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I have a 1970 catalina and i dont know where the vacum lines go off the carberator i have a 4bbl quodrojet. i also dont know where my fuel filter is.

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Answers :

The fuel filter should be where the fuel line enters the carb. Remove the fuel line from carb, then remove the part on the carb that the fuel line attaches to. remove the filter. There will be a spring behind the filter.
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I have a 1970 catalina and i dont know where the vacum lines go off the carberator i have a 4bbl quodrojet. i also dont know where my fuel filter is.

The fuel filter should be where the fuel line enters the carb. Remove the fuel line from carb, then remove the part on the carb that the fuel line attaches to. remove the filter. There will be a spring behind the filter.\015\012 ... Pontiac Catalina

I have a 1994 oldsmobile 88. I park my car front side up on driveway. I dont know why this would make a differance but this is when car really acts up. I try to start and it starts but immedietly losses power as if there is no gas and there is also a strong gasoline smell. I finally keep it runnning and once i take off when i accelerate if dies. But turns right back on. I have changed the fuel pump relay, the fuel pump and filter. Could the fuel pressure regulator be the problem? Also the engine

Check you exhaust. you may have a damaged cat or a broken baffle in the exhaust eather of these will stall the engine and you will have a strong smell of fuel. ... 1994 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight

Not starting recently my cobra has been having idle'ing issues. i would start it up and it would immediately die. I would have to rev it real high to just to keep it started. I dont know if there was a clog in the line or something or it was the fuel filter but it did it alot. I changed the fuel filter out and my fuel pump was good. shortly after it started doing it again and one time i had to keep giving it gas just to keep it from dying on me so I could drive it home. I stored it for the winte

It could be the spark plugs, but probably more serious than that. If you scan it for DTC's (trouble codes) it will probably narrow the issues down for you. The problem could range from the plugs, through the entire ignition system and maybe even the ... 1999 Ford Mustang Cobra

My 04 Kia Optima will start but then it runs rough. It acts like I might have trash or water in my fuel line. Does anyone know where the fuel line filter is located, also could this be a problem with fuel injector. I doesn't run like this all of the time. It will be rough for a week or so, and then it will run fine for a week or so and then the process is repeated. I have had it hooked up to the computer and it shows no problems. Any suggestions please?

... 2004 Kia Optima

We have a 1980 moto-ski supersonic snowmobile and at times it just flies,but sometimes it doesnt seem to wanna open up,and this year it wont start seems like there might be no fuel being pumped?or maybe needs a fuel filter as i dont see on onit but i also dont kno if snowmobiles need them,i dont know anything about them,can someone please kinda help me,or tho me tips on possibly fixing it

There is a problem with older motors of that era ... the fuel lines, filters and rubber parts were often not designed to handle alcohol fuel .. lots of thngs like chain saws, snow blowers and such are having frequent failures now when used with our ... 1989 GMC Sierra

My 1981 Cadillac Deville 5.7L Diesel wont start. Ive checked all that I know including starter,battery,alternator,etc. Also, checked fuel pump, feul filter, fuel lines, injection pump. I topped off all of my fluids and changed oil, and all filters. I still cant figure it out.

My 5.7 diesel smokes black badly when you reve the engine slightly. ... Cadillac DeVille

Fuel pump issue with 1993 dodge dakota. New fuel pump. Fuel lines unhooked at filter key on and crank. No action noted from fuel pump. Took fuel pump out of tank replugged to harness repeated turning on key and cranking, still no hint of pump running. Test the five wire plug that connects to pump. One of the five wires had power to it. The second wire in from o side. Also switched relay fuse to see if it had an impact. Not familiar with system. I know the relay clicks when ignition turns on but

Thanks for choosing FixYa and welcome. You should have power to more wires then one. If I were you, I would run a wire straight to the pump from the battery to see if the pump will turn on. I know one wire is for the fuel gauge. Then the out and retu ... 1993 Dodge Dakota

Have ford f 150 302 fi cranks good only runs when i jump the fuel pump relay how do i fix 1992 f- 150 300 i-6 ,i have a new fuel pump, new fuel filter , new fuel line ,my truck stalls some times and i cant get it started , i think its my relay but i dont know wich one it is , i only have 3 in my truck, and cant figure out wich one it is , 2 of them thump when i turn the key to the on position.what does that mean and wich one is my fuel pump relay?

I got a 6 cylinder ford truck when i drive it with the first tank it loose power. then i push the second tank and it runs normal . ... 1992 Ford F150 SuperCab

No spark I was driving down the road the other day and all of a sudden I had my truck went dead on me. 1994 Chevy Silverado 350 5.7 liter. I thought it was the battery with a bad connection but the next day bought new battery new terminals. I also didn't think I was getting any fuel. I notice that my fuel pump fuse was blown. checked all my fuel lines and replaced filter I have lots of flow to the injectors. Now I have no spare and i still dont think I am getting any fuel in my injectors. Replac

Are you getting any spark from the coil? The first thing you need to narrow down is the spark. The ignition system on this truck will run without the computer. It cranks over just fine right? ... 1994 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

92 suburban wont start. will crank over but will not start. checked fuel filter, fuel pump, fuse, fuel lines.. everything seems fine but its not getting fuel to the carb. dont know what else to check??

Check for injector fuse ... 1992 Chevrolet Suburban

Hi just replaced fuel filter on my hyundai santa fe 2004 model, now it wont start & check engine light is on I reset the fuel cut off switch & also as a final check (thinking fuel pump had died) disconnected line from pump which had plenty of fuel coming from it. any ideas? does someone know how to access the fault codes without a special diagnostic tool?

OK i have checked and rechecked my service manual, there is no way to check the codes without the Scan Tool. Its just not possible. I would try checking the flow of the fuel filter, they have a valve built in so that the fuel pressure does not leak b ... Hyundai Santa Fe

The engine turns but does not start. There is fuel in the fuel filter, but i dont know if that matters. also, fuel gauge doesnt work so i ran it on low fuel quite often

Make sure you have spark first. The fuel in the filter helps, but might be clogged enough to not get enough pressure to start. Running low on fuel tends to allow the junk in the tank to get into the filter. Hope this helps and have a great day. ... 1990 Subaru Legacy

My 95 Pontiac Bonneville is not getting gas I've checked the fuel pump fuse, the fuel pump relay under the passenger side and replaced the fuel filter. Is there anything else that could cause the gas not to pump or should I take the gas tank off and inspect the gas pump? Also is there away to check if the gas pump is bad. All I know is that there is no pressure in the gas lines and that no fuel is getting to the injectors. Thanks in advance.

What you need to do is have an assistant turn the key on (not try to start, just turn the key on) while you have the gas cap removed and your ear down by the gas tank fill tube. When they turn the key on you should hear a whirl only for 3-7 seconds. ... 1995 Pontiac Bonneville

How do I tighten my timing belt on my 1987 honda accord lxi with a fuel injected A20A1 motor. I started the car and it was loose but not super loose, I want to tighten it for safety so let me know if you know how to tighten it. I also dont know how or where the marks are and are suppost to line up at. Thanks

The philosophy "if ain't broke do not fix", doesn't work for the timing belt. If it broke the overhead cam stops, but the crank shaft keeps moving, and the result is one or more bent valve. Normally the repair cost is ten times more, than a timing be ... 1987 Honda Accord

I have a 92 buick regal custom it wont start i think its fuel related i replaced the filter and bought the fuel sendind unit it goes under the hood like a big fuse but i dont know wich slot to put it in also is there a fuse for the pump

Hello sanman1206: My name is Roger and I will help you. First you need to test the fuel pump. You can do this by locating the fuel test port. On o 3.1 engine you will find it center of fuel rail on passenger side of the rail. On a 3.8 engine you will ... 1992 Buick Regal

Need to know what relay to disconect so I can change the fuel filter so theres no gas pressure. or just how to depressurize the fuel lines so I dont spill gas all over

Just let the truck sit for about 4hrs and the pressure will be low, when you remove the filter just rest a towel cloth over the connection and very little gas will spill out, and remember to never start the truck right away, turn the ignition on but ... 2001 Ford F150 Styleside SuperCrew

I have a 94 Isuzu pickup 4 cylinder 2.3 n it ran rough when tryin to ease on the gas but if I stomped on the gas it wouldnt miss a beat Then it started missing real bad n now it wont start also some of the vaccum-vent line are leaking oil. Also mine is carburated not fuel injected and need to know about this charcoal filter. How can i bypass it.

Oil ring need to be replace ... 1994 Isuzu Pickup

My 1991 gmc sierra 5.7 liter starts up and runs for 20 minutes and then when i shut it off it won't start up again. also if i start it in the morning and let it idle for 5 minutes it stalls out and i cant get it started again. i changed the fuel pump and the fuel filter. i dont know what else can be wrong with it.

When it won't start does it have spark? Sounds like it might be the ignition module. ... 1991 GMC Sierra

My truck stalled tried to start it ran for a 2nd .was told it was the fuel pump ,so put new fuel pump in and filter and new lines ,now my truck wont start cant hear the pump ,dont know wa

Does the pump have voltage and ground ?Did you check the fuel pump relay and fuse ? ... Cars & Trucks

My 1995 S10 isn't running very well, at all. I know i have a problem in my fuel line and i have changed the fuel filter. My uncle told me that their should be another fuel filter, more or less a fuel screen, attached to the fuel line further up towards the carburetor, but i can't find it. Can you tell me where the fuel ''screen'' is located further up on the fuel line?

I believe that what he is talking about is behind the fuel line where it goes into the carb. I have also experienced a similar problem from the fuel line by the tank, it was cracked and sucking air therefore it would run rough sometimes and also lef ... 1995 Chevrolet S-10 CA Edition


Hi there,sometimes when you run out of gas you can pull up the dirt fromthe bottom of the tank and damage the pump one quick way to see if you have a pump or filter problem is to put gas directly into the carbuerator or throttle body if f ... Chevrolet Camaro

Starting Prob When i go to start my Ranger, it usually takes a little longer to turn over than it should, and also sometimes it will start off on a low REV and i will give it gas and the RPM will jump up and gradually go back down.. I have changed the fuel filter, spark plugs, and ran head cleaner through it. i jsut dont know what else it could be.

Sounds like a fuel pressure regulator or MAF ... 2004 Ford Ranger

I have a 1993 dodge dakota LE 2 door A/T v-8 magnum s wheel drive. It is missing an i dont know why, i have replaced the plugs plug wires distributer cap fuel filter, what could be the reason, also the rpm gadge is registering about 700-800 rpms what is the timing for this truck?

Rpms are about right. those engines have a plate that is bolted to the underside of the intake and its the size of the intake the gasket for them blows out all the time causing oil consumption and misses.\015\012easy check is pull pcv valve fro ... 1993 Dodge Dakota

My 1995 gmc sonoma 4.3L SLS vin# W, has a new fuel pump, new cpi injector system, new filter and still doesn't start, I understand it needs 58 to 60 psi to start, after checking the pressure at the end of the line just before the injection system I only get 10 psi. I also checked the pressure at the pump only . I still get only 10 psi , I just don't know where to go from here.

Hi\015\012Please read the bellow article thoroughly to have an indepth knowledge about your problem…\015\012 ... GMC Sonoma

Car will not start checked starter o.k. it will not cranck over with key and when i start direct from starter it wont fire up there is however a no-bus. display on speedo please advise. car does have a factory alarm, but i dont know if this could be the problem, there is fuel coming up from fuel pump. i also removed computer to have it checked and was told that it was o.k all of the fuses have been checked also they are all good, dont know what else to do.

May be your anti-thief system, you will need to get the car to the dealer ... 2005 Dodge Neon
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