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Can a short in a neutral safety switch cause the fuse for all of the gauges to blow? Fuse 39 (10A) or the I/P Electronics Ignition Feed continues to blow. It has blown after I shift gears and recently while turning right into a parking lot. A mechanic friend of mine said it could be the neutral safety switch. If it is, where is it located on my car?

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Answers :

Yes---it works with the bcm (body control module ) and is fused along with the instrument cluster
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Can a short in a neutral safety switch cause the fuse for all of the gauges to blow? Fuse 39 (10A) or the I/P Electronics Ignition Feed continues to blow. It has blown after I shift gears and recently while turning right into a parking lot. A mechanic friend of mine said it could be the neutral safety switch. If it is, where is it located on my car?

Yes---it works with the bcm (body control module ) and is fused along with the instrument cluster ... Pontiac Grand Prix

My 1997 Plymouth Breeze has a very loud screeching sound when I put it in Park or in Neutral. When I put it in gear it quits making the sound. when left in park it blows the fuse to the starter. I turn the car off right away and it will start right up again without the noise. Only after I run in gear and put it in park or neutral the noise returns. Note I did change the fluid and pan, gasket and filter on the transmission a little over a month ago. Thanks for any suggestions or advice you may ha

Im hoping this is only a loose drive belt ck the belt tension by moving it up and down you should only have 1/4 play on the belt more than that you belt is loose ... 1997 Plymouth Breeze

I am having problems starting my car in the park position. When it doesn't start in the park position, I have turned the car switch on and moved the gear to neutral to start it. Now it seems to be getting worst. I have tried to troubleshoot the problem in Mercedes-Benz E-class Owner's Bible, but have not been able to find it. I think it is called a neutral safety switch. I would also need the location of it and installation instructions.

(¦nü·trəl ′sāf·tē ′swich) \015\012(electricity) An electric switch that is connected to the ignition switch of an internal combustion engine and prevents startin ... Mercedes-Benz E320

I have 1995 c200 170,000km. I recently changed the automatic gearbox oil and filter. I still cant get the car to shift properly. At times it works but most of the time you must really attain very high revs for the car to shift to the next gear. However when you shift to neutral then back to D it quickly pick the right gear. I also notice the idling speed most times is above 1000rpm and when I turn the ignition off and floor the gas pedal when I start again it settles back to about 600rpm. Help

You will need a MB specific scanner to figure this out. Not many shops have the equipment to work on these. Without looking in the computer there is no way to guess whats going on. All you can do is make sure you have no vacuum leaks on the engine th ... 1994 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

My daughters 1999 Audi A6 has been shutting off whenever she makes a u-turn recently. The battery light goes on when this happens. She puts it in park and turns the key and it starts right back up no problem, but this obviously raises a concern for her safety. Whats the problem?

Check your belts. they are sliping loseing power ... 1999 Audi A6

I cannot shift my 98 Sable out of park into a gear after it starts, if I turn the engine off then turn the key to on (not engaging the starter) the gear shift can be moved to neutral then the engine starts and I can shift to any gear. If I choose park I need to turn the car off and go through this process to get the car in neutral again. It sounds like an eletrical connection but where?

Sounds like a problem with the brake light switch. Do the brake lights work? It is a problem with the shift interlock system. It is controlled by the brake light switch on the brake pedal bracket. ... 1998 Mercury Sable

Wont turn over batt. is good and it looks like it is in sd gear when in park should i start at the neutral safety switch or ? please help

If the shifte indicator is showing the transmission in 2nd gear vs. park or neutral then yes it is very probable that it may start in a gear (closing the neutral safety switch) keep in mind the car will of course "take off" on you once started. I wou ... 1994 Volkswagen Golf

Stalling problems with my 1986 Grand Marquis. It has been having problems accelerating right away after I'm at a stop and it almost feels like it's jumping into gear. It stalled out for the first time, started back up fine. Made it down the block and stalled again when I turned. I parked it and put it in neutral and revved the engine up and it sounded fine. Put it in reverse and it stalled when I was reversing. I kept trying to start it up to get a few blocks home to my house. But each t

Try changing your tps sensor ... 1986 Mercury Marquis

I have 1999 Jimmy. When I turn off the engine, the ignition switch won't turn all the way to lock so I can't pull my key out. Another time I couldn't push the button on the gear shifter (safety lock) to move it out of park and had to have a flatbed towtruck pick it up. They disengaged the safety mechanism so now I don't need to push the button on the gear shifter (floor) to move it out of park. The ignition switch issue happened a few months afterward and if I moved the tilt steering wheel th

The cable they unhooked is causing this ... 1999 GMC Jimmy

Intermittently my 91 Camry would not start in "park" so when that happened I would put it in "neutral" & she'd crank right up. Now she wont turn over at all. All I get is a "click",all the lights on the dash come on though the clock dims as I try to start her. I should note that I've just recently changed the battery & the alternator was replaced last year.

G'day mate it a typical lack of power , check again the conections also to the starter and the earth return leads to the body from the engine also is there a small residual drain from the battery this can be checked with a small amp meter, with the i ... 1991 Toyota Camry

Neutral safety adjustment- we have a 95 mitsubishi montero. It has trouble starting up while in park. You have to play with the shifter. it starts right up when in neutral. my husband took a look at the neutral safety switch. when he puts pressure on it and lines it up it starts right up. How do you adjust the safety switch. any suggestions on what the issue could be? doesnt sound like a bad switch if we are able to start it up? also, do you know how to change out the fuel tank sending unit. t

OK, so the tank gauge will be easy to replace by removing the cover form the boot compartment area on the back side of the car and in the middle you will find a reund cover screwed. remove the screws and you will be able to access the guage.\01 ... 1995 Mitsubishi Montero

2008 avenger shifting gears inside car are stuck. press brake it wont release my shifter wouldn't move from park either was yours covered under warranty when they fixed it at the dealership? my gear is stuck in park i can't put it in reverse. i have checked the anti theft, i have tapped breaks, checked for change that may be blocking gear, i have turned steering wheel all the way to the left and the right still nothing. the car is turning over fine radio is on what could be the problem?

... 2008 Dodge Avenger

I have a 2001 dodge durango. It just had the transmission rebuilt, (1 week ago). Now I am having problems with it starting. It starts fine most of the time but after stopping and going it won't start. When this happens I move the shifter to neutral to try and start it but it won't. Also the shifter does not show it being in neutral and when I put it in park it also does not show that it is in park. The other gears will show but not park or neutral. Could this be caused buy the neutral safety swi

Sounds like your neutral safety switch is not installed properly on the transmission or the shifter linkage is out of adjustmenttake it back to the shop that just did the transmission rebuild and tell them what the problem is ... 2001 Dodge Durango

1999 Plymouth Neon 2.0 single overhead cam (Automatic)- A friend dropped my transmission to replace the rear main seal. It's all put back together and the gear selector only locks in park now. I took it out of park by hand and notice that it does not set into any other gears(R,D,2,1). Just park and neutral. It just has play when out of park. This tells me it's something internal. Could it be from the torque converter not in right or what? The gear selector on the transmission itself was not touc

Was the bolt tightened that holds cable to transmission have seen this overlooked have someone shift while you watch the cable ... 1999 Plymouth Neon

Shifting Gears Sometimes when I turn on my car and try to shift out of Park, it will not let me shift, at all. The shift button is locked. I relieve this problem, but using the "Shift Release" area - but I have another shift problem. I also am having the problem with the shifting and the gear lights not illuminating. I will try to shift from park to reverse, it totally skips reverse, clunks into neutral. I have noticed if i turn car off, then on again, it relieves the problem, but this may only

... 2011 Hyundai Sonata

I have a chevy pick-up truck the year 1995 Z71. I put the truck in 4x4 high for the first time this year and did not get a light near the gear lever nor did it go into 4 wheel drive. I check the transfer case with it in neutral and the front shaft would turn freely, then put it in 4 wheel high and it would not turn. I also drove the truck on dry pavement with the 4 wheel drive high gear and 4 wheel drive low gear and had no bucking of the front end when I made turns in a parking lot. Any ideas

The accuater on the frontend is out ... 1994 Chevrolet C1500

1994 Ford Ranger, turned into parking lot and downshifted to neutral. Felt like my clutch pedal softened and then could't shift into any gear without gears clashing. When I turn off engine I can shift gears. When I try to start truck with it in gear and clutch pedal depressed truck lurches and it is in gear even with clutch depressed. What to do?

Look under your dash driverside at your clutch pedal and there should be an arm that goes through the firewall and to your pedal if it is disconected reconect it if not then check your clutch fluid ... 1994 Ford Ranger Supercab

Gear shifter will not go into gear and cannot release from park. Car was parked on level ground. After returing to the car and turning the ignition on, the gear shifter would not go into any gear. Car was towed to the dealer, who wants to charge about $2000 to replace the gear shifter, but states that they do not know what the problem is. Is it a brake safety switch or some other minor related issue? Car is at the dealer so I don't know if the brake lights go on or not.

... 2006 Lincoln Navigator

My 1999 Rodeo won't start right away. Sometimes, you turn it and nothing happens, put it in neutral (this is an automatic by the way) and it will start. Other times, it won't make a noise when you turn your key, put it in neutral, same thing, put it back to Park and it will turn over and start. Lastly, this might go on for several minutes going from not turning over, or barely turning over for a couple of seconds before dying, or until finally it finally catches and barely starts. I had the batt

2 things, first have the battery checked/replaced. if all is well with battery. second, very unlikely, its the switch that makes sure you are in park or neutral before engine will get contact. ... 1999 Isuzu Rodeo

My 1996 Sunfire won't shift into park, thereby not letting me start the car. Not sure if it's the shifter linkage cable or neutral safety switch, but I cannot start the car in neutral. When I parked the car I accidentally shifted into reverse instead of park while braking and the shifter lost engagement. I then turned off car and realized it wasn't engaged in park. Please help!

... 1996 Pontiac Sunfire

My car will not go into gear , could it be the clock spring I have an '02 Dakota SE and it will not go into gear. This happenend once before and the guys at the repair shop had me try to get it into neutral from the initial key turn.....once started the car went right into gear....now this has happened again and it won't even go into neutral!

This an interlock system to preventing car from being in any gear but park to start, it work off a switch on your brake pedal, it should unlock when the brake is depressed. If not a bad fuse, a bad switch, or a bad solenoid on shiftlock. ... 2002 Dodge Dakota Club Cab

2001 Chevy Cavalier gear shifter just stopped changing gears. It feels like it's not connected anymore. Very loose. Is it something I can change myself?? What is it? I was very recently hit from behind, idk if that has anything to do with it. Minor damage. Was driving fine. 24 hours later I was parking at home from running errands, put it in park and nothing. It's as if it is in neutral. Won't change to drive, reverse or park. Cranks up fine. Pleaase help!!!

Look on top of the transmission and you will see a cable that is no longer connected to it's arm. Replace the missing clip. ... Cars & Trucks

1984 Ford Econoline 350, The vehicle was able to start when removed from park after finding the neutral gear selection. It will not start now even after trying to find the neutral gear. I was told to check along the lines of a Neutral Safety Switch.

... 1984 Ford Econoline

Going up hill to my house and around an S turn, the transmission suddenly failed. it was in drive, but was acting like it was in neutral. It hasn't been able to go into drive at all since then, and park is the ONLY gear that will work. the shifter will go into all of the other gears, D,R,N,1,2... but while in any gear will act like it is in neutral. I am trying to figure out what the problem is exactly, so I can fix it.

Did you ever find what was wrong? I got the same problem last nite. Fluid, half shafts , and levers ok, but tranny will not engage in any gear (shifter moves just fine) ... 1995 Mitsubishi Galant

1998 Toyota Corolla, automatic. I have trouble starting my car. When the key is engaged to the start position sometimes I just get a click. I have checked the battery w/ a hydrometer and have cleaned the battery terminals. Sometimes, if I jiggle the automatic gear shift while in Park the car will start. 1) Does the car have a neutral safety switch and if so, where is it located and what's the easiest way to replace it? 2) Are the ignition switch and the neutral safety switch the same thing

\012I tried to find a \012Toyota Corolla \012Wiring Diagram 1998 | If you go to your library y ... 1998 Toyota Corolla
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