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My car dont star, i check my ligths and averything is ok, i listen under de motor a little click click i hit in the starter whit a screw

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The solenoid appears to be functioning, which leaves the starter motor itself and the heavy duty contacts within the solenoid. If you have access to a test light or voltmeter, hook either tester between an unpainted engine ground (like a bolt) and the wire which comes from the battery positive terminal to the solenoid. the light should come ON or the meter reads 12 volts. If ok, set the emergency brake, then test the starter connection while someone tries the starter. If no light (or meter reading), replace the solenoid. If you get light or meter reading, then replace the starter.
If ur getting a clicking noise when u attempt to start it sounds like the starter drive ingaging into the flywheel but the starter isn't turning. Check ur battery to make sure it is fully charged and get a load test to make sure it is ok. Next check the connettions to the battery. Ur Problem wasn't complete--if crossing terminals at the starter the engine turns over it is the starter soloid, if it just clicks it is the battery or connections
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My car dont star, i check my ligths and averything is ok, i listen under de motor a little click click i hit in the starter whit a screw

The solenoid appears to be functioning, which leaves the starter motor itself and the heavy duty contacts within the solenoid. If you have access to a test light or voltmeter, hook either tester between an unpainted engine ground (like a bolt) and t ... Nissan Pathfinder

Battery died. Charged and Checked good and reinstalled. In ignition key "on" position oil lights etc turn on as normal. In "start" starter motor does not activate. No loud clicking. Looking for manual trouble shooting list of things to look at and some illustrations (where's the starter?). Can starter be short started with a screw driver for ops check as in older cars? I haven't worked on cars since the early '80's. Much forgotten.

Easiest way to locate the starter is to follow the positive wire off the battery connection to the starter. Once you have located he starter I would put a voltmeter on the positive lead and check to see if there is any voltage reading at the starter ... 1990 Buick Century

1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS. Starter clicks when I hit the key like it is engaging. However, it will not spin the motor. Checked for power at the starter and I have full power. Checked the power at the switch and there is full power there too. So I replaced the starter. The exact same problem is still there.

You spent too much money or you have a whole lot more to spend. Bench test your starter beside your car to see if it works not connected to your car. If your car is a standard, push the car in neutral and put it in drive. See if the engine turns over ... 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse

My JS550 is not powering the starter motor. I can hear a soleniod click in the electrical box everytime I hit the starter button. Any suggestions what the problem is?

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2004 dodge neon sx2.0 won't crank over Hi, My mechanic thought it was the starter because after he hit it, it started, So he said that it's fixed after he replaced the strater. He also claims that he started it, 3-4 other times. I went to pick it up yesterday and it won't start anymore, and it doesn't even turn over i just hear a little click and that's it. lights and aeverything all work fine. we tried putting a wire from positive of battery to the power wire of the starter, and it sounds like

Check and make sure the battery is good,have it load checked,then check the battery connections to make sure they are clean and shiny.No grey or black residue on the battery connection,or the battery terminals,where they go on the battery,this will a ... 2004 Dodge Neon

Toyato lucida that just stopped,was running fine,then engine died,tried to restsart it but the starter motor just clicks,i have changed the starter but it just clicks.the engine wont turn over.before the engine stopped a pumpkin hit the side door and then the engine died

The clicking indicates that the celenoid is not getting enough power to fully engage the starter. Power is getting to the bendix but it is not enough to mesh and spin the engine. Possible causes...a loose or bad or corroded connection, low battery ... Toyota Previa

Hello, I have a bobcat mini excavator. Mitsubishi motor.. if I was to guess the year its maybe a 2001 or up.. it has a little over 1400 hours on it. Oil & filter was changed at 928 hours... While it was running it started smoking from exaust & oil was slightly spraying coming out exhaust.. we noticed the turbo had gone up. So we replaced the turbo & now the motor won't start.. we put key in & it just clicks one time & then nothing...we took glow plugs & starter off & tryed to turn ..I'm guessing

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The car refused to start, made clicking sounds @ the solenoid and the starter, still had current, the radio was working etc...So I bought a new solenoid which had an extra screw at the bottom where the old one had only one with a wire attached..Anyways with the new solenoid in the car doesn't make any noise trying to start it, a little noise at the starter but could it be I just wired the new solinoid wrong? I tried it different ways after it didn't work after i wired it the way it came off...An

First, put the old solenoid back on and see if you get the original clicking noise. If yes, you either wired the new one wrong or got a wrong and/or defective part. Your clicking noise can come from several places. First, make sure the battery is goo ... 1993 Mercury Topaz

Hi,I have a 90 modle express van (deisel) that wont start or turn over when you turn the key! insted it makes a clicking sound when you turn the key. it sounds like the starter motors clicking and not engaging.i took the starter motor off thinking this was the problam but even with the starter motor off i still makes the same clicking sound! do you know why its not turning over and what the clicking sound is?? Thanks.

Your starter assembly has a problem, go to your nearest service center and ask the mechanic for assistancepls. rate me thanks ... Mitsubishi Minivan

I turn the key and i get the constant fast clicking noise, and the car wont start. I was wondering if the battery is flat, or if the alternator or the starter motor has had it. The lights are still on inside but they seem a little dimmer. Please help :-) thanx.

Your battery is drained/not fully charged. The fast clicking noise comes from your starter, the starter selnoid is clicking, however there isn't enought amp to turn over the selenoid to roll over the engine. You can try jumping it using another car, ... 1996 Toyota Corolla

Our R reg Sharan will not start. The engine will not turn over when the key is turned but there is a click. The side lights stay on, and dip just a little when the key is turned. The Main head lights dip completely when the key is turned. Is it the starter motor or a flat battery or something else? I have selected microbus in the list provided but it is a Sharan from 1997.

Given the light dimming symptom, the problem is either just a weak battery or the starter has failed.\015\012\015\012Charlie ... Volkswagen Microbus

Stater replacement for 2001 4.0 Aurora? How many hours and is the starter under the Intake Manifold like the lexus? No click and poer drained when I turn the key. Wonder if the motor seized. Noted power shut down when I hit the brake as well. ABS light is on Comments welcome and Thanks

If motor was seized, there would be a big power drained when trying to start it, check make sure battery is fully charge, and have good battery terminals connection's, starter labor flag time is 2.4 hrs. ... 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora

I have a 1991 chevy 1500 with air. The problem is a clicking or knocking noise coming fromthe air door behind the blower motor. I can lift the door with a screw driver a little and the noise stops. I need to know how to adjust the door or do I need to change something. I do not see how to get the heater out from under the dash. Any suggestions would help.

Look over where the air dor is the is a deive with a two wire harness,the device usually has a yellow sticker on it, unplug the harness+ no more clicking just did last night 12/18/08 ... 1998 Chevrolet K1500

Starting problems Frequently my engine won't start. When turning the key, you can hear the starter relay clicking, but the starter motor won't turn. Some days it starts right away, others after a few clicks, and others after 30-40 clicks. But it always starts. And it starts strongly, not like when the battery is weak. I can see no link between whether the engine is cold or hot. I've replaced the battery, cleaned the contacts on the battery. I suspect the starter motor, but I would have expected

It sounds like either the starter relay or the solenoid the contact points in it may be burnned if so it wont make a good connection ... 2001 Chrysler Concorde

2007 Mountaineer. Battery Good, takes charge (from charger), all lights, fans, electornics, light up. Checked starter related relay, fuses, etc. Starter simple "clicks" engine won't engage. Pulled battery, wired directly to my wife's car (also a 07 Mountaineer), starter motor makes rapid "click" noise, but engine won't start. Used 2 different coded key sets. Starter makes click noise, engine won't start. Starting to thing the electronic secruity system has "locked" me out. SUV worked fine

Hi! The anti theft is triggered thats for sure thats why it will crank but won't run. You may need to install a remote start bypass. I provided a link to guide you on how it works. Hope this helps and thank you for using FixYa! Please click here ... 2007 Mercury Mountaineer

Hi there , I have a late 70s toyota landcruiser and the starter motor just gives one loud click. the battery is well charged and nearly new . the conections are good . I wired the starter to a switch my self but i was only using comon sence to do so, it may be wrong . why is the starter motor not turning the engine over ? is it the solinoid ? the truck is not worth the price of a new starter motor , so i was hopeing for a cheaper home job option . If you can pin point the exact problem for me it

Have you ever heard of starting a car with a screw driver if so you could try doing that to the starter and see if you can start the car if so the problem is in the wiring some were. the only way to check that is to check all of the wiring that goes ... 1990 Geo Tracker

Starter Trouble Won't turn over, Batt cables get REAL hot while trying. New Battery installed, new Starter installed. When attempting to start - just: "click", When I keep trying again repeatedly, ("click", "click", "click", "click", "click", "click") she will seem to catch once and turn the engine just a little and stop. On the "click" that connects, the tachometer wakes up. The rest of the time, the tach is unresponsive. 86K miles, no collisions

It sounds like you have the Starter Solinoid Wires Crossed if the Battery cables are getting hot. ... 2001 Mazda MPV

In an attempt to take my blower motor off in my truck to examine a clicking sound that was happening when I turned my fan on the lowest speed, I found out that while 3 of the 4 5.5mm screws that hold it on are accessible and one seems to be impossible to get to. Is there anything other than maybe the glovebox i have to take off to access that screw? I know the sound is coming from that motor because if i unplug the connector the fan doesn't turn on and the clicking noise is not there.

Wrench or a swivel socket should get it. you may need to take out glove box. ... 2006 Chevrolet Colorado

2006 Chevy Cobalt starter problems. The starter started making loud clicking sounds. I got under the car and had someone turn the key and it looks like a little amount of smoke would come off of the small starter wire when attempting to start. I replaced the starter with one from a junk yard and it wouldn't even click. I hooked booster cables up and as soon as I did, The starter started making a noise as if it was running. Does this sound like a dead starter? I plan on taking this one back t

Dead cell and or loose grounds at the starter will do it every time!! ... 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt

Starter motor vw polo gti after long journey did not click over changed starter motor all ok few weeks later after long journey same problem told by mechanic wiring fault starter motor burnt out


Starter Issues I recently bought a Chevy 1500 with 130,000 miles on it. The guy I had bought it from had the tranny rebuilt a year ago. Ever since then there has been a rubbing/ clicking noise coming from the starter when the engine is idleing. I replaced the starter and that helped for about a week. Now the clicking is back. When I took the starter off, it there was a marking from where the fly wheel is rubbing on the starter frame. I grinded down the frame a little bit and now there is a const

Find a auto parts store that has a LESTER BOOK for starters. Give them the casting number off the aluminum drive housing. That will determine what this fits. It may not fit the trans that is installed in your truck\015\012Note.. A starter rebui ... 1997 Chevrolet K1500

Starter clicking Could a problem with the PCM cause the starter not to turn the motor over. Starter is good, Battery is good, Alternator is good. I only get a clicking sound when i try to start the car. I get code 12=Meaning Direct battery input to PCM was disconnected within last 50 key-on cycles. Please help. Thanks

Check starter relay. ... 1997 Dodge Neon

I have a problem with the starter on my 1996 bmw 318i , the car starts at times, and ater i turn it of then try to star it again it wont start. i put in a new starter but it still dose the same. when i try to star the car it ingages but then winds down. is there a relay or some other part that works with the starter motor?

... 1996 BMW 318

2000 Saturn SR2 - My son was driving it and it stopped (not a real good story from my son on whether the car stopped running or the trainy failed) Any ways, engine will not turn over. It is not crankin the engine over at all!. I put i a new starter and nothing. There is a good 13 volts hitting the starter motor and a good 12v hitting the solenoid when the switch is turned. I even pulled the new starter out, and checked it on my work bench with voltage and it works fine. The engine is not turning

... 2000 Saturn SL

Lights left on during church. tried to jump, no clicking at the starter or turning of the engine. the oringal battery is still in this 2003 ion. from ground to big red cable on stater is 12 volts. when someone turns on key no voltage from ground on starter to little wire on starter. book says problem in the ingnition circuit. any ideas? we could also feel the silenoid click for the ingnition in the fuse box.

Antitheft light on, flashing????? if you jump the little wire with power on the starter, it should at least turn over. if not I would try a fresh battery. ... 2003 Saturn ION
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