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My drivers side window wont roll up or down the sound of the motor in the door sounds like it is trying to work but im not sure how do i disassemble the door to fix it and/or try to figure out whats wrong

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My drivers side window wont roll up or down the sound of the motor in the door sounds like it is trying to work but im not sure how do i disassemble the door to fix it and/or try to figure out whats wrong

... Mitsubishi Galant

Anti-theft system? My 2003 cts out of no where started displaying something about the anti-theft system, and shortly afterward, The whole car shut down, we couldn't even take the key out. the dealer tried to do a diagnostic test, but they gave me the answer "we don't know whats wrong with it!" I got frustrated with them so I pulled it out of their shop, and now I'm not too sure on where to take it, does any one know what I need to fix it?


The drivers side door locking system is horrid. Its the only door that won't open. The handle won't work on the inside or the outside and the whole metal bar connected to the lock that sticks out of the door came out. We cant afford to get it fixed but my dad and I are tired of climbing through the passanger door and over the arm rest to get to the drivers seat, So we're trying to figure out how to fix it. We think we have it somewhat, but we can't be sure without schematics. Help?

Go to AllData.com and subscribe, they have all the schematics. ... 1998 Ford Explorer

I have a 1998 Ford Explorer Sports, And so many times I have found my doors unlock when even making sure I locked it and trying all doors if it will open, Tried Manual locking, thru the key less entry or with a key, but still when i come back to the car it is unlocked.. What could be wrong?

Its possible that wires that go from the body to the door have worn, and now cause a short, which causes the malfunction in your locks. After 11 years of open and closing, this type of thing happens on many makes.The only solution is to inspect ... 1998 Ford Explorer

So my cadillac cts 2003 keeps saying check gas cap, and now the check engine light is on. I make sure my gas cap is secured(5-8 clicks). And still i keep geting check gas cap and service engine light is still on, i even bought a new gas cap but still nothing... What can it be and whats an estimate price on fixing this problem? If you know whats wrong or had an issue like mines and fixed it, please help me out. Ty

... 2003 Cadillac CTS

The power door locks for my 1996 Odyssey just stopped working. I can't lock/unlock the doors with either the key fob or the front door lock buttons. When you try the door lock buttons, you can hear a buz noise in the front drivers door area. Even checked the fuse under the hood, noise stopped with no fuse. I think it is the door lock control unit but not sure. Any suggestions and any ideas how much to fix? Thanks Jim

Sure sounds like your problem is the power door lock control unit. Best thing to do is get a replacement unit(new or used) and install it, unless you can open and fix the defective unit yourself. ... 1996 Honda Odyssey

I have an issue with the door locking mechanisms on my expedition. A while back my driverdoor had the lock punched in. i left it like that so noone else could breakinto it like that. i am now ready to fix it and not sure what to do next. also some times when the driver door doesnt unlock it does not allow the other doors to unlock. if i open one of the doorss then try and use the keypad to unlock the doors it will work for the rest. also the key pad does not always unlock the driver door whic

The first thing i would check that is very common is the wiring going into door this is located where the door hinges are, its inside rubber boot, pull boot away from door and body and check closely for broken wires, do the say with the door as the l ... Ford Expedition

1994 tempo dome light comes on at will, randomly ,cant shut it off haveto pull the bulb whats wrong?? when i works correctly it can be shut onor off at dash light switch or if passenger door opens but light wontcome on when drivers door is opened tried oiling the door jam switches

Probably its one of the door switches thats defect and wire grounds intermittently and dome light stays on! ... 1994 Ford Tempo

Electrical My '97 Cadillac is giving some Elec. Problems. My Bright headlights won't work.. The gas gage Reads wrong, and fluctuates. Heater and air conditioning working funny. Left front door window glass not working (New Motor) Interior lights not working. Is this the fuses??? Engine Control Module?? Had to replace the battery. Still did not fix. Whats wrong????? [email protected]

I would check the fuses and relays along with the ground wires. Something as minor as a ground wire can throw everying into havoc so i would start there and work you way up to the ECM. ... 1997 Cadillac DeVille

How do ypu remove heater box cover on a 1998 e250 Ford? This is what I am trying to do: The Econoline vans are famous for breaking the blend air door inside the heater case. The electric servo will still move correctly, but the door will not and stay on cold all the time. Check with your local Ford dealer as they have an updated replacement part to fix it. You will have to remove the entire heater box and disassemble it, but it really isn't that bad to do.

Save your self the time of removing the dash. Just remove the heater core and temp control door assembly. Install just the door assembly ,the rest of the case is the same as the old one. ... 2002 Ford E250

There are a couple of little things that need fixing on my '99 Miata. The first thing is that the Bose speaker in my passenger door makes rattling/buzzing noises, which is something that is very annoying when trying to listen to the radio. The second thing that is wrong is that the vent on my passenger side is making a rattling noise like paper in the wind. Basically I just need to know how to take the passenger dashboard apart to get to the vent and how to take the door apart as to get to the s

There are screws and clips in the door panel. ... 1999 Mazda MX-5 Miata

2001 Dodge Caravan SE 2.4 Liter 4 Cylinder. Heat doesnt work. I tried changing the coolant, making sure it is at the right level. I also flushed the heater core and both hoses are hot in and out of the core. I tried replacing the air temperature actuator motor for the blower and vent door and still no heat. I feel a little heat for a good 4-5 minutes and then turns cold. Anyone have any idea what this could be? If so how can I fix it? How can I check it?

Is the themostat working i would try to change that next ... 2001 Dodge Caravan

I have a 2003 F150 4.6L V8. I need help finding out what is wrong with my electronic side view mirrors. Neither side(driver or passenger) will move when I try to move them with the switch on the door panel. The fuse seems to be ok. What is wrong with them? How can I fix them?

I had the same problem with my power windows and it turned out to be the switch. replace the fuse with a new one because some times they look good but they are not. You can swap one with another from your fuse box and check both the fuse and the swit ... 2003 Ford F150 Regular Cab

Ive got a ajs regal raptor dd50 i tried to get it to run but it trys . It was running a few weeks back but it just wont start now everything turns on ok and when you push it of it tries to run but im not to sure whats wrong

... Cars & Trucks

Airconditioning for mitsubishi verada doesnt seem to blow very much through the vents .Have tried the direction buttonetc but no solutions Any suggestions whats wrong or how to fix it?I would appreciate an opinion

Check your cabin air filter, it is likely plugged, and won't allow very much air through it. ... Mitsubishi Passenger

1999 dodge 1500 trans slips in low and reverse. I tried to adjust the reverse band but the bolt screws in so far before it gets tight I cant get the lock nut on. any ideas whats wrong ? and is there anyway possible to fix it without taking trasmission out?

If you need to screw the band adjustment in that far chances are that there is no friction material left on the band. If you keep driving like that the band will begin to eat into the drum and shed fine metal (like what happens to worn brake shoes wh ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I got a 1992 poniac sunfire and tge car wont star or even sound like its trying to now the doors wont lock either. This light with a car and a lock pops up everytime we turn the key. Lights wipers and radio work. I cant figure out whats wrong with it

Check the battery. Sounds like you don't have enough amperage. Get it checked. If problem persists, then its bad electrical connections. Needs to have it pinpointed by an electrician/audio/alarm shop. ... Pontiac Sunfire

I have a 94 GMC Jimmy and the drivers side headlight is out. Whenever I try to replace it blows out again and I would like to know whats wrong and how to fix it.

Check th socket and be sure to wipe the blub off because the sweat from your hands can cause the blub to blow give these websites a try www.alldatadiy.com and ... 1994 GMC Jimmy

I have an 84 chev caprice classic. the brake lights are the only lights not working. I tried to change all bulbs and fuses. this only made it look like 3 of the bulbs have the brake lights stuck on. but the brightness does not change at all when i step on the brake ......not sure whats wrong.

... Chevrolet Caprice Classic

I have a 2006 Jeep liberty and my key clicker does not work on the drivers door but does on all the others. The power lock and unlock button inside works on all but drivers dooe whats wrong and how do i fix it

Failure of the Lock energiser. Take the Door trim Off, diconnect the Electric connector, Using a remote power supply connect that ,using the correct polarity, Pos to Pos....Neg to Neg, if you get no response, there is the problem.\015\012 ... 2006 Jeep Liberty

The clock in my 2008 Dakota will not come on. When I hit clock on the consul it reads not available. If I try to set the time it says not available. The radio works fine its just the clock function. Whats wrong? and how I fix it?

Try unhooking the battery for about 15 minutes to a half hour to reset it. keep in mind that will reset all your stations to default. and if it is an antitheft type stereo make sure you know the code and how to enter it before you unhook power. ... Cars & Trucks

My 1998 Isuzu Rodeo does not start. Sometimes is clicks when I try to start it and sometimes it doesn't do anything. The dash lights are very dim and the door lights are dim. The headlights don't come on at all. I am not quite sure what is wrong. If anyone can give me an insight on what the problem could be I would greatly appreciate it.

From what you described this surely sounds to me like an extremely weak or dead battery.A simple battery install and a charging systems check should do the trick.Any other questions please get back to me.Thx.. ... 1998 Isuzu Rodeo

Transmission shift Ihave a 2005 Impala. The thing thats wrong with it.. is when I put it in reverse, it seems like the engines drops. I'm thinking it could be a motor mount loose, but I'm not sure, also it shifts a little bit when giving acceleration, but Not a everyday thing.. I have took to place, they say there is harsh tension when trying to put into gear. It was going to cost 590 + parts to et it fix depending on what it was. They was going to pull it out, and clean the parts off to see wha

Try putting more brake pressure on your breke peddle before you put it in gear and see if the the problem stop. If it does, it's your motor mount. As as for lucas, just bring it in for a transmission oil and filter change and they can tell you more a ... 2005 Chevrolet Impala

Hey i have a 1996 vw gti, and when i try to turn the key to open the door nothing happens, whats wrong?

Sounds like there is a problem with the lock cylinder or the door latch ... 1996 Volkswagen Golf

I have a 1994 Honda Del Sol, the check engine light came on. I have checked all the fluids and they are full. I have taken car to Honda dealership, they say the computer is not sending a code. They said I need to purchase a new computer for the car, then they could get a code, and then tell me whats wrong. I have been driving the car for a couple of months now with this light on, can anyone tell me how to fix something when your not sure what it is. the car has 120,000 miles on it and has been r

Does it run bad? It could be a poor ground on the same circuit causing it to illuminate. If you replace the computer, it will clear any save data. Try checking all your fuse's( under the dash and under the hood). Good luck. ... 1994 Honda Civic Del Sol
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