatly increase the rough ride? What Brand??

I HAVE FOUND CONTINENTAL BRAND TIRES TO GIVE A SOFTER RIDE.plus they have a one year road hazard on them. I installed a set on my wifes equinox and totally chenged the ride,handling ... 2001 Chevrolet Blazer

Vehicle did 180 and hit a wall, Right Rear wheel looks like it is slightly turned inward.. need to know what parts might be required to replace. Wheel is ok, tire ok, rides ok

No one can answer that unless its inspected. a alignment shop can look it over and recommend what parts will be needed. spindle, strut ect. ... 2000 Dodge Stratus

I have a 2004 S60R with just over 75k on the odometer. The car runs fine but has a few strange noises; 1) rattling/grinding sound from left front end, particularly when turning right, alost sounds like the rotor is touching and grinding te rust off the edge but no wear marks, 2) very loud noise from rear of car, sounds like snow tires, but didn't go away when the tires and wheels were changed, changes in pitch with speed changes.

Have a 4 wheel alignment done and have them check the wheel bearings. ... 2002 Volvo S60

91 buick park avenue top of both rear dynaride wheels tilted in cupping tires

Get an allignment ... Buick Park Avenue

2008 impala rear wheel tire wear is low on the inside edge

... 2008 Chevrolet Impala

The passenger side rear wheel on my daughters '04 Focus has developed a whir. A sharp turn to the left unloads the right wheel and the whirring stops. Rotated the tires to eliminate a wheel and/or tire issue. A manual rotation of the wheel feels like an incremental stutter, which is different from the drivers side. I am assuming a wheel bearing. I can turn a wrench and have tools. My question is, does the replacement of the rear wheel bearing require special tools? Any assistance is greatly ap

No just set good sockets and grease and a jack ... 2004 Ford Focus

How do i replace a wheel bolt from a 2005 dodge caravan, rear wheel. aparantly when i changed from summer tires to winted tires to summer again the mechanics might have crossed the threads and when i tried doing it my self the bolt broke, so basically i need to replace a rear wheel tire bolt

Remove wheel and beat it out with a hammer. Put new stud in and replace wheel and tighten and it should pull through. ... 2005 Dodge Caravan

2007 mazda 3 hatchback, 53000 miles. when hit bumps, patched potholes,even the dots that divide lanes, with right rear wheel ONLY. the rear end will jump out to the right, tires will actually slide momentarily. If pavement is wet I can get a small drift going if Im on a left turn when my right tires hit the bumps. when wheel is hopping really bad due to high speed or bigger bumps, rattle or clank is heard from right rear. right rear passes the "bounce" test but my first impression is st

... 2007 Mazda Speed 3 Hatchback

The left rear tire keeps wearing on the inside of the tire, I changed the rear strut but the wheel still is not alligned ,How can I alligned the wheel to stop the tire from wearing.2001 ford taurus 3.ol

To start with, did you or anyone else driving the car hit a curb, big pothole, anything like that, if somethings bent it shold be quite visible, like a portion of rust or paint coming off in the rear wheel area. ... Ford Taurus

When i put my jeep in 4 wheel drive the rear passenger tire locks up like the brake is on. tried driving it hoping it would come out of it , but no luck. you can see tire tread marks where rear wheel was dragging. parking break is not on. when i put it back to 2 wheel drive it is fine ? really strange

Weird this because two wheel drive is rear drive only??? wonder if vehicle has a diff lock and something is wrong with this when 4wd is engaged ... 2002 Jeep Liberty

Wheel alignment I hit a curb with my rear drivers side wheel it pinched the tire and caused a flat. I got the tire replaced and now the car pulls to the right. did I knock the alignment off? can you adjust the rear wheel aligmnent in a 2005 jetta

You might have bent the rim. ... 2005 Volkswagen Jetta

04 odyssey with vibration problem at all speeds, throughout the body. mostly comming from the rear. can see rear drivers wheel on side view mirror and tire seems to vibrate and the wheel acuates up and down what seems to be way too far with even the slightest bump in the road. changed rear shocks,balanced tires and alignment still the same. van coasting at 60 and out of gear... still vibrating. slight kick back when braking but not prominent. front brakes squeak but pads are thick. please help.

... 2004 Honda Odyssey

My 2004 Yukon left rear wheel has a clicking noise coming from it sometimes, usually when at freeway speeds, but comes and goes. It is becoming louder and more frequently. Now the service tire monitor message comes on and stays on. I took it to les schwaab and had it inspected and test drove but they found nothing wrong except the left front tire monitor battery low. What could be the noise from left rear wheel?

... GMC Yukon

I have a pretty loud growling noise in my rear end. While my tires are worn, and have a bit of a chop in them, I'm hearing the growling particularly loud when traveling at slow speeds, less than 10 mph. I would doubt that the tires would be causing this sort of growling. I have removed one of the rear wheels and spin the wheel and get a bit of a growling or rubbing sound from the assembly. The brake pads don't appear to be rubbing due to a warped disc but I can't tell that there is the typic

Try first rotating tires , to exclude this possibility.Rear bearings can typically cause noise that may be louder at high speed.Rear bearings are replaced removing rear drums and then undoing the old bearing. Kits are commonly ... Chevrolet Impala

Front tires seem to be locked up on a rear wheel drive pick-up. I jacked the car up and the tires still spin fine, but when i put the car in gear, the front tires seem to lock up and the rear tires just spin.

... Mazda B3000

No fluid to rear brakes on a 1992 Lincoln Continental.  Rear brakes stopped working. Pulled rear wheels and found surface rust on disks. Raised car, spun tire and push brake pedal found no friction scenerio at the wheel. Tried to bleed rear calipers, found dry brake lines, no fluid from bleeder valve at all. I checked master cylinder fluid level, found to be full. Guess I need to try to find a proportioning valve. Maybe I'll try to check the lines from the master cylinder. Any suggestions would

Check at the proportioning valve--some have a pin that sticks out from the side, when bleeding the brakes try to push that pin back in. But first check to see why this happened--fluid leak to rear wheels, brake hoses cracked and air getting into the ... 1992 Lincoln Continental

Alignment Normal Driving my car is a smooth ride. If i get up around 60 i get a slight shimmy in the steering wheel like i have a tire off balance. Did it with my old tires and rims then i got custom tires and rims and had the same problem so i ruled out the tire balance. What else would cause the shimmy in the steering wheel? the car has about 75000 miles on it.

Sounds similar to a problem I had...felt like a tire out of balance in the 50-60 mile per hour range. I just replaced the front transmission mount and problem is gone. This mount is very visible between the radiator and engine/transmission. There ... 2000 Pontiac Bonneville

I have a1994 lesabre and have an issue with the drivers side rear brake drum, it will not brake after i have bled the brakes. It would stop the tire after I bled, but then when I started the car, it wouldn't. I bled the master cyl. an all the other wheels in order, rr,lf,lr, rf. All the other brakes work. I do not see any fluid coming from the wheel cyl., There is a steel tube in line just before the left rear wheel, could that the have an obstruction. Could my wheel cyl be taking in air. Not

Hi There,\012 can I just run this idea past you,,I had a similar problem on a brit car, put the car on axle stands, remove wheels and drums and un-adjusment the parking brake cable, start from scatch on the drum adjustment making su ... 1993 Buick LeSabre

2007 Impala rear tire wear due rear wheel spindle rods

Nick52284,\015\012I have gone thru 3 sets of good tires now. Tires lasting from 10-12k miles before they hit cords. This is after the dealer does an alignment to spec. Funny thing is I have never seen the alignment specs from the dealer, I o ... 2008 Chevrolet Impala

Rough and noisy ride with 16 inch Nokian Wr tires on 04 focus

Almost any 60 series 15" tire will ride better than a 60 series 16" or lower. Rule of thumb: as the sidewall gets lower the ride gets worse, but handling is better. Living room couch or NASCAR....you decide ... 2004 Ford Focus
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