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I have a water leak that I think is coming from the water pump. Is this a major repair job and very costly?

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It can be a pain. Most water pumps are designed with something called a weep hole, which is a hole in the housing that is blocked by the bearing assembly. As the bearing wears, the hole is slowly uncovered, and when the bearing has worn to the point that it needs to be replaced, the weep hole is exposed and coolant can leak out - this is to tell you that the water pump is wearing out, and it forces you to change it before it fails and strands you, or worse, costs you an engine.

Shop rates vary widely, but since a water pump is usually replaced when a timing belt is done, you may want to step up and do that if you're anywhere near 60k miles (or a multiple of it, like 120k or 180k). If you have done the timing belt recently enough that it isn't a worry, you can have just the water pump and the belt that drives it replaced. Probably with parts and labor you'd be looking at $200-300 but I'd shop around for prices and reputation before turning over your car for this job, as it's not a small job. It's not a gigantic project, but it's not a tiny one either.
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I have a water leak that I think is coming from the water pump. Is this a major repair job and very costly?

It can be a pain. Most water pumps are designed with something called a weep hole, which is a hole in the housing that is blocked by the bearing assembly. As the bearing wears, the hole is slowly uncovered, and when the bearing has worn to the poin ... Pontiac Bonneville

2000 3.3 auto grand voyager. got a major coolant leak, to the extent that you can see it weep. Been to Chrysler garage, who said a little is coming from water pump (£275 to replace), but most is coming from the ..... cover (can't remember the name!), which is a big job and costs £660 - thats on top of the pump charge. What has gone wrong? The garage said it must be fixed, and the parts for the ... cover are only £160, but its the labour at £500 which I'm not pleased about. Any suggestions..

It must be leaking from under the valve cover.\015\012The time for rear valve cover gasket replacement is 2.5hrs and 3hrs for both front and rear, I would replace both at the same time and the gasket.Its advisable to get ... 1997 Pontiac Bonneville

Had new water pump installed several weeks ago that cost $500.00 in labour. Now it is leaking again.mechanic told me that it is probably faulty water pump and I well have to pay for labour again.I think they installed it inprobably.also do you think I have a right to be there when they repair it? otherwise how well I know if it was faulty or they installed it inprobably? Thank you,

If the shop wont stand by their work & see whats leaking after they serviced ur car,,there should be a warranty on parts & labor,,,is it a private repair shop or national chain u could call corporate,,& see what they will do for u,, ... 2002 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

I have a 1993 chrysler lebaron that leaks antifreeze out of both sides of the motor onto the ground. I just had the tube that comes out of the water pump replaced since it had some corrosion along with the o rings and the necessary hoses. I don't think the water pump is leaking because the leaks are on both sides of the motor. Can a pressure test be done with the manifold off so I can see where the leak is coming from? What else could be leaking since the only things down there are the water pum

Go to the auto parts store and get the good stop leak.....get the one in the round tube (silver). Your already 450 dollars into it. If it is just small leaks, this will or should stop it. This stop leak also lubes your water pump, and is good stu ... 1987 Chrysler LeBaron

Engine noise I have a 1997 Wrangler 2.5L. When running there is a good bit of noise that appears to be coming from the water pump. The rest of the engine is tight and clean. There are no oil leaks around the main seals and no water leaks around the water pump or shaft. When I take the serpentine belt off and start the engine the noise disappears. The idler pulleys seem to be fine as well. I am thinking the water pump needs to be replaced. What do you think?

You guessed it, the shaft bearings are shot. ... 1995 Jeep Wrangler

I have a 2001 Alero 3.4L V6; I have replaced the intake gasket the engine itself and countless other repairs but recently the car has been leaking coolant and it has also been overheating. I just replaced the water pump after a mechanic told me there was a leak coming from the back of the water pump. Upon replacing the water pump the car was still overheating. We then bled the car through the upper valve and it seemed like antifreeze was getting to the engine block. Well now it is overheating ag

The first thing i would do is put the coolant system under pressure with\015\012Cooling System And Pressure Cap Tester. if there are any ... 2001 Oldsmobile Alero

My 2006 ford taurus has a loud grinding noise coming from one of my pulley's. I have the squeakey sound too, that I think is coming from the tensionor pully that is common with ford's. The grinding sound comes and goes gets really loud and then quiets down as the car warms up. But even when the car is warm, if I shut it off then back on the grinding comes back. I am not getting a water leak so i don't think it's the water pump (yet). none of the pully's look like they are loose or wobbling. Any

The tension pulley on the Ford products is famous for wearing out. If you are positive about where the noise is coming from, then the only real solution is to purchase a new pulley from the dealership. Installation involves removing tension from the ... 2006 Ford Taurus

I got a water leak and im thinking its coming from the water pump but its a big leak because its by it water pump

You would be correct in assuming this, as this is a common problem with sebrings of this age... ... 1997 Chrysler Sebring

Seem to be loosing alot of water out of the Water Pump. Went and got one from the wreckers and after having in installed, it still has a leak... do you think the second water pump i got from the wreckers is also faulty.. Leak apears to be coming out the little hole on the side.

Yes it is, Water pumps are an important part on the engine and should be replaced with a new one ... 1996 Suzuki Swift

I drive a Renault Trafic 1.9 dci 56 plate and had my steering go very heavy and heard a whining noise and had power steering fluid coming out of what I think is the pump. The fan belt linking the power steering pump and the ( I think)alternator has come off and the battery light and STOP light has come on on the dashboard. Has anyone ever had experience of this problem? Does anybody know what parts are faulty, or whether it can be repaired, how hard is it to fix and how much should it cost me

... Renault 181

I took my car to the repair place because i have a coolant leak.. The guy said that i need my water pump replaced and it will cost $600. I called auto zone and the guy said that a water pump for my car cost $80.. My question is what exactly am i paying for???? Labor cost $520

Labour cost man, I don't know how much the repair shop owners pay to their mechanics, but yes that's over charged, If they work 6 hours on that engine to replace the water pump, it shouldn't cost more than $240, and this price includes all their cost ... 2006 Chevrolet Impala

I have a problem with a coolant leak on my 2000 Chevy Blazer. It's coming from the left side of the engine, about mid to lower engine. I can't see where the leak is coming from due to the leak bouncing off a hundred different parts before it hits the ground. Is there anywhere it may be coming from in that part of the engine? Its a pretty large leak, but not the type of leak indicative of a water pump... I think...

You could have a expansion plug on the left side of the engine block leaking antifreeze,if your blazer is a 4x4 remove the skid plate under the front bumper and you should be able to see where its leaking from,a water pump will be a steady drip while ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

I have a 99 firebird V6 leaking coolant. I was told it was the water pump, after replacing it i found another major leak. Its just above the water pump in a small crevice, can't really tell from where. There is this small black piece there that elbows to the right(toward the passanger side) It might be coming from there, any ideas?

You might be able to borrow a radiator (engine block) tester from Autozone or Oreillys. You give them a refundable deposit and the tool is yours to use.\015\012\015\012This tool will allow you to put pressure into the radiator and anythi ... 1999 Pontiac Firebird

I have severe rattling sound coming from the area of my water pump on my 1993 Old Sillouette. When I put the vehicle in gear and drive it, the sound goes away but, when it idles the sound comes back. I have already bypassed the A/C condenser and replaced the alternator and the Idle tentioner. Still hasn't solved the problem. The water pump is NOT leaking and the power steering is in (I think) pretty good shape, though I do have to add fluid evey few months. Any suggestions ????

Because waterpump is not leaking doesnt mean its not noisey.could have bad bearing thats noisey. remove belt and spin by hand see if you haer any noise and see if loose. ... 1994 Oldsmobile 88

I have a water leak in the floorboard on the passenger side of my 1998 jeep gr cherokee. I do not have a sunroof. I don't think it is coming from under the dash. Had some repairs there. It only leaks when it rains. I pulled the carpet up and it seems like the water is coming from the back of the car. any suggestions?

... Jeep Grand Cherokee

Windscreen washers HI I have a 2004 Ford Focus C-Max turbo diesel Ghia. I thought assumed the washer bottle was empty as no water was coming out of the front or the back. Put water in but they still do not work. I can hear that the motor is working when trying to get water to come through the jets, but still no water My 2oo4 c-max has the same problem. The reservoir is full and I can hear he pump running but I just have an impotent dribble at the jets. It looks like a major job just to access th

Fords have a common problem with their washer pumps. for the last 12 years ford have fitted a plastic mesh over the inlet to the washer pump, this blocks up with the build up of crystalized washer fluid. fords official protocol says to use a small sh ... 2004 Ford Focus

I have a two cylinder volvo penta saildrive 2002 model, their seems to be little or no water coming from the exhaust when the motor is running. i have recently antifouler the leg and cleared the water suction hole at the base of the leg. the water pump seems to not be leaking and the belts are ok. the motor seems to still be runing ok. i either have a blockage , a stuck thermostat or a stufed water pump? are thereany obvious nplaces to start checking. apart from a blockage can the repairs be don

Check your impeller in the seawater pump ( at the front of the engine )\015\012If the impeller blades stays even lightly bent after removal, change the impeller.\015\012Check for obstructions in the hoses.\015\012Remove the water ho ... 2002 Volvo S60

My 05 Ka had smoke coming from the bonnet AA man came out and filled with water. Have checked water again this morning and it has gone down, think there is a leak as water on the ground. Am taking it to garage on Monday, couldnt do it today, for testing. What should they be doing and whats a reasonable cost for this? Also any ideas of what is leaking, have read loads, possible headgasket. lm worried that the garage will rip me off as lm a woman who knows next to nothing about cars. Can someone h

Being a women has nothing to do with being ripped off. Men don't know anything about todays veh either. You don't authorize any work requiring any payment at all, until your standing inside the repair facility,after they come up with a problem and ex ... 2005 Ford Focus

My car has a leak on the right side of the engine , and is not hose or the water container, so i asume that is the water pump because the leak is coming down all the way on the timing belt, and i have to fill up again every time i go out, is it what i think.

Yes....it is either that or a leaking hose to the pump. ... 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT

On a 2006 kia sorento , can you tell me how to locate the water pump. We think a leak may be coming from there. Does the timing belt have to come off to remove the pump?

Not sure on model but most new cars if you jack up the car and remove the drivers side wheel right hand drive uk you should be able to get at it from there the timming cover may have to come off and some times the timming belt has to be loosend but a ... 2006 Kia Sorento

My check engine comes on when its cold or damp outside and now since its winter i have noticed coolant leak around water pump. does my water pupm need changing and could that be why my engine light was coming on? how costly is it to have fixed?

There are litterally hundreds of reasons why your Check Engine Light could becoming on. The only way to find out is by having your engine computer scanned for fault codes. If your water pump is leaking it needs to be replaced regardless of whether ... 1995 Buick LeSabre

My 2002 Bonneville is leaking coolant from a pipe above the water pump. The pipe seems to be coming out of the engine, and I think the pipe is going to the heater. The leak is coming right out of the engine side.

... 2002 Pontiac Bonneville

I think that my water pump is going bad. Antifreeze leaks and it is hard to see where it is coming from. Radiator and all hoses are good. What are the steps to replacing a water pump on this truck? Thank you for any help

Water pump replacement info here:http://myweb.dal.ca/is353832/93fsm/engine/50waterpum.pdfIt's also possible that the timing chain has worn through thetiming cover ... much bigger problem. ... 1994 Toyota Pickup

Had water pump and thermostat replaced and now i smell coolant thru my air cond, defrost, and heater. since the repair my engine now runs hotter then it did before the repair. the reason for the repair was because after parking my car and shuting down the engine it leaked out all the coolant from the passenger side of the fire wall. it cost me almost $400.00 for the repair and its worse than before!! and now it looks like its low on coolant.. any solutions please!!!

They shop should have replaced the heater core or hoses going to it, or at least told you so you could make the decision When it leaked from the fire wall, this is the first thing I would have gone after. You can bypass the heater core, but winter is ... 1995 Buick Roadmaster

I've got a significant coolant leak coming from the rear of the engine in my 99 expedition, but i can't see where it's coming from. the guy who towed me said it looks like it's coming from the water pump, i'd like to fix the issue if i can, and avoid getting it towed for a diagnostic or repairs, but i don't want to start taking things apart if the engine is cracked (and therefore worthless). any thoughts? the problem arose after we had a severe freeze and i didn't maintain a 50/50 coolant/

With the leak in the heater core it wil be difficult to find another leak. What you should do is get a pressure tester for cooling systems and pressure test the vehicle. fill it completely with water (provided it can hold water that long) and pressu ... 1999 Ford Expedition
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