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'04 Altima - rattle under car

\015 The rattle seems to come from the front right part of the car. It can be heard but not felt either through the steering column, or from the seats. I looked in the wheel well and the plastic cowls seem to be kind of flimsy, but they are the same on both sides. Is there any known issues with a rattle underneath an '04 Altima?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Yea, flimsy plastic under front end, wheel wells, etc., could also be @ brake calipers, they have a flimsy metal clip that creates noise, all these will give you noise, just reinforce the plastic with screws,it works, some silcone will quiet the brake noise, check you CVjoints ,boots, make sure the rubber bellows are still attached, no cuts or splits with grease coming out, that would be a grinding noise. check your BELTS, worn or stretched needing replaced or tightened. that should do it.
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I have a 2002 Nissan Altima 3.5 and the when I crank the car I have to give it gas and it makes a rattling sound, what could that be, the car runs great after it starts but it still rattles a little while driving

Are you sure the car hasent lost any performancecause it sounds to me like its a catilitic converter going bad ... 2004 Nissan Sentra

'04 Altima - rattle under car

Yea, flimsy plastic under front end, wheel wells, etc., could also be @ brake calipers, they have a flimsy metal clip that creates noise, all these will give you noise, just reinforce the plastic with screws,it works, some silcone will quiet the b ... Nissan Altima

I have a 1994 standered nissan altima... when I turn on the car and rev the engine there's no noise... The minute I put the car in first gear and take off there's a rattling noise that increas

Could be a long list of things.A mechanic would take a test drive and listen under different conditions.Causes could include transaxle problems, exhaust rattles, worn motor mounts, even valves in the engine.The difference in idle and movi ... Cars & Trucks

I put back shocks on my 2005 nissan altima and new sway bar bushing on rear of car but I hear the car rattling in the back what could it be because no one I take it to can figure it out

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My 97 Nissan Altima is overheating after I have changed the thermostat , water and antifreeze is going back into the reserve tank instead of blowing into the radiator to cool the car off. is this my water pump or blown head gasket? I also hear a noise in the engine. sounds like a small piece of metal is rattling around.

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I get rattling sound from the right side of hood while the car is moving. Nissan Altima 2002 2.5S.

Check the bump stops on the car and make shure the hood is shutting down aginst them ... 2002 Nissan Altima


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I just replaced the transmission in a 04 Nissan Altima and the check engine light is still on and the car does not shift gears right especially in the mornings. The front end also rattles when it is in gear with the air on. What could be the provlem

Check to be sure you plugged in the speed sensor on the transmission. If the ECU can not read the transmission speed through the output it will not allow the transmission to shift into the next gear. It should throw a code also. ... 2004 Nissan Altima

The engine on my 2005 nissan altima (3.5 se) is making a weird noise when the car accelarates. Now that the weather is getting hotter it almost seems to be a metal on metal rattling noise.

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I have a 06 Nissan Altima when I start car it makes rattling noise

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Nissan Altima 2002 when running has no power will run sometimes only 35 sometimes not pats 60 very eratic. When I put in neutral and push the peddal to the floor the engine will not go past 4100 rpms and a lot of nocking noise, rattling comming from the engine. Trouble codes are PO 123, 223, 1102,1122, and 2135. Is this the TPS sensor or the PPS sensor and I need to know terminal to check resistance as this is a Throttle by wire car?

The rattling niose can come from the timing chain as oil pressure holds the chains tight. Some of these engines if let go too long on the oil change and changing tthe oil is all you have to do to fix it. Thinned out oil will make the chain loose ma ... 2002 Nissan Altima

Engine rattle i have a 98 car import model. i was doing 170kph wen the oil light flashed another mile down the road the car cut out. and the battrie was drained. wen i got it started agian ter was a loud rattling nosie and a lak of power i had to keep the car reved so it wouldnt cut out. i towed the car home and it was cooled down. i re started it. it ten ticked over fine and ter was no rattle i havent drove the car since and need help please could it b the oil pump not circulating oil our is my

More than likely you busted a Piston Rod ... 1995 Subaru Impreza

Rattling noise during start up. I turn the key and there is a loud rattle noise when the car first fires up. When the car fires up it sounds like I have my foot on the accelerator as it revs up at first but goes to normal right away. Also I notice my car is taking a bit longer to turn over on some of my start ups. This seems to be more when I re-start my car after driving around a bit and the car is hot, but not always, it has done this in the morning on occasion. My car isn't over-heating thoug

Check your starter and see if it is loose, this will cause it (starter) to use more amperage to start which leaves less amperage for the rest of the electrical system (maybe the long start problem too), hope this helps, let me know ... 2004 Nissan Sentra

Rattle additional info on the clunking rattle in underside of my 1999 nissan maxima. struts were replaced and rattle continued. i've tightened nuts on spare tire in trunk and made sure there's nothing else in trunk causing rattle. i've crawled underneath car and yanked on muffler which is secure. dealer rode w/me in car and heard rattle before inspecting, but still didn't find problem. i think, but can't prove that something is hitting the gas tank causing noise when i go over bumps in road.

I would check stabilizer bushings and/or links ... 1999 Nissan Maxima

My car is making some king of rattling noise. I

The timing chain guides have worn out. the engine will have to be torn apart to replace hem. a 12 hour job. ... 2002 Nissan Altima

Whenever i accelerate the car the car rattles. sometimes the car will start rattling when it is in idle. what could be causing that

Check your exhaust system, there are heat shields that come loose and vibrate ... 2000 Mazda Protege

Car died my grandfathers 03 kia sorento sprung a leak 2 days ago at the rear of the engine. I assume its a heater hose or somethingh attatched to it. today however I took the car for a test drive to let the system build up pressure so that I could possibly isolate the leak. while driving the car began rattling and when I slowed to inspect it, it died. it started back but it was making the rattling sound. in my attempt to get it back home it died again. then it acted like the battery was dead. I

54 kia serento emission control system malfunction light has eventualy come on previosly the car cut out twice once last month plus once 9 weeks ago when towing caravan. thinking itwas something to do with electrics on van ... 2003 Kia Sorento

Engine Rattling My car's fuel delivery system and ignition systems are fine, but there is a rattling noise coming from the engine that is really loud. It only happens when I start the car and the engine is at idle. While accelerating or reving the engine, the rattling noise smooths out and goes away. Any suggestions?

Try checking the heat shield on your exhaust system. You should have one over the manifold and one over your cat converter under the car. ... 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

New power steering belt squeals when car is started altima 2002eering belt squeals when car is started altima 2002

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I have 1999 Nissan Altima 5 speed Manual car and when I start the car and put the car in first gear and try to turn the car either to left or to right, I get a squeeking and grinding noise which stoops as the car catches the speed. There is no noise when I am driving the car or taking a turn. But when I slowed down and stop the car ,again the noise comes back.What is wrong? Thanks for the reply and help

Could be a belt? Does it get worse in the mornings when the car is cold? Does it cease or get less noticeable after a bit of driving? If yes then it's a simple matter of replacing/adjusting your drive or AC belt. ... Nissan Altima

Altima Transmission Flare. My 2003 Altima will shift normally at first starting but when the gear come back to 1st at a stop moving to 2nd will be a problem this means when the car is warm its hard to engaged to 2nd gear........please anyone has idea whats wrong with the car. Thanks

The transmission is failing here, you need a transmission repair shop tech to drive this and give you the finale word but i think you will need a transmission rebuild. ... 2003 Nissan Altima

08 saturn astra... - For a certain period of time.... heard engine rattling noises (for few seconds) after car sits for a long period of time (overnight) - Few weeks later, I noticed periodic knocking noises when standing on a red light.... (knocking noises are not always there... and they last for 20 seconds) - At one point check engine light came on... (Then the light disappeared by itself) - Now... it does not metter if the car sits for long period of time or not, the rattling noise at

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1996 Honda Accord. I've had my Accord for around 3 years now and when I first purchased it, I noticed that it had a slight rattling noise when I revved the car to accelerate, but it seemed to cause no problems with how my vehicle ran. 3 years later, it still doesn't effect how the car runs, but the noise is much more noticable, occuring when I accelerate, start the vehicle, and when I am in reverse. The noise is not high pitched whatsoever and the best way I can describe it is a rattle. Any info

Are you sure it the engine making the noise or the exhaust system could be loose check on that , let me konw back ... 1996 Honda Accord

'94 Nissan Altima rattles

Hi there,\015\012you will need new upper timing chain and sprockets. Common problem on altima your year. Nissan has TSB for it. First they had us remove the upper timing chain guide, but after that, they had us replace all top chain components. ... 1994 Nissan Altima

Rattling noise in my 2003 chevy impala just bought car on 8/14/10 after car warms up the rattling stops

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