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I have a Mitsy Canter 4x4 and would appreciate guidance on how to service the free wheeling hubs. I have lost 4wd and am not sure if it is the hubs or the axle that is the problem

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I have a Mitsy Canter 4x4 and would appreciate guidance on how to service the free wheeling hubs. I have lost 4wd and am not sure if it is the hubs or the axle that is the problem

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I have a 2003 kia sportage with free wheeling hubs. The 4wd stop working and my mechanic said the problem was I needed new hubs. At much expense I bought them and he installed them. The 4wd still did not work. He checked the drive train and all is working correctly, leading him to still believe it is the hubs. The replacement hubs are factory KIA parts in perfect condition. There must be something he is missing. Any ideas?

Yes, get a refund, do not pay the bill. He obviously is not qualified to fix this.. Take it to another shop if he refuses since he is still just guessing. As far as an answer only diagnosing will come up with the correct answer and we can't do th ... Kia Sportage

I have a 98 dodge Durango 5.2 v8 4wd and every time I go to use the brakes and the car is coming to a start(normally around 10-5 mph) my abs pump starts to run. I have replaced the front wheel sensors with new wheel hubs and i have replaced the rear axle speed sensor. The problem still occured. So I had my abs module sent out to get it refurbished with a lifetime warranty hoping that was it...and the problem still occurs. Does anyone have any other idea of what else it could be?

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I replaced the right front cv axle on my 2000 Chevy Tracker with a new axle. The axle keeps pulling away from the wheel hub pushing the snap ring on the outer portion of the shaft out of its groove. I've tried 2 new axles and they both did the same thing. The snap rings are replaced with new ones each time. What could be causing this problem? Is the auto parts store giving me the wrong axle? I am contemplating getting a remanufactured axle instead, at least I would know for sure it had fit and r

Reason u replaced the cv the first time ?? problem could be the hub has play or trans/engine mount went bad causing the motor and trans unit to flex under acceleration and braking-- check ur axle lengths by measuring old original to the new ones befo ... 2000 Chevrolet Tracker

I have a 2006 Ford F-150 5.4 litre the 4x4 will not engage. I can **** into 4x4 and I can't turn the front shaft, in two wheel I can spin the shaft and I can see both sides of the axles turning up to the hubs which makes me think the hubs aren't locking in, these are automatic locking hubs. How can I tell for sure what the problem is?

The hubs on this vehicle are vacuum operated and controlled by a module and a solenoid valve. When there is no vacuum applied to the hubs they should be locked in. The hubs will unlock with vacuum applied. Disconnect the vacuum lines at the hubs and ... 2006 Ford F-150

I have a '94 toyota 4WD truck. When I put it in 4WD the front wheels are not engaging. The driveshaft from the transfer case is turning, but the front wheelsare not engaged. My mechanic said the "automatic hubs" were not functioning, so I had him install manual hubs. When in 4WD with the manual hubs locked, the front wheels are still not driving ! Are there any electronic switches or vacuum lines that might be the problem? It is a 5spd manual transmission. Please help. Thanks, Kurt

What I bet is happening is the locks are working and that is what is turning the front drive shaft. If the hubs are locked then that will lock the differential and the driveshaft will turn. You really need to put the truck on a lift to put in gear to ... Toyota Pickup

My auto hubs will not lock into 4 wheel drive. Hubs work as I tried them on my sidekick and they worked fine. Does the x90 have a vacume lock system? If not what could be the problem, The transfer case seems to go into each gear as 4 low will make it go slower though in two wheel drive. Got under and turned axles and they seem Ok. I am not a mechanic, but sidekick auto hubs never gave any problems. Thanks AL

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4 wheel drive not engaging correctly. placed vehicle on jacks and attempted to engage 4wd. grinding noise from passenger cv joint, both back wheels spun independently but neither of the front wheels would spin. Able to spin the passenger front wheel but the cv joint does not turn with the wheel however the drivers front tire and cv joint do turn as they should(together). Could there be a problem with the vacuum assist for the 4WD system as well. I'm pretty sure I'll need to replace the cv joint


Steering problem 1997 Dodge Ram V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 97000 miles I have replaced all the front tie rods.My steering wheel has alot of play in it, is that caused by power steering gearbox? Also, my 4wd shifter wont move from 2wheel into 4wd low or hi. I recently replaced the drivers side wheel hub assembly and the half shaft inside came out. Is there a SPECIFIC way to put that back in? Will inserting it back in the Wrong way mess up the 4 wheel drive?

The half shaft does not need to go in a certain way, Just as long as you get it in all the way. when checking steering play to see where it is. It's best to leave the truck off. Turn ignition on but dont start to unlock steering column, Then look by ... Dodge Ram 1500

I need some help on puting back together a passenger side front wheel axle for a 1995 volkswagen passat glx. i ordered this axle from a junk yard throght the mail and when it arrived it had all the ball bearings out of it. i tried putting the bearings back in the housing and adding grease and then i installed it on my car. the problem is that the axle will not flex at the transmission end so it can bend down some so it will go into the wheel hub. i suspect that i am not assembling the bearings i

It is recommended that the balls go back into the grooves each of them came out of. You cannot do this since it was already in pieces when you received it, It is therefore preferable that you rather replace the joint with a new on. (Using 2nd hand o ... Volkswagen Passat

Have a problem with mazda tribute 4wd from 2002, when swiching to 4wd and turn the wheels,within 5 feet car stop and if I accelerate laud beng saunds in front end. I went to transmision shop he said it could be transfer case but he was not sure because he set you can not open and see in this model. Wen the car is lift non of this appears only on the ground when you driving. Were the problem is?

... 2000 Mazda Pickup Troy Lee Cab Plus 4

Tried to replace cv axle on 82 honda civic 1300. think i bent wheel hub when trying to free rotor. how do i change hub without further damaging parts? can't get cv axle freeyet either. how can i do that as well? Help please....i'm stumped

What you will need to do is to remove the whole wheel assembly. There will be one nut at the bottom of the assembly that holds on to the control arm, then you will need to take the nut off the bottom of the tie rod that attaches to the assembly (take ... Honda Civic

Lots of noise comming from free wheel hub and bearing while in two wheel drive and just before comming to a stop it actually feels like it engages i took the free wheel hub off and the noise stopped a

The freewheeling hubs work when the axle is driving by transfereing the drive to the hubs from the axle. If you remove the hubs and the noise goes I suggest the problem is not in the hubs but in the cv joint just inside the hub. When you engage the ... Cars & Trucks

My 91 Ford Explorer 4WD is exhibiting some steering and suspension problems that I am having problems diagnosing. I am not sure if there is one or multiple problems involved. Where should I start? I do most of my own mechanic work. All of these symptoms come and go. 1. The alignment does not stay aligned and can be changed/affected positively and negatively while driving by turning the wheels full left or right going either forward or backward. For example, today the car was aligned (not pul

I'm assuming you have a 4WD?! Check and repair the CVs as you find worn joints. If these joints are worn and binding, you get exactly what you aredescribing. Let me know if you need instructions or diagrams. ... Ford Explorer

Orange 4x4 lock light not coming on: When I turn into 4x4 the 4 wheel lights come on but the orange light does not come on. I am not sure if the car goes into 4wd or not? I know that auto does not turn on the "orange" lock light. But when I put it into 4wd high or low the lock light does not come on right away. I noticed that this happens when it's cold out (snow) Seems after a while the light will come on? wondering if this is a sensor problem or if my 4wd is working. Any way to tell if the whe

Your 4x4 is probably engaged when you shift the transfer case. If after the initial change to 4x4 you can shift from 2 to 4wd on the fly, this would be and indication that your hubs are locked. To unlock you stop the vehicle, put in 2wd and back up ... 2002 Nissan Pathfinder

How do you remove the Hub and Rotor on a 97' F250 with Auto 4 wheel drive? I can not get the rotor to come off. I know that the hub must come with it. However, I am not sure what I have not removed in order to free up the hub.

Section 05-03C: Wheel Hubs and Bearings, Front Wheels, 4-Wheel Drive\015\012\015\0121997 F-250/350/Super Duty Workshop Manual\015\012\015\012\015\012REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION\015\012\015\012Procedure revision date: 05/17/2000\015\012\015\012\015\012Lo ... 1997 Ford F250 SuperCab

I have a 1992 blazer 4wd! 4wd will not engage! (Push button type) Upon startup the switch lights light up but will not engage 4wd!Dont know what the problem is! Not sure < heard there is a sensor on axle that generally goes out on these vehicles!! Checked the actuator mounting and wires , seems to be ok! need help asap!!!

... 1992 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

Problems with front free wheeling hub

Hi,Have you checked the wheel bearing(s)? It would be under a cap that protects the front hub. There would be 5 or 6 small bolts that hold it in place. Repacking with grease might help but replacement would be best. It might also be worth ... 2002 Isuzu Rodeo

Need to replace broken front driver side wheel stud on 04 impala - seems like i have to remove hub to make room to push stud through? can someone confirm? if so, how do i get hub off - is it just a matter of removing the axle nut? I don't have a socket big enough to do that, so don't want to buy one unless i have to :). Also, sure would be nice to find an exploded view digram somwhere which names the various parts! thanks!

In the perfect world you are to remove the hub and bearing assembly and yes you would take the axle nut off,but when you are paid flat rate as a mechanic you must beat factory quoted time to make money,so with that said,remove the wheel after c ... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

After our suburu outback warms-up, there is a thumping noise from the front axles when I turn to the right or left. Our mechanic wants to change the transmission, but I am not sure that is the problem. He has ruled out the wheels, but says there is a slight chance that it is the axle.

If its all wheel drive, you will have CV joints in the front. if the boots on the cv joints are damaged, torn ripped etc, then dust and debris will have entered into the cv joint and wreak all types of havoc on the bearing. To test, go into a parking ... 2002 Subaru Outback

2001 Kia sportage. When I shift to 4WD the light comes on and the front axle is turning but the wheel don't. Is this just worn hubs? I have purchased a used set of OEM hubs. Hopefully that is all it is. What do you think?

The original hubs are vacumn operated.There is an electric vacumn valve on the left side of the engine compartment. With the motor running you can pull the line to the hubs and shift the car into 4wd and feel if you have suction on the valve. If you ... 2001 Kia Sportage

1999 ford ranger xlt 4x4 off-road 4.0 ok another problem for you guys, i found out that the switch for the vacuum on the 4 wheel drive was telling the computer that there was a vacuum leak and to turn off the 4 wheel drive so now that i bypassed the switch it will lock the hubs, i know this because i can not turn the cv axles by hand once i engage the vacuum, then i turn the transfercase to 4x4 high and it will lock and i also tried turning the front driveshaft and it also won't turn by hand onc

Do yourself a favor Use the advice you were given. Spend the money and learn how to do the job yourself. These vehicles only get more technical every year. I have been plugging away since 1963 some 46 years. Buy quality tools and they will last a li ... 1999 Ford Ranger SuperCab

Front wheel hub assembly torque specs for a 2006 GMC Sierra 2500 HD 4WD Crew Cab, Short Box. Caliper Bolts.................. Caliper Mount Bolts........ Axle Nut........................ Hub Mount Bolts............

... 2006 GMC Sierra 2500HD 2WD

2005 grand cherokee limited right rear wheel seal is leaking, need free manual for vehicle. Need to see a parts blow up of the right rear wheel axle hub.

You should buy a manual for 25.00$ but some librarys have manuals to look at in the reference sec. and some auto pasrts stores can print out the blowup, autozone.com has a good web site with pics and info for each vehicle and problem, good luck ... 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have an intermittent grinding/metal spining sound that goes away the moment the 4 wheel drive is engaged. Sounds like a free spinning hub partially engaged??? Have had the wheels pulled, front drive shaft pulled, differential fluid changed, still have problem. any ideas?

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