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My battery died now the cars radio is asking for the radio code

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Check your owner's manual to see if the radio code is in there. If not,\015\012bring title and registration to the dealer and they'll look it up based\015\012on the VIN of the car. They also will charge you anywhere up to an\015\012hour's labor to do this.
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I need the code in the radio to start my radio. I accidently left my car door open and the battery dies, after jump strating the car the radio does not work. It is asking for a code???

If you don't know what the code is, then I am assuming you either forgot the code that you programmed into the radio or you are not the original owner of the vehicle. In either case, the code can be overridden by the dealer. You will have to show p ... 2005 Honda Odyssey

Hi, i have a 2005 ford focus ghia and the battery died down. Unfortunately, we dont have the manual of the car to see the code of the radio since we got the car 2nd hand. We already asked a ford dealer to help us out but they cant also seem to find what the code is. What should we do???? help please..

Call ford and tell them the 17 digit serial number of the car.if that doesnt work \012call or go to ford online and enter the vin .i 'm not sure why your local dealer didnt want to help but you should be able to get that info ... 2005 Ford Focus

Battery died and radio asks for a code...... i dont have code for i am the 3rd owner of this car. is there a generic code that works?

No unfortunately there is no generic code that will work. The code is linked to the individual serial of the radio.\015\012\015\012Thankfully there is a means of retrieving the code and it is not too expensive from ... 2000 Chrysler Grand Voyager

My battery died and I had it replaced, but in the meantime it reset everything in my car including my radio. It is asking for a 5 digit code and I have no idea what to plug-in so I can get my radio back. again...its a 1997 BMW 328i thanks so much! I hope you can help!

If you are lucky enough to still have to original owners manual and related pamphlets, there is one that describes the radio and has a card in it listing the code. Only other way is to call or go to a dealer. ... 1997 BMW 328

The cars battery died and now i recharged it and the radio is asking for a code whats the code and how do you type it in

That would be the security code that is meant to protect the radio from being stolen. This is usually provided on a plastic card when you buy the car. In case you don't have it, you will have to go in person to your honda place and identify yourself ... 1993 Honda Accord

My battery died now the cars radio is asking for the radio code

Check your owner's manual to see if the radio code is in there. If not,\015\012bring title and registration to the dealer and they'll look it up based\015\012on the VIN of the car. They also will charge you anywhere up to an\015\012hour's labor to do ... Mitsubishi Galant

Battery dying I have a 2005 Mazda Tribute that the battery dies every 2 to 3 weeks. The car was taken to the dealer and at first they told me the battery was bad but the battery was only about 18 months old. We replaced it anyway. That battery lasted about 2 weeks. I took it back and they told me the radio was causing the battery drain. Each time I have asked them to test the alternator and each time they tell me there is nothing wrong with the alternator. I replaced the radio and the battery ju

Get a second opinion from a shop that will test your alrenator for you. Most localservice stations can handle that. ... 2005 Mazda Tribute

My car battery dies for @ two hours i jumped it and then the radio wont work and is flashing code. i read manuel and did what it instructed for entering code provided with car and it still wont work what should i do next? 2003 acura tl?? I BUY AN ACURA CL 2002 BUT ONCE I JUMPED CAUSE THE BATERY DIE THE RADIO SHOWS AN ERR

Try the code again. Turn car key on. Turn radio on. Enter the 6 digit code, using the numbers on the preset channel button. It might take more than one time, if you entered the code wrong the first time. I entered it wrong the first time, took ... 1996 Acura Integra GS-R

Radio Code This afternoon, i had to disconnected the battery of the car to restart it. Unfortunately upon doing this, i ran into some altercations with some of the devices in the car. The radio of the car would not start, it is asking me for a code. I need your services and assitance in helping me to gain access to this code. Thank you

Necesito el codigo para desbloquear una radio de un mercedes-benz modelo E 320 4 MATIC ... Mercedes-Benz E320

I have a 2003 W209 Cabriolet Japan Import, I want to know if the radio will still ask for a radio code if I remove the car battery

... Cars & Trucks

I put my car in the garage for the winter then when i took it out it wouldnt start because the battery died so i recharged the battery and then when i turned the car on the radio would not turn on and it said please enter 4 digit key code, and that 4 digit key code did not come with the car!

Dealer ship will be able to help ... 2005 Maserati Quattroporte

There was a problem with the battery in the car so I did another battery replacement when I used the old again, you run the radio asked me the radio code and I want to know this code and I do not have

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My car battery got frozen and wasn't able to start the car but a day later the car was able to start, and my radio got turn off and am been asked to put the radio code which i don't have. I need a help to turn on my car radio.

Thats a dealer issue bad as i hate to say you got to \015\012deal with then blokes to get the code and they wont give it to ya they will charge you do it for you ... 2000 Volvo V70

My 2001 mitsubishi mirage has a code to enter to turn the radio back on after the car dies, and i put the wrong code in and it has locked me out and says ''OFF'' all the time. I have the correct code now and would love to be able to enjoy my radio again, but it won't let me try to enter the code anymore, i've tried disconnecting and reconnecting the battery and unhooking and rehooking the wires in the back of the radio...etc...nothing works...

Did ya try undo your battery wait replace cables...wont hurt to try. ... 2001 Mitsubishi Mirage

After my car battery died I needed to type in a 5-digit code to restart my radio. However, I do not have this code nor the serial number to figure out the code. I was told I needed to remove the radio to find the serial number on the side of the radio. How do I remove this? I have a 1996 Honda Accord.

First remove the front console\015\012there is a screw behind the ash tray\015\012two more screws on two lower corner of the shift lever\015\012remove the console\015\012remove the screws hold the radio ... 1996 Honda Accord

Radio reset I own a mitsubishi galant 2000, my battery died, fixed it, then enter wrong codes for my radio, so it locked itself. retrieved the right codes later. How do I get my radio to ask for codes again?

If you don't have the code, you probably will have to pay a dealer to get it for you. My dealer said it was on the back of the radio and he had to remove it to find it. I have no idea if this is true.As to the other problem of entering th ... 2000 Mitsubishi Galant

Radio locked Hi there I'm driving a 4 door Ford Focus. I took out my battery and when I put it back in again it asked me for a code. I called Ford dealers in N1 city and they said that I should come in and get the code there by them. When I punched in the code my tape locked. When I called them to tell them they said that I to bring my car ib and the tape has to be taken out because the radio's CPU is outdated. I found this very annoying as they were the one's giving me the wrong code in the fir

Unfortunately they (the Ford Dealers) are the keepers of the codes.\015\012 \015\012What is happening is that your radio has a anti-theft feature to make it useless for someone to steal your radio. When yo ... 2002 Ford SVT Focus

Radio Code I own a 1996 Camaro and i'm the third or fourth owner, accidentally i run out of battery and change it, the issue is now the radio ask for a code, I reffer to manual but seems this kind of car used to have a customized by the owner code. Do you know of a overide code or generic one

Go to www.delcolockcodes.com, the main page has the GM unlock process on it. Hope it helps ... 1996 Chevrolet Camaro

I have a 2004 honda accord, after replacing the battery, the air conditioner doesn´t blows cold air... the car was several hours without the battery while the battery was being checked if it could be recharged... the radio didn´t ask for the code after replacing it with a new battery, i just adjust de clock... it is the only faul.... no error codes at a scan in autozone...

... 2004 Honda Accord

Battery died now radio won,t turn on cannot find radio code. New radio was installed two years ago when the car was in an accident. How do I retrieve the radio code?

Radio code can only be provided by outlet where radio was purchased. you cannot crack this easily. ... Honda Accord

I recently changed the battery of my kia 2005 cerato. The radio then asked for a security code. I foolishly tried a few random codes before finding out about the correct code in my car manual. Tried p

... Kia Rio

I have a 2001 Audi A4. When I bought the car from the dealer used, my radio was in safe mode. The battery died while they were detailing the car. The radio is on and the words "SAFE" are on the screen. I followed the instructions in my manual and nothing happened. When I hold the "RBS" button and "P.SCAN" at the same time the word "SAFE" is still there. I can't get the "1000" to appear on the display. not sure if the dealership entered the wrong code and the radio locked up. I thought I read s

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must have the security anti-theft code for yours Audi radio from the car manufacturer! The sequence of programming is:1. Push simultaneous "SCAN" and "RDS" keys until on the screen will appear "1000" display ... 2001 Audi A4

My car battery died and the radio wont come back on untill I know the code. I got the car through art hill a general used car dealership Im not the original owner and the code was never passed on to me.... I really need help you have no Idea how much I love listening to music...

I heard you have to take the radio out because the code in on the back of it. Does anyone know how to get the radio out? ... 2007 Honda Fit Sport Hatchback

I have a 1997 honda accord, I just changed the car battery recently, and my radio keep asking for a stupid code, I do have a code, and I enter the code properly, but the radio isn't working still..? help please.

Are you sure you have the correct code? Look in the glove-box. There should be a small sticker, usually near the front left of of the compartment. There will be two sets of numbers. The number set with 5 digits is the correct code.\015\012 ... 1997 Honda Accord

My 2007 hyundai accent battery died, and the radio (mp3-03) now asks for a code, which I think I have. But there's no instructions anywhere as to how exactly to enter the code, the radio says ICDE and I've typed in the numbers using the radio tuning buttons, but when I try to enter the second number it doesn't add it behind the first number I entered, but instead it replaces the I in ICDE, is there a button you need to push in between entering numbers which holds them there or something?

... 2002 Hyundai Accent
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