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1997 magna transmission vibration at 80k

\015 I have a 1997 magna with auto transmission and have a terrible vibration at about 55Kmph and 75 kmph. I always experianced a little push from the transmission at 55Kmph (just before changing to 4th gear) and about 75 kmph. These were not like usual gear shifts but engine rev goes down with a little smooth pushing to the car. I always expereianed this without any vibrations before. Recently I did not use the car for few weeks and when started to use I get this terible vibration ( the whole car started to vibrate) at the same above speeds. I feel like it is something to do with this smooth pushing effect I had earliar: Whatever the mechnism in the trasmission system that used to give this smooth pull is going back and forth, resalting a teribble vibration! \012It has done 165km. Would a transmission oil change fix the problem?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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1997 magna transmission vibration at 80k

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My car is running a little rough when warmed up and I'm creeping along accellerating from 0 mph to 10 mph (like in a parking lot). By "rough" what I mean is there is a slight feeling of vibration I can feel through the steering wheel. My mechanic adjusted the engine timing and that did not fix the problem. He said he thinks maybe something is slipping inside the automatic transmission, or maybe it's a problem with the engine mounts. But I have since noticed that my fuel economy has decrease

Mcdevito75 here, It is possible something in the tranny could be wrong especially if your tranny has a sensor that is read by your cars, computer system, a bad engine mount would cause the engine to shift position on the chassis while driveing, even ... 1991 Acura Integra Hatchback

Motor Vibrates At around 220 thousand miles my van motor began to vibrate, I took it to the transmission place that rebuilt in at 188.000 miles. They said it was the motor & trans mounts needed to be replaced. It got worse after they replaced them at a cost of 450.00. I had acomplete tune-up from the GMC dealership, still vibrated. The Transmission place said it was the harmonic balancer, I replaced that and the lower pully, still vibrates. It vibrates more when in gear, when stopped I ca r

IF your ****** was removed and re-installed there is a good possibility that there is a problem withe torque convertor. either it is not installed or seated properly or the weight block welded to it may have come off. Also your flex plate ( the part ... 2004 GMC Safari

2000 S70 Transmission Vibration transmission vibrations shaking between 30-45 mph

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When accelerating engine vibration occurs...2001 Monte carlo...suspension tie rods and wheel bearings fixed. Ball joints fixed...some websites recommend transmission components that may be worn...transmission is 210,000 km old. Car travels fine when not accelerating...130 km down hills with no wobble...just on acceleration - even to pass someone engine vibration...feels like whole front end is loose.

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My car is a toyota caldina 1500cc automatic transmission engine. My engine vibrates so much that i can see the vibrations on the body of the car. This only happens when on drive or reverse. I have checked the mountings and i have also changed the gear box automatic transmission oil, yet the problem persists.

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My truck has a vibration which i have not been able to pin point.ive changed transmission mounts motor mounts harmonic balancer transmission converter,ujoints,evrything but the drive shaft.ive ownwd it for 13 yrs and have driven it with that vibration for 13 yrs.

Thats got me....the only thing that i can think of is has the vehicle been involved in a colision before you owned it,you may need to do a plumb ckeck.to make sure the chassis is square.sorry cant think of anything else to do.\015\012regards ... 1990 Dodge Ram

2004 dodge sprinter 2500 at speeds 10 to 50 mph u get a transmission shutter or vibration at light throttle. at a hard throttle the vibration goes away. put a new transmission and converter in and it still does it but even worse

I would check engine mounts-see if you stand in front of the vehicle while idling and you blip the throttle if you observe significant engine movement. Do this again by having someone sit in the driver seat with foot firmly on the brake, and car in ... 2006 Dodge Sprinter


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Slight vibration and rattle at low RPM. Checked under the car and the only thing I can feel vibrating is a transmission mount on the "cone" of the transmission. Anyone have this problem before?

Yes, very common problem. More common is the engine mount, while may look ok, height has been crushed from age. Beware of aftermarket mounts, as they tend to crush more than GM mounts, so the height of the engine/tranny is back to being too low. ... 2003 GMC Envoy

Vibration I am having a few issues with my 1992 GMC Sierra 3/4 ton. It is a 3/4 ton extended cab short box with a 350 engine and 2 piece drive shaft. Not sure what type of transmission but it is an automatic with overdrive. One problem I have is when I pull out onto the highway and "floor it", the transmission does not always shift correctly and will RPM's will redline. When this happens I need to backoff on the throttle as it will not shift on it's own. The other problem I have is a vibration i

Your highway acceleration problem could be a coil problem. Not sure if that year of chev has coil packs or not but experienced same thing with ford 5.4L. went through 3 coil packs and did the same thing each time before biting the dust. Transmission ... 1992 GMC Sierra

2001 buick century off trac lite comes on you can feel a vibration and hear a grinding growling noise, i put on computer, it said left front wheel assembly we replaced it but it didnt fix the problem, if you leave the wheel off and put it in drive theres a little vibration at about 45mph?transmission seems to run out good is this a transmission problem or is there something else

Check wires and connector to speed sensor. ... 2001 Buick LeSabre

Unknown Vibration When I start my 2002 Focus xz5 it has an unknown vibration. It seem get better after I drive but after it set for an hour it vibrates again. If I have it in gear and my foot on the break it vibrates more than when I have it in park. But even in park it vibrates some but not as much. I get out and check the engine and transmission and it appear to be ok. I ran the computer check at the auto store but there were no code problems. I do not know where to start to look for the probl

Motor mounts can be changed without pulling the motor the load percent change that the other guy posted is normal and a vaccum leak would cause the engine idle to wander when in neutral. if you need info on how to change mounts let me know ... 2004 Ford Focus

Vibration shaking Noticable vibration after shifting from 1st to 2nd manual transmission. Vibration continues for 5-7 seconds after disengaging the clutch. What could be causing the vibration?

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While idling the engine vibrate when transmission is at 3rpm it vibrate at high speed it vibrate and finally when shifting all gears it vibrate

The engine isn't fireing on all it's cylinders, there must be a check engine light on in your dash panel. The PCM needs to be scanned, it may indicate which cylinder is missing or system that's involved.\012 It just may be time for a good fu ... 1998 Chevrolet Suburban

I have an '89 4.2L automatic. When I step on the gas, the whole jeep vibrates. The vibration comes on after about 20 mph when on the gas. The more gas I give it, the stronger the vibration becomes. Shifting into neutral at any speed makes the vibration go away. Do I have a transmission problem?

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I have a mercedes 230E 124, the car is vibrating at idle when having the transmission at D, at the N lower vibration, at R the vibration almost disappears. when car moving the vibration disappears, any ideas?thanks in advance...

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Vibration issues with 2010 Chevy Tahoe transmission. I feel a small vibration when driving on hwy. Either w/wo cruse acts the same. I notice the RPM reduce slighly when the vibration is felt. It can l

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2005 Honda Accord, 80K miles, (have not test driven it yet myself) daughter describes the problem as transmission slipping, car will not get above 25 MPH. Check Engine light came on a few days ago, unknown if that is related. If I remember correctly, Honda does not have a transmission filter, just change the fluid. Owner's Manual says at 120K miles, but I know daughter has probably driven under "harsh" conditions. Plan to start with a test drive, change transmission fluid, any other suggestions?

Is it manual or automatic. If automatic bands might need adjustment. If manual maybe the clutch disc is not good does she smell like if something is burning when car is running ... 2005 Honda Accord

Why does a 2006 Ford Fusion have a strong vibration when stopped and in Drive? When the 2006 Ford Fusion with an automatic transmission is in Drive but stopped, there is a strong vibration throughout the car. This vibration goes away when the car begins to move.

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Hi, You assisted me before on the same vehicle. I installed my new transmission system and have been driving it for a couple of month now. The issue is a Vibration when I first release the clutch in 1st and also in Reverse. I have installed a complete new Transmission system on my 1995 Chevy S-10, 4.3L, 5-Speed truck. (new transmission, new flywheel, new clutch and clutch plate, new Master and Slave Cylinders.) Have bleed the system to the point I get great shifting and all. However, my problem

The last time I felt vibration in the pedal like that I had a broken clutch finger. I would hate to tell you to take it all out again only to find no broken fingers. I've also seen vibration from improper mating of the friction disc and flywheel. ... Cars & Trucks

High speed vibration 100 km and above (60 mph +) can feel the vibration in seat, steering wheel, gas pedal, brake pedal, dash, floor. feels like driving over rubble strips, without the noise at times. -new u joints front to back, new wheel bearings, tune up done, new shocks, leaf spring re arched, transmission fluid and filter changed, 4 new tires, wheel allignemnt and new rack new brakes front and back, has all been done. yet I still have a significant vibration 100km plus.

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I have a vibration shutter noise sometimes at about 60 MPH. I had the tires rotated and balanced. The wheels seem to be tight. My shocks are bad. If I brake or kick the transmission into a lower gear the vibration stops. The vibration is not in the steering. It does not do this all the time. Got any Ideas. Its in the shop now, and a technician discovered the battery cables are loose. They fixed that, he said that may of been setting off the abs system?

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2006 F150 King Ranch 4x4, transmission was shifting hard and would make a grinding noise and vibration (lockup solenoid?) at low speeds when tranny was cool. Shifted fine and no noise / vibration when fluid warmed up. Tranny eventually failed and was rebuilt but have continued having the grinding noises and vibration. It happens when driving in residential areas (25 mph) in the mornings. Seems to happen when shifting from 1 to 2 or after driving steadily at 20 - 30 mph. letting off the gas

It sounds like the 1-2 shift solenoid is hanging up it's common your shop should warranty this ... 2006 Ford F-150

I have a 1994 ck 1500 1/2 ton pickup, V6, 99,000 k miles, original owner. Between 50 and 60 mph the car vibrates. I feel it through the back of the seat and up through the gear shift on the manual 5 speed transmission. I have (over four years): changed the distributor cap and plug wiring: changed the tires balanced the tires (multiple times) changed the U joints on the drive shaft (twice) I notice that the vibration stops when I disengage the clutch and the vibration is less in cold weather a

Hello Konrad.Vibrations can be tough for diagnosis, especially when trying to help without driving it personally.If this vibration is high pitched and has a drone to it a driveshaft balance is a suspect source of the problem. ... 1994 Chevrolet K1500
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