Having problems with your Nissan Sentra ?

1989 (?). Locked keys inside. How do I open car NOW?

\015 Can see them, but need to go pick up my daughter in 1 hour.\015
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Answers :

Coat hanger to lift lock or pull the door handle ,tip get a spare key cut ,yes i know it will have no chip and not start the car ,,,but at least it will open the door ,,grease the key wrap it in plastic and tie it up under the car with a piece of copper wire ,,,,all my cars have this ...saves a lot of hassle .
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My car is a 320i SE 2005. My central locking is just not working. The keyfob still activates and deactivates the alarm, it still opens the boot but only the drivers door will open with the actual key, but no other doors. the keyfob will then lock the drivers door but will not open it again. you cannot even open the other door from inside the car and the locking button inside the car does not open or lock the doors either ,only the drivers door will lock using this but will not open again. Any Id

Hi.There is a fuse for the central locking, check the user manual and find the fuse.If the fuse blows again , then it is one of the actuators in the door, that is shorted and must be replaced.If the fuse is OK and ... BMW 3 Series

I just purchased a 2001 Jetta and I have an issue with the key/lock mechanism. The key seems to work as it should, turn it to the right and it locks the car. Turn it to the left and it unlocks, however I cannot open the car by pulling the handle from the outside. If I lower the windows (with the key) I can open the car from the inside. Once it is open from the inside, I can pull the outside handle and it opens fine, but once you lock it, same thing happens.

To reset door locks turn key to unlock twice,if this dont work then a linkage has come addrift and taking the door panel off is a b....h of a job.best of luck. ... 2001 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

I locked my keys in the trunk of my 2000 porsche boxster. the car is also locked. i called AAA and they opened my car by opening the door from the inside. this set off the alarm and locked down my car. the levers used to open the trunk are locked and i dont have another key. how do i open my trunk?

Hello there\015\012send me an email to [email protected]\015\012i will send you factory picture of Energency release cable which Porsche made for this case of an ... Porsche Boxster

Most of the time the power door locks on my 1995 993 Porsche do not automatically unlock when a door is opened from the inside. They will occasionally unlock after several seconds delay. As a result, the doors can be opened to exit the car without the doors actually being unlocked. I accidentally locked my keys inside the car when buying gas and had to call AAA to open the door. The console switch and the key will lock/unlock the doors.

Not sure here ,ok to be honest i dont know but the first thing i would do is to remove the door panels and give all the linkage a good oil with a oil can with engine oil in it ,where the solonoid is that operates the door lock for the central locking ... 1995 Porsche 911

My Audi A6 auto-locks itself while running with the keys inside. This happens repeatedly when I use the 'Start' button to start (i.e. proximity key) and then step out to brush off snow, move something in driveway, etc and then, CLICK, the car lock me out with my keys, phone, everything inside. I have had to wait 45 minutes in freezing weather for an emergency locking service. Audi has been unable to solve (but has replicated) so they cut a special key for me that opens door and doesn't start car

Some markets have passenger compartment locking, when you start the cars engine the car will lock,(timed delay) some have a movement sensor which locks the car when in motion,vw/audi sell worldwide, so you have something that is in the handbook for t ... 2006 Audi A6

My key will not open the doors or start the engine (it won't even turn in the ignition switch). Initially, I thought it was the battery for the key, but I changed that without success. The light on the dash comes on when I open the the door but other than that, the pedals (gas and brake) are locked. The headlights and the over headlights inside the car come on. I sat in the car and hit the lock button on the key 2x , put in the ignition took it out hit it again, hoping it would reprogram the key

It's possible that your key is bad or no longer works. A way to verify that it is a key problem is to see if the 2nd key or spare key works properly. Check the side of the remote key for a 3 digit #. if the key variant is less then 221 the way to res ... 2001 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

I have just refinished an Audi TT 2000 model. When I reassembled the car I put doors together and checked everything and it was fine. I reinstalled the drivers seat(had it repaired) and the doors locked. I dont know if the seat done anything, but doors locked. Now i cannot unlock the doors with the fob or key from inside or outside. I can open hatch but connot open the doors at all. Please help me figure this out. The car will start and windows will go up and down by the key, but connot open the

Check the wiring loom for the doors Have you put the connectors to geather all the way in ... Cars & Trucks

My key will not lock or unlock my car is ford c max 2004 the key has not locked or unlock the car for long tine . so i have been using the key in the door , today the door wood not open so i had two get the back door and open the form inside

... 2004 Ford Focus

2001 Ford Focus ZX3 Rear Hatch will not open. The automatic Release button inside the car will not open it. The button on the remote will not open it. Key will not open the lock when I try it. Cannot seem to even locate a safety trunk release in the back of the inside of the car. Getting tired of passing groceries to my husband while he pushes them in the rear of the car with the seats down. Any solutions?? thanks - Margaret Cockriell

... Ford Focus

My 95 chevy tahoe has an after market car alarm.. today I went inside the store and before I did I pressed the left button on the key alarm switch that locks and unlocks you're car and it beeped and locked fine however when I came outside to unlock my truck it did not work so I manually used my key to unlock when I tried to open my passenger side door alarm went off and now every time I open the passenger door I can't stop it from going off I want to disconnect it please help

... 1995 Chevrolet Tahoe

1995 Mercedes C220- I have to keep opening the car and close from the trunk lock. The key does not turn all the way to the left (inside the trunk lock), so then the key inside the ignition will NOT start the car.

Sounds like you have a bad key and need to get a new one made. ... 1996 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

My Honda CR-V EX 2005 doors lock by themselves. Occasionally, after you unlock it with the remote key, it locks itself before you can get in. It also happens sometimes when I unlock the car, then open the back door to load groceries, the rest rest of the doors lock while the back one is still open and when you close the back that one is locked then too.I am afraid someday the keys will get locked inside. Help!

I have the same problem with my 2002 CRV. However, just recently it doesn't matter what door is open, even the driver's door. The car will automatically lock itself. This is extremely frustrating as I am sure I will lock myself out at some point. ... 2003 Honda CR-V

99 Pontiac Grand Am. I accidentally slid the trunk remote trunk release lockout switch to ON and now cannot open the trunk via the remote or via the remote trunk release button inside the car. I am supposed to be able to use the key to open the trunk manually but the trunk lock cylinder has been broke for some time so now I have no way to get the trunk open. I was able to open the trunk via the remote and inside car release before I switched the button to "ON". How do I gain access to the tr

I'm not 100% sure with that vehicle, but you might be able to remove the back seat to gain access to the trunk ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

I locked my door but i left the window open. So I reached into the window and unlocked the doors from the inside. My car alarm went off so then I used the keys to lock and unlock the doors from the outside. After I put my key in the ignition to start the car the car just went on lockdown and just refuses to start. What do I do to get my car starting again?

It's probably an anti theft lockout device that disables the ignition and /or starter. I would say there's no way to reset it without going through a dealer. If you have a key fob that unlocks the doors electronically you might try using that. Or try ... Infiniti QX4

I have a 2008 BMW 328 xi. Currently the all the doors are locked and the only door that will unlock is the drivers side by using the key. The central locking button does not open all of the other doors once I get in the car (this includes the gas door). I can lock the drivers door from the inside using the fob, and the drivers door will open from the inside handle, however none of the other 3 doors will unlock.

... Cars & Trucks

My 1998 Nissan Maxima GXE had the lock on the trunk changed before I bought the car about a week ago. I don't have the key to the trunk, so I've been opening it with the button inside the driver door. About half the time, the anti-theft alarm will start going off about half an hour after I lock and leave the car. I'm curious about why the car doesn't do this every time, is there anything I might be able to do to assure that the alarm doesn't go off (like lock the car in a certain way), otherwise

... Nissan Maxima

I cannot open the trunk on my Sentra.The remote doesn't do it nor does the switch inside. I only have a valet key so I can't open it from the trunk lock itself. The back seat fold down release latch is INSIDE the trunk. Is there still a way to remove the backseat back rest in order to get access to the trunk from inside the car? I believe the switch inside the trunk got moved to the "cancel" mode by accident which is why it will not open.

Hello and thank you for using FixYa!What year is your SE-R? if is newer that 2001, just go to a Nissan dealer and have a cheap key made for you so you can open your trunk. They can get your key code for you. If the valet key is the only k ... Nissan Se R

1998 Saturn the battery was dead and keys locked inside. AAA opened the car door, we took the battery to get it charged and now car will not turn over to star and radio not working. Remotes will not work will not honk open door or trunk. Tried holding lock and unlock down for 20 seconds but still nothing

There is a fuse(30amp) in the engine compartment. Should be a black fuse block. You're looking for fuse number 4 and will probably be one of the bigger ones. This is your fuse to the ignition switch. Locate that one and let me know what you find. ... Saturn SL2

Locked door car is locked only trunk is open and keys inside the car how can i open it????

If is a bimmer u and the trunk is open u can go inside ur car thru the trunk. ... 2001 BMW 325

Mitsubishi 1995 FTO - The lock to the trunk will open using the switch located to the right of the driver, on the floor, in front of the petrol cap switch; however, the trunk will not open using the key manually. This car was recently purchased second hand and was not accompanied by an owners manual or repair manual. i believe the latch inside is missing a component, but i require a picture of the mechanism to confirm this. the key cannot even turn the lock. Can you help?

... 2003 Bentley Continental GT

Have saab 93 locked keys in the trunk, managed to open the car by pulling up the manual lock, the alarm has gone off by the button inside the car will not let me open the trunk what to do?

... Saab 9 3

Car has electric door locks, passenger door is locked and won't unlock with key fob or manually from the inside, door will not open............how do I get it open so I can take the door panel off to fix whatever is wrong inside?

... 2002 Ford Escape

I opened my car this morning and left the key inside as i went to get water to defrost the ice the door closed by itself as it sometimes does but the lock slammed shut with the keys inside i am now late for work and i have no way of getting into my car

Just smash the back window as time os of an essence ,always keep a spare key ,and another trick is to have a key cut with no chip in it as these are expensive then grease it and tape it and wire as well to underside of car so at least car can be open ... Hyundai Accent

My 95 camry driver's door lock is stuck in the locked position and the door is closed. The key turns in the lock, and the 3 other door locks open, but not the driver's door lock. As such the door cannot be opened. Is there a "release" pin for the locking system? I have access to the inside of the car. Thank you

\015\012There is a mother lock for all door and it is located to the driver side door. Maybe you need to replace it but if a electrician can do something about it to save money do so, but I highly recommend to replac ... 1995 Toyota Camry

Help.... i have just bought a honda accord 2000 with central fob locking. i locked the car with the remote key fob and now the drivers door is stuck, locked shut. all other doors respond from the key fob but this one is just dead. cannot open by pulling the thing up on the inside of the door either and there doesnt seem to be a key hole in the outside of the door. just a metal circle. please help as i am disabed and finding it almose impossible to climb over from the passenger side and hubby ha

Hiit could be a number of things stopping it from opening. I cant offer a definate solution but I have some things for you to try.Firstly get some one to push the car door inwards that is closed position while you press the remote f ... 2000 Honda Accord
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